Buying Abby Ch. 01

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My name is Michael. I’m a 20 year old man still living at home. I’m very average in most respects, average looks, average job, average family, average life. I’m kind of a geek, more computer games than friends, but I’m happy…ish. My mom and dad are the same as any but my sister is amazing. Like most men I have the hots for my sister but I won the lucky draw for babe sister. Abby is 19, blonde, big boobs, curvy body and a major slut. I had spent many hours looking at girls just like her on the internet and wanking madly. Oh yeah, and I’m a virgin.

Abby was like most of the school ‘babes’, beautiful, friendly, dumb, and easy. I knew from reading on the internet that it wasn’t unusual from me to lust after my sister but I lusted hard. I had wished many times to do very naughty thing with Abby but that fact I was her brother and a geek were big obstacles, until one day.

It was a normal Saturday for me. I had been working all week at that fast food restaurant and had a whole weekend off. I wish I could say I had a full social schedule but I would be in front of my computer. Games, facebook, probably a wank. I was about to ‘level up’ when Abby came into my room.

“Hey, Mike. I need a favor,” Abby said skipping straight to the point as usual, “can I borrow some money?”

I had saw the question coming. When I left school I took a crappy job to pay my way, when Abby left school she relied on everybody else to support her. Normally she would smile sweetly at some guy, probably fuck him, and he would throw money at her. Sometimes she just took money from mom and dad. This weekend however mom and dad were away so she had decided to come to me. She probably wanted cash to go out on the town with friends.

“No way, get a job and earn your money like the rest of us.” I quickly replied. Abby didn’t bother arguing with me, I don’t think she had high hopes before asking, she just left as quick as she had entered.

A couple of hours later and Abby came back into my room and again she just entered with out knocking. Earlier when she had come in I barely looked up but this time Eskort Bayan I noticed her. Every time I saw her I got hot. Even with no make up and wearing PJ’s Abby was hot. She was wearing a long bed shirt. It was pink, long sleeved, buttons down the front, stopped mid thigh. I didn’t know what she was wearing under it but the way her tits moved I doubted she was wearing a bra. Her long blonde hair was in a loose ponytail.

“I know you already said no but please lend me some money. I know you have plenty and I’ll totally pay you back.” She pleaded.

“How could you pay me back, you don’t work, you don’t have any money to pay me back with.”

“Well maybe I could do something to earn it. Clean your room, cook your meals, give you girl advice?” Abby asked.

I took me less than a second for to think of a way for her to earn some money. I was amazed I thought of it, why hadn’t I thought of it sooner.

“What would you do to earn it?” I asked.


“I’ll give you a hundred bucks… if you take your clothes off.”

“What! You want to see me naked? You’re my brother, that’s gross.”

“What’s the harm. It’s just looking.” I could see Abby thinking it over.

“Fine, I’ll do it. But you are a perv.” I didn’t care what she said, I was going to see her naked. “Give me the money first.” I opened my desk drawer, took out a roll of bills and handed it to Abby. Abby took the money, counted it and put it on the dresser behind her.

“Now undress.” I said. She took a deep breath and started unbuttoning her shirt.

Abby opened her shirt and let it drop to the floor. Her tits were amazing. Her large breasts were pale white next to her tanned body, tan lines from her bikini. Her pink nipples were pointing out erect. I admired her breasts then looked down her slim waist, down to her cury hips. Abby was wearing pale blue panties.

“Happy now?” Abby asked.

“No, take your panties off.” She hooked her fingers into the top of her panties and pulled them down in one swift movement. I was stunned by her beautiful shaved pussy. She had a pale panty shaped tan mark around her hips and pussy. I stared at Abby’s body and my hand moved down to my crotch. My cock was rock hard and I was desperate to pull it out and start wanking.

“That’s enough weirdo.” Abby turned around, showing me her cute ass, and picked up her shirt.

“Would you like to earn another hundred?” I asked. Abby paused.

“What would I have to do?”

“I want to watch you masturbate.”

“What? No! You’re sick.”

“I might be sick but I’ve got the money.” I reached into to my desk drawer and pulled out another roll of bills. Abby looked at the money.”You fuck men for their money, I’m just being more direct.”

“You’re being sick, but that’s your problem not mine. I’ll take your money perv.” Abby grabbed the money from my hand, put it with the rest, and laid on my bed.

She was on her back with her legs open. She looked a little uncomfortable but her hand slowly moved to her pussy. She pushed her middle finger onto her pussy and rubbed her clit. Abby just stared at the ceiling while playing with herself.

“How long do I have to do this?” Abby asked.

“Until you cum.”

“I don’t know if I can with you here.”

“Try.” Abby glanced at me then closed her eyes. She seemed to relax a bit the started rubbing her pussy more vigorously. Her other hand was stroking her breast and pulling her nipple. My hand was inside my shorts rubbing my cock while I watched Abby masturbating, she let out a quite moan.

After a few minutes Abby’s body tensed and she bit her lip as she orgasmed. She rubbed her pussy through her orgasm and moaned in pleasure. When she had relaxed again she looked up at me, my hand still in my shorts holding my cock. She blushed slightly as the reality of what she had just done hit her.

“Thanks for the money creep.” She got up to leave.

“Wait, I’ve got more money. You could earn another hundred.”

“I’ve got more than enough already.”

“But you could always use more.” I could see her thinking about my offer.

“What would I have to do this time.” Abby was still naked and I looked over her body.

“I want to fuck you.”

“No! That’s so wrong. You’re my brother, I’m not a prostitute.”

“There’s nothing wrong about it. It’s not like you’re a virgin, just pretend I’m one of those jocks that fucked you in high school.” I could see in her face she had mixed feelings. Part of her wanted to slap me and storm out but part of her was thinking about it. I stood up, put the roll of bills into her hands and undressed.

Abby looked at the money in her hands then looked at me, naked, at my erect cock. She closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, looked me in the eyes.

“Ok. If you’re the kind of perv that gets off fucking his sister then I’ll take your money. I won’t even feel a cock that small.” Abby put the money down and laid on my bed. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see her pink pussy lips between her thighs were moist from her wank.

I laid on top of Abby between her legs. I reached between us and put my cock against her pussy. Abby gasped as my cock entered her. For the first time my cock was inside a girls pussy. It was amazing, better than I had ever imagined. I started gently humping her pussy. So many times I wanked, thinking about fucking Abby, now I was really doing it. Abby just laid there with her trying not to look at me while I fucked her. I squeezed her breast and kissed her passionately, she didn’t return the kiss but she didn’t push me away either. I lowered my head to suck her nipple. As soon as my lips touched her breast I jerked, pushed my cock deep and came into Abby’s pussy.

I caught my breath from an incredible orgasm and rolled over. Abby laid still for a few moments then jumped up, pulled her shirt on, grabbed the money and ran out of my room. I felt amazing, I just fucked the high school babe. I had a wank thinking about it then fell asleep.

The next week, Abby didn’t really talk to me, we didn’t see each other often. The weekend came and I was about to ‘level up’ when Abby came into my room. She was wearing a white, silk bath robe.

“I need some money.” Abby removed her robe and was naked underneath. I was more than happy to pay, I knew I was on to a good thing.

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