Blame it on Cosplay

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As I made my way toward my room I stopped outside my sister Chloe’s closed door. There was giggling coming from within, which meant her girlfriends were over. Without the benefit of knocking, I opened the door wide and said, “What’re you gals up to in here?”

“Brad!” Chloe screamed as three of the others shrieked, for they were in their bras and panties. “Get the fuck out of here, you pervert.”

The fifth among them, Faith Richards, looked at me for all of five seconds before allowing her bra to fall to the floor. “Oops. You caught me,” she said with a sly smile, then turned and bent over, giving me full view of her ass as she picked the bra up off floor.

“Go on! Get, or I’m telling Mom and Dad.”

“Okay-okay,” I said as I backed out, and before completely closing the door, “Nice to see you again, Faith.” I then went to my room, locked the door, and jerked off to Faith’s tits and ass. When I came out of my room, the girls were gone.

That night, after dinner, I said to Chloe as we watched TV on the sofa, “So, big lesbian party today? You know, you could always invite me. I don’t mind watching.”

“You’re sick!” Chloe near-spat. “If you must know, we were trying on our costumes. Momo-Con is this weekend and we’re going as the Sailor Scouts.”

“Which one are you?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Duh! Blonde hair? I’m obviously Sailor Moon.”

“I’m sure you’ll be the best Sailor Moon there,” I said with all sincerity as I hugged her.

“You know, you can be so polite and supportive—the perfect brother—but then you pull shit like you did today and it’s like you’re ten years younger than me, not two years older.”

“Isn’t it a big brother’s job to torment his sister a little?” I asked with a laugh.

“Yes, when we were younger, Brad, but not now,” she answered. “You’re in college, for Christ’s sake. Act like it, and I don’t mean just for me. You embarrassed the hell out of my friends today, you know. Well, all except for Faith.”

“Jesus, Chloe. They wear a whole lot less whenever they came over to swim and sunbathe.”

“Be that as it may, we were behind a closed door and—Why the hell am I even explaining this to you? You know what proper behavior is.”

“Look, I’m sorry, okay?” She didn’t say anything immediately. “Chloe, really. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I promise.”

“Better not,” she replied, then, “So, you going?”

“To Momo-Con? Nah. It’s not comic book-related enough for me,” and by “comic book-related” I meant vendors and the such. I collect comics, watch anime, read manga, but I’m not into the whole dressing-up thing like Chloe. Hell, she has so many followers on social media, and she even has one of those Patreon accounts where people pay to see pics of her. Some of them are a bit risqué, but she makes good at it.

“Maybe you can hook up with someone there,” she said with a laugh.

“And maybe you can help me hook up with Faith,” I responded.

“Ew, gross.”

“Oh, she wants me.”

“She teases you, is all.”




“I’m telling you, though: Momo-Con. It’s wild.”

We finished watching The Big Bang Theory before going our separate ways.

The following day, while at school, a couple of friends were talking about Momo-Con and had actually decided to go. “We’re going as the Darths,” Johnny Bingham told me. “I’m going to be Darth Sidious, Eddie is going to be Darth Maul, and for some ungodly reason Mike is insistent on being Darf Bobo from Tripping the Rift, so if you want to be Darth Vader, it’s available.”

“You guys know I’m really not into the dressing-up thing.”

“Oh, come on, Brad. Lots of pussy there, from what I understand.”

I thought it over. I had no papers due, no tests to study for, and this would finally give me a reason to wear my officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader mask with voice modulator. “Well, okay, but on one condition.”

“Sure,” Johnny said.

“Name it,” Eddie replied.

“My sister is going as Sailor Moon. Hands off. Understood?”

“Yeah, no problem there,” Johnny responded. “I’ll tell Mike, so he knows.”

I didn’t tell Chloe that I had decided to go. I wanted it to be a surprise. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I wanted to mess with her a little, then spring it on her that it was me.

After classes on Friday, the four of us headed up to Atlanta, Mike and I in my car and Johnny and Eddie in Johnny’s. We decided to chip in and get a room. You know, stay the night, do the Big Saturday thing, and hope for the best in getting laid? We each smuggled in a bottle of hooch, “Just in case …” and we were buzzed after being there just an hour. I looked all over for the Sailor Scouts, but I never found them, even though we mingled until midnight.

The following day, we weren’t on the floor more than forty-five minutes when Mike came to us and said, “Check it out: Lady Yuna from Final Fantasy X. We’re going back to the room, so don’t come a’knockin’.” An hour later and Mike was back at our sides.

“How Casibom was it?” we all wanted to know.

“Magic,” Mike replied. “Pure magic.”

With that response, the rest of us set out on finding our own magic Momo-Con moment. By noon, Johnny had hooked up with a woman dressed as Wednesday Addams. Man, she was hot. I tried to get him to talk her into a threesome, but he was like, “No way, dude. She’s all mine.” To add to that disappointment, there was still no sighting of the Sailor Scouts. I thought to call Chloe and see if anything was wrong, but that would only serve to alert her to my presence.

Three-thirty, and Eddie was seen taking a Slave-girl Princess Leia to the elevator. “Lucky fucking bastard!” I shouted. It seemed that everyone but I was getting their wildest fantasies come to life. By six, everyone was ready to leave. Everyone, that is, except for me.

“Come on, Brad. I have a test on Monday I need to study for,” Johnny said.

“And I have a paper to write,” Eddie added.

“Not to mention I have a project I have to work on,” said Mike.

“Go on ahead, guys. It’s cool. I’m going to stay another night, though. You don’t mind taking Mike, do you, Johnny?”

“Uh, no. He can ride with me.”

“Cool, then I’ll see you guys on Monday,” and with that, we parted ways.

Around ten o’clock I spotted someone who had eluded my field of vision earlier, meaning she had just arrived, or there were just so many people here that she went beyond my notice. It was a woman dressed as the Marvel villainess Moonstone, complete with retro yellow spandex, silver helmet, and white gloves and boots. Even from across the room I could tell that her suit was a size too small. She didn’t have a camel toe, but her nipples were pointing out, it gripped her ass so lovingly, and I could actually tell her belly button was an “innie.” I approached her and said in my synthesized voice, “Lady Moonstone, if you were not already on the dark side I would gladly invite you.”

She turned. The only things visible to me under her helmet were her eyes and nose. There was a silver plate that ran to her top lip, and I would soon find out that she, too employed a voice modifier. “Lord Vader. Yes. I have always done your bidding.”

It was cheesy dialogue, I know, but what the fuck. Have a little fun, right? “Your suit. It fits a bit too perfectly, does it not?”

“Does it make you desire me?”

“Let’s just say that Lord Vader’s light sabre has been engaged.”

She laughed. “Take me back to your place for some Romulan Ale and we’ll see about unsheathing it.”

Now, I’m not the kind of guy who gets all bent out of shape because someone slips a Star Trek reference into a Star Wars conversation, especially when it looks like I am finally going to get laid, which is why I said, “Let’s go, my pretty, but beware the power of the force.”

She looked between my legs to see I had a chubby and said, “The force has awakened.”

We engaged in small talk the elevator ride up, and once in my room I made to remove her helmet but she stopped me. “Leave it on as long as the lights are on. I really want this to be anonymous. We’ll remove them long enough to go down on each other, but after that it’s back on for us both. Agreed?”

“Lord Vader complies with your request,” I answered.

“Good. Now turn that light off and give me some of that vodka you were telling me about.”

We passed the bottle back and forth until it was gone. We were both sloppy drunk. I went down on her first. I must have eaten her pussy for thirty minutes before pulling back, then she was all over my cock, sucking it like it had never been sucked before. She climbed on top of me then and rode me for a good twenty minutes before I shot my load. She fell on top of me and we finally gave in to our drunkenness and went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning alone in my room, naked except for my Darth Vader helmet; Moonstone must have slipped out sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I felt great, though. Drunk as I was, I remembered everything about last night. My only regret was that I never knew who the girl was. I packed my shit, checked out, and headed back to Macon.

I was back home a good three hours before Chloe came through the door. “Hey,” I called to her.

She gave me a look that suggested she had no interest in talking. She stopped, looked around, then asked, “Where are Mom and Dad?”

“Church,” I replied.

“Thank God,” she said with exasperation, then dropped her duffle bag and fell onto the couch adjacent to my place on the recliner.

“You look like pure shit, Chlo,” I said when she isn’t immediately say anything.

“Feel like it, too,” she responded. “I got tanked last night.”

“Is that why you didn’t go to Momo-Con?”

“Hunh?” she grunted, looking at me through blood-shot eyes.

“Momo-Con,” I repeated. “Why didn’t you go?”

“I went,” she said as she ran her hands down the length of her face and then through her hair. “How would you know, anyway?”

“Because Casibom Giriş I was there, too,” I told her, “and I didn’t see any Sailor Scouts, any Powerpuff Girls, or anything even remotely close to a group of girls in matching costumes.”

“You were at Momo-Con?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yeah, and you were right. I hooked up with this badass chick who did me up real good.”

“Well, good for you.” A pause, then she looked at me. “I got lucky, too,” followed by a laugh.

“Do tell.”

“Some asshat in a Darth Vader costume,” she said. “We got drunk, had sex, and I left him in his room around three a.m.”

My eyes felt like they had stretched as big around as pancakes. “Darth Vader, you say?”

“Yeah. It just kind of happened, not that I’m complaining. The guy really knew how to eat—that is, he really pleased me orally.”

I pondered that for a few seconds, then asked, “So, where were you and your girlfriends that I didn’t see you?”

“Well, Ginny’s grandmother died, so she couldn’t make it. Hermione’s parents announced that they were getting a divorce, so she stayed behind to see if she could help them patch things up—which reminds me, I need to call her—and Allison got the flu, so it was just Faith and I, and no sense in showing up as two of the five Sailor Scouts, so Faith went as Yuna from Final Fantasy and I went as Moonstone.”

“Uh … Moonstone, you say?”

“Yeah. I’m sure you have a comic or two with her in it.”

“Which version?”

“The original.”

“Silver helmet, white gloves and boots, and yellow spandex body suit that looks to be a size or two too small?”

“Oh, you saw me?”

I just stared, and stared, and stared, and stared, and then burst out in full, raucous laughter.


“Oh, Chloe,” I began. “Just remain blissfully secure in your ignorance where the world is one continuous parade of puppy dogs and rainbows.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Brad?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“I want to know.”

“You can’t handle the truth.”

“I can handle anything you throw my way.”

“Oh, really?”

“Try me.”

“I … Uh … I already did.”


“Chloe.” I began laughing again, but calmed myself enough to say, “I’m the asshat who was in the Darth Vader costume.”

She stared at me for all of fifteen seconds before saying, “You’re lying.”

“I wish I were.”

“Prove it.”

“You told me we wouldn’t remove our masks because you wanted total anonymity.”

Another long stare, then, “OhmyGod-OhmyGod-OhmyGod-OhmyGod-OhmyGod! I fucked my fucking brother.” She stood and began rapidly pacing back and forth. “Oh, God! Oh, God! This isn’t good.”

“Hey, if it’s any consolation, you gave me the best head I ever had.”

“Shut up!” She stood, grabbed her duffle bag, and went to her room. I didn’t see her again until after the folks got home from church. After lunch, Chloe followed me to my room and said, “We can never discuss this again. As far as I’m concerned, it didn’t happen.”

“Okay, but just answer one question for me?”

“Sure. What?”

“Did I really give you the best oral sex you ever had?”

“Brad. Please.”

“You said it. I want to know if it’s the truth.”

With a resigned sigh, Chloe said, “Yes. It was the best I ever had. Satisfied?” I smiled. She turned to leave, then asked, “You said the same thing, though. Were you lying?”

“It was awesome, Chlo. Seriously, the best I ever had.” She smiled, then left my room.

It was around four o’clock when left my room to grab a soda. Mom was cooking dinner and Dad was watching the Falcons and 49ers go at it. I hadn’t returned to my room a full two minutes when a light knocking came at my door. “Entrée,” I said from my place on the bed.

Chloe stuck her head around the corner of the door and said, “Brad? Can I get your opinion on something?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“It’s the new outfit for my Patreon account.”

“Yeah. Okay. Let’s see it.”

She pushed the door wide and stood before me wearing a black wig, black sheer bra, a black mini-skirt that was so short that it was more like a micro-skirt, and thigh-high white socks with black bands at the top. She then made her way to the foot of my bed and slowly spun. Both of her milky white ass cheeks were visible, and her crotch was barely covered by the skirt. “Damn,” I whispered.

“It’s my version of Wednesday Addams. Do you think people will like it?”

“Uh … Yeah. No doubt.”

“Do you like it?” she asked me.

“Uh-huh,” I answered as I nodded my head.

“There’s just one problem with it, though,” she said as she climbed onto my bed. She slithered up to my chest before sitting upright, then she lifted her skirt and said, “I can’t seem to find any matching panties.” I never saw what her pussy looked like last night because it was dark the whole time, but looking at it now? I felt a string of drool fall from my mouth. “Eat it, Brad. Eat it like you did last night.”

I grabbed her by the hips and slid under her. She timed it perfectly, her pussy meeting my mouth at just the right time. I ate her pussy good for her, you guys. I sucked her clit, ran my tongue inside her slit … I even dove a little deeper and sucked her butthole for her. It wasn’t until her third orgasm, though, that I remembered she hadn’t shut the door. I told her to, but she refused, and when I asked what she would do if Mom or Dad walked up on us, she said that was part of the excitement. She then flipped herself, pulled my cock from my shorts, and we sixty-nined for a full thirty minutes before I busted my load in her mouth. She crawled off me, then whispered, “We’re going to fuck after dinner.” I was ready to fuck right then and there, but I could wait.

We had spaghetti for dinner, and Chloe took her time eating it. She knew I was antsy, ready to fuck, so this was just to tease me, I’m sure. Mom and Dad went to night service, at which point Chloe told me to get a shower and then come to her room. I did as she said, and when I got to her room? Oh, man. I thought the Wednesday Addams thing was smoking hot, but she was now dressed as super-sexy Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

“Oh, my God,” I whispered, and my cock was immediately hard. “I want you to go down on me wearing those fangs,” I said as I lay on her bed. She did, taking her time to suck my cock right.

After about ten minutes of head, she said, “So, want to fuck me in the ass?”


“Really-really,” she responded, then rubbed some baby oil on her bum, then my cock. I stayed in place while she got on top. I felt my cock pierce her hot, tight asshole, and once inside it was the most glorious thing I had ever felt in my life. She liked it slow, so that’s how we did it, up and down, in and out, her tight asshole gripping my swollen cock every step of the way. She masturbated as she rode me, bringing herself to four orgasms. I don’t know how long we did it, but I eventually got mine, and she even let me cum in her ass before dismounting me and sucking me clean. She moved up and kissed me full on the lips, then said, “Just think of the fun we can have if we decide to keep doing this.”

“You don’t have to convince me,” I told her. “I’m all in.”

“My terms, though,” she added.

“Such as?”

“Whenever I want, wherever I want.”

“Hey, no problem,” I said with a laugh.

“I mean it, Brad. You balk on my, even once, and it’ll be over.”

I didn’t give much thought to the “when” and “where” of it, just to the fact that I was fucking my sister, who was totally into it, which is why I replied, “No balking. Your rules. Always.”

The following day, Chloe had me take her to Target to get some supplies. When we arrived home, I started to open my door but she pulled me back before stretching out on the seat and cocking her legs. “Come on, Brad. Fuck me.”

“Now?” I asked. I looked at my watch. “Come on, Chlo. Mom and Dad will be home in less than ten minutes.”

“Then you’d better make it a quickie,” she told me.

“Yeah, guys, my cock was hard. I wanted that pussy, so I pulled my pants down and fucked her right there in the driveway where anyone passing by could have seen us. I went hard, fast, and deep, and in five minutes time I was cumming all over her. With sweat pouring down my face, I pulled my pants back on and helped her take her stuff to her room. She kissed me and told me I was wonderful. I smiled and told her she was crazy.

Chloe didn’t initiate anything for the next three nights, then out of the blue, as our parents were watching one of their crime drama shows, Chloe had me sixty-nine her in the hallway just feet from where it met the living room. I’ll tell you, it really did seem like she got off on the notion of possibly getting caught.

One night she and I were in her room, just talking, and Mom knocked on the door and asked, “What are you two up to?”

“We’re having sex,” Chloe replied.

The door slung open and Mom stood there, just looking, then she frowned. “That’s nothing to joke about, you two.”

“What’s even worse is the fact that you believed me,” Chloe responded.

“Well … Dinner’s ready.”

“Be right there,” I said as I stood.

Mom turned and left. Chloe laughed. “Did you see the look on her face?”

“Why would you even say that?”

“I have my reasons,” is all she said.

A few nights later, and the same scenario. Mom knocked, asked what we were doing, and Chloe said, “Having sex.”

Mom burst in again, rolled her eyes, then said to me, “You take out the trash,” and to Chloe, “and you wash the dishes.” She then left.

“Again?” I asked. “Why?”

“You’ll see soon enough.”

A week later and happenstance dictated that the same scenario should present itself. Before Chloe and I began fucking, we knew Mom and Dad were dangerously close to coming home. Still, that was Chloe’s when and where, so we did it. Mom knocked, asked her question, and Chloe replied, “Having sex.” The door handle jiggled like a person had taken possession of it, then it jiggled again as it was released. Through the door, Mom said, “We’re going out to eat tonight. Fifteen minutes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32