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I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. All I can think of are your lips on mine, your hands caressing my body, your flesh pressed tight to my own. Tonight, I’m taking you from your dreams into mine.

I’ve prepared myself specially, just for you. I seem to do it anyways, whenever you’re on my mind. I subconsciously dress sexier, use more “va-va-voom” make-up, and have a particular sway in my hips that makes me feel like a sizzling temptress. I’ve put on my favorite scent, all the right places are shaved smooth, and I’m wearing my sexiest lingerie.

With careful hands, I lift your comforter and sheets and slide in beside you, taking care not to unduly jounce the bed. I want to keep you asleep for as long as I can. I snuggle close, barely touching, but enough to breathe in your scent as I press feather-light kisses along the nape of your neck, trailing down your spine and back up. My fingers gently rub your shoulders, and I hear your murmur quietly in your sleep. My touch eases, but stays steady and constant, and soon you are at peace again, relaxed and comfortable in your warm cocoon.

My fingers ease down your side, reaching your bare hips. I smile in delight, knowing that you haven’t disappointed me in your habits. Tonight, as usual, you are sleeping nude… which gives me wonderful access. Draping my arm lightly over your waist, I let my fingers dangle temptingly at your groin. My sensitive fingertips brush your velvety softness, and I chuckle quietly as your member jumps as if in surprise. In a teasing mood, I let my finger circle the tip gently, over and over, with just enough firmness to not tickle.

You respond easily, your breathing Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort already getting deeper and rougher even as your cock begins to harden, thrusting into my hand in eager anticipation. You shift, rolling onto your back, and my breathing quickens as my imagination runs more wild than the throbbing in my pussy. Eager to wake you, I move carefully on your bed to position my moist hotbox over your face, hovering in the perfect spot for you to inhale my feminine arousal. Too horny to go slow, I lower my head over your rapidly growing cock and breathe hot air onto your tip. It jumps, and opening my mouth, I engulf your head into the wet heat of my mouth, cradling your entire on my tongue, my lips kissing the skin at your base.

I pause there, your shaft half-flaccid in my mouth, and let the situation sink into your dreams. I don’t even have to wait, for you continue hardening, and I moan in delight. I feel you shift again beneath me, and I gasp through your cock, legs wobbling slightly, as I feel your tongue follow the deep crevice between my smooth pussy lips. Heat washes through my core, almost making me black out, but your tip butting against the back of my throat keeps me in reality, and I swallow reflexively, trying to keep from gagging.

My knees almost buckle as your talented tongue finds my swollen clit, swirling and suckling it. In a desperate attempt to keep you going, I begin deep-throating you, rising up to your tip, swirling my tongue, then delving back down, kissing your base, before rising up again. My hips buck against your mouth, grinding your lips in near ecstasy. I shudder as your tongue sheathes itself inside, pistoning in and out of my delicious depths even as I bob on your shaft.

I moan as best I can through my mouth-ful of cock, and grab your hands to place them on my breasts, having you cup their heavy fullness in your palms, letting you feel my pebbled nipples. I can feel your guttural moan vibrating my pussy, and I raise my head, licking my lips. “You like this for an alarm clock, baby? You enjoy waking up to a bare pussy straddling your face? Or do you just like that I was swallowing your cock?”

You don’t answer, and I collapse onto my elbows as you give my nipples an extra hard pinch while nibbling my sensitive clit between your sharp front teeth, shuddering from the onslaught of sensations. “Oh fuck, baby… you always know how to get me going.” I grind into your mouth, greedily begging for more, but you turn your head in denial. It’s okay; I know what you want. I know you want to pound my tight cunt… I know you want my luscious tits hanging above your face while I ride you… I know, quite simply, that you want me as much as I want you.

Swinging a leg over, I turn to face you. Kneeling by your side, I lean down, kissing you, letting my nipples scrape against your chest. You give a guttural grunt, saying to me, “Take off that fucking nightgown, sexy.” I oblige immediately, peeling it off over my head and tossing it to the floor. Not saying a word, you grab my hips, and looking into your eyes, I straddle you, slowly impaling my dripping wet cunt with your rigid shaft, throwing my head back in delight as I release a long, low moan. Seated, I rock forward and back, my nails raking across your chest as I make a tempo. Your hands hasten my journey, and soon I’m riding you fast, flesh making a slapping sound as it meets your own.

Your hands slide down to my asscheeks, cupping them firmly, as you adjust and guide my movements to meet your own firm thrusts. Soon, this isn’t enough, and you twist, turning us together so that now it’s my own back on the bed, while you are on your knees, pounding yourself into my eager body. I grab your wrists firmly, staring at you as I groan and writhe with your movements. My hips rise to meet yours, and I move your hands to my tits, begging you, “Please, baby, grab me, squeeze me. I need your hands on me!” You oblige, a wicked glint in your eye as you roughly knead my mounds. I throw my head back, an almost feral cry emerging from my throat followed by frenzied, heavy breathing as I try to stave off my orgasm.

“Don’t fight it, babe,” you urge me, “I’m aching to feel you.” Encouraged, I tighten my insides, gripping you tightly, enjoying the feel of you pumping in and out. “Look at me,” you whisper hoarsely, and I open my eyes half-way, trying to focus on you, but before I can, convulsions wrack my frame, and I shudder ferociously, my head thrown back to release loud cries of ecstasy. Barely have I drift back to earth before your hand reaches between us to stimulate my already highly-sensitized clit. I cry out again, going straight back to my orgasm, my legs wrapping around your waist to pull you in closer. Dimly, through the haze, I feel you reach your own release, made more recognizable by the way you twist my breasts in your palms.

Panting, you rest on your elbows, kissing my face and nuzzling my neck, and I turn tiredly to kiss your lips. “Give me half a hour of sleep,” I whisper with a smile, “and I’ll give you another good ride.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32