Chris’ Adventures Ch. 19

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Christy finished getting dressed in shorts and tight shirt that hugged her breasts while Chris was finishing up showering. She poked her head into the bathroom and urged him on. “Come on honey. We’re going to be late meeting Carrie if you don’t hurry up.”

“I’m going as fast as I can. Getting this paint off my arms is taking a bit longer,” He called out from the shower. He was going as fast as he could. Panting the deck took longer than he thought and now he was rushing to get ready. School had started up again and a couple of weeks ago he and Christy had gotten together with Tom and Hank and their roommates for a gangbang with Christy. A first for both of them, and they loved it and planned on doing it again sometime. Now they were going for another first: to meet up with Carrie, the college freshman Christy had run into in the chat room they frequent, and she wanted Chris to take her virginity and to have sex with Christy.

The three of them had talked off and on over the summer and now they were going to finally meet. The plan was for Carrie to come over to their town and meet them for dinner and then they would head back to their place for a night of fun. Usually they didn’t bring people back to their house, but after talking it over, and making sure Carrie as comfortable with it, they decided to break that rule this time. He and Christy figured she would be more comfortable in someone’s home rather than a strange hotel room.

“It’s about time,” Christy said impatiently as she stood there, purse in hand and tapping her foot impatiently.

Chris tossed his bath towel in the corner of the room and quickly slipped into a pair of black bikini cut panties and jeans as he said, “Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready.” He rushed aroud the room grabbing sock, shoes and a polo. Slipping them on he went to the bathroom and combed his long hair out and put it in a short ponytail and was ready. “There, all set. See I told you, five minutes.”

Christy ushered him out of the room and down the stairs and out the door. She wasn’t sure who was more excited at this point, her or Chris. They both had fooled around with Susna in the chat room on separate occasions and once together. They had gotten to know her over the summer and now that the day was here, she couldn’t wait to get her in bed. She was positive Chris couldn’t wait either, getting to fuck a good looking, young college co-ed, and to take her virginity to boot.

They pulled into the parking lot of the steakhouse the three of them agreed on with a few minutes to spare thanks to Chris taking a couple of shortcuts. As agreed upon they sat outside waiting for Carrie. “Hopefully she’s not having second thoughts.” Chris said as he looked at his watch.

“Don’t worry. She’ll be here. She’s probably just as excited as we are.” Christy slid her hand into Chris’ lap and gave his thigh a squeeze, then she giggled. “Besides, if she doesn’t show, you still get to go home and fuck me.”

Chris smiled at her. He knew he was going to get lucky either way. But he was looking forward to a threesome. Maybe he could convince Christy that they should go bar hopping for a third if Carrie didn’t show. Just as he was about to say something a tall, red headed girl came walking up the wooden stairs to the steakhouse. She was about six feet, and muscled. Her legs were long and tight in the heels she was wearing, her hips were wide and her waist wasn’t much smaller than her hips. Her breasts hung low and the low cut dress showed off her cleavage. Her hair was straight and hung down to the middle of her torso. Chris recognized her right away as Carrie and stood up to greet her. Christy got to her feet shortly after Chris did. They were both looking at her and taking in her young, muscled body as she walked up the stairs. In her heels, she was as tall as Chris and she towered over Christy.

Carrie walked up to Chris slowly and the smiled, recognizing him. “Um, Chris, Christy? Hi, it’s me Carrie..” She smiled and blushed as she stood there, the three of them looking at each other. She shifted back and forth on her feet, looking nervous.

Christy spoke first. “Hi Carrie. We recognized you as you were walking up the stairs.” She looked Carrie up and down and loved how she looked. She couldn’t wait to get her into bed now that she was here in person. “You look incredible.”

Carrie leaned in and gave Christy a hug. “Thank you. You look great too.” She said with a little catch in her voice. Then she turned to Chris and her eyes met his. She could see the lust in his eyes as they took her in. Without saying anything she leaned in and kissed him, a quick peck on the lips and she stepped back, blushing.

She apologized to both of them, glancing back and forth between Chris and Christy. “I’m I’m sorry. That was a bit forward of me.”

Christy chuckled and touched Carrie on the arm to make her feel at ease. “It’s okay.”

“Thanks. I’m just a bit nervous. I don’t know what came over me.”

Chris put his Pendik Escort arm around her waist and smiled. “That’s ookay. I’m not goignto complain.” He turned to her and gave her another, slightly longer kiss, eliciting a gasp from Carrie. When he pulled away, she was blushing again and smiling.

“Oh my.” She sighed.

“Careful,” Christy said, “He may spoil you.”

Chris turned to Christy and grinned. “You know it.” He leaned over and kissed Christy, letting go of Carrie. “Now how about we go eat? I’m hungry.” He walked over to the door with the girls right behind him and held the door for them as they walked through. He admired Carrie’s ass as he followed them to the hostess stand and thought of all the things he could do to it later. Once seated they all ordered drinks and glanced at the menu.

Carrie took a sip of her coke as she glanced over the menu. “I’m so glad we were able to get together,” she said with a hint of nervousness in her voice. “I’m sorry if I sound a little nervous. Considering what we’ve done before meeting and what we’ve all talked about you’d think I wouldn’t be.

“We are too,” Christy replied as she looked from Carrie to the menu. “And that’s okay. It’s understandable. But you don’t need to feel nervous.” She leaned closer and lowered her voice. “We won’t do anything you don’t want to and you can lead the way for the whole night.”

Carrie relaxed in her seat, “Thank you Christy. I’ve just been thinking about this all week and as it got closer, I was getting more and more nervous about what would happen.”

“No need to apologize Carrie.” Chris said from over his menu. He smiled at her and continued, “the first time can always be a little nerve wracking. But you don’t need to worry. Now how about we order?”

The three of them put their orders in and got up to grab steaks from the cooler. The steakhouse let you cook your own so that’s what the three of them did. As they grilled their food, they talked over how her school year was going and what she wanted to do after graduating. They also told Carrie what they had been up to, minus all the sex. They didn’t want to discuss that in such a public place at the grill. Going back to the table with their stekas they began to eat and talk some more.

“Good to hear that things are gong well at school.” Chris said. “So have you had a chance to head to the local bar in town that caters to the alternative lifestyle?”

“How do you know about that?” Susna asked, clearly surprised.

“We go there once a month.” Christy answered. “He gets all dolled up and we go out for some fun.

Carrie drew in a sharp breath, clearly surprised. “Really??”

Chris answered her this time. “Yes. We always have a good time. Maybe you should join us sometime. I know the bar entry age is nineteen. You just can’t drink.”

Carrie got a thoughtful look on her face for a moment. “That could be fun. I haven’t found anyone that wants to go yet. Not that I’ve done a lot of looking or asking around.”

“Sounds like a plan. Then you;ve at leas got some people you know with you. Who knows? You may end up seeing people there that you know.”

She glanced at Chris and nodded. “I hadn’t thought of that. A good way to meet others like me.” She took a bite of her food.

Christy added. “You should look into any groups on campus that LGBTQ centric. I’m sure there are some.”

“There are. I just haven’t gotten up the courage to go yet.”

“Go for it Carrie.” Chris encouraged her as he ate. “You’ve got nothing to lose.”

They talked a while longer as they finished up dinner and headed to the parking lot, all three of them anxious for what was coming next.

“So..” Carrie trailed off. “Now what?” She bit her lower lip in an innocent way and looked back and forth from Crhity and Chris.

“Back to our place to relax and see what happens.” Christy said.

“Where do you two live? In all our talking, you never, gave me your address.”

Chris pulled out his phone. “What’s you’re number? I’ll text it to you.”

Carrie rattled off her number as Chris typed. Soon her phone buzzed with the address. “Okay, I’ll meet you two there. As soon as I text my roommate where I’ll be.”

They headed off to their cars and soon arrived back home. Chris and Christy were just putting their keys on the kitchen island when they heard the doorbell ring. Christy answered it and invited Carrie in and showed her around, ending in the kitchen where Chris was pouring himself a glass of water.

“Drink?” He asked, holding up the glass. “We’ve got water, tea, beer, wine.”

Carrie shot him disapproving look. “Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me? Not to mention I’m not legally able to drink.”

A chuckle escaped Chris’ lips. “I’m kidding. If you’d had said “yes”, I would have told you I was joking. I’m not going to contribute to the deliquencly of a minor with alcohol. Plus, I wouldn’t want you tipy on alcohol for your first time with a guy.”

Christy Kurtköy Escort walked up and put her arm around Carrie, her head barely coming to Susna’s armpit with her in heels. She heard the tail end of the exchange and wondered what that was all about, she looked back and forth between Chris and Carrie. “Trying to ply her with alcohol?”

“No, he was joking.”

“He does that a lot.” She said as Carrie snaked a hand around Christy.

Good, she thought. She’s feeling more comfortable. “So shall we head down tour little playroom?” She looked up at Carrie to see if she was ready to go and she stiffened a bit at the mention of the playroom.

“We’re not going to be on camera are we? It’s one thing to be int eh chat room with just the two of you on camera. I’m not sure I want other people watching.”

Chris reassured her. “Oh nooo. We won’t be in the chat room or have the camera on. We don’t always use that stuff when we are down there.”

Carrie visibly relaxed. “That’s good.” She backed away from Christy, her arm sliding from Christy’s hip snad to her hand, grasping and then tugging. “Let’s go then.”

Christy gripped Carries’ hand and guided her to the basement door in the corner of the kitchen and they headed downstairs. “Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and it the door on your left.”

Carrie walked through the door and stopped, taking it all in. Chris and Christy were right behind her and stepped to the right of her as she looked around the room. “It looks different now that I’m actually here.”

Chris walked up behind her, his hands wrapping around her waist as he planted a kiss on her neck. “You get to experience our little play room in person. Not many do.” He heard Carrie sigh and she relaxed in his grip. “You take the lead Carrie.”

Carrie sighed and let out a little moan as Chris kissed her. “Ohhh. Um,” she stumbled over her words, the nervousness returning. “I’ve never done this before. You take the lead. You, you know what you are doing.”

Chris looked at Christy, who was now standing next to the changing screen. He wondered what she was going to do.

Christy nodded her approval and he let go of Carrie. She watches as his hands worked the buttons at the back of her dress one by one and he kissed her shoulders and neck as she stood there, letting Chris strip her clothes. She felt herself getting wet between her thighs as Chris took Carrie’s clothes off. She wondered if Carrie wanted her here for this, if she wanted her to join them, or if she could stay and watch. As she pondered the answer the dress fell to the floor, exposing Carrie’s bare breasts to them. She stood there, eyes half open, wearing a pair of boy shorts and heels. Her young skin was tan and looked soft in the low light of the room. She wanted to step forward and plant her lips on those perfect breasts but she held back, letting her experience Chris’ deft touch.

Chris stepped back from Carrie now that the dress was off. He looked at her from behind, taking in her long smooth legs, accentuated by the heels she was wearing. Her ass was framed nicely in the boy shorts she was wearing. They hugged her tight round ass and accentuated her curves. Her back was tan and taught, just a little fat here and there. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t thick either. She was athletic. He loved what he saw and glanced at Christy and knew she was thinking the same thing.

Carrie stood there and felt Chris step back from her. His hands left her body and she stepped out of the dress. Glancing up she saw Christy standing next to the changing screen, looking her almost naked body up and down. “Do, do the two of you like what you see?” She asked with a hint of shyness in her voice.

“Very much so.” Chris said from behind, stepping forward to grab her hips.

Christy nodded her approval. “I do.” She began to unbutton her dress and let it fall to the floor. “What do you want me to do Carrie?” She asked as she stood there in her bra and panties.

Carrie moaned a she looked at Christy’s almost naked body. She glanced over her shoulder at Chris and then to Christy, hesitating with her answer. “Would, would you mind if just your husband was with me the first time? You, you can stay and watch though.”

Christy smiled a warm smile as she stepped up to Carrie. She craned her neck and planted a soft kiss on her lips. She could feel Carrie go limp at the touch of her lips. “Not at all.” Christy happily stepped over to the cushy office chair in the room, grabbing a vibrator along the way and sat down. As much as she wanted to join in, she understood why Carrie wanted it to be just the two of them, but she was excited that she would get to watch. She sat in the chair as Chris spun Carrie around and caressed her breasts.

Carrie moaned, standing there naked in front of Chris as he caressed her breasts. She felt his hands cup her firm breasts and massage them gently. “Oh Chrissss.” She moaned. Her hands reached out and began to tug at Ümraniye Escort his shirt, pulling it free from his jeans. She didn’t stop until it was over his head and down his arms. He let go of her breasts and she yanked the shirt off his arms, exposing his hairless chest and stomach.

“Do you like what you see?” He asked.

Carrie nodded. “Why not take the rest of my clothes off then?” Chris suggested.

She stepped forward and glanced over at Christy, seeing her with her legs spread wide in the chair, her bra and panties were now off and on the floor. She was idly stroking her pussy through half closed eyes. Her hands trembled a bit with nervousness.

Christy encouraged her. “Don’t worry Carrie. Go ahead and do what you want with him. Just forget that I’m even here.” Christy rubbed her smooth pussy with one hand and pinched a nipple with the other, eliciting a moan from her lips.

A moan of pleasure escaped Carrie’s lips as she watched Christy play with herself. With those words of encouragement she reached out and undid the buckle on Chris’s pants and quickly tugged them off, exposing the black, bikini cut panties he was wearing with a large bulge in them. She let out a gasp and then sighed. Her hands reached out tentatively and touched the satin fabric. “Oh my. It’s one thing to see it on camera. A, a whole different experience to see a cock in a pair of panties up close.”

Chris looked at Carrie and grinned. “How do you like it?”

Carrie caressed his hard cock through the fabric, making Chris moan. “Mmmmm. I like it. I told you I regularly look at pics of men in panties and lingerie.” She gripped his cock now and Chris groaned. “At first it was curiosity. Then I found that it turned me on.”

For being only nineteen she was pretty open-minded Chris thought. Not that was a bad thing. He wondered what she would be like in bed once they got there. “Ohhhh. That’s good. Do you want me to change into something then?” He asked.

Carrie wrapped her free arm around Chris’ neck and kissed him. Stabbing her tongue deep in his mouth as she now slipped a hand into his panties. “No.” she said pulling away from him. “For my first time I want both of us naked.” She then reached down and pulled the panties off, falling to Chris’ feet. “Can we get in bed now?” She asked

Chris nodded as he bent over to kick off his shoes and socks and to pull off the jeans and panties. He held out his hand to Carrie and pulled her to him. He picked her up, a yelp escaping her mouth and he held her in his arms and carried her to the bed. Behind him he heard a moan come from Christy as he set her on the bed and knelt over Carrie’s prone body.

Christy sighed and moaned as Chris picked up Carrie. She spread her legs wider and slid a vibrator deep in her pussy as Chris laid Carrie down on the bed and positioned himself over her. Her long body was stretched out on the bed and she licked her lips. Carrie’s breasts fell slightly to the sides of her chest as she lay down, yet they were still firm and stood proud. Her nipples were rock hard now and Christy resisted the urge to get up and plant her lips on them. She badly wanted to get on the bed with them and explore Carrie’s body with Chris, but she knew that she would get a chance later. As she toyed with herself, she watched Chris lower his head to kiss Carrie’s taught stomach. “Mmmm. Kiss me all over Chris.” Christy heard Carrie sigh. Her hands raised up and caressed Chris’ head and shoulders while his lips explored her body. Christy watched intently as Chris kissed her hips and thighs, avoiding going between her legs for now and focusing on other parts of her body. Carrie moaned and spread her legs, probably to entice Chris to get between them, but he didn’t go for it. He worked his way down her legs and back up to her breasts and began nibbling on her distended nipples, making Carrie cry out with pleasure. The scene unfolding before Christy was incredibly erotic. She’d watched Chris with other men and women before but this was different. Here he was giving a woman her first experience with a man. And it was a beautiful thing to watch. She showed the vibrator deep into her dripping pussy and began fucking herself with is while she tugged at her nipples, waiting her turn with Carrie.

Carrie arched her back and let out a gasp of pain and pleasure as Chris bit down on one of her nipples. She groaned and gasped, “Oh God! Oh God, yes Chris!” She clamped her thighs together as her body stiffened as jolts of pleasure washed over her body. “More?” she heard Chris say around her breast. “Yes please.” She gasped. Chris continued to move from one breast to the other, nibbling and tugging at her nipples, making her arch her back and writhe on the bed. Finally she put her hands on Chris’ shoulders and pushed him away from her sensitive nipples. “No, no more.” She gushed and pulled Chris up to her face to kiss him.

“Too painful for you?” Chris asked as he caressed her hair and kissed her lips.

“Not at all.” Carrie sighed, her hands reaching lower to rub Chris’ ass. He ground his hips into hers in response, his cock sliding between her legs and prodding her pussy. She groaned as she felt his cock prod the entrance to her wet slit. “Mmmm. You want to fuck me?”

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