Black Love: Virgin Edition

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My name is Charlene Joseph. A five-foot-eleven, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned and deliciously voluptuous Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Buffalo, New York. I’m a student at Buffalo State College, majoring in civil engineering. This right here is my story of making it in the fast-paced and often treacherous world of collegiate America. I’m something you’ve never seen before, folks, so please brace yourselves. A good Black woman in the United States of America who actually appreciates good Black men. Can I get a drum roll please?

The majority of Black females you meet in America don’t seem to appreciate good Black men. Plenty of Black men are hard-working, college-educated, law-abiding and God-fearing gentlemen. They’re not rare. There are plenty of them. I’ve met many at my school, Buffalo State College. And I’ve seen plenty of them at schools like Morehouse College, Florida State, the University of Massachusetts, Georgia State University, Bay State College, Clark-Atlanta University and other schools with significant numbers of Black males in their student body. There are plenty of decent Black men out there. The kind that would make good fathers and good husbands for family-oriented Black women. Unfortunately, these brothers are often overlooked by Black women. What gives?

Well, unlike so many sisters out there, I decided to play it smart. I met a tall, dark and handsome stud named Jerome Louis at Buffalo State College. He’s from the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. This native of New England recently graduated from Cardinal August High School, an elite all-male Catholic school. I was smitten with Jerome Louis the first time I laid eyes on him. I like big and tall young Black men with rugged good looks. So I did my homework on him. He came from an impressive family. His father, Sebastien Louis is a Haitian-American civil engineer who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987. He works for the city of Boston. His mother Elisabeth Monpoint Louis is a professor of literature at Emerson College in downtown Boston. His older brother Jonathan attends the prestigious Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Yeah, this brother was something else. Good looks, impressive background and lots of charm. My kind of man.

I came to Buffalo State College not only to get my degree and give myself the chance for a better tomorrow but also to get myself a man. For women today, college is the best time and place to meet your future husband. After college, you quickly find out that the pickings are slim. Most of the good men have already been snatched by other women. So what’s a gal to do? Stay single in the big city? Hell no! I see a lot of young Black women at Buffalo State College passing up the good Black men for the kind of men your mama warned you about. The thugs, the hustlers and the gangsters. Nothing against these type of men. I’m sure that thugs, gangsters and hustlers need love too. However, I’m a smart sister instead of a ghetto slut who can’t stay no to the bad men because her pussy’s eternally in heat. Pardon my French. I’m going to find myself a college-educated brother who’s going places instead of a thug. Thank you very much.

I decided to have the sexy Jerome Louis for myself. Unlike most of the men on campus, he was actually shy. I didn’t think shy young Black men existed. I’ve lived in the city of Buffalo my entire life and most of the men around here are a cocky, wildly outgoing bunch.. Jerome kept to himself for the most part. He wasn’t an athlete or a cocky party man. He was always at the campus Maltepe Escort Bayan library, doing research or simply reading a book. The man was into some heavy reading. I’ve seen him check out the works of world-famous African-American scholars like Maya Angelou, Henry Louis Gates and W.E.B. Dubois. I also caught him reading the works of foreign writers like the German philosopher Nietzsche and the Chinese military genius Sun Tzu. This man was amazing. Handsome, friendly, and smart as a whip. I had to get him for myself before some other woman stole him away.

Competition for available handsome young Black men is fierce between the young Black women at Buffalo State College. And we’ve always got to compete with the Hispanic women and the white women because they can’t seem to keep their hands off our young Black men. Not that most of our young Black men are putting up much of a fight. So I approached Jerome, and introduced myself. He was reading a book by Henry Louis Gates, one of my favorite writers. I surprised him because I knew everything about both the book and its author. For the next hour, Jerome and I sat down and talked about the book. We also talked about college life, lousy cafeteria food, the poor condition of most dorms at school and Black politics in Buffalo City. The usual, everyday stuff, you know?

Jerome was simply amazing. If his good looks were what first drew me in, his easygoing manner and intelligence are what kept my attention. I wanted him so badly. So we exchanged numbers, and I set out to seduce him. I added him as a friend on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. We talked to each other at night, and also dined together in the school cafeteria. Yeah, I was working my way into this handsome young Black college man’s life. He asked me about my family. Well, that was easy. I’m very proud of my family. My father Lionel Joseph is a Sergeant with the Buffalo Metropolitan Police Department. My mother Jeannette Joseph is the owner of Chez Jeannette, a Haitian-themed restaurant in downtown Buffalo. My brother Jackson is a detective with the NYPD. We do alright for ourselves. Jerome was pleased to hear that. And I’m glad. We had a lot in common. Two Haitian-American students from hard-working families attending college in one of America’s toughest cities. And we were actually thriving. How about that?

I was falling in love with Jerome. The man was so handsome and so sweet. He was really nice to me and always there when I needed him. I was really, really attracted to him. However, I wasn’t sure if he was attracted to me. We’ve been to the movie theater together at the Galleria Mall, where we caught Black Dynamite. The movie was awesome, but Jerome did little more than hold my hand through the flick. I’m used to men being much bolder when they’re with me. Looks like I’d have to make the first move this time. And so I did. Jerome was handing me the popcorn when I suddenly kissed him on the lips. You should have seen the look on his handsome face. The brother was stunned. He hesitated, then kissed me back. His kiss was…uncertain. I didn’t know what to make of that, so I chucked it up to surprise. The long drive back to the dorm was awkward.

I didn’t know what to make of Jerome’s behavior. Wasn’t he attracted to me? I knew he was. I’ve caught him checking out my booty several times when he thought I wasn’t looking. So what was the problem? I dialed up my mom and told her about Jerome. At times like these, I needed her experience and wisdom. She told me something I hadn’t considered. Jerome’s the son of deeply religious people and Maltepe Escort he went to Catholic school. There was a possibility that he wasn’t used to bold young women French kissing him in public. So I decided to cool my jets and take things slow. I dialed things back a notch. I observed Jerome. The man was so friendly to everyone on campus. He volunteered to work with the homeless. He helped at-risk students in the tutoring center. How could a man be this handsome and this nice and still be single? I was determined to help him out of his predicament. By any means of necessary.

One Friday night, Jerome was expecting me in his dorm to help me study for a big test. I ended up surprising the hell out of him. I went to the Galleria Mall and bought a sexy red negligee. It’s not easy for a five-foot-eleven, 230-pound Black woman to find sexy lingerie in her size but I did. They had what I needed. I showed up at Jerome’s dorm with my books, and my red negligee under my long black trench coat. The sight of my sexy curvy body rendered this six-foot-one, 250-pound Black stud speechless. Jerome gasped, and asked me what I was doing. I kissed him, and then entered the room, closing the door behind me. Jerome stood before me, apparently frozen. I wrapped my arms around him and asked him what he thought. He mumbled something about me looking good. Truth is that he looked nervous as hell. I took his big hands and placed them on my big, round ass. I told him to relax. Looking into his eyes, I felt my heart well up with love for him. My big and tall, super polite and super sexy Black gentleman. Jerome bit his lip, then told me something which shocked me. He told me he’d never done it before. Yes, that kind of it.

If lightning struck me that night, I wouldn’t have been more shocked. Jerome was a virgin? My Jerome? The big and tall, ruggedly handsome Black stud half the women on campus were dying to sleep with? All the gals were talking about him. The Black women. The Hispanic women. The White women. The jocks. The nerds. The hippies. And this manly Black stud was still a virgin! Amazing. Simply amazing. Jerome looked deeply embarrassed. I told him not to worry. All of a sudden, so many things about him made sense. His discomfort when I kissed him in the movie theater. How he got nervous whenever I touched him. All the signs of Virgin Man Syndrome. Yet I missed all those signs. Wow. Jerome and I sat on the bed together. We had some talking to do.

Jerome told me how he spent most of his time in either school or church. Attending an all-male school did wonders for his academic skills, but it left him socially awkward around women. He told me that I was the first person he kissed. Well, the first person other than his mother or cousins to kiss him. I sighed. That was so sweet. This was so awkward for him. I could tell. Well, it was awkward for me too. I lost my virginity to a young Black man I knew my whole life, my friend Jefferson Wilkins. We were freshmen together at Buffalo State. He left me for a white cheerleader named Meredith. I had almost sworn off men altogether until I met Jerome. My Jerome. The tall, dark and handsome, superbly masculine stud. The genius whose academic works earned him praise from the school’s president.. Wow.

We lay side by side on his king-sized bed as we shared our stories. Jerome told me how he fell in love with a gal named Joanna, a pretty Haitian gal, only to have her stolen by his best friend Randy. He dated Joanna for years and they had a serious relationship going on when Randy came and messed it up. He’d been alone ever Escort Maltepe since. And he’d never made love to anyone in his life. That was the source of his embarrassment and the reason behind much of his shyness. He stayed away from most of the wildly outgoing men and gals on campus because he knew it would mean the end of him if they knew he was the campus virgin. I smiled sadly when he told me this. Sex is so different for men and gals. Virgin women are seen as sexy by both women and men. Virgin men are either seen as targets of ridicule or they’re hounded by horny gay men and lovelorn mature women. Either way they were in a bind.

I looked at Jerome, and once again my heart swelled in my chest. He was so…beautiful. Big and tall, and ruggedly handsome. Sexy without trying, but with a kind of surprising innocence in his eyes. I wanted him so badly right then and there. So I kissed him again. This time, he didn’t resist. My hands roamed all over his sexy body. Jerome hesitated when my hands went for his belt, but I told him to relax. In no time I had him naked. I gazed at his fine, masculine body. Hot damn, this brother was hot! I saw his manhood and gasped. It was both long and thick. He was also uncut, like my dad and uncles. That’s cool. Doesn’t bother me a bit. I reached for his manhood. Jerome held his breath. Smiling, I kissed a path from his lips to his groin while stroking his manhood.

I looked into his eyes while slowly taking his dick into my mouth. Jerome gasped as I began sucking his dick. I took my sweet time as I worked my magic on him. I wanted his first time to be special. He was tense, and kept fidgeting. I stopped sucking him briefly and told him to relax. Then I went on with what I was doing. I stroked his balls while sucking him off. Jerome closed his eyes as I worked him over. While sucking him, I slid one finger into his ass. His eyes snapped open, but he didn’t protest. I slid two fingers into his ass. Yeah, he liked it. If only he knew what kind of kinky woman I am. I’ve got dildos in my dorm and I’ve been known to fuck men in the ass during casual sexual encounters. Other times I like it when guys bend me over to fuck me in the ass. Jerome wasn’t ready for all that yet. But he liked my style and that’s cool. I worked him over orally and manually until he came. Jerome screamed as he came. I watched his magnificent cock as he erupted. Then I surprised the both of us by drinking every last bit of his cum. He tasted saltier, and better than other men.

That night, we had a lot of fun together. Jerome lost his virginity to me. He was nervous about the whole thing, but I reassured him. There’s a first time for everything and everyone. Even sexy Black super studs like Jerome Louis. I put a condom on his dick, then climbed on top of him. And I rode him until he had me begging for mercy. My man’s magnificent cock filled my pussy and I screamed in delight as he fucked me silly. For an ex-virgin, Jerome was certainly a quick learner. Arms wrapped around each other, we made love. Looking into his eyes as, amazingly, we both came at the same time was an experience I’d never forget. Simply amazing. It was one of the best nights of my life.

Jerome and I are together now. I have a lot to teach him but he’s the most dedicated student ever. My man wants to make up for lost time and I’m definitely eager to help him do that. People like seeing us walking around, hand in hand. I’m a beautiful Black female college student who’s dating a handsome, charming and absolutely amazing Black male college student. Proof that the Black love is still alive. Especially the love between Black college men and Black college women. My Jerome and I are inseparable, and we get along great. We’re eager to meet each other’s parents. Something we’ll get around to real soon. Life is good.

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