Seduced? Well of Course!

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My journey had begun, I was now in America and I was now settled into the home of my Aunt in Syracuse, New York. I brought a second hand Toyota Corolla and started to explore the city with special emphasis on the Uni Campus. There was still a month to go before I started classes but I wanted to be familiar with my new environment; where my classes would be held and very importantly for my research, where the Libraries were located.

To cover all the bases I decided to check out other local Libraries, and it was at one of these that I encountered, what I initially considered a lady who appeared by not only her style of dress but also her demeanor to be the stereotypical image of the spinster librarian. Approaching the desk to inquire as to whether or not the Library had access to books and documents likely to be of interest to me in my research and hence my thesis, this demure spinster, a lady who on close inspection was probably around my age, thirty-four, enthusiastically greeted me to America and understood immediately what I was looking for. Taking my arm, she proceeded to give me a tour of the Library and the areas in which I would locate the sources of which I had inquired. It was perfect, and being away from the campus it would not be as crowded with students on the “Hill,” as they call it here.

So it was that Francesca completed for me the documentation for Library membership, and as she gave me my library card told me if she came across anything she thought might be appropriate to my studies she would hold them for me. Taking my arm once again, she walked me to the door and wished me well as we said our goodbyes.

Walking down the steps I glanced back at the building; Francesca was still standing by the revolving door and for the first time I was struck by her figure and the way she stood, she waved and as she turned away, in profile I was drawn to the silhouette of her breasts. Even in a very professional gray suit, her brunette hair in a bun, this woman exuded something that in bed that evening gave me pause to think, something that made me want to touch, to masturbate and to orgasm… With my fingers teasing and caressing my nipples I ran my other hand over my Mons, stroking until I slithered my fingers up and down my surprisingly wet slit before utilising my trusty Lelo vibrator, causing my body to give way to my need.

It was some days before I returned to the Library and almost immediately on entering Francesca was by my side gleefully greeting me, even if it was in her quiet Library voice… Taking my arm she remained enthusiastic; “It is so good to see you again. Tell me, how can I help you” I explained that I had come to check out the computers and to inquire if I needed a pass-code to use them?

With a broad smile on her face she told me, “Yes there is indeed an entry code, but I anticipated that you would require the service so I hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and produced a card for you. This will replace your Library Card, the computer information is on the back with a bar-code which will allow your access.” Passing me the card, which she had also laminated I thanked her as I inquired as to where the computers were located, an area to which she had not taken me when she gave me the her introductory tour on my first visit.

As I followed her to the back corner of one of the Library rooms, I found myself looking at her arse and her waist, and as we stopped by an empty cubicle in the back corner of the Lab., she turned, I found myself transfixed by these bright emerald green eyes! For a moment I stood, held by her look, until I brought myself back into reality. Francesca smiled, and then very professionally explained where I had to insert the card and also informing me that this was the newest of the computers and if I let her know when I was coming; (there was something about the way she said that word, “coming,” that suddenly gave me a tingle in my nether regions, I felt myself become a little wet…) “If you let me know when you’re coming I’ll ensure it is available for you”

“Oh please Francesca, there’s no need for that, I can use any of them.”

Taking both my hands, the touch of which further excited the tingle I was already experiencing she declared: “No, no I insist, you have an extensive research project and this area provides a greater degree of quiet privacy, besides we have to look after our English visitors.” As she smiled, those eyes once again emanated their magical hold! Looking at her I now saw just how beautiful she really was and I imagined that brunette hair sensuously dropped down and caressing the feminine softness of her neck. Right now I had to get out or I was going to embarrass myself by trying to kiss her. With a mild degree of stammer I gave her my thanks and my apologies as I explained that I really had to rush off to meet my Aunt. Turning I hastily left and when I got to my car my hand grasped my Mons over my Jeans and I squeezed, I squeezed bloody hard until I felt as though şişli escort I had regained some degree of composure. Instinctively I knew I could have her at any time, that she was lesbian, that I wanted her, but that is not how I wanted it to play out, my new found kink of enjoying the thrill of being seduced was my driving force now and I wanted that from her, I wanted her to seduce me!

Every time I went to the Library Francesca invariably met me at the desk, always knowing I was coming because I did as she suggested and called, always being provided with that more private computer cubicle. She would always take my arm and escort me back and when I first sat at the comp her hands were always on my shoulders as she inquired if there was “anything else I needed, all I had to do was say the word,” before giving me a gentle squeeze and leaving me to work.

I had been researching for about an hour when one day she brought me a cup of coffee. “My you must be aching from working all this time, let’s see if we can’t relax you a little” without further ado she placed her hands on my shoulders and began to massage. Damn, it felt good and it soon became a short, and yes, welcome ritual which she would follow on each of her visits to my cubicle. Oh yes, the seduction was underway and I was relishing in the slow build up of her attentiveness!

Late one evening I was sitting at one of the reading tables when Francesca came around clearing the rooms to close the Library. Looking around, I got the distinct impression she had left me to last because as we walked toward the desk I couldn’t help but notice; being the observant natured soul that I am: there was no one else around, the place was empty. This was when I was invited to her office with an: “Oh, I found an article in BMJ which I thought might be right for your course of study, it’s in my office. Do you have a moment?”

Francesca bade me sit on her, I have to say very comfortable and spacious soft leather settee, and presented me with the Journal. It was indeed a worthy, if somewhat historical article, but yes, very useful for my background work. As I read, Francesca brought in a tray with Cups, Saucers and a Teapot, I smiled as I said “How very English, thank you.” Continuing to read. Before sitting Francesca removed her jacket, this was the first time I really had a chance to confirm the image I had of her at the door of the Library on day one. Sure, on my visits here I had come to observe that she was truly a looker, but with her jacket off, she not only confirmed she had amazing shape, but her white blouse also exposed the wonderfully pert shape of her breasts. Sitting, she moved forward to pour the tea; her skirt rose up her legs so much so that she exposed a glimpse of naked thigh above a suspendered stocking, I hid my intake of breath as I admired this sexy image! Wow, her legs were perfect and my mind whirled as I desperately immersed myself back into the article.

“Milk and sugar?’

“Oh, ugh, just milk thank you”

As she poured, I could not stop myself from surreptitiously glimpsing again at that naked thigh! Phew, this woman had it all, and I wanted it! I pulled myself once again back into the article, which, very thoughtfully she had tabbed at certain pages of interest. As we finished our tea, Francesca declared “Oh I think this might be a highlight point” she reached over, moving a little closer and indicated a particular marker, then another, and with each direction she moved a little closer and closer. Being the studious innocent girl that I am, naturally, I moved away that is until I finally came to the armrest of the settee. I now found myself with nowhere else to go.

As she turned to another tab, she now placed an arm around my waist, her breast brushing against my arm as she did so… It was a sensation that caused me to quiver, which I knew had not gone unnoticed. I turned to look toward her, finding myself looking once again into those magical emerald green eyes, eyes which I now felt was the time to hold just a little longer than necessary; besides I couldn’t have looked away even if I had wanted to; it was as if there was an even deeper intensity to their depth and grasp and the look upon her face definitely had its effect on my psyche.

Almost imperceptibly, Francesca very, very slowly moved closer and closer, so slowly in fact that I was almost surprised when I felt the soft vermilion of her lips gliding over my own, it was not a kiss, it was a stroke of lips to lips, a stroke that had such a sensual tenderness that for a moment I nearly lost my resolve. I tried to draw back but my head was against the back of the settee; oh so deftly her right hand stroked my left cheek as those magical lips continued their seductive introduction, slowly parting, slowly manipulating, melting and molding my lips, nestling together as I accepted one of the gentlest of kisses I have ever experienced. I gave, hopefully, no indication of previous experience; for one brief moment escort şişli I feigned a drawing away causing to Francesca to softly murmur and draw me back into acceptance of the kiss as I allowed myself to be seduced. Francesca’s were now seductively caressing not only my lips but also my eyes, cheeks, the curve of the soft skin of my neck, a sensation that caused me to murmur a light mewl. It was a mewl designed to encourage and it certainly worked. Francesca returned again to kiss my increasingly accepting lips, lips now willingly parting to accept the loving flirtation of her tongue, the sweet taste of her saliva teasing my sexual senses, a taste and a kiss which began to conjure thoughts of how beautifully sensual she was and the wonderful joys I knew she would bring to my pussy.

I adore being seduced, I relish in my own art of allowing my seducer to believe she is making a conquest. I’ve done this before, one of the most exciting times being my long weekend in Brighton a few months before leaving UK to come here. (See: “A Brighton Weekend Pt. 01”). I get a thrill out of being seduced, it’s exciting and sexy. One knows where one’s seducer is going, but how will she get there, and in the case of Francesca, will she remain soft and gentle or will she gradually become more physically ardent, even aggressive in her sexual zeal. One thing was certain, she was a mistress of encouragement, knowing precisely where and when to touch, proving over and over again how highly skilled in her art, and sexuality, most certainly the best I have ever encountered.

Slow, soft, quietly persistent, never allowing any sign of resistance to deter her from momentarily waiting before returning to previous, successfully conquered and accepted territory. Without a word she undid her bun and just as I had imagined it, her hair tumbled down the side of her face and neck. She was indeed beautiful, and as if without pause she once again so patiently moved forward, immuring one to her will. This lady really knew how to use her charms and they were well reflected by the way she continued to kiss, kisses that although I had initially feigned a defensive strangeness to, I was now tentatively, naively, and submissively succumbing to, slowly responding to those amazingly sensuous lips and if I drew back, her wanting smile and those emerald green eyes just swallowed one back into her kiss . I love to kiss, and damn this woman could really make you melt with her lips alone. It is an art form of her’s of which I got the distinct impression she was well aware of.

I love to kiss and to be kissed, and oh baby the effect this lover was having on me; my entire body was simply covered in goosebumps and that hasn’t happened to me in a long, long time; it certainly did not go unnoticed by Francesca. There was no hurrying, no talking, just a gentle stroking of my back and my waist as those lips moved again and again from mouth to eyes, and once again sensuously to my neck before lightly ascending, lightly expiring as her lips momentarily stroked across my ear, a further prelude before kissing her route back to my eyes, my cheeks and thence again to my open and willing mouth.

By now I would normally be taking over, taking control, but I felt a glow of an absolute exquisite need to have this experience continue for as long a time as she wished. I was simply floating. Very delicately she was drawing me further toward the centre of the settee, I was in no mood to not respond to whatever she wanted of me and I followed her every guidance. Finally, we were lying side by side, not for a moment had her kisses stopped. I was wrapped up in not only the softness of her lips but also the light flickering of her tongue infrequently flitting between my lips, the taste of her saliva beginning to cause me to respond with a need to have her our tongues lingering together in those moments of ascending want and desire, even more so as her hands deftly touched my side and upper thigh further inspiring sexual need.

Lying together her hands were wondering all over my body, never touching my breasts, never gliding over my Mons or my loins, just touching, heightening the need for her to touch me sexually … I was in a state of bliss; mesmerised by her touch and her kiss. In truth I wanted to ravish her there and then but I have learnt the joy of patience and how to play the nervous neophyte. I had the need to pursue where this stunning woman would take me.

As our caressing continued Francesca had still made no move to touch either my breasts or my inner thighs, but her touch was never-the-less exciting me to my very core. The look on her face had changed from her demure Librarian demeanour, to that of a wanting lover as she now began to move me onto my back, and to move over me, her body lying on me, positioning herself between my legs. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she oh so slowly began to move back and forth against me, Mons, to Mons, her hands gently either side of my face her kisses eskort şişli gradually becoming more urgent and as her pelvis pushed against me her hands moved to my sides, touching the sides of my breasts, and with every caress they gradually began to cover them, her fingers now lightly enticing, further hardening already responsive nipples, each caress producing an increasing, mewling response from me. Her patience never wavered but I could feel, from the heat of her body that she wanted to move forward, to touch and kiss just more than my face and neck. The look on her face the increasing pressure of her touch, all she needed now was a hint of encouragement:

“Oh Francesca, you make me feel; feel a need, oh I love the feel of your body on me!’

It worked, as she pushed her Mons harder toward me she almost pleaded:

“Mmm. Aimie, I want to touch you, I want kiss your breasts.”

“Yes, yes, baby, do it!”

Francesca moved to put a hand under my sweater, moving to touch my breast.

“Take it off baby… Take it off, touch me, oh lover, I want to feel the warmth of your mouth on me, I never knew how good a woman could make me feel”

“Aimie, really. Is this your first time with another woman?” This said as she proceeded to remove my sweater and bra…

Like a bashful teenager I moved my hands to cover my breasts as once again I lied, affirming this was my first time.

With one more passionate kiss, Francesca moved down, I watched as her lips parted and enveloped my left nipple. Instantly, the sensation caused me to push my head back into the settee, drawing in a deep breath, I simultaneously lifted my chest toward her, my right hand moving to the back of her head, my fingers stroking through her hair as she so gently suckled on my nipple, then kissed her way to the other, again causing me to murmur my acquiescence of her actions. Deep within I wanted to scream, to tell her to suck hard and bite me as hard as she wished… Damn, bugger and blast I must hold off, I must continue with this virginal charade… Yes I was loving every moment but I wanted more.

As my nipples began to grow increasingly engorged Francesca did indeed begin to suckle harder and harder still when I whispered: “Oh lover, bite me!” Francesca began to morph into another woman, a woman murmuring her lust and her longing to see me naked; to be naked with me, and to make love to me!

“Baby, I’m uncertain”

Moving back up to me she again began to kiss me, her hands fondling my tits, her fingers teasing my nipples, as the quiet Francesca returned:

“It’s OK my darling girl, I won’t do anything you don’t wish to, if you want to stop, I understand; maybe another day.”

Looking into her eyes, I nervously stammered:

“Baby, it’s not that, I don’t want to stop, I just don’t know what to do. I feel so wanting of all this, but I need to know how to give back.”

“Oh my darling, for now just let me give to you, I know you will come to know how to give back, but are you sure this is what you want.”

In response I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into a deep tongue enlivening kiss of absolute lust, my hands running over her still covered back, my nails lightly scratching from her waist and up to the sides of her gorgeous breasts. “Yes, this is what I want, what you have caused me to want and to need more of. If you want me naked, undress me, get naked with me. Show me Francesca, show me, I want to see your body, I want to feel your naked body on mine, to feel your breasts against me”

The cat was out of the bag, I had told her I wanted to be naked with her, I wanted to feel her body against mine, to see and feel her breasts, we undressed each other I was not disappointed in seeing confirmation of that which I had thought: Yes, this woman’s body was as stunningly beautiful naked as it was fully dressed!

Standing before each other we came together in an embrace of breasts against breasts. Truly her breasts were the epitome of my long held wish and fantasy, a long held desire for my own to be just as they. Don’t get me wrong, I think I have nice tits, I simply wish they were larger, just as Francesca’s are and as we lay down again I mewled into her kiss before requesting:

“Baby make love to me, love me however you wish.”

In the back of my mind I had a flash back. Ha ha… As a friend once said to me, I wanted to go “All In!” Did I ever!

Her hands, her mouth devoured my tits, she was a different person now. My tits were so wonderfully stimulated by her that I began to feel almost as though I was going to orgasm, something which has never happened to me by just having my tits succored and squeezed. I wanted it yes, but I had to suppress the urge to let go, I had to continue to show my lack of knowledge, but oh God I was so close.

Somewhat to my relief Francesca was now slowly kissing circles around my areola, it was a preamble to her beginning to kiss her way all over my abdomen, pausing to kiss and tongue my navel before continuing down. Hot breath reached to the small heart of hair atop my Mons, my Labia always clean shaven, was wet and ready, as she commented how lovely my pussy looked and how she loved to find I was shaved.

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