Campsite Neighbors

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(This story is a third sequel to Pleasure Trip(Group Sex).Readers are encouraged to read A Special Birthday(Mature) and Seducing a Trucker(Group Sex) to get a better understanding of the present story. All comments are greatly appreciated.)

Lisa was driving the RV. She had been at the wheel since we left the rest area where we had met the trucker. She was listening to a light classical CD. Alex reclined against me on the couch behind the driver’s seat. The three of us were on a two-week pleasure trip to Arizona from Chicago.

We had met Lisa in Chicago after she responded to our newspaper ad for a female companion to accompany us on our trip. The beautiful 49-year old widow, who, like my 48-year old wife Alex, looks at least ten years younger than her age, impressed us with her warm, demonstrative and amorous personality. She is dark-haired, has dark brown eyes, high cheekbones, a sultry complexion and an impish smile. Both she and my wife have similar curvaceous bodies, about 5’6″ and 130 lb. with prominent breasts, flat stomachs and long shapely legs. However, Alex is a contrast with her radiant blue eyes, her long blonde hair, her light complexion and sensuous mouth.

I’m Will, the lucky guy traveling with these two lovelies. My driver’s licence states that I’m 55, 6’2″, 182 lb., have brown eyes and dark hair sprinkled with grey. It doesn’t disclose that I’m in very good physical shape and that my 8-inch cock is in a mostly erectile state while trying to match the high sex drives of my two lovely female companions.

Alex had the camcorder in her hands and had opened the side LCD panel to view what we had filmed around noon with the trucker. She pressed the rewind button and located the beginning of the video.

Alex and Lisa dressed in tank-tops and short shorts are undressing the trucker, one unbuttoning his shirt, the other undoing his belt and removing his pants. They both help him out of his shorts. Alex holds his rigid cock and pulls him on the bed with her.

My own cock had grown erect in my shorts and pressed against Alex’s buttocks as I perused the soundless video scene. I pressed the pause button on the camcorder. My hands slipped under her tank top to cup her breasts.

“You were really hot for him, weren’t you?” I whispered in her ear.

“I wanted to fuck him and have you watching me fuck a stranger. That’s what you wanted me to do, wasn’t it? I saw you wink at him when I was feeling his erection earlier”

“You better believe it! I had a hard time holding the camcorder. I almost came in my shorts thinking about you fucking him”

“Did you like my strip-tease?” she asked naughtily. She had released the pause on the video.

“Very sexy, you vixen!” I replied excitedly, looking again at the small screen.

Alex is astride the trucker. Very slowly, she is removing her tank top and squeezing her luscious breasts. The man on the bed is drinking in this voluptuous creature exposing herself. She straightens and starts removing her thong. The guy’s cock twitches and Lisa grabs hold of his swollen shaft by the base and compresses it to prevent his ejaculating prematurely. She hands a condom to her friend who rolls it onto the stiff penis while licking her lips sensuously.

My wife stopped the video again, straightened, turned sideways, unzipped my shorts, and took hold of my firm cock. She lifted her brief skirt, raised her bare ass, placed my erect penis between her legs against her warm and wet pussy and lay back against my chest. She moved her pelvis suggestively and sighed.

“That feels so good, lover. I could just come rubbing against your cock like that. But I want to see the rest of this video.”

“I love you, you hot, lustful woman.” I settled back, enjoying her warmth as my hands caressed her breasts and my fingers played with her hard nipples.

The camera is zooming in on Alex’ buttocks as she lowers herself slowly on the trucker’s thick cock. Lisa releases the stiff tool moves to face Alex and caress her clit.

Alex presses down until the hard shaft disappears and her buttocks are touching the man’s balls .Her buttocks rise and the condom-covered cock glistens with her pussy juices. She presses down again and her up and down movements accelerate. The trucker’s pelvis rises in rhythm to meet her moist succulent flesh. Lisa’s hand is moving in tandem. The camera now focuses on the man’s hands kneading my wife’s breasts and pulling her nipples and then upwards to Alex’ face as she concentrates on her pleasure. Her features contort as she climaxes. The man on the bed arcs his back, thrusts upward then falls back, deflated.

As the scene unfolded on the screen, Alex’s pelvis was moving up and down on my captive cock. She raised herself so that swollen tool was at the entrance of her drenched cunt. My cock slid easily into her velvety vagina. “Make love to me, sweetheart. Slow and gentle. Hmmm, just like that. Play with my nipples lover. Hmmm. I love your big cock in me like that.”

At that precise moment, we felt the vehicle slowing. gaziantep bayan escort Speaking loudly over the classical music emanating from the vehicle’s speakers, Lisa said, “I’m turning in a rest area. I need to pee.” She drove the motor home into the parking lot and stopped and cut the diesel motor. She got out of her seat, and turned in our direction.. Glancing at us, she saw the raised skirt and my cock inside my wife’s cunt.

“Hey, no fucking on my bus unless I’m supervising!” She laughed and rushed off to the restroom.

We paid no attention to our bossy driver and continued our leisurely fuck. Lisa came back, knelt beside us and lifted Alex’ skirt completely. She gazed lustfully at my wife’s naked pubis and placed a hand over her cunt and pressed down.” Stop moving for a moment. I want to suck your clit.” Without waiting for our reaction, she bent over and captured my lover’s clit in her mouth and proceeded to suck her friend’s pleasure center.

Alex’s body jerked as if struck by an electrical jolt. I pulled on her erect nipples and thrust up into her soaked pussy. Lisa did not let up her ministrations of my wife’s clit, her head moving up and down in rhythm with our accelerated fucking. In the throes of an intense orgasm, Alex shrieked, “Oh God, you guys are making me come. Oooohhhh!!

Don’t stop. I’m coming again!”

After a series of small aftershocks, Alex’s body relaxed. She forced Lisa away from her sensitive clit. I had not come so my swelled up cock was still buried fully in her hot vagina. Lisa, her face wet from Alex’s soppy pussy, kissed both of us. Our tongues intermingled and we shared my wife’s cunt juices.

“As your designated driver for this afternoon, I can’t afford to come right now, so you guys owe me and I expect to be paid tonight.” said our sensuous friend. “Now I have other duties to attend to.” She bent down again, pulled my semi-erect cock from Alex’s cunt and proceeded to fellate me. My cock instantly reinflated as Lisa engulfed my entire length in her sucking mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my engorged cock.

“He won’t last long, Lisa. Come in her mouth Will. She wants to taste you too.” Alex kept encouraging her friend to make her husband come. Lisa’s expert fellation and Alex’s stimulating conversation were striking the right nerves. My legs stretched out underneath Alex, my pelvis arched upwards as semen gushed with a toe-curling pleasure from my cockhead into Lisa throat. Lisa stood, bent down to kiss us again, sharing my semen all around.

“You guys relax here. Your reliable bus driver will take you to destination.” She went back up front, configured something in the GPS. After numerous clicks and voice instructions, she declared that we were 52 miles from our selected campsite for the night.

She settled in the seat, started the motor and drove off carefully.

Alex turned on her side, gave me a passionate kiss, placed her left leg over mine so that my limp cock was resting against her warm and still damp labia, put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and must have fallen asleep.

The vehicle slowing down woke me up.

“The campsite is 1½ miles from here” announced Lisa as she turned into the freeway exit. Alex stirred and kissed me before sitting up. She straightened her skirt and went to sit in the captain’s chair on the passenger side. I laced up my running shoes, and went to get my wallet. We were driving along a well-paved but twisting road lined with mature trees. Lisa turned right where a sign directed us to the registration office. She parked the vehicle a few yards from the entrance. On our left, on the other side of the entrance roadway another RV was parked. I left the motor home with the two women still sitting in their seats at the front and commenting on the neat and well-treed campsite.

When I entered the office, I noticed a youngish couple at the registration desk. Even from where I stood, I could see that the woman was a knockout. She was facing me and speaking to her dark-haired companion. They both appeared to be in their mid-thirties. She had a beautiful face framed by long light blonde hair. She wore green and white sandals, a short dark green skirt and a low-cut round-collared white blouse with the top two buttons undone. As I approached I admired the deep cleavage and the top of her high and prominent breasts. She looked at me and her green eyes caught me staring. She smiled and said something to her companion. She bent down to retrieve an oversize white handbag and her blouse gaped exposing a good portion of her right breast. Picking up her bag she straightened up and looked directly at me gazing at her chest. She provocatively undid another button of her blouse, smiled widely and winked. I winked back returning her smile. “God, that beautiful creature is coming on to me!” hardly believing my good fortune. She leaned into her man and spoke in his ear. Then both of them bent over the counter as the receptionist laid out a map and explained, “You are here. You turn right beyond the building and go to the 4th street. Your site is 430 just here.” The couple thanked her and turned to leave. She hooked her arm in his as they walked to the door. She smiled at me again when they passed by. I remained where I was turning to observe them leave. I admired her long tanned legs and the sensual sway of her hips.

“Quite a looker, isn’t she?” said the receptionist smiling at my embarrassment. “What can I do for you?”

“I want a site for the night. May I see your map?” I checked the number of the site adjacent to 430. “Is site 432 free?” I asked her. She turned to check her board. “Yes, it is. You’ll be beside the young couple” she added with a twinkle in her eyes. I finalized the registration and the lady told me to enjoy our stay.

When I returned to the RV, the girls were still sitting at the front.

“You saw that young couple who had the RV just across from us? Wow, what a hunk that guy was!” Lisa said

“Will probably only saw the girl with the tits,” interjected Alex

“Yeah, it’s all a matter of point of view,” I defended myself.

“As she was going up the steps of her RV, the hunk put a hand under her skirt and raised it so that we could see her bare ass. She turned her head and laughed. Then she saw us looking at them and she waved. Her man still had her skirt up and he seemed to be caressing her pussy. She said something and he turned and waved too. Then they went inside and drove away.” Lisa was narrating this episode with a gleam in her eye.

“If we see them again, it might offer possibilities,” added Alex with a wide grin

Lisa had turned on the motor. “Where’s our site, lover?”

“Turn right just beyond the building, and go to the fourth street. We’re at site 432.”

“Oh, you dog, you!” exclaimed Alex as Lisa pulled into our site.” Look who’s next door!”

“Well, couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that. At least to admire from afar.” I smirked.

Our neighbors were standing at the front of their RV. The door giving access to the wiring was up. The man was leaning inside examining something. She stood on tiptoes stretching to see inside. Her short skirt was up to mid-thigh and exposing a very shapely leg.

“I’ll go see if I can give them a hand” I said to my lovely ladies. “Can you manage with the plug-ins” I queried.

“No problem, sweetheart” replied Alex. “We’re having hamburgers and salad. Invite them over if the opportunity arises.”

I sauntered over and said, “Hi there. Anything I can help you with?”

They both turned and straightened. I introduced myself and shook the guy’s hand. “I’m Harry and this is my wife Jane.” he said. I extended my hand to Jane who squeezed it more than I would normally expect. “Hi. Will.” The beautiful blonde still had three buttons of her blouse undone and my eyes went automatically to her swelled chest.

“What seems to be the problem, Harry?” I questioned.

“A wiper problem” said the man.” We hit some rain this morning and the wipers conked out on us. I’m just checking but that won’t help much. I’m afraid I don’t know much about how this monster works.”

The woman was smiling beautifully and did not seem to be as concerned as her companion. “Unless he finds a box with a sign ‘Fix wipers here’ we’re going to have someone come over and fix this before we leave.” she said in a good-natured tone. Her voice was playful and mellow.

“Had a similar thing happen to me some time back. Wipers gave up. I suspected a burnt fuse but being somewhat new at this, I drove into an RV garage. Had to stay overnight.

The next morning they said it was all fixed. That burnt fuse, and that’s what it was, cost me over a hundred bucks. Let’s see if this is your problem.”

I looked inside. “See that rectangular box” I pointed out. Harry was on my left and Jane moved to my right. I quickly glanced at her gorgeous tits, and grinned at her.

“Let’s lift the cover by unscrewing this nut.” I raised the cover. There were two rows of fuses. “We either check each one or we look in the manual to see which one works the wipers. Have you got a manual?”

“Not sure. Let me check inside. There’s a recess in the floor. Might be in there.” replied the man.

“Do you think that might fix it?” she asked moving to me as she stretched to point to the fuse box. I could feel her hips pushing against mine. I felt a stir in my cock. This woman was getting to me.

“If one of those is burnt, that’s probably the culprit. You guys new at this RV travel?” I asked. I remained leaning in, very conscious of her subtle perfume and her closeness.

“Harry and I are vacationing for two weeks. We thought it would be fun travelling in a motor home. Have you been doing it for some time?”

Before I could reply, Harry was back with a book in his hand. “Got it. Let me check the index. No, nothing on fuses.” as he flipped the pages.

“Check the specification pages”

“Yeah. Here we are, here’s the table. Wipers…umm…looks like number 13.”

I reached for fuse 13 and tried to dislodge it using index and thumb. It resisted but finally came out. I put it up to the light and saw the break where the inside wires had broken. I showed the man pointing to the break. She squeezed closer and I felt her breast pushing into my chest. Thinking that this was not accidental made my cock grow in my shorts.

Trying to calm down, I asked Harry if he had spare fuses. He would need a 20-amp fuse to replace the burnt one.

“I wouldn’t know where to look” he replied.

“Look, I’ve got fuses in my RV. I’ll get them and be right back.” I went to the side compartment where I kept my tools. I had a box of fuses of different amperage.

I went back, picked out a 20-amp fuse and inserted it in.

Harry went back inside and tried the wipers. They worked perfectly.

“Whoopee!” she exclaimed. “Thank you so much” And she planted a kiss on my cheek, again pressing her breasts against me. “Now don’t we have to close this off?” She stretched and started to replace the cover, tightening the nut with her fingers. I just looked on, especially down her alluring chest through the much unbuttoned blouse. My cock was tenting my shorts and if I didn’t stop I would soon have a full-fledged erection.

“She straightened up and again caught me looking at her breasts. She smiled and I thought her very sensual. Harry was still not back.

I helped her close the compartment door latching it carefully at both ends.

Finally, Harry appeared saying he had had trouble closing the access door in the RV. I wondered about his reason but did not comment.

“May we offer you a drink?” asked Harry. “We’ve got beer and wine.”

“Thank you, Harry. I would like to but the ladies are going to need a hand with the barbecue. Look, why don’t you people bring the drinks and we’ll offer you the hamburgers.”

Harry looked at Jane and said “Deal. We’ll clean up a bit and be over in about a half-hour or so”. Jane inquired,” Did I hear you say ladies, like more than one?”

“Yes, Jane.” I laughed,” My wife and I are travelling with a lady friend. They’ll be very happy to meet you two.” Jane and Harry looked at each other and smiled.

“Thank you again, Will. We’ll be over shortly.”

I walked back to the RV and told Alex and Lisa that we would have company in about thirty minutes and that Harry and Jane were bringing over beer and wine. While I was outside the girls had plugged into the electrical connection, and the water outlet. They also had opened the two hydraulic extensions in the living room and the bedroom. The sewer connection and the hydraulic support jacks had been left for me. Afterwards, they had cleaned up and changed into cotton short shorts and brief deep V-necked tank-tops. They looked terrific. I thought they probably had the hunk next door in mind.

“I’ll get the sewer connection and the jacks and get the barbecue ready,” I informed them.

“We’ll get the food ready for after the drinks.” Alex said.

It took me about fifteen minutes to do the work. I went inside to clean up. I did a quick shave with the electric razor and put on jean shorts, a matching t-shirt and sandals. I was ready to welcome our campsite neighbors especially beautiful blonde Jane.

I had set up three lawn chairs in a semi-circle near the site’s picnic table. Alex and Lisa were sitting in them and I was at the picnic table where Lisa had set beer mugs and wine glasses. Our neighbors appeared, Harry carrying a six-pack and Jane, a large bottle of white wine. They placed the beer and the wine on the table. I introduced them to Alex and Lisa who smiled widely at handsome Harry wearing a dark green muscle shirt, light colored shorts and open sandals. With his black curly hair and muscled physique, he was a fine male specimen sure to gain my two sexy lovelies’ full attention. They greeted Jane warmly but seemingly with a little envy thrown in. She was wearing a turquoise-green shirt with the top three buttons undone, an off-white mini skirt, and the same sandals I had seen earlier. To my mind, she embodied the younger female figure in its most sensual form.

Harry served the ladies the chilled wine being very gallant and attentive to Alex and Lisa.

He seemed to be sensitive to the sensuous aura they both conveyed. He sat with me at the table and opened the six-pack. We each took a beer. We exchanged background information and talked sports for a while. The women engaged in animated conversation.

When they had finished their wine, they rose and Alex informed us that it was time for the fifty-cent tour of our RV. Jane went to deposit her wine glass on the picnic table so that Harry followed Alex and Lisa into the RV. I waited for Jane to climb the steps ahead of me. I was looking at her legs and the white mini-skirt rising to mid-thigh. She turned and gave me a dazzling smile. She couldn’t miss where I was looking. The hand that I had been holding back went under her skirt as if of its own accord and gave her ass cheek a boost on the final step. Touching her bare skin was like an electric current directly affecting my cock which responded immediately.

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