College Days (1985)

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This true story dates back twenty years, my junior year of college. At the beginning of the school-year, I met Sue (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent) at a party. Sue was a 19-year old sophomore, long dark hair and attractive. The conversation was friendly but nothing happened. Although I was attracted to her, I didn’t pursue her number or do anything. As was the case in those days, I silently lusted after her and that was that. I went back to my dorm room and fantasized about her while I masturbated.

Fast-forward to second semester. At the time, I was on the pre-med track. I had taken tons of biology, chemistry and physics but still had a bunch of requirements to go. Sitting in an M-CAT prep course on a beautiful Saturday, I started thinking “what am I doing here? Do I even want to be a doctor or is this just my father’s choice?” To make a long-story short, I decided I had had enough for the moment and I would begin to experience life. I dropped the M-CAT prep course, I dropped out of Organic Chemistry 2 and enrolled in an economics class.

It was in the economics class that I came across Sue again. Recognizing her from the party at the beginning of the year, I reintroduced myself to her and we began sitting with each other during class. This particular class had a mid-term and a final. We decided to study together for the mid-term. That was nothing unusual in those days as I’m sure it is quite normal today for people to get together to study. The topic mostly stayed on economics. We both took the test and did well.

When it came time for the final, it was just natural that we studied together again. We had become friends but our friendship was pretty much limited to economics so our study session was the first time I went back to “her place”. Her place turned out to be one of the sororities. Now you have to realize, I was a fairly inexperienced 20 year old. Studying in the common room of a sorority was a big deal for me. All those hot, young co-eds walking in and out as we were studying. It was very difficult to concentrate on supply and demand curves when right before me was a steady supply of a different kind of curve.

Other than the occasional co-ed walking in, the room was pretty quiet. I was studying with Sue and another woman from our course. (before you, the reader, gets too excited, I was too young and inexperienced to spot the threesome potential at the time. And please be kind in judging me, antep escort I could kick myself for the missed opportunity). We actually started studying around 8 o’clock. The three of us were in this common room studying for four hours going over all of the material from the class. We had a pretty good handle on it. By 11, I was sitting there with a woman on either side of me. Sue on one, the other woman on the other. Sue told me that she had an itch and she asked me to scratch it for her. I still remember she was wearing sweats and when I started to rub her back, she asked me to scratch her back under the sweatshirt. I finally realized that this could lead somewhere. I reached under her sweatshirt and found to my pleasure that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Could it get any better than this? The other study partner asked me to scratch her back too. Now, I was in heaven!

Again, not really being experienced, and not realizing I should have started kissing Sue right there while there were three of us, we kept on studying. The other woman didn’t live there and I wanted to “out-last” her and have Sue to myself.

So…(again, don’t judge my beginner’s move), I pretended to get tired. I sat there and put my head on Sue’s lap and started yawning. After a while, the other friend said “its time for me to go,” and she left.

The common room was pretty quiet. It was midnight and no one was coming and going anymore. I opened my eyes wide, looked up at Sue and she said “I thought you were tired.”

I replied “not anymore,” leaned up , put my lips against hers and started kissing her right on the couch. She told me that they weren’t supposed to have male visitors after hours, but she was the sorority member who was in charge of enforcing the rules. Our tongues met and I could tell immediately that she had a lot more experience than I. We rolled around on the couch and I slipped my hand under her sweatshirt, this time to her front. She moaned and I played with her breasts. They felt so good. We had to be ready to stop at a moment’s notice because of our location. My hand went into her sweatpants from behind and she lifted up slightly to give my fingers access.

The next thing I found is something I will never forget as long as I live. My finger was greeted by the wettest pussy I have ever felt. This woman could not even think of pretending not to be excited. It was dripping. Even as inexperienced as I was, I knew that I had to be inside of her that night. There was a very faint inner voice telling me that I had a final exam in a few hours. I had never been involved in anything so impulsive and I never wanted anything more than I wanted her at that moment.

I suggested we move our little party to my dorm room which wasn’t that far away. Being a junior, I had a single so we wouldn’t have to deal with any roommates and privacy wasn’t an issue. We walked (me with a tent in front) across campus to my room. We went in, got in the bed and picked up where we left off. Only now, without having to worry about sorority sisters coming downstairs, we were free to shed ourselves of our remaining clothes. We kissed a lot.

There were a bunch of firsts that night for me. I had had sex before but with people at my experience level. This girl was a different league. I played with her pussy (mostly with my fingers and a little with my tongue). Sue’s was the first pussy I ever tasted. I kept fingering her for a long time—she must have had several orgasms (which I didn’t realize at the time were orgasms). She was panting heavily and told me that she had cum enough that way.

Being the inexperienced “dumb-ass” I asked her if she was “ready”. Duh!!!

She said “yes”, and I grabbed a condom from a drawer and slipped it on. I got on top of her and entered that super wet pussy. I’m not sure I can describe how wonderful she felt and what made it so memorable and enjoyable. Every move was perfect. Every rock was harmony. It felt like an out of body experience — I was looking on and yet a full participant. This was beyond enjoyable. It was music. Sweet music. Her moaning, our rhythm, our tongues touching, her hips, our pubic hair touching with each thrust. I didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. I didn’t know anything that good existed. I came and she came and dropped exhausted on the bed.

The details related to time are a little foggy now—but it was very late and we had an exam in a few hours. I told her she could stay until the exam, but she said “no, I’m going back to my room to get some sleep—even if its only 2 or 3 hours.” She left and I went into a deep sleep …. zzzz

BZZZZZ The alarm woke me. “Oh shit.” I had never done anything like that before. I was so tired and now I had a final exam. Sure I was prepared, but I couldn’t function on this little sleep. I went to the room where the exam was to be given. I remember it was a large auditorium with a fold out desk in the arm rests for the “blue booklet.” I sat down in a seat and Sue came in and sat right next to me. Her leg rubbing against mine. If I couldn’t concentrate before, now I really couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t do that well on the exam. A semester before, I would have cared.

Now, being the inexperienced guy I was, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I had to tell my friends I had gotten laid. I told this one guy who said, “you were with Sue? What’s wrong with you? She’s the campus slut. Everyone’s been with her!”

I said , “have you?”

He said “no.”

I said, “then not everyone has been with her.” In reality, I didn’t care about her reputation. I didn’t care about my reputation. I was horny and I just had the best sex I had ever had and that still ranks up there this many years later. So, I called her and told her I wanted to see her again.

During finals week, we were together a number of times. My place, her place. The most exciting was in her sorority. We were in another room kissing, my cock in her hands when we heard the door opening. She covered me and said we were moving to a different room. We went into one of her “sister’s” room and we fucked in the other woman’s bed. It was so “naughty” to be in someone’s bed having sex without their knowledge. It felt like I was fucking two women.

The sex continued for the whole week. We didn’t date, we weren’t a couple. We just fucked. Pure, raw sex. I couldn’t get enough.

Then, the semester ended. We both went back home. I wrote her that summer but she didn’t respond. It was over. I tried to call her when we were back at school the next fall but she had moved on.

There were 2 more brief encounters after that. The first was at the end of senior year, I saw her at a party and we danced. The dance was very close and she couldn’t definitely feel my hard cock against her. We kissed on the dance floor. I asked her to come back to my room with me, but the little reunion was not destined to happen. The second one happened when I looked her up in the alumni directory and emailed her about five years ago. I just said “hi” and asked what she’s up to. She wrote back a little email and that was the end of it. So, that’s pretty much the recollection of one great fucking experience in college.

It’s 100% true. If you like my writing style I do have other experiences to share. If you’re a woman and you’d like to email me, I’d love to hear from you. Maybe we can create some new memories.

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