Business and Pleasure Ch. 02

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A Hot Hotel Room

On a business trip flight to Florida, I had suddenly found myself aroused by my Vice President’s assistant, Dani (Danielle). With Dani asleep across the table from me in our corporate Air Stream, and, Jayne Osgood, my VP in the bathroom, I took the opportunity to masturbate under a blanket, never taking my eyes from Dani. As I was cumming, she opened her eyes, they seemed to have a “knowing” look to them, but I assumed she had no idea what I had done and figured the issue would not arise again. Little did I know what lay ahead…

Dani was in charge of the details of the trip and soon was handing me my itinerary and hustling Jayne and I down the roll up stairs from the plane into a waiting car, I heard her mention she would book us all into the hotel and meet us there later. In just a few minutes I was immersed in the details of a trade conference and shaking hands with the people with whom we would be negotiating a merger deal which would make me the head of a Fortune 500 company. My ship was finally coming FULLY in.

But through the day I found my mind fading back to Dani. In the cold marriage in which I existed, I had not had much sex and rarely had time for the fairer sex, anyway. That made it impossible for me not to let my mind wonder to thoughts of those sexy curves of this somewhat Reuben-esque sized girl – her beautiful smiling eyes beneath that waft of those blonde bangs that she was brush from her eyelids in such a “cute/Sexy” way. And then that glance of her silk lace bra that I was chanced to see containing the large globes of her breasts. I shook my head and thought ‘I really do need to get out more. I tried to put this sexy assistant out of my mind for the rest of the day.

At the end of this very long day, Jayne and I headed back to our hotel. Dani met us at the lobby with a big smile and offered to take us to our rooms. Jayne said she needed to stop at the bar to get a drink before going upstairs for a long bath. She invited me to join her “for the drink, not the bath” she chuckled but I told her I needed to get to my suite and read through some details for tomorrow’s meetings. As I said so, my eyes happened upon Dani who was looking right into my eyes. ‘She truly is beautiful for a big girl’, I thought to myself.

“Well, Jayne, I will take the boss upstairs and get him settled in,” said Dani, lightly tugging at my left arm. We walked to the open elevator and Dani pressed the floor number and as the door closed we were, for the first time, fully alone.

“How was the conference, sir?” Dani asked turning towards me.

“Good”, I mumbled without thought. All I could think about was the smell of Dani’s perfume, something like lilacs, or daisies… or, well, I was not really good with fragrances, but it was pure heaven filling the elevator and filling a wanton part of my body. It was only seconds before I realized my eyes had trickled down to the beautiful crevice on Dani’s bodice. I noticed little sexy freckles between her buxom breasts and that she must be cold because there were goose bumps forming.

“Sir… did you hear me?” Dani’s question invaded my thoughts causing my eyes to look back up – I quickly blushed as I knew she was aware of where my thoughts had gone – down her blouse. “I’m sure tomorrow will be a very good day after a good night’s rest for you,” She said with a smile.

My eyes went back down, this time to the floor as I pondered what had just happened.

Mr. St. Pierre?” she said, causing my eyes to rise to hers once again, catching a little wink from her. “It’s ok, sir, that happens to me a lot, with these things,” she said, pointing to her chest, “Please, don’t give it another thought.”

I turned to stare straight ahead, using my briefcase to cover the ever increasing bulge in my pants as Dani’s scent continued to do its work on me. It might have been too much for me to stand had the doors of the elevator not finally opened on the 14th floor.


Soon I was in my room, my shoes off, tie askew, reading intently when a knock came to my room door. I opened it to find no one there, then a knock came again – this time behind me and I realized it was the door to the adjoining room; I opened it to find Dani standing there, now in a sweatshirt and a pair of yoga pants and running shoes, holding a tray of food.

“I assumed you wouldn’t have time to eat so I took the liberty of asking the chef to send something up – I know you are a guy, so I figured ‘Steak rare’ for you.” I was speechless, not only for her having nailed my favorite dinner, but also for having just realized Dani and I had adjoining rooms. She brushed past me carrying my food into my room. I inhaled deeply as, again, I became entranced by her heavenly aroma and I stared at the curve of her body in those tight Lycra pants as she bent over to place my food on the table by the couch. “I also had a good bottle of wine sent up, I they had a good Syrah and a good merlot – I like my wine sweet, but I got the merlot Escort because I assumed you would like yours dry, is there anything else I can do for you?”

I thought for a moment how amazing this girl seemed to be to anticipate the desires of a man. I wondered if that was true in ‘other areas’ of a man’s desires. I chuckled at myself and her – “you seem to have it all under control, I can’t imagine what else I might need.” She stared at me for what seemed like an uncomfortably long time, almost allowing the sexual entendre hang in the air.

“I put myself right next door if you need anything at all.”

As she headed for the door, I was surprised at how much I felt my heart sinking – I wanted her around a little bit longer…

“No, don’t go,” I said much too loudly and with more force than I had intended. “No, Um, please. I have so much food here and I was planning to order a sappy movie while I ate to get my mind off the day and relax. You need to eat, right? Sit, watch the movie with me?”

“Well, I don’t want to be in the way, sir, I have my own food in my room.”

“Please, Dani, I would enjoy the company, as long as you don’t feel too awkward and as long as we don’t talk about work, at all. My brain is done for the day.” My cock began to stretch against my shorts as I awaited her answer.

“Come on,” I pleaded further, “why don’t you order some of the sweet wine you like and come pick a horrible movie to watch with me.” I smiled, taking a breath perhaps for the first time since she entered the room.


Soon we were watching some sappy romantic comedy and laughing together on the couch. I scarcely noticed that I barely touched my steak and that Dani was keeping my glass topped off but I did notice when Dani decided to take off her sweatshirt.

“It’s getting hot in here,” she said as she slipped her sweatshirt over her head. I mentioned Dani is a buxom young lady but I lost my breath to the site of her in the V-neck tank top she wore underneath that sweatshirt. It was tucked in her yoga pants creating a strain on the fabric as it headed up from her waistband up to the base of her breast. The V-neck of the shirt gave a glorious view of the slope of her neck down to her chest as it divided into a beautiful set of breasts – barely covered by the fabric and doing little to stop round nipples from pressing the fabric outward.

“Doesn’t look like the temperature is too hot in here,” I snorted, gesturing towards her aroused chest.

“Oh my God,” she laughed with just enough slur for me to know the wine was getting to her head a bit, “that is so mean!” She mockingly pressed her hands against her chest blocking my view of her nipples but pressing her ample cleavage together giving me an even fuller view of her luscious breasts.

“Just because we are alone in your hotel room and drunk, doesn’t mean you can be naughty like that,” she said with a mock slap on my shoulder, which caused me to wince. “Did that really hurt you?”

“Not really, shoulders and neck are just sore from the trip and the day,” I said with a shrug and a groan.

“Well come here, I can take care of that, I give great massages,” without awaiting a response she sidled up to me and began rubbing right the base of my neck, right away, I couldn’t deny it felt amazing.

“Here, this isn’t working,” she declared, “grab that footstool and bring it over.” I pushed the ottoman up against the couch and watched her muscular legs straddle the stool. “Sit!” she demanded with a slap of her hand against the ottoman.

She took her nails and began to scratch my back in large circles from the bottom of my back up to my shoulders and back down again, it was heavenly and I let a moan slip from my lips. “Oooh you like that,” she cooed.

I nodded. Her voice had come from just behind my right ear. Her sexy perfume was powerful now as she leaned in and with very muscular hands pulled back on each shoulder, kneading back and forth before starting to work down my back bone.

“This isn’t working either,” she grunted and then grabbed my shoulders turning me to my right. She reached for my tie and began to loosen it even more, I couldn’t resist staring into her beautiful emerald eyes.

“What?” she said with a smile as her eyes dropped from mine to release my tie and began to unbutton my shirt, “I need to be able to release the tension in your back and I can’t do that with this stiff shirt on.

My eyes never left hers as she tugged my shirt out from my pants. I sucked in a breath as I started to say something, then caught myself. “Again, I say ‘what’?” she laughed.

“Nah, I probably shouldn’t say, I’m not sure the wine is allowing me to make good decisions.”

She gave a delicious gentle laugh – “I’m not scared easily, what did you want to say.”

“You are very beautiful,” I said with a bit of extra air in my voice, “I mean I have not been able to take my eyes off of you all day.” I searched her eyes for a response and was mortified to realize it was not exactly the reaction I had hoped.

“Hmmm, that’s not exactly what I was expecting,” she said, “I thought it was going to be something more like ‘I want to fuck you’.” She said matter-of-factly.

“I could say that, too, if it would help,” I said without a lot of emotion. I wasn’t fully sure what she was feeling and I couldn’t breathe as I awaited her reply.

“How about we just do this,” she said softly as she leaned around my shoulder, leaning in to kiss me. Her left arm slid under my arm and held my chest, her right hand came up to my cheek and guided my lips into place. Our lips met and soon our tongues found each other and lightly rolled around in our joined mouths. Her mouth tasted like the wine she had been drinking and her lips were soft as air. It was the best kiss I had enjoyed since Missy Steele in the sixth grade and I was just as out of control with my hormones at this moment as I was then.

I started to break the kiss but with a moan in her mouth and pressing in against me she willed the kiss to continue and turned up the intensity. I turned farther towards her and reached out for her and we embraced as our passion ran wild.

I reached for her right hand and led it to my fully engorged erection. Her hand spread to feel its girth and she moaned into my mouth again and broke the kiss to hold me close. “Oh God, sir, Oh God,” she breathed directly into my ear.

I reached down and unzipped my fly and she quickly reached in and found my manhood and slid it expertly out of my briefs and through the zipper. “Oh God, sir, you’re huge,” she breathed again into my ear, “I knew you would be”.

I didn’t have much time to ponder the fact that her statement seemed to insinuate that she had been thinking about this moment as much today as I had. Her hand searched the length of my erection, my wife used to tell me I was large, but I was never sure – about seven and a half inches straight and medium to large girth. I always read the stories about 10-inch dicks that guys carry between their legs and wondered if that was really true, but always felt the many women I ‘knew’ in college had been pleased with my own size.

Whatever she thought about the size, Dani quickly went to work on me. Her hand grasped my cock at the base and began to slide slowly up before working back down again. Her speed slowly began to increase, as did her variations with her hand angles as she worked up and down.

“Oh God, yes, I’m so turned on,” I moaned, leaning back into her chest.

“Yes, I want to turn you on, sir. How much I want to get you off – I’ve been thinking about it all day. I’ve been wanting you all day,” she breathed again.

That statement sent me into a head spin – the wine, her perfume, her breasts pushing against my back – even an occasional tongue flick into my ear was pushing me to the brink.

“Dani, you’re going to make me cum,” I groaned.

“Oh yes, cum for me, sir, cum in my hand.” she purred. Her hand kept too it’s business going faster and faster until I imagined her hand would be a blur were I to look at it but I didn’t dare – keeping my eyes tightly closed to feel every moment of this.

“Oh yes – NOW!” I said as my cock released a solid spurt of cum into the air, landing somewhere on my pants and her hand. My breath caught as my cock released its seed again and again. “Oh God, yes, I sighed as now cum driblets were running down the sides with each stroke.

“Dani, that was amazing I whispered as my cock softened considerably.

I felt a push on my back and turned to see Dani looking at her hand with a stunned look. My cum was glistening all over her fingers and knuckles. “I can’t believe I just did that, I’m so sorry, sir…”

I tried to calm her down but she grabbed a cloth napkin from the food tray and started wiping her hand. “I totally seduced you, I should never have done that.”

Dani grabbed her sweatshirt and started for the adjoining room doors, but I leaped up, my cock slightly catching on my zipper in the process, and was able to catch her hand and stop her to look at me.

“Dani, there are two adults here,” I said, suddenly realizing it would probably be a good time for me to stuff myself back in my pants.

“Don’t go it’s just going to make tomorrow terrifyingly awkward between us… Sit…”

With a continued stunned look on her face, Dani walked slowly and slid back on my couch. I poured her another glass of wine. “Here, drink this and relax while I get cleaned up.”


Soon after a quick rinse and brushing my teeth, I changed in the bathroom into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and re-entered the room. Dani seemed to have calmed down but quickly spoke up “I’m so sorry, s—“

“Stop!” I told her in mid-sentence, “Let’s let it lie for the next few minutes and then we’ll talk about it. But first, I am going to show you one of my deep dark secrets that you can never tell anyone.” I reached into my suitcase and pulled out a pack of Camel Filters cigarettes. Never have totally quit since college, just know that everyone would look down on me if they knew.

“You smoke?” I asked, motioning towards the balcony. Of course my suite was a non-smoking suite so I would have to go outside.

“No, I don’t,” she said, but rose up to follow me out the sliding glass doors.

There was a warm breeze blowing as there always is in Florida and while the breeze made it a long task to light my smoke, it made Dani’s hair constantly fly across her face which made the perfect frame for her beautiful features.

I blew a puff of smoke and looked out at the stars. Dani leaned back against the balcony railing looking up at the hotel. “Dani, when I saw you at the airport, I was smitten,”

“Oh – stop”, she said, “you are just trying to make me feel better.”

“No, that’s not the point at all,” I said with a soft, embarrassed laugh.

“What is it? You never like to share what’s on your mind,” she said, staring at me.

“Not when what I am thinking are the thoughts I’ve been thinking today.”

“What thoughts,” she said, her gaze intently turning to me.

“I saw you in that skirt and blouse, today, sleeping on the plane, and I’m crazy embarrassed to tell you I jerked off looking at you while Jayne was in the bathroom.”

“Oh my God,” she said again. This was clearly her expression as she processed shock, “Under the blanket? I KNEW you were acting funny.” She smirked and covered her face with her hand and she let loose a sexy laugh.

“I thought you might have noticed” I said with a stare at my socks, “I hope you don’t think I’m a creep.”

“You’re not a creep at all, you are kind and smart and handsome,” she said looking deeply into my eyes, “all the things I love in a man, but you’re also my boss and I can’t fuck you, Ron, it would be the end of my professional career at this company, and that’s definitely too bad.”

She leaned in again and gave me a deep kissed, then stepped back, preparing to leave. I brought my cigarette up to my lips and took a deep drag, just as it was leaving my lips, Dani caught my wrist and turned it to position the filter to her lips, and she pulled my hand towards her face and gently sucked in the tip. Little did she know how much a woman smoking turns me on and the ash on the other end of the cigarette was not the only thing that flared as she sucked in.

With a whiff of breath out the side of her mouth she exhaled the smoke and said “Camel non-filters for me in college, but it’s a filthy habit for dirty girls.” and with a “Goodnight, sweetie” she headed for the door.

Something came over me in that moment and I lunged at her, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her lower neck just below her earlobe. “Is that what you are, a dirty girl?” I said breathlessly as I pulled her body tightly to mine. “So are you?” I asked brusquely.

“If-If you want me to be,” she blurted out, her breath stolen by my attack.

“Yes, I want you to be naughty for me,” and I began chewing on her lower earlobe around the ring in her piercing.

“Oh God, yes, I’ll do whatever you want – take me right here on the balcony.” Dani pulled her yoga pants open with one hand and slid my hand down the front of her panties with the other. Both of our hands were trapped inside her yoga pants as we were grinding against her sex and moistening underwear.

“Oh yes touch me,” she whined as my other hand came up under that sweatshirt to find what I had been dreaming about all day, her huge, round, firm breasts in my hands. And, they did not disappoint.

My right hand slid inside her panties and found the wet chasm of her vagina. With a loud moan she nearly fell forward, her hands catching the back of the chair beside her and her feet spread apart to give me better access.

“God, you are a naughty girl,” I snarled and reached for the waistband of her stretch pants and panties. With one quick yank both were pulled down to mid-thigh. With the moonlight behind her I could see light glistening off of her neatly trimmed pussy and I reached to slide her sweatshirt and t-shirt over her head which she readily assisted in removing.

I stepped back and took her in “touch yourself for me,” I ordered, “right here on the balcony where anyone can see you.”

“Yes, sir,” she said as her right hand moved between her legs. She was obviously enjoying the debauchery of the moment. I took in the sight of her from behind – she was not fat at all, very toned with a big, curvy, Reubenesque flair that was better than I had dreamed.

I walked to her and wrapped my arms around her from behind, my right hand joining hers between those powerful thighs. I pressed my growing cock against her from behind and kissed her neck. “Dani, you look absolutely intoxicating tonight.”

“Th-thank you, s-sir,” she said through gritted teeth.

My right hand began to work her clit and I reached around from behind with my left hand and slid two fingers into her from behind. She was soaked and I easily slid my fingers inside her. My third finger joined is eliciting a gasp from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32