Birthday Surprises Ch. 06

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Traffic was backed up on the highway, typical during a rain in the desert; No one here has any clue about driving in any sort of weather. We finally reached our exit, and I pulled onto the main road leading back to our neighborhood, as we began passing the shopping areas.

“I’m hungry,” Ann stated flatly. “Let’s get something to eat.”

“Pick a place,” I answered her.

“Here on the right, that steak place,” she mentioned.

This family style steak place wasn’t on my list of ‘top favorites’ and wasn’t of ‘birthday celebration’ caliber, however by the way we were casually dressed, it was appropriate for tonight.

I parked and helped her out of the truck and escorted her inside through the driving rain. By the time we entered the restaurant, we were both soaked. Ann’s white oxford clung to her breasts, had it not been for her red camisole underneath, she might as well have been naked. Her auburn hair was soaked; she gently shook it out, letting her natural dark curls take shape framing her face. We were seated at a booth in the corner of the restaurant, much quieter corner than the rest of the place.

The waitress was at our table a moment later, thoughtfully bringing a couple small towels for us to help dry ourselves off. She seemed to be about 18 or 19, closely cut blonde hair that was spiked on top. Her extremely petite figure, maybe a large A cup, tiny waist and small ass was obvious by her tight fitting clothing. She seemed to glance at me but took her time giving Ann the “once-over”.

“I’m Alison!” her perky voice exclaimed, she glanced at me and back to Ann, “and I’m her to serve you….errr…..I’ll be your server this evening.” Ann chuckled, noticing the girls Freudian slip. Ann looked incredible, even if she was just in out of the rain. The waitress was gone in a flash and we quickly decided what to order.

“I’m still drenched,” Ann mentioned. She removed her oxford, and was beginning to pat down her shoulders and arms to dry them, just as our cute little waitress returned. Ann’s soaking wet camisole did nothing to hide her perfect C-cups, her iron hard nipples pushing through the thin fabric. Alison took notice as well, beginning to stammer through her next address.

“I thought you…..ah…might be….ready to…areola, I mean, order,” she paused, blushing wildly, “I’ll be right back!” she turned on her heel and was gone in a flash.

I laughed out loud. “Geez, baby, you think you could make the poor girl a little more nervous with those loaded weapons?”

Ann sneered back laughing “What do you mean, my Weapons of Mass Distraction?”

“Yeah!” I replied, “poor Alison is probably in the back trying to compose herself, I think she likes you!”

“Only one way to find out,” Ann replied, and flashed me the devil’s grin I’ve seen a couple times today. My antep escort cock throbbed in my jeans, just that look, with the rain glistening off her upper chest, and nipples staring straight at me, was enough to make me ready right here.

Moments later, Alison came back, she tried not to stare at Ann, but that only lasted a few seconds. Ann pretended not to notice.

“Sweety,” Ann started in a casual tone, “can you recommend anything that’ll warm a girl up? I’ve never been so wet in my whole life!” and smiley coyly at Alison.

I thought Alison was going to fall over herself. Her mouth fell open momentarily, taking all of my little Ann in, looking her up and down again, surely undressing her with her mind. Regaining her composure, she recommended the sirloin and garlic mashed potatoes, Ann ordered them, I ordered the same, all the while watching Alison’s reaction to Ann’s body.

Alison left, and without missing a beat Ann looked at me and quietly said, “geez hun, you’d think she’d never seen a pair of these before,” and she pulled the top of her camisole down, exposing both her breasts to me right there in the restaurant. My cock leaped and was instantly hard, pressing against and straining the fabric of my jeans. Her perfect milky white breasts bobbled in my view her hard pink nipples staring back at me, all wet from the rain. My eyes must have popped out of my head momentarily, before scanning the room quickly; no one could see her but me. She smiled that devil’s smile again and pulled her camisole back up. Covering herself as best as soaking wet silk can cover up anything.

My cock was raging in my pants, and I felt pressure against my jeans. I looked down to find a bare foot, Ann’s foot, gently rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, “it doesn’t take much to get you going now does it?”

My only reply was, “you know how quickly you can get me, and keep me hard.” and I gave her my own grin.

She continued her pressure a little more urgently than before, running her soft foot against the rough, wet denim, my heavy cock trying to break free of the confines of the Levis. The sensation felt good, so good I was almost willing to drop my pants right there if she’d finish me, but I remembered what she said earlier, and I knew this was just a tease. I enjoyed her attention, stroking my cock with her foot, up and down my entire length, making sure to keep eye contact with me the entire time. Damn, I wanted to cum right then, she had me so hard, and my balls were boiling again. She could tell by my facial expressions and light moaning that she could have finished me.

Next thing I knew our food arrived, and the foot disappeared again. I was pretty sure Alison knew something was up from my facial expression at the moment she and I made eye contact, she just smiled and set our dinner on the table. We enjoyed ourselves, discussing everything from the last hockey game we watched to a light hearted debate on what band was a better concert.

Alison seemed to stop by every few minutes, now completely ignoring me, and directing her conversation toward Ann exclusively. Each time she lingered, drinking in Ann’s sexuality. Ann made a few more suggestive comments, keeping Alison on her toes.

Dinner raced by and before I knew it, I was signing the check and we were ready to leave. When I noticed that Alison had placed two checks on the table, Ann had opened hers, and was turning it around for me to see.

I smiled as I read it, it was a business card for the restaurant, with what must have been her cell number scribbled in below, and “call me!” added afterward.

“I think you have an admirer,” I mentioned as I got up. Ann just smiled.

Ann took the number and placed it in the pocket of her shorts. She stretched as I helped her with her shirt; she made sure and gave everyone a good look that might have caught a glace at her firm breasts barely contained in her silk top. She turned smiled at me, gave me a peck on the cheek, and led me out of the restaurant by my hand.

She might as well have been holding my cock they way she had me standing at attention. I shoved the other hand in my pocket; it was all I could do to hide my obvious bulge as we made our way out. Thankfully the rain had subsided as we walked to the truck.

Once at the truck she pushed me against it roughly. Grabbing my cock in my jeans and shoving her tongue into my mouth. She kissed me passionately as her hands tugged down my zipper. Her hand quickly fumbled into my pants, grabbing my cock brutally and yanking me out into the cold night air. Before I could even gasp she was squatting in front of me, taking my hard member into her mouth. She deep throated me twice, then pulled off me, and looked up at me.

“Do you want to cum for me right now?” she groaned.

I nearly let go immediately, “yes, fuck yes!” I moaned back as she took my length into her throat again, her head bobbing frantically on my stiff dick. I neared orgasm again, my balls began to tighten. My cock engorged itself and thickened in her grasp and in her mouth.

She pulled off immediately, and stood up, looking me square in the eye. “You won’t cum until I let you, got it!” and she smiled wide.

I just stared a hole through her; my cock was ready to explode. Anger coming to a boil that I was this close and she was denying me that pleasure just as she had before, my cock began to soften in the cold night air.

“I want that big heavy load that’s boiling right now all over my face stud, but not a minute before I say so, okay?” she said sweetly.

This girl was amazing, here we are in a parking lot of a busy restaurant and she has complete control over my body. I wanted her to finish me off, but I knew she had something spectacular waiting. I smiled, tucked myself away, zipped up and helped her into the truck. Making my way around the back of the truck and opened the door.

What I saw next nearly caused me to fall over and cum in my pants. As I opened the door, here was Ann naked from the waist down, she’d thrown her left leg up over the seats and sat against the door rubbing her clit furiously. “Fuck, sucking your cock makes me wet!” she growled as I hoped into the truck, closing the door, my cock sprung back to life in my pants.

The sight of Ann rubbing her bald pussy was exquisite. She pulled her white shirt open, and pulled her red little top up over her breasts kneading them with one hand as the other ribbed at her clit with furious motion. My cock strained to be let out, I wanted to shove myself deep into her pussy right then. Watching her manipulate herself for me was quite the sight, the cab lights dimmed, but she was still perfectly illuminated by the lights in the parking lot. I could see her pinching her nipples, tugging on them as her hand sped up the attention to her pussy; her wetness sparkled in the light. She began breathing heavy, and I could tell she was close.

“You want to fuck me baby?” she asked, now panting.

“You know I do sexy,” I replied staring into her green eyes.

“Tell me what you’d do to me stud, tell me everything, make me cum for you!” she cried. Her breathing now increasing further, she alternated between rubbing her clit and stuffing two fingers inside her now sopping pussy.

I watched her for another second, wanting to tear into her right there. “I want to pull out this raging hard on I have right now,” I started “and I want to ram it to the hilt deep into your tight little pussy! I am going to slam it in and out of you hard, just the way you like it, over and over, filling you completely! Stuffing this cock in and out of your quivering cunt until you explode all over me, and I cum inside you, finally filling you with my hot cum!”

“Unnngghhhhhh!” was all she exclaimed as she rubbed her clit furiously, her ass leaving the seat of the truck, flexing her cunt into the air, as a single stream of her cum left her pussy, arching toward me, and landing on my shirt on my chest and stomach.

I watched this, willing to do anything at this point, but wanting to bury myself inside her. I know I’d cum in the first thrust, I needed a release.

Ann sensed my wanton longing for release. She straightened up, and leaned over, “Thank you baby, don’t worry baby, in just a little bit you are going to be pumping your seed all over my pretty little face, and we’re going to tape it so you can watch it over and over whenever you like!”

I started the truck and squealed the tires leaving the parking lot; I couldn’t get us home fast enough.

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