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Sue-Ann, 18, had been an only child for the first 10 years of her life, before her parents gave birth to Michele a late arrival and a younger sister for her to protect and play with and help her through all her little girl stages of childhood.

Su-Ann brought Michele who was turning age 8 in another month to the church for her first communion as the other kiddies were preparing. This time Mass would include first communions for Michele and her class mates.

Su-Ann left her with her Religious Instruction teacher to organise their seating and to go over their rituals. She walked over to the vestry to see me as I prepared for the mass.

‘Hi Father Michael,’ she said with a wholesome girl-next-door smile. She was wearing a short loose black dress and a pair of red high heeled shoes that made a clicking noise as she walked. She was far from the awkward kid I had known mostly to be a tom boy with freckles and the cheekiest smile I ever saw.

‘Hello Su-Ann,’ I answered. I had known Su-Ann and her family for most of her life. She had grown up and was living away from home at this stage, although she was a frequent visitor to her family and continued to have a lot of fun with her young sister.

Su-Ann told me she had applied for study interstate and thought she had a good chance of being accepted. I told her I would miss her and wished her well.

She moved close to me and shaped for a cuddle. I leaned forward and put my arms around her for a polite acquaintance hug. Sue-Ann held on and moved in close and I could feel her whole body take up her position along my body with her legs squeezing either size of my left leg.

She had always been a friendly girl and we’d hugged one another numerous times in the past. I guessed this time would probably be the last time for the foreseeable future and she appeared to make the best of it. She swivelled her hips against the top of my leg and in a very unpriestly manner, I could feel my penis begin to swell with the arousal of her very personal behaviour. She must have been aware of it beginning to swell.

‘Su-Ann, what are you doing?’ I asked her. She stood back and moved her hand down to my penis to feel what state it was in.

‘I want to give you a proper kiss. You’ve always been supportive of me and given me good advice when I needed someone to talk to. haramidere escort I let her kiss me. She parted her lips slightly and licked my lips with her tongue. ‘You’re getting bigger Father Michael. Do you need to move your willie to make more space? Then she added, ‘Let me give you another kiss before you get ready for mass’.

‘Su-Ann, What are you thinking?’

‘To be honest, Father, I’m thinking what it would be like to feel you all over some time’.

‘You’re too young to do all that kind of thing’.

‘No I’m not. I do certain favours for some boys in class in return for letting them help me with my homework. And do you know what? I don’t even need them to do my homework, but it makes them feel intelligent. I have to correct their work and edit it back to original so the assignments actually make sense.’

I was bewildered. I asked, ‘Why do you do it? You might as well just do your own work.’

‘For fun. I think there’s no harm done,’ she said. ‘Most of the boys are too dumb to catch on.’

Then she stood with her hands on her hips and claimed with adolescent assurance and plenty of cheek, ‘I do the best hand work in school’

All this time, I’m getting incredibly turned on. Su-Ann was showing a completely new side of her personality to me I had never seen before. Sassy would best describe it. And she was making big claims about her prowess.

She lifted my vestments to try and find my underwear. Before I knew it I could feel her small hand gently wrapping around my quickly swelling penis.

‘Father Michael, you’re not wearing anything under your church clothes.’

‘On warm days like this I don’t usually feel the need’.

‘Wow! Very sexy. I’m going to pay you for helping Michele to prepare for her First Communion. Sit on this chair,’ she said pointing to a wine coloured velvet covered chair.

She had completely taken over, and as I had known her since her own first communion, I was loath to admonish her. She implied, she wanted to show her gratitude. I thought she wanted to play with another prick and she had thought of a spurious excuse to feel me up. But above all these considerations, true or not, I was incredibly turned on, and while my vow of chastity was serious to me, so was my vow of charity, and içerenköy escort I did not feel right to deprive either of us of some harmless pleasure.

I slouched in the chair and helped her pull up my priestly vestments. They are absurdly long, so Su-Ann draped them back over my shoulders and face.

I was effectively blindfolded and Su-Ann manoeuvred me into position. She gently pushed my knees apart and began feeling me starting from my feet. Even that was an incredible turn on and she must have seen my prick swell up and stand to attention. I could feel it throbbing as she worked her soft hands slowly up my legs.

She placed my hands on my knees and lifted them high and wide apart. From that position she must have seen a graphic view of my penis, my balls and my anus. Her fingers lightly spidered along my thighs to my balls. She glided her hands through my pubic hair and gradually forced my balls down and into the bottom of my sac. She sucked each testicle for a few seconds. I wondered what that tasted like.

After playing with them for a moment, she traced her fingers along the creases dividing my buttocks and the tops of my legs, one at a time, then incredibly, she gently traced her fingertips along the cleavage of my arse, not stopping at my anus, but proceeding right past it, and back again. I was so turned on, thought I was going to start squirting semen over her dress.

She paused for a moment and I thought she might sneak out while I couldn’t see her.

Then she reassured me of her continued presence when she said, ‘No peeking?’

Then I could feel something on my mouth. I thought it was some kind of growth, but it was her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked it a few times with my tongue. Her hands were lightly ruffling my hair, which I took to be encouragement.

After another minute of this, she withdrew, slowly dragged her hands down my chest, my lower stomach, and both hands found their way to the base of my throbbing cock. She stretched the skin of my penis and somehow her wet fingers were circling my penis just under the crown, exactly where it has the most effect.

Su-Ann must have been playing with my penis in the way that God intended because I thought I was in Heaven. She held my hands wide apart innovia escort and then placed them both on her beautiful firm warm tits, but she had her back to me. I felt her beautiful breasts for a few moments, then she removed my hands and seemed to change her position.

I pulled my vestments away from my face. That was when I realised the previous moments of silence and non-contact must have been when Su-Ann stripped herself almost naked. She was still wearing her red high heels. I had to see what this sexy rampant teenager would do to me next.

I watched as she manoeuvred into position. She located the end of my straining cock at the opening of her little cunt. I watched my cock slowly disappear between her buttocks and into her tight slippery wet hole. It was a picture of graphic sex worthy of a porno movie, but I was the participant.

I was so aroused that all her ministrations and caresses on my body, particularly all the attention she gave to my erogenous zones had driven me almost to the point of climax. I tried to withhold my semen. I really shouldn’t ejaculate into a parishioner I had known for so long, but I had gone way past the point of no return. I could feel pins and needles between my legs and my face flushed. Had I been standing, I would have collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I still tried to hold on, but my climax was taking over my body. I lost all my options and started thrusting my cock as deep and hard as I could into Su-Ann’s hungry little cunt. I feverishly ejaculated into her swivelling sex within two thrusts of my own.

I was no longer the priest that Su-Ann had confessed to as she was growing up. I was a maniacal oversexed man with a willing young woman who I was fucking indulgently for my own salacious gratification.

After the aftershocks subsided, Su-Ann moved slowly away freeing my still throbbing penis. She reached for the Purificator Cloth that covers the chalice and used it to clean the semen dribbling down her leg, then she dropped it on the floor for me to take care of.

She bent and kissed me and said ‘Thank you Father Michael. That was lovely. I hope you don’t forget me.’

That’ll never happen.

She put her dress back on, she did not seem to be wearing nickers, and with her red high heeled shoes clicking on the floor, she walked out of my room and rejoined the parents and friends of the first communicants to lend them her support. I watched as she was fussed over Michele’s white dress and little black shoes and getting her hair straight.

I finished preparing for mass, and a few minutes later, Su-Ann entered the church with Michele and the other first communicants. She was such a devoted parishioner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32