Brown Eyed Girl

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I was having one of those business trips, long and not much fun. I was going to all the right places but for all of the wrong reasons. Magically while traveling home, everything changed.

Let me begin at the beginning like all good stories. I was in London after a grueling week. I had been working with some nice people including Karen who has all the right equipment but is more like a sister than any girl I know. Anyway I am looking forward to getting home and the chance to get some TLC and maybe a little bit more.

I arrived at Heathrow, which was packed as always at about 10:00 am. Fortunately there was no strike… (That’s another story). I was standing in line at Air France to catch a flight to Paris for a connection back to the states. Air France was running a great promotion that made this a great flight if you had to cross the Atlantic.

About five persons in front of me, there is a lady, about 5′ 4,” shoulder length brown air and with eyes so deep, I thought I would drown. She looked American and I wondered about the odds of sitting next to her on the flight. I knew I had an aisle seat next to a window seat. With the way this trip had been going I figured to set next to some teenage girl. Great company but definitely not lust material. In other words, I expected just a good business trip. The trip had gone well.

At 11:00, Air France started boarding the plane. I took advantage of my mileage status and slipped on board early in the process. I get to stow my luggage completely and see how early I can guess who is going to sit next to me. As the boarding process progressed, there was the usual parade of people to the back of the plane. Then there she was, right behind an older couple. Slim and trim in a business skirt, some practical pumps, and a blouse to die for.

The older women paused and told me haltingly that she had the window seat and that her husband at the second seat across the aisle. And asked if I would trade him seats. She seemed so forlorn. So I gave up my aisle seat for the second seat in a row of five. Not exactly my kind of deal but it was only an hour flight to De Gaulle. All through this transaction, my dream girl was just waiting patiently. I had expected her to just head to the back of the plane.

As I am sure you realized paragraphs ago she didn’t. In fact, I was surprised when she asked if would trade her my second seat for the aisle so that she could put her bag in front of the middle seat which was empty. I could not believe my luck. No good ataşehir escort deed goes unpunished.

Up close, this Brown Eyed Girl was stunning. I think part of the attraction was the way she reminded me of my first girl friend in high school. The one who taught me to French kiss. Her blouse looked so shear, that I wondered why but I couldn’t see a hint of her bra. Talk about provocative.

We settled in. We listened to the attendants patter, you know the drill … in the event of a water landing…. To open the conversation without drooling on my self I needed something caring and worldly. I had it.

I told her she did not need to trade seats to put her bag under the middle seat. I would have let her put it there even if she had kept the aisle seat. She smiled and said it seemed like a little reward for someone willing to make a generous sacrifice. And we made small talk for the entire flight. I took advantage of our close quarters to brush up against her when ever possible. It turns out we where both on the same connecting flight to Chicago (United’s hub).

All too soon, we arrived at De Gaulle Airport. I decided I had to risk it. I asked if she would like to sit together on the next leg. I was pleased when she agreed. I thought I detected I slight blush but I was in lust.

We deplaned with our one bag each. I was amazed should could looks so great and travel so light. We headed for our next gate. Then it happened; the black cloud with the silver lining. They announced in French that our flight was cancelled and that connecting passengers needed to report to customer service and not the gate. I reported the news to my companion who did not see to understand French who took the news rather stoically. I suggested we hurry because the first one there would have the largest number of choices.

Without belaboring the point, we took door number one. An overnight stay in Paris, with meal vouchers and three phone calls to the states. It did not hurt that I offered to play tour guide for my Brown Eyed Girl.

We took the Air France bus into town sharing a row again. I pointed out the sights leaning well over her so that I could get a peak into her blouse. I think she knew because she undid another button. I had placed a hand on her knee and she put her hand on top of it to keep it there. I wondered if she wanted to keep it from wandering further or wanted it there.

As we neared our hotel, I mustered up some more courage. Things had been avcılar escort going so well. I asked if she thought it would be a good idea to get adjoining rooms while visions of removing the gift wrap danced in my head. She nodded slightly and told me that, it would be fine.

Again fate was smilingly. The clerk had no problem with giving us adjoining rooms. I offered him a tip but he just chuckled at me to save it for the lady. He told me to be gentle and make beautiful music. ( I was glad my Brown Eyed Beauty did not speak French because I would have needed to sanitize his comments).

Needless to say I figured I was all but in her bed. Play the game out and I was going to have a wonderful evening. I thought just don’t blow it. Keep thinking with the other head instead of the one that wanted to take control.

As we waited for the elevator, I leaned in to kiss her gently on the cheek. It seemed like a good way to gage her warmth. I was surprised when she turned and caught the kiss with a slightly open mouth. Now I was sure there was a little blush but the elevator arrived.

We went up to our rooms, 23 and 24. I gallantly opened her room and we entered. She chuckled when she saw the queen size bed, something quite rare in Europe. It was now about 4:00 pm. I asked here if she wanted to change before going to play tourist. I took my commitment to play tour guide seriously.

She did not say anything but I got the distinct impression that she wanted her guide to do something else. I lead her over to the overstuffed chair in the corner and had her sit. I knelt in front of her and removed one shoe at a time and messaged her feet. When she realized I was scoping out the target area she parted her knees just enough to encourage me.

I set her feet down and moved forward and undid the buttons on her blouse. I helped here stand. I undid the buttons at her wrists. The blouse slid to the floor. There she was. Perfection in a simple light pink bra. Almost innocent. I kissed her again more deeply. Our tongues danced. My hands slid down to her ass. I pulled her hips against mine so she could feel my hardening cock,

I reached around and started to undo the zipper on her skirt. I paused to ask her if she was ready. She nodded and I slowly continued. The skirt dropped to the floor. My Brown Eyed Girl stepped out. There she was in her bra, pantyhose and matching light pink panties. Practical. Not exactly what you wear for a sexual encounter.

I started avrupa yakası escort to roll the panty hose down. Panty hose are always daunting. Sensing my hesitation, her hands covered mine and fortified my resolve.

I guided her back to the chair, knelt and settled her legs across me knees. I messaged both feet. I could see that her pussy was getting wet. Her panties are soaked through. To further enhance her arousal, I kissed each insole. I nibbled at each toe. She gave plenty of non-verbal take me clues. Her breath was ragged. Her nibbles stuck out in her bra.

All this has had the expected effect on me. I was diamond hard. My pants felt a little tight. I was sure that my Brown Eye Girl could tell.

I stood and helped her from her chair. My eyes were filled with her perfection. Well-proportioned tits. Sweet treasure still concealed in wet silky panties. With my hormones raging I had the strength of ten. I slid an arm under her shoulder and picked her up. I carried her to the bed.

Even today I can remember musing “You idiot. You forgot to open the bed….”

My Brown Eyed Girl giggled. It was like sweet chimes. She suggested setting her down and getting undressed while she opened the bed and slipped in; so practical and straightforward. I was fast to take her suggestion. I slid into the bed and realized she had removed her underwear. Her naked perfection was waiting for me.

She rolled over on top of me and kissed me deeply. She was hungry. She had wanted to play since the bus ride. She just needed me to take the lead a little. She had not wanted to be to forward. Straddling my hips her hands massaged my chest. My hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks. My hands wandered over her body pausing on her perfect breasts. I pulled on her nibbles rolling them between my fingers.

She shifted a little and aligned my cock with her pussy. She slid me in, in a smooth practiced way. She took me for a wonderful ride. Up and down. Her treasure was a perfect fit for my manhood. Wet and hot. Silky smooth. A small patch of silky curls marked the way.

Her pace built slowly as her passions rose. I was content to let her take the lead. Her passions soon had me panting. I told her I was so close. She flexed the muscles of her treasure milking me and I erupted. She must have been very close too because my eruption set her off giving her release.

We snuggled and cuddled enjoying the after glow until she asked if I was ready to find her some dinner and show her a few sights in Paris. She smiled and said that she wanted to get to bed early enough to really experience the city of love.

The rest of the evening was better than any business trip since but I am leaving that to your imagination. I just got an email from my Brown Eyed Girl. It says simply “I am here.”

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