Cindy and Mindy Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Chapter 2 – Dinner

My house was actually right next door to theirs, so I had no problem being there on time. I had more of a problem stopping myself from getting there too early, so I was in front of there doors a few minutes earlier.

“You’re early, come in, we’re still getting ready… ” was the response I got from Mindy to my knocking.

“And go ahead and make yourself a drink.. we’ll be there in 10 minutes.” She continued while I was walking into the living room.

“Cindy is upstairs also getting ready, she’ll be down in 10″ I’ll be out as soon add I put on some clothes.” Mindy’s voice was coming from the downstairs bathroom, and I could see the does were opened slightly and the light from inside was visible. Curiosity getting the better off me I decided to take a peek, so I tiptoed to the for and did as intended.

The sight before almost made me drop my drink. I managed to save it and only spill a little, the sound caused the completely naked Mindy to turn around and look towards the door, luckily I moved out of sight fast enough so she didn’t notice. As soon as I thought it was safe enough I took another look. She was still there, and even though she was half obscured by a closet and had her back turned to me, the sight was incredibly hot. She had the body of porn star, all the curves were perfect, not line out of place. Her breasts were big enough to be seen from the back.

She was apparently in the process of getting ready and as I was standing there, probably with my mouth agape, she was putting on her bra and panties. When the time came to put on her stockings, she extended one of her legs to the bathtub for support. That’s when she moved out of the cover of the closet, and there it was, hanging between her legs, a penis almost as long as her thigh and as thick as my wrist, and it didn’t seem hard at all.

Her mother, who I always considered to be gigantic, could make me feel wholly inadequate just by putting her limp 10″ cock next to my average 6″, the heavy flopping sound it would make when hitting the table used to make me vince. But even completely erect and rock hard she was never bigger than 14″. And here, in front of me, was her brutally hot 18 year old amazonian daughter hanging limply at least two inches longer and just add thick as her mother’s maximum without even trying.

I could hear the flopping sound as the thing hit her thigh when she changed legs. She showed the thing next to her right thigh, holding it in place with her stocking. Afraid of being seen, I sneaked back into the living room, and not a moment to soon as Cindy just came in, in a tightly fitting gaziosmanpaşa escort long black dress showing off her curves and opened at the top of her breasts showing a deep valley of flesh for anyone tall enough to look, which unfortunately excluded me. She had a pair of impossibly high heels in her hand, which made no sense because she was already taller than anyone else.

“Oh, Chris perfect what do you think.. No..No.. wait come closer, No stay there and close your eyes.” she spoke hurriedly…

“OK, Cindy, sure.” I closed my eyes, I could hear Cindy’s footsteps and fell a cloud of her sensuous smell as she closed the distance. She apparently used my shoulder for balance, since she put her hand on my shoulder.

“OK, Mr Chris. You can open your eyes now.” Cindy spoke. Mr. Chris is what they used top call me when I was babysitting them. That was somehow hot and disturbing at the same time. I opened my eyes and saw a wall of black cloth, I was looking at Cindy’s stomach. I tried looking up at her face but she was standing so close that I could only see the underside of her breasts. Cindy took two long steps back helping me out.

“So how do I look Mr. Chris, be honest with me…. I’m a grown girl now, with these little shoes I’m 8’4” do you think I’m big enough to stay up longer tonight.

“You uh.. You um…”

“Oh stop teasing him like that, you will short circuit his brain looking and talking like that.” Mindy helped me, but then she stepped next to Cindy and the sight of the two of them really sorry circuited my brain. Mindy was also wearing a similar set of heels. My dates for tonight had taller breasts than my head. And one of them was hiding an impossibly sized piece of meat between her thighs. And she was showing of a large piece of one of her thighs through an open cut in her dress.

” My God, anyone who sees us will tear themselves apart in jealousy.” I thought and repeated the same aloud.

“Well you seem to be ready for your date with two hot amazons.” they said in unison.

“Of course girls, after you. I said opening the doors so my dates could duck through them.


The people in the restaurant were not a surprised as i expected, this was due to do report which as I learned later was about how tall the girls were. So if I had seen it I would have known that they were 7’4″ and 7’8″ respectively. This of course has not stopped every single person from staring at us, which even though expected was a bit unnerving at least for me. I was still feeling a bit self conscious about being over gölbaşı escort two and a half feet shorter than either of my dates.

Luckily I expected this kind of as problem so I asked a more private section so we wouldn’t be bothered. We got a nice round table in a corner and I helped the girls with the chairs taking the opportunity to get a good look down their ample cleavages. As soon as I sat down I could feel someone’s legs finding my own. I couldn’t really tell who it was as both of them were smiling flirtatiously at me. At one point in the evening I think it was actually both of them.

We had dinner, a bottle of wine and some small talk. They told me about their sudden growth and the TV show. They just finished high school and were enrolling university next year. So we talked a bit about how studying is. I found out that bond of them have boyfriend, nor did they have anything serious. Mindy said that their size was intimidating to most high school boys.

During the dinner at one point while Cindy was at the bathroom, Mindy took the opportunity to drop her napkin on the floor:

“Oh, crap, could you help me with that Chris. My arms are quit long but it is very tricky to reach under the table with such long legs.”

“Uh, sure, no problem” I said immediately down on my knees and going under the table before i even realised what that meant, Mindy on the other hand spread her legs inviting me closer, letting me have a good look at the monster distorting the stocking. The thick shape was now at least an inch longer than when I last saw it and least two and a half inches thick.

“Can you see it, its right there.” Mindy said, caressing the thick piece of meat with her hand. I saw the napkin but I would have to be a total moron not to recognise the innuendo.

“It looks just like the one I had in the bathroom earlier, come closer you will see it better.” she said, her hand reaching out for my head. She must have seen me earlier when I was watching her, maybe she even let the doors open on purpose. Whatever the case I just couldn’t control myself, letting her hand guide me close I put both of my hands on her thick shaft, and let my lips connect with the middle. I couldn’t reach around it because of the stocking, but I could tell that my fingers wouldn’t be able to completely close around the shaft.

“Ohh.. right.. there” Mindy moaned quietly, closing her legs, trapping my head against her erection. As my hand passed over the head, she let out another moan and I felt a spurt coming from the thing, leaving a sticky spot inside her stocking. keçiören escort It was probably more than any of my own orgasms, but luckily she was not like her mother or there would be a flood in her stocking.

“Ohh..mhm..You better get out now honey. Or someone might notice.” she whispered, letting me go. I got out giving her the napkin. The look in her eyes was very hungry, and it was followed by a thud as something hit the table from underneath.

“I’ll be right back I just have to go to the ladies room to take care of something.” Said Mindy getting up, and as she did so the reason for the thump became obvious. Her penis slid along her thigh to the front and hit the table straining the stocking. It was now creating an unmistakeable bulge from her crotch almost to her knee.

“I was right about you Chris, I just love the way you look at my queen, I’m going to have so much fun with you” she says sliding her hand along the thing, she had to bend over to reach the lower half.

“But I better put it away now or we might cause a commotion” She continued pushing the thing back between her thighs inside the folds of the dress and disappearing to the bathroom.

A few minutes later that came back together. Two towering Olympian goddesses swaying their voluptuous curves as they walked. Just watching them walk made me hard, and knowing what I knew about Mindy I had to concentrate hard not to ruin my pants.

A few minutes after that Mindy suggested we leave as she was getting tired. Since we all had a few drinks we decided to take the taxi home. There was quite a bit more space in the taxi than in my car, since we asked for a big one, but it was still quite tight. I ended up between the two girls, and both of them had to sit a bit to the sides so as not to hit their heads on the ceiling. The arrangement was such that I was pressed firmly against Cindy’s ample butt, while Mindy was pressed firmly from behind me.

Mindy shifted a bit until her tool was pressed firmly against the back of my thigh, warmly pulsing. She put one of my hands on top of it and bit my ear pressing me into her breasts. Cindy, who was unaware of this, took an opportunity to squirm her large round buttocks in my lap. No matter how hard I concentrated I couldn’t stop myself from getting an erection which only caused Cindy to squirm more. And all the movement caused Mindy to blow another load. I thanked God again that she wasn’t like her mother.

We finally got home, and got out of the taxi. The impossibly tall girls each gave me a kiss whispering their thanks.

“Thank you, Mr. Chris, I promise to pay you back for the nice evening.” said Cindy swaying away to the house.

“I’m not saying thank you yet, don’t you dare go to sleep. I’m coming over to finish what we started as soon as the prude goes to sleep.” Mindy whispered biting my ear, and swaying away after Cindy.

I had no idea what was I getting myself into, but I was sure looking forward to finding out.

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