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This Halloween story does contain incest, and some non consent. Just a warning! Enjoy and be erotic.


An old house creaks, there is no way around it. One hundred years of weathering and life will make most everything groan. Amber hated the home she was raised in, it stunk of white trash and secrets. The walls were mad of ‘fat lighter’, that’s what her dad said anyway. There was no insulation between the paneling and next wall, so it was always cold in winter.

The glass was original and handmade, though some panes had duct tape holding cracks together. The floor was mostly linoleum, maybe new in 1973. It held gouges and was a sort of lime color, made her sick just to look at it. Her room had two windows, both of which were covered in mismatched sheets. One with rainbows from when she was a kid, the other just gaudy stripes.

She shared the small room with her older brother, Kyle. It was an awkward arrangement at best, but the house only had two bedrooms. Kyle’s clothes were all over the floor by his twin bed, a beat up guitar hung from the wall. Her brother was a complete slob, for all the good it did her to complain.

Her side of the room was neat as a pin, everything had an order to it. The two siblings were very close, each protecting the other in their own way. Amber wished Kyle was home right now, her dad was drunk again. He was always drunk, but tonight he was really agitated. Each member of the family took turns in catching hell on a daily basis. The man made shit up to holler about, she often heard him rehearse what he was going to say in the bathroom.

Kyle said he’d be home in time to take her to a friend’s Halloween party, but he was running late. Amber checked the clock, it was seven. Where the heck was he? Her dad was playing an old Johnny Cash record and singing right along with him. The walls of the house held in no sounds, so she could only imagine what the neighbors were thinking.

Every year Amber and her brother decorated the house for Halloween, hoping to attract some of the neighbor kids. No luck, not one parent would allow their child within fifty feet of the house. So on the porch they sat, huge bowls of candy and no one to give it too. She decided against it this year, it was a waste of money they did not have.

She loathed to leave the bedroom, knowing her dad would ambush her about something he thought she’d done. Her costume was a simple toga, fastened at the waist with a thrift shop gold belt. Her hair was already long and wavy, she put a good portion up on her head in a twisted braid. A few tendrils were allowed to hang in full length, which fell just past her breasts. From the leaves outside, she fashioned a laurel to wear on her head. The last touch was a black Venetian mask, which covered a great deal of her face. The only clear items were her vivid green eyes and sensual pink lips.

The time was creeping along and still no sign of Kyle, she was going to have to walk to the 7-Eleven and phone her friend to pick her up. Amber rummaged through Kyle’s side of the closet until she found his long black coat. He wouldn’t mind if she borrowed it to keep warm.

Getting out of the house without her father causing a scene was going to be a problem. He was already warming up for a fight, hollering his tell tell “HUP!” That always meant things were going from bad to worse. Amber cringed at the thought and decided to crawl out the window.

Although the music was loud, the rattle of the window pane seemed to echo into the night air. The cold blast made her suck in a breath, which she quickly released. The weight of her clothes made getting a leg over tricky, but she managed not to harm herself or the dress. Once outside she smoothed the material beneath the coat and looked around to make sure no one saw her.

She closed the window back as quietly as possible and began the mile trek to the store. There were many children out trick or treating, so blending in was easy as pie. Many little girls turned to look at her and point out the ‘pretty princess’ to their parents. Amber smiled and waved, enjoying the anonymity of being a regular person.

Dean saw the beauty out of the corner of his eye. He slowed his car down to get a better look, she was smiling and waving at some kids dressed as zombies. He knew he should be moving on to his buddy Kyle’s house, but he was entranced. He was supposed to be picking up his friend’s sister to drop her off at a party. Kyle was caught up working late, and wouldn’t make the bash until later.

He stopped the car to let a group of ankle biters cross the street, happy to watch the girl a while longer. The ghosts and goblins passed and he reluctantly turned back to the task at hand. Sister, get the sister. The old house was pathetic, and that was using good manners. The roof of the porch looked like it was about to collapse at any moment.

He rolled down his window in time to hear some God awful shout coming from inside. Several cats bolted by and he wondered if the occupants were celebrating escort bursa some sort of Halloween ritual inside. Kyle did tell him that his dad was a little on the strange side. Dean shook his head and made his way to the door, dodging very real spiderwebs.

He rapped against the chipped white paint on the door, and was immediately greeted with a voice. “What the hell? Fucking kids, ain’t no candy up in here, Fuck off ya little monsters.” This was definitely going to be fun.

Dean knocked again, never one to be put off by a challenge. A minute later the door opened to reveal a short, balding man. He had a full gray beard, wore no shirt, yet had on suspenders to hold up his boxer shorts. Here was a definite winner, a man’s man.

“Fuck do you want?” The man was so gracious and hospitable.

“Kyle asked me to pick up his sister, he is running late.” The little man eyed him up and down.

“You fucking that girl? She is a whore you know, just like her mom. Sweetest tits and ass.” The ogre licked his lips, Dean thought he might puke at the sight.

“I’ve never met her, sir.” He put the emphasis on ‘sir’, like it held a great honor. The old man’s belly lurched forward, as a separate entity from his body.

“Sure, sure you haven’t. Hold on, I’ll get the little slut for you.” The old flooring shook as he walked away, there were glass nick knacks chattering against one another as he passed.

Dean waited, a full five minutes passed before the troll returned. The look on his face was murderous. “That bitch is gone, done sneaked out to meet some ole guy.” He paused to cackle at Dean. “I guess you is getting sloppy seconds tonight boy.” With that, he flung the door into Dean’s face and started talking to himself about his worthless family. It was not worth the trouble he decided, to see if the old man was telling the truth, or just putting him off. He would leave well enough alone and let Kyle know what had transpired. He did feel bad for the brother and sister, even more now, after meeting the man that spawned them.

The car was still warm inside and did not take but a couple of minutes to heat back up. Dean looked to the dash for the time, it was now 8:15. The party would just be getting started, and he needed a good stiff drink tonight. The crowd of children was starting to thin out, making the driving less sporadic. He made his way out of the huddle of houses and onto the main road.

Amber let the phone ring several times, then listened as a machine answered. “Hey it’s Cassandra, you know to leave me a name and number to see if I’ll call you back.” A beep followed and Amber left a message to her whereabouts and the general time. She hung up the phone and decided to wait a few more minutes and then call again.

A newer black Camaro pulled into the station and parked near her. It was a beautiful car, one of her favorites. Unfolding from the driver’s side was an Adonis. He literally was dressed as an Adonis, but it was not a stretch for the man. His hair was almost white it was so blonde, and he was cut and shaped in all the right places.

He looked to her and smiled, a small dimple coming into play in his right cheek. Amber felt her heart quicken and her hands start to sweat. This always happened when she was nervous, especially around the opposite sex. He was coming towards her with purpose, she took a step back without realizing it. The man was at least a foot and a half taller than her. He smelled wonderful, a very earthy essence radiated from him.

Dean almost laughed when the girl stepped back, his height usually had an effect on women. She pulled the oversized coat tightly around her body, as if he were a Vampire, wanting to feed. Through her mask he saw the most amazing green eyes. They were lined with a heavy black makeup, and her long lashes swept across her cheeks when she blinked. She was incredible, he had to know her, hopefully intimately.

“Hi, I saw you walking earlier, are you trick or treating tonight?” His smile was easy and his voice deep and soothing.

“I’m actually supposed to go to a party tonight, but my ride did not show. I am waiting on a friend to pick me up now, she should be here any time now.” Amber thought she should add that in case he was some killer, he might wander away and not bother her. She had a sense of loss at the thought of him leaving.

“I could give you a ride, if you like. Where are you headed?” Dean almost crossed his fingers. Amber gave him the address and his blue eyes fairly lit up. “That is exactly where I am headed. This is your lucky night.” Amber did not know whether to believe his sexy lips or not, but she was desperate to get out of this side of town.

She allowed him to open the car door for her and managed to sit down gracefully. He made sure she was in and then closed the door and made his way around the car. They were off and the only sound was the low hum of the engine as they traveled. Each was nervous about talking, the sexual energy between them sparked the air.

Dean wanted bursa merkez eskort to twirl a lock of her long hair around his fingers. It fell in a small, curling cascade quite a way past her shoulder. His cell phone rang, ruining his momentary fantasy. He fumbled in the seat to find it, flipping it open with one hand. “Hello?” he answered. “Oh hey man, no. No, she wasn’t there. I don’t know, he didn’t seem to know either. Yeah. Okay, sorry. No. No it’s fine, I didn’t mind at all, sorry I couldn’t help more. Yeah, yeah, see you there.” He pushed the phone closed under his chin and tossed it back on the seat.

“Sorry about that, friend of mine that is going to the party too.” He thought he should explain a little.

“Oh, no that is fine, it is your car, you are giving me a ride.” Amber was still nervous, but he did seem to be headed the right way. It took about thirty minutes to get to Cassandra’s house, and the party was really cranking up. Dean parked across the street, along with several other cars. He kept a little distance, drunks were hell on parked vehicles.

Amber stepped out and shrugged off the coat, ignoring the cold. She really did not want anyone else to see the old thing on her. Without thinking she tossed it back into the seat of the car and shut the door. The Adonis, well Dean, came around and whistled low when he saw her.

“I knew you were beautiful, but I didn’t expect how much.” Dean was blown away by her. She was a Goddess, where the hell had she been hiding his whole life?

Amber gave a nervous little laugh, “Thank you, I think.” The couple crossed the street and said hellos to several people as they passed. Dean put his mask on, almost forgetting he was supposed to wear the damned thing.

“Thanks again for the ride, Dean, I really appreciate it.” Amber knew that soon the man would be off with his own friends.

“No problem, will I see you around tonight?” He could have kicked himself for the plea he heard in his voice.

“I hope so.” Amber smiled and the two parted ways after going inside.

The party was mass chaos, the costumes were as simple as ghosts in sheets, to more elaborate Victorian couples. Amber knew Cassandra from the woman’s laugh, it was sort of high pitched and comical. She was a Playboy bunny, but a stunning one. Her ample breasts almost poured out of the strapless piece she was wearing. Bunny ears bobbing around with her animated conversation.

Amber eased up behind her friend and clasped her hands over her eyes, “Boo!”

Cassandra whirled around and shrieked, “You made it!! I thought you would never get here Amber. Where is Kyle? That man can be my Hef any day.”

Amber giggled, “You kill me, how many years have you lusted after my brother? Ten? And no, he is not here, I had to hitch a ride from a total stranger! I called you, but no one answered.”

Cassandra gave her that, “Who the hell can hear anything in here?” look. “Sorry baby, it has been a madhouse. Who gave you a ride? You didn’t wander off with a psycho did you?” Concern was creeping into her voice. “No, no, actually I met him at the mini market, he was on his way here too.”

“Your kidding? How fantastic, who is he?” Cassandra looked around. “His name is Dean, I didn’t think to ask for his last name.” Amber bit at her lower lip, unaware that at that very moment, the man in question was watching her.

Dean had a beer downed already and another quickly following. He was near stalking the girl, and he didn’t know why. There were beautiful girls all around him, buzzing like little bitches in heat. Normally he would pick one, find somewhere to fuck her and get back to the party. Tonight, he had eyes for only one.

Kyle arrived to the party at 10:30, already drunk. Working at a liquor store had it’s advantages. The mosh of colors and people made his head hurt. He needed to find his sister, if Dean had not picked her up, she may have found another ride. Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” was roaring through the crowded home and people were singing right along with him.

He spied Amber’s best friend, Cassandra, she was hard to miss in her costume. Pushing through two tampons, he reached her. “Hey girl, you look good tonight.” He’d better say something good, she mooned after him something fierce. He was rewarded with a sultry smile.

“Hey you, where have you been? Amber had to hitch a ride tonight, you should be ashamed.”

His first response was a defensive anger. “What do you mean ‘hitched’ a ride? With who? Where the hell is she?” Cassandra thought he was never more handsome than in that moment, his green eyes on fire. She licked her lips, thinking of how he would be in bed, he would be a great lover.

Kyle couldn’t help but harden at the sight of the woman’s pink tongue running over plump lips. Christ, what she did to him sometimes. He almost forgot his sister. Almost. “Where is she?” He pulled himself together.

“She is around somewhere, she has been drinking hard tonight.” bursa sınırsız escort Cassandra lowered her voice and leaned in. “She said your dad was bad tonight, she had to get out.”

Kyle sighed, he understood completely. He wished he could protect his sister from all the shit in that house. First their mom leaving, then the years of mental torture with the sperm donor. “Okay, I’ll find her, catch you later.” He bent and kissed her briefly and left.

Amber was not feeling too well, she was not used to drinking at all. The Vodka was definitely not agreeing with her. She went to Cassandra’s room to lay down for a bit, but it was occupied with two lovers. She stopped to watch as the man rhythmically pumped himself into a girl she could not see. He must have felt her presence, he turned to look behind him. His devil’s mask was still in place, and he did look sinister as a slow smile spread across his lips.

“Want some of this baby?” He taunted. Amber couldn’t do a thing but shake her head no. He laughed and turned his attentions back to his lover. She heard the girl yell out as he took a puckered nipple in his mouth.

Amber wandered down to the smaller bedroom at the end of the hall. Thank goodness it was empty, she closed the door behind her. The light was out, so she left it that way, wanting only a few minutes on the bed to clear her head. She felt hot in the toga, almost suffocated. It seemed like a good idea to take it off for a few minutes. She carefully undressed and neatly lay her costume on a corner chair. She wanted to open the window, but the noise outside would have been too much.

The bedroom belonged to Cassandra’s brother, the comforter on the bed was full of dinosaurs of varying species. The moonlight was just enough for her to make out an angry T-Rex running after a smaller dinosaur. She smoothed a hand across the face of it, before laying down, cross ways. Her head was feeling little better with the new position.

Dean could not find his Goddess, so he settled for a small blonde that could not stop rubbing against his cock. He needed release, and right now she would do fine. She said her name, but he did not try to remember. The trip to the upstairs bedrooms was full of her chattering. The first two were in use, hopefully the third would be empty, or he’d fuck the girl against the wall.

He opened the door and flicked on the light. The vision before him caught his senses off guard. It was Amber, nude. He could tell she was asleep from her even breathing. Her mouth slightly open, one arm across her masked face. He backed out of the room, and hit the light. He had to get rid of the woman he was with now.

“Hey, this one’s full too babe.” The pretty blonde pouted, not wanting to give up. “I’m going to go to the bathroom, why don’t you go downstairs and get us a couple of drinks. I’ll be down in a minute.” She smiled, appeased for the moment, and headed off.

Dean was about to go back in, when he heard Kyle’s voice. “Hey man, I was looking for you. I can’t find my sister anywhere. Do you think you could help me?” Dean was not about to leave the girl. “I’m a little busy right now, but if you don’t mind sharing, we can look after.” The friends had shared women before, but not at the same time.

Kyle knew Dean was not going anywhere in his state, so it was better to go along and then move on. The room was dark inside, only a slight light coming through the window. Kyle could just make out the nude form of a woman. Her face was covered by an arm and a mask.

The two men were silent as they approached the bed, Dean’s body blocking more light. Kyle was aroused at the sight of the girl. Her large breasts moved up and down with each breath. A flat stomach led down to a small patch of curls. He could not tell the color in such low lighting. His fingers itched to feel her, all the way past the mound to long legs. They were bent at the knee and hanging over the side of the bed.

Dean was in a state himself, his hard cock jerking inside his costume. He undressed and watched as Kyle did too. Both men were ample in size, Dean being just a bit thicker than his friend. It did not occur to either man that the beauty might not want their drunken attentions. Arousal had gone to far to filter through.

Amber was in a dream, she must be, someone was kissing her. Warm lips brushed hers gently at first, then a little rougher. It felt so good, but that was not all. Someone else was spreading her legs, and she felt something wet slide inside her.

Kyle had never tasted anything so sweet, he could drink from this chalice the whole night. He was so hard it hurt, and used one hand to stroke the needy shaft. His eyes strayed to Dean, who was moving from the girl’s lips to her breasts, suckling. It was an erotic sight, one that he wanted to imitate. The girl moaned, and undulated into his mouth. Moving his hand to her, he inserted a finger into her wetness, while teasing her bud with his tongue.

Her response was hot, she was nearing climax, tightening around his digit. A second finger entered, and it was her undoing. Amber thought this might be the most wonderful dream ever. She really must drink more often, her whole body convulsed with the orgasm, there were hands and lips everywhere. Pleasure waves did not subside before they were replaced with more.

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