Bree and Tom

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Double Penetration

“Things are different now, you are home for good and we can set up a life together,” Bree cooed at Tim.

“But Bree, you have been having sex with my, well you with whom.”

“Tom looked after me whilst you were away, made sure no young guy stole me away from you whilst you were away for 4 years and this is how you repay him.”

“I, uhh, well…”

“He risked his marriage; he sacrificed time with your mother to make sure I was ok.”

“But he humiliated me.”

“You need to be tough to survive in the army. He has always worried about you being soft. You need to fight for your woman. It is your choice though, marry me or we move on.”

“I want to marry you. You are perfect. Promise me you will be faithful.”

Bree leant forward and started manipulating his balls and tiny cock in his trousers. “You love me don’t you? You do trust me, don’t you Timmy?”

A small wet patch spread across his trousers due to her skilful manipulation:

“Of course I do Bree.”


“Hi Tim, son, it’s your father” Tom said over the phone. “Looking forward to the big day next Saturday?”

“Of course, dad. I was thinking that the 2 of us will start afresh, move somewhere new.”

“Is that …. uhh… because I fucked Bree whilst you were away?”

“What was that noise, where are you?”

“Just working out at the gym … uhh, uhh, ok son.”

“Oh ok.”

“I forbid you to move away, your mother needs you close by. Ohh Jesus, son I am really getting a good workout this evening. Is Bree there?”

“No, she is out.”

“You do trust me, don’t you son?”

“Well I suppose I do, Bree explained…”

“Fuck yes!!” Tom exclaimed. Just beat my personal best son.”

“At what?”

“Son I have to go, see you, ahh, soon.”

Tom Eskort wasn’t at the gym, but he was getting quite a workout. Bree was sitting under his desk manipulating his huge cock and balls and giving him the sloppiest sexiest blow job and tit wank ever. Tim thought about whether he could trust his father, he decided that he did and that he should stay for the good of the family, Bree had explained the sacrifice his father had made and he felt guilty for not understanding this earlier.


A few days later the family dinner had finished and much wine had been consumed. Tom had spent most of the evening sliding his hands over Bree’s perfect thighs under the table whilst she toyed with his log in his trousers.

Tim sat there oblivious but Doreen knew what was happening and had snapped inside. She left the room and returned with a can of petrol.

“I will not let you make a fool out of me and my son,” she screamed. She chucked the can and lit a match. Within seconds flames were everywhere but Tom, as an ex SAS man had been quick enough to beat the flames and dive for the door. He looked back, Tim had saved his mother and pulled her to the one corner of the room where there were no flames. Bree also had made it to this one temporary safe haven as smoke, heat and flames filled the room.

Bree’s life had always been perfect, it couldn’t end in such a horrific way. Anything, anyone she had ever wanted, she got.

Tom grabbed an axe and headed upstairs, two strong blows and he had smashed a hole in the ceiling into the room where there was a growing inferno. He looked through the smoke at the 3 of them.

“Save my son. You only have seconds left, I can’t breath, it is so hot” Doreen shouted.

“I will, Tim, grab this sheet” he shouted tying it into a makeshift knotted rope which he hoped should stay strong enough not to rip and would make it possible to climb.

He started to lower it towards Tim’s outstretched hand when he saw Bree standing up, she peeled her white top over her head. She arched her back and her huge bulging tits were offered up to Tom. She looked confident, arrogant.

She looked at Tim and Doreen: “He can’t live without me.”

Tom felt his cock stiffen, even in this crisis.

“I can save you both” he shouted at Tim.

He tried to justify his next actions with that belief. The sheet was re-directed to Bree and she scaled the rope easily.

“No” screamed Doreen, Tom was never sure whether this was because the fire reached had reached his wife or because she saw Bree’s half naked sexy body snake itself around Tom as she reached safety and her hand grope for his cock.

“Dad, help.”

“Fuck me, fuck me now Tom” she said.

“I can’t, Tim I am coming.”

Tim looked up through the hole in the ceiling as his gorgeous fiancée stripped her tight jeans and thong from her sexy tanned arse and looked down at him.

“Your daddy would rather fuck me than save you.” She unzipped Tom and pulled out his huge log.

“Oh God noooo Bree” shouted Tom as Bree’s expert tongue lapped at his huge thick erection.

He drove it into her sexy throat.

His son was coughing and spluttering below him as Bree eased her mouth off his prick and lowered her pussy over his giant wand.

“Watch him fuck me Timmy,” she groaned. “Tell him Tom.”

“Timmy son, this is what you came home to see isn’t it.” He felt so guilty but he was so under her sexy spell. His wife was dead and he was spreading Bree over the gap in the ceiling so that his son could watch his huge prick fuck her rather than saving him.

Tim felt the flames as he watched his father’s massive knob drive repeatedly into Bree’s sexy body.

“Maybe your cum can put the fire out Tom.”

Tom pulled his cock out and Tim watched as with one hand he offered the rope to his burning son and with the other he fired cum over Bree and also into the burning fire.

“The flames wrapped around Tim’s waist as Tom pulled him clear.


Tim woke, he had a ventilator to help him breathe and enormous bandages up to his waist.

He was shocked by his first memories of what had happened. Then he saw Bree and his father standing over him.

“We told the police everything Timmy, how your mother went mad, they have her fingerprints on the petrol can. Your father is a hero, it has made the national news, how he saved himself and somehow saved me, nobly saving the lady first, and then managed to get you out too.”

“Uhh, what about mum?”

“Ahh, very sad but she had clearly gone mad son,” Tom said.

“Only because you are fucking Bree.”

“Oh honey, you are not still on about that,” said Bree. “That was a long time ago and you must learn to forget it. We are to be married.”

“But what about the other night, he fucked you instead of saving me.”

Bree laughed. Your father is a hero, he saved us both. You are on a lot of painkillers, I am afraid the fire reached up to your waist and you will not walk again and you will never be able to have children. It seems like the pain has affected your memory too.”

His father upped the painkillers being fed to him:

“Do you remember me saving you son?”

Tim was confused; he did remember that but…

“Yes I do, thanks dad,” he said sleepily.

As he drifted off he felt movement on the bed next to him and he thought he heard Bree groan and his father grunt with pleasure.

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