Angelina Ch. 01

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When Casey met his older cousin, Angelina, he was instantly attracted to her. Floored by her beauty, he could barely speak around her. She was 27 years old, 6′ tall, had eyes so deeply blue they appeared violet in color, long black hair past her ass, and the most beautiful curves. Her large breasts complimented those curves.

Angelina was living in Los Angeles at the time they met. Casey had just turned 18 and as a graduation present his mother bought him a plane ticket to LA to stay with her for the summer. They were both musicians, so she figured they would have a good time together.

On his first night there Angelina tried to convince him to go to bed early.

“Casey, you’re exhausted, you need to sleep. You look so tired.”

“Thanks, but I’m too excited to sleep. I just want to sit in front of this window forever and watch the world take place.”

“Okay. You know what would be more fun, though? Why don’t we go chill out in the hot tub? It’s extremely relaxing.”

They both changed into their bathing suits and met back at the living room. Casey was wearing Casibom an old black pair of shorts and Angelina was radiant in a barely-there red bikini that revealed every single curve of her body. By looking at her bikini bottom he could tell that her pussy was completely smooth. The thought of being able to touch it, kiss it, lick it.. it drove him completely crazy. He wanted to tell her how gorgeous she was, but he didn’t want her to think he was a pervert.

Angelina grabbed his hand and led him out on the balcony where the hot tub was. She slowly stepped in and situated herself, expecting him to do the same, but he hesitated.

“Casey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing. I’m just cold, I guess.”

“Well, get in, silly! This water is fucking amazing.”

As Casey was stepping into the hot tub he felt his life flash before his eyes. He wanted her so bad he could barely think straight. When he was comfortable, Angelina moved closer to him, with her naked leg touching his naked leg. Just as soon as their skin touched, Casey’s dick got painfully hard. Casibom Giriş He reached down to touch it, but realized she was there next to him and stopped.

Angelina put her hand on his thigh, squeezed, and laid her soft face on his shoulder. Casey could feel her lips touching his neck, her breath caressing his skin, and her eyelashes stroking him when she blinked.

“I have to tell you.. I am wildly attracted to you right now.. and I don’t think this is helping my circulation,” he said.

“I can see from here just how wild.”

“And that doesn’t bother you?”

Angelina lifts her head away from his body and lifts up. She puts her hands on her breasts to caress them, moves them between her breasts, and releases them from her bikini top. The top falls into the hot tub and floats a few feet away. Casey moves his face forward, grabs her face, and kisses her. She grabs his free hand and puts it on her right breast. He squeezes it and pinches her nipple while she moans in his mouth.

She pulls away from him and hops up onto the edge of the hot tub, staring Casibom Güncel Giriş at him, hoping he will take the initiative. She puts her hand slowly down her bikini to caress her wet pussy. Casey moves closer to her as she sticks her finger further into her pussy. Before his lips can touch her body, she pulls her soaked finger out, traces it on his lips, and slowly licks his lips clean.

He moves his head down her body, kissing her skin on his way. When he reaches her bikini, he unties each side with his teeth and throws that piece in the hot tub as well. As he moves further down still, he kisses her stomach, traveling down to her smooth pussy lips. He starts by lightly kissing on the outside, all around, then penetrates her lips with his tongue.. slowly.

Moving in closer, he surrounds her clit with his lips and sucks gently. With his lips around and his tongue circling her clit, he slides a finger inside, fucking her faster and faster. He moves up and replaces his finger with his dick, keeping up with the pace of her heartbeat felt through their chests.

They fuck so fast and hard that she is left with bruises and abrasions on her skin from the concrete that aren’t found until the next morning.

“Damn, baby, I can’t tell if I had a good time or if you kicked my ass. Maybe it was both,” she said.

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