Atlantic City Encounter

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I had the most wonderful and amazing encounter in Atlantic City last week. I had gone to the Show Boat Casino for the evening to play a little craps. I found a table that was very energetic. Lots of cheering and carrying on as the shooters made their numbers. As the game proceeded my attention was drawn to one player in particular. A very pretty woman who could have been in her late thirties or early forties was truly the life of the party. As I was looking at her across the table, I could only see her from the waist up. She had a very pretty face and brown hair with frosted highlights. She was wearing a silk plum tank top with spaghetti straps and a delicate black sweater with a single button holding it together at the neckline. It was very apparent that she was wearing no bra.

She was betting on just about every combination on the table and was in the midst of a very lucky streak. Each time one of her bets would win she would jump up and down causing her big braless boobs to lift and fall wildly beneath her skimpy top, her nipples constantly aroused. She would hug any one near her. The dealers were enjoying her show as well as the players at the table. She was also keeping the waitress at our table busy ordering drink after drink.

I watched her every move with a huge smile on my face. I could not take my eyes from her and eventually our gazes met. She made a few more bets then picked up her stack of chips. I thought that was all I would see of her but she came around the table and placed her chips in the rack next to mine. Closer up I could see that her very beautiful face was beginning to show hints of her age. She had a smooth, tanned complexion with a hint of wrinkles, a pretty, sculpted nose, beautiful, sparkly green eyes, and kissable lips. I could also enjoy the rest of her outfit which consisted of a conservative, but short, black skirt highlighted with flowers that matched those on her sweater and a pair of slides with plum colored bows that matched her outfit beautifully. The heels were just the right height to compliment her beautiful legs.

She continued her play and continued to celebrate but now I was the object of her attention, jumping into my arms and hugging me around the neck, grinding her chest into mine. At one point she jumped completely off the ground hanging from my neck as she planted a kiss on my lips. I admired her manicured fingernails as she manipulated her chips and as my gaze caressed her body from her head to her feet I saw her toenails were perfect as well. As she would reach for her drink on the rail below she would casually trace the outline of my dick through my slacks with those perfect nails. I was glad that I had chosen against going commando and had opted to wear a snug pair of briefs which was at least keeping my erection tight against my body. After a while she leaned up close to me and asked “I’ve played enough, how about you? Let’s get a drink.”

We found a quiet corner in the lounge. It being the middle of the week there wasn’t much of a crowd. We sat down and the cocktail waitress took our order for a couple of martinis. As soon as she left we embraced and kissed. I began to grope her breasts, firs through her blouse the, reaching into the waistband of her skirt, reached under her blouse and began to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples. Her hands were equally busy, one finding its way to my fly, then inside, rubbing my cock. Her other hand stroking my back and diving into my waistband and caressing my ass. The waitress returned with our drinks causing ankara escort us to pause. We sipped our drinks and then returned to where we had left off. This time I reached for her knee and slid my hand up her thigh to her pussy. I found the crotch of her panties soaking wet and began to work my fingers into the leg opening. She reached down and stopped me and looked into my eyes as if to say “wait a minute.” I pulled back while she leaned back and pulled her panties off from under her skirt. She slid them down her legs, raised her knees to her chest and slid them over her feet. She then casually tossed them on the table. I stared in wide-eyed amazement, took another sip of my drink, and went right back to work fingering her pussy. I found her clit and began to massage it and she let out a low moan. I inserted one, then two, then three fingers into he wet pussy causing her to moan even more. As I continued to thrust my fingers into her, her eyes became glassy and she buried her head into my chest and let out a scream. At the same time I was aware that my hand became very wet with her fluids. When she caught her breath she whispered “Let’s spend the night.”

We went to the front desk to get a room. As the young lady behind the desk proceeded to check us in my companion was biting my ear and massaging my package. She continued to grow bolder and as I leaned forward she unzipped my trousers again and slipped her hand inside. As she reached inside my shorts and began to stroke me I found it incredible hard to concentrate. A wry smile came across the clerk’s face as she realized that something untoward was going on though she could not see just what it was. My new friend just gave the young lady a sly wink and said “We ladies must stick together.” With that I ordered a bucket of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries to be sent to our room.

As we made our way to the elevator she had the courtesy to take her hand out of my fly though she continued massaging my ass with her other and I gladly returned the favor. As we stood waiting in front of the elevators we fell into a passionate embrace with tongues probing each others mouths. As the doors opened two young couples got off and just stopped and stared. One of the young girls broke into a smile about a mile wide. The other just backhanded her man on the arm and said “How come you don’t kiss me like that anymore?”

We practically tumbled into the elevator and as the door closed I was totally overcome with lust. Our lips crushed together and our tongues exploring each others mouths wildly. As we broke our embrace I reached down and tore her top right down the middle. I roughly slid her top and sweater off her shoulders and onto the floor of the elevator. I dropped down, kissing, licking and sucking her ample breasts along the way. I loved the way they felt, the weight of each in my hands, Their smoothness, the change in texture of the large areolas. As I continued dropping to my knees she threw her leg over my shoulder. As my mouth went to her pussy my hands reached up and unzipped her skirt. Just then the elevator door opened at our floor and she playful pushed me to ground and bounded out of the elevator, letting her skirt drop to the floor. As she ran down the hall I watched jiggling ass as she shuffled down hall in her little heels, clutching her purse with her arms crossed across her chest. I wondered if it was modesty or to control her bouncing breasts? Either way, I couldn’t decide if the view I was seeing from ulus escort the rear was better than the one I was missing from the front. She ran down the hall and I just waited by the elevator. She reached the end of the hall and turned back toward me and asked “Which room?” I said “You went the wrong way” and got to delight in her running back towards me. I could see her shaved snatch was all wet from me eating her and, as she passed, I could see little rivulets of her juices streaking down her thighs.

This time I followed her. We got to the right door this time and as I fumbled with key she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and went to work sucking me off. Finally I got the little green light and pushed open the door. She almost yelled at me “I want you to fuck me hard then I want you to eat my pussy.”

As we bushed into the room she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me toward her. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and yanked it open sending buttons spraying everywhere. Either she was feeling the same lust I was or this was payback. She then grabbed both the waistbands of my pants and shorts and yanked them straight down to my ankle with one swift pull. She leaned back on bed and pulled me on top of her. I fucked her with everything I had; harder than I had ever fucked any woman. She started that low guttural groan again that grew to a scream of ecstasy and came almost immediately. I came too, my load blasting deep inside her. As my orgasm subsided she did not let me lie still. She pushed me over on my back, flipped around, straddling my head, and thrust her dripping cunt right onto my mouth. At the same time her mouth went right to my dick as she set out to breathe new life into it. As I enjoyed this I realized two things: One, we both had the same taste in our mouths at that moment and, two, that this was the first time I had ever tasted semen. I kept licking and sucking her pussy, shoving my tongue into her hole as far as it would go. I then began to hear that low moan that I had now become so intimately familiar with. As she came, her juices just flowed from her like water and she screamed in ecstasy. She was stroking my cock harder and harder as she came to the point where it was more than a little painful but I didn’t care. Then she did a quick pirouette on one knee to straddle and face me and plunged straight down onto my dick. She began to ride and buck atop me with reckless abandon. Her tits were flopping about wildly as I reached out to grab hold. I got into the rhythm and began to thrust my hips to meet with her every down stroke. She came and then cam again. Finally I let loose and exploded inside of her again. As she came down off of her high she collapsed on top of me. We lay there in a warm sweaty pile for the longest time, her warm, full breasts crushed against my chest. Then she raised her head and put her lips to mine and we shared a wet, passionate, semen-laden kiss.

Our little spell was broken by a knock at the door. It was room service with our champagne and strawberries. Neither one of us bothered to grab any clothing as I opened the door, not that there was much to be found. The waiter placed the tray on the table near the couch, remaining professional throughout and for that he received a nice tip. He gave me a wink as he left the room. I was hoping that it was a “good luck” wink and not a “see ya’ later” one.

As we sat on the couch and fed each other strawberries and sipped champagne I finally found eryaman escort out that her name was Marie and that she was a pharmaceutical company representative. She was down for the day for a company meeting. She was supposed to come down with a friend but her friend had backed out and so she came alone. She was married but her husband was inattentive to her needs. She said that he was a nice enough guy, but that he always insisted on being on the bottom when they made love. She said it was because he always “fucks up.” We both laughed for a long time over that. Then she cried for a while and I just held her. After she had cried enough she began to nuzzle my neck and lick my ear. She started stroking my dick and rubbing my balls again and I started to grow once more. I slid off the couch onto the floor and started to lick her pussy again. I sucked and licked her clit while working her pussy over with my fingers. First three, then four fingers, then suddenly my hand was in past my knuckles. I instinctively began to pump while wiggling my fingers which once again drove her over the edge.

She took my hand and led me back to the bed. After all we had experienced she still had the energy to give me a fantastic blow job. As she sucked my cock her finger found my asshole and she fingered it vigorously. Her mouth and tongue expertly drew me to the edge of orgasm. When my poor, sore dick could take it no longer, I orgasmed once more. My explosion into her mouth was followed by her planting a semen-laden kiss on my lips. This was the second time I had tasted semen.

We finally collapsed about six o’clock in the morning, just as the sun appeared in the window of our room. I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep with her head nestled right under my chin. The very next thing I was aware of was a ringing telephone. It was now about noon by and the front desk was calling to ask if I was going to stay another night. I told them “No” and they were kind enough to let me grab a shower before I checked out. I looked around for Marie but it was obvious that she had already taken a shower and gone. I wondered how until I found her business card tucked under a $100 chip. On it was written “Thanks for your shirt.” As I collected my trousers and shoes I realized that she had taken my briefs as well. I would have loved to have seen her making her way out of the hotel in that outfit, my shirt and briefs, and her shoes. I could only wonder if she had driven all the way home wearing only a shirt with no buttons, or if she stopped to shop for some clothes in that outfit.

I as still tired so I fell back on the bed. It was still wet from all of the activity. I was a sticky, love-covered mess. I soon realized that the lingering scent of love was making me hard again so I instinctively began stroking my cock. It hurt like hell but I felt the need to come again. As my spunk trickled down my hand I instinctively raised it to my mouth and took a lick while thinking of her. Oh the things I had just experienced.

I walked bare-chested to the elevator and made my way to the Blues Brothers gift shop and bought myself a “Jake” shirt. As I left the hotel and made my way towards the parking lot, I turned my attention back to the card and realized that she worked only a town away from where I lived. When I returned home I immediately sent a huge flower arrangement to her office with a card that simply said “Wow.” I also went to a fine woman’s wear store and chose a beautiful backless black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and a pair of black silk panties which I also had delivered to her office. As I could only guess at her size I made sure to have the store include a gift receipt to allow her to choose whatever she wished. The upshot is that next week we are going to Las Vegas and I hope to find out just what is it that goes on in Vegas that has to stay there…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32