Car Buff Ch. 03

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This is the next installment of the Car Buff series, and I recommend reading the first and second chapters in order not to be lost. I have started chapter four and will have it completed quicker than chapter three took me. I would like to thank MissZ for her editing services. Please enjoy, and remember to vote and share your comments with me about this chapter and the series.


I woke up with a start … looking ahead of me, I saw nothing but darkness. Slowly but surely, my pupils dilated and confirmed what my body already knew … this place wasn’t familiar. Off to my left I saw Kat’s breast heave with her intake of breath. The sight did little to calm me down, though it did revert some of my adrenaline causing my penis to harden and throb with pain.

Slowly, I turned to face Kat as I watched her tanned breasts rise and fall with each breath. Ever gently I reached out and cupped her right breast. She let out a soft moan as I began to caress her lightly. Lowering myself I inhaled her intoxicating perfume with the scent of vanilla filling up my lungs. She was now squirming ever so slightly, rubbing her thighs together from my attention to her breasts.

Tenderly, I kissed her lips, and then slowly kissed down to the nape of her neck. Blowing lightly on her neck she squirmed even more as she clinched her thighs tighter together. I again kissed the nape of Kat’s neck, and then blew on her tender skin.

“Just fuck me already,” Kat growled as she opened her eyes still squirming from my teasing.

I kissed her passionately as my tongue touched hers sending a jolt of electricity through my body. Kat parted her thighs grabbing my throbbing dick in the process. With a quick thrust, I drove into her warm, velvety depths.

“Fuck … that feels so good,” I moaned into Kat’s ear.

“You’re telling me,” she replied with a Cheshire cat grin.

I slowly pistoned in and out of Kat’s tight tunnel as she wrapped her legs around me. Her lips parted to let out yet another moan, only to be invaded by my tongue. Her moan was muffled by my relentless kiss as her nails began to dig into my back. I continued my long deep thrusts as Kat squirmed with an impending orgasm. She moaned more forcefully into my mouth as I increased the speed of my thrusts.

“Yes … FUCK ME,” Kat yelled as I plowed into her more forcefully.

“YES … OH FUCK,” Kat screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Kat’s vagina milked my throbbing cock as I continued to plow into her orgasming pussy. Kat pushed me over as her orgasm subsided, and began to ride me with renewed energy. Her breasts rose and fell with each thrust of her hips, hypnotizing me.

“You like that don’t you,” Kat husked into my ear while she continued to ride me.

“Ugh … so much,” I moaned while caressing the small of her back.

Kat pushed on my chest rocking her hips hard against my pubic bone pushing me even deeper into her warm depths. I felt a little pop as the head of my cock pushed into her cervix, and then again as I was pulled out.

“Oh … you’re so deep … I haven’t felt that in ages,” Kat bellowed keeping up the hard grinding motion.

I matched Kat’s rhythm pushing up into her cervix on each thrust. I knew I couldn’t stand too much more of this motion as Kat’s renewed energy seemed to be pushing me deeper into her vise grip. Without warning Kat let out a throaty moan as yet another orgasm ripped through her quivering body. Her pussy was constricting and milking my cock for all it was worth, and I let out my own grunt as I pulsed my spunk directly into her accepting cervix.

Kat’s eye fluttered open shortly after my release. She just smiled looking down at me with a glassy-eyed stare of a well fucked woman.

“You must drive all the high school girls crazy,” Kat sighed as she started to regain her senses.

“Well actually … I don’t really go out much,” I stated flatly with a deflated ego.

“Right … you are just saying that to make this poor old hag feel good,” Kat cooed with a frown.

“Oh yeah … you are an old hag alright,” I chuckled as I eyed her beautiful figure again.

We embraced into a tight cuddle and it was me this time that let out a soft moan. For some reason this just seemed right. I closed my eyes as I felt a new found peace wash over me, and within minutes I was out cold to the world.


I heard a soft whisper as my ears stranded to locate the direction of the subtle noise. I was able to determine that it was too random to be the cabin itself. I was still groggy, but something in the back of my mind told me not to stir. Staying perfectly still I willed my ears to pick up the sound, but nothing came. It was then that I noticed NOTHING came within ear shot, and that included Kat’s rhythmical breathing that put me to sleep so many hours ago.

Quietly, I moved about the bed confirming my suspicion that Kat was not in bed. It was then that I heard a soft whisper coming from the direction of the door bursa suriyeli escort escort jam. Moving around I shifted my body to push myself off the bed hoping that it wouldn’t squeak when I removed my weight from the springs. I don’t know why I was being quiet and sneaking around … it was just that I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach and I learned long ago to always listen to it.

I crept up to the cracked door and peered out the tiny slit. I saw a small orange circle light up and disappear. Someone was smoking in the dark…I smiled inwardly remembering that in all the movies after great sex people having a cigarette to calm down from a sexual high. It was then I heard Kat’s voice.

“Yes, everything is going according to plan,” Kat whispered. “We are at the cabin and my husband took the bait.”

Kat went silent for a while obviously listening to whoever was on the other end of the phone. Kat took another puff of the cigarette and the orange glow lit Kat’s still naked body. My arousal started to stir from my quick peak at her toned body.

“I will try to keep outside contact at a minimum and will give you the week to get everything in place,” Kat spoke without emotion.

I could tell the conversation was coming to an end when Kat started to shift her body to get up. I wanted to find out more, particularly why Kat had lied to me about not having a phone. I knew my mother would be freaking out, and I didn’t want to see her in anymore anguish. My thoughts then shifted to my father and my blood began to boil. I couldn’t understand how he wouldn’t believe me.

I slipped back in bed and tried to control my breathing to fain sleeping, but my heart raced with anger. I knew taking a deep breath would help; however, I didn’t want to risk being caught awake. If Kat lied about the phone who knew what else she was lying about. The only thing I knew was my life was turned upside down the second she walked into my life. She seduced me, she got me fired, she was the reason I was arrested! This new train of thought did little to settle my nerves.

It was then that I heard Kat creep back into the room. It took her another minute to get into bed as I felt the mattress slowly depress. My body went rigid knowing I had to keep up the charade. I then remembered I had to breathe and took a deeper breath than I intended. It was then I felt the soft touch of Kat’s caressing hand on my back. I ignored it not knowing if I had been caught or not.

When Kat’s hand started to move lower and towards my front my mind shut down and my body gave a little start from the smooth touch. I took a sharp intake of breath when Kat’s fingers curled around my thickening shaft.

“Mmm,” Kat hummed silently as she started to slowly stroke me.

My eyes opened and my breathing quickened as Kat continued to stroke me back to full hardness. I twisted around and stared into Kat’s eyes. Her eyes exuded power and control, and it only fueled my anger even more. I had enough of these games she was playing. It was my life she was wrecking. I quickly flipped over and pushed Kat hard against the bed. Climbing on top I pinned her arms over her head. I waited for her eyes to change and for her control to be lost, but they still blazed with control and power. Kat wanted this; she wanted to be fucked, for me to feel in control. She was keeping me busy … occupied till whoever on the other end of the phone conversation completed their tasks.

I stuck my cock in her face and she greedily sucked it into her throat. I quickly pulled it back out then flipped her over doggy style. With a quick thrust I was in her to the hilt.

“OH … FUCK YES,” she screamed while bucking her ass back into my pelvic bone trying to get me in even deeper.

I spanked Kat’s ass as I pushed her forward with another thrust.

“OOOH … YES … AGAIN,” Kat bellowed and pushed back again crushing my pelvic bone.

I reared back again and put another hand print on Kat’s tan ass.

“Harder … hit me harder,” Kat moaned as she pushed herself to the hilt yet again.

I continued to jack hammer Kat from behind with anger pouring out of my body. Kat was still enjoying this rough treatment, which made me want to hurt her more. I grabbed Kat’s short black hair and pulled back roughly as I thrusted my cock all the way in popping into her cervix.

“FUCK ME … FUCK YES … SHIT,” Kat screamed as she detonated with an incredible orgasm.

I kept up my thrusting as Kat’s pussy started milking my cock trying to coax the cum out of me. Each thrust made it harder to keep up my viscous sexual assault as her pussy constricted tighter and tighter. After three more thrusts I could no longer push into her virgin-tight tunnel. Kat collapsed on the bed with her ass still pointed up. Her breathing was labored and her eyes were rolled back from the sear pleasure of the orgasmic waves crashing and cascading throughout her body.

My anger had yet to subside bursa ucuz escort as I gazed down at her prone body. Kat was still gone to the world and I had yet to get my release, my pleasure. My cock twitched with anticipation and was still slightly coated with her sweet nectar. I quickly grabbed my cock and lined it up with Kat’s tight rose bud. Before she even realized what was going on I thrusted the head in with all my might. I kept pushing with my weight; however, Kat was now aware and squeezed her taut ass making it nearly impossible to go any deeper.

“AWWWH … NO…” Kat shrieked in pain.

I kept my weight pushing down against her and growled. Kat twisted her head to the side, and I could she the change in her eyes. She was no longer in control, no longer enjoying this but was rather fearful for the first time. I cracked a small smile happy that I finally broke her control.

“I have never done this before,” Kat meekly pleaded. “Please stop … it hurts.”

“Loosen up and it won’t hurt,” I growled out while striking her ass with my open hand.

“OH … SHIT,” we screamed out in unison, Kat from the searing pain from the slap and I from the shear pleasure of sliding in another three inches.

Kat shut her eyes as I reared back for another brutal slap. CRACK … my palm struck her soft tan flesh again with all my power. Kat’s ass relaxed again from the force of the smack briefly before she clinched down hard again, but it was too late as I was fully buried in Kat’s magnificent ass.

Kat was softly whimpering from my assault as I just let this new sensation of power and primal urge wash over me. When I finally came to I reached around Kat and brought her up to me while I was still buried in her ass.

“Anything you want to tell me,” I softly growled into her ear. She shook her head as a solitaire tear slid down her check.

I kissed it away while I slowly started to strum her clit with my free hand. It must have still been sensitive from her orgasm as she bucked against me, which caused my cock to enter her deeper before being pushed back out a bit. I kissed down her neck and then blew a soft breath causing her to shiver. My fingers kept the steady rhythm on her clit as her breathing again became labored and she was now actively fucking me — no longer groaning with pain, but rather moaning with desire. My pole was now easily sliding in and out of her tight anal chute as she was continuously dripping honey onto my dick from her soaked pussy.

“OH … FUCK,” Kat screamed as her body shivered from another orgasmic wave pulsing through her body.

The pulsing from her quim quickly spread throughout her body and her ass started to constrict and relax with each orgasmic wave crashing through her body milking my cock for all it was worth. I tried to hold on but the vise like grip of her ass was overpowering.

“GHH … SHIT,” I bellowed as a river of molten cum shot out my dick deep into Kat’s waiting bowels.

I furrowed my eyebrows trying to fight an overwhelming sense to pass out as her spexnter continued to milk my sensory overloaded cock. My body was flush with heat as I continued to climax for what seemed like an eternity. At least I was able to dislodge from Kat’s convulsing body and crashed onto the floor of the bedroom panting. Never in my life had experienced a bliss or euphoric high such as this.

Looking up, I could see Kat still twitching every now and again as she was slowly coming down from her high. Her eyes were closed and her breath was heavy with drool running out of her mouth. She was clearly in an orgasmic coma passed out from her sensory overload. It was only a matter of time as blackness started to fill my field of vision as I slowly blacked out.


I was still breathing heavily as my senses started to come back to me. I was acutely aware of the ringing in my ears and the black tunnel in my eyes receding. Kat still laid in a crumpled mess on the bed, and I smiled briefly and let out a Tarzan yell again as all my adrenaline was flushed from my system.

Kat was clearly passed out and dead to the world as my yell didn’t even make her flinch. I pushed up and off the floor as the hardwood floor sent a chill through my body. I quickly scrambled to my clothes and dressed trying to stave off the cold as the seat on my body started to rapidly cool.

As I pulled on my shoes with a one hop and quickly glanced back at Kat still a sweaty crumpled mass as I headed out of the bedroom door. “She is going to be sore in the morning,” I thought to myself as I started to search around the living room looking for the phone Kat was talking on an hour earlier. I made sure that I didn’t toss anything and returned all items where I found them.

I hit pay dirt when I looked under the third couch cushion. Quickly searching I found the last number recorded on the phone. After writing the number down I looked deeper into the cell and found the number reappearing numerous bursa üniversiteli escort times in the past week; however, nothing up to a month before that.

Putting the phone back I could not tell that it had been disturbed. I looked around for another hour but came up empty and I didn’t want to risk anymore time as I had no idea how long Kat would stay passed out. Without looking back I slowly walked from the cabin and into the night … left with more questions than answers.


The beginning of dawn was just starting to peak through the inky darkness just as I made it to the edge of town. I was starting to wear down from the night’s fun with or rather to Kat and the fifteen mile jog back into town. I groaned inwardly as I knew I would still have to attend school in a few hours, which meant sleep was not in my future.

My legs throbbed as I pushed down the street as I faded in and out of the shadows cast by the spacing of the street lamps. I again was cast in shadow when I heard the loud bang of a door being thrown open.

“What do you mean you lost him,” a man yelled into a cell phone.

I stopped in my tracks to see what the commotion was at this ungodly hour. That’s when I discovered exactly where I was in the city … right in the heart of the business district … right by Robinson & Robinson Attorneys of Law.

“This is not my fault … don’t go blaming this on me,” Jake Robinson shouted as he slammed the door closed and briskly walked to his BMW 326i. “I am following the plan to the letter … anyway he couldn’t have gotten far that cabin is to far out and there isn’t a phone for miles.”

With a roar of the engine and the squeal of the tires the black BMW quickly vanished into the darkness of the early morning. I stood in the darkness of the street piecing together all the information together. For some reason I was in the middle of a plot that involved both Kat Gruzin and Jake Robinson that some how involved Mr. Gruzin or was that merrily a coincidence. I needed to know more … but how. I walked out of the shadows for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. My whole life hung in the balance and I had no idea how or why my life got so confusing and complicated. I was still in high school for Christ sake I am much too young for this to be happening.

With a brief glimpse back at the last direction of the speeding car I crossed the street slowly making my way past Robinson & Robinson’s office. The lights still blazed inside the office as Jake vacated quickly after he got the phone call. Jake certainly looked bent out of shape from the discovery of my disappearance … to tell you the truth he genuinely looked more concerned after my disappearance than at anytime in jail.

“That irked me … how could my disappearance be worse than being in prison and having your life rest in the balance of the law, the law that unjustly arrested me for a crime I did not commit and there was no evidence provided for it … yet,” I mumbled out load.

I quickly sprinted past the glass facade of the office and safely made it back into the shadows before my legs gave out from under me. I went down with a thud scraping my knee.

“Great,” I shouted. “Like a messed up nose isn’t enough lets add a shredded up knee.”

I pushed myself back up and started to hobble home as I felt the slow trickle of blood start to ooze out.

I prayed my mother would not be awake when I finally managed to get home … what would I tell her. My mind raced of all the events and ordeals of the past 48 hours … it was then that it hit me. In a rush to find me, Jake Robinson only slammed his door shut … he never locked it and I’ll bet everything that at least some of my answers residue in that office.

Rushing back to the front door of the office I quickly pushed my back against the door as I felt it give as I slid into the bright office. Knowing that time was limited as Mr. Robinson would probably be just checking the dirt road for me, before briefly meeting with Kat before coming back.

I spotted a small bathroom off in the corner and headed into it quickly to grab some paper towels to wrap around my knee to stem some of the bleeding and avoid any accidental evidence of my being here. While grabbing the paper towels I also noticed some rubber cleaning gloves and quickly put them on as well. Hey I was already in trouble with the law and they now have my prints on file … I do watch CSI, you know.

Quickly I taped the paper towels over my knee and went to work searching for evidence Kat and Jake were involved in a plot that somehow involved myself. I found the tape of what I assumed Kat and I were the main stars of; however, I don’t see why that would be of any importance. I decided to take it as a memento more than proof of any plot, and kept on looking. The rest of the desk didn’t prove to hold any more material that looked relevant and made my way over to the filing cabinet. The files were kept in alphabetical order with nothing under Williams, Gruzin, nor Robinson.

Looking up, I rubbed my eyes that hurt from the bright lights and my head started to throb. Closing my eyes tightly I rubbed my temples and took a deep breath. It had to be Jake Robinson on the other end of Kat’s phone conversation right? She did call him when she realized my disappearance from the cabin … it only made sense.

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