And I do, 2007

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In bed at night you touch yourself, and as you ever so lightly glide your fingers across yourself you wonder if I saw you masturbating, you wonder if I’m now touching myself thinking about you. And I am.

I like to watch you, touching yourself. I like watching you lay in the semi-darkness in your bed at night; I listen to your breathing, the sounds of you sliding against the sheets, your breath, purring, your legs open.

I can see you shaved and I’m struck with a flash of excitement, my cock gets immediately, vigorously hard. I can see the smooth bareness of your inner-thighs, your hand between them, your breasts and belly glowing, your eyes closed, your mouth slightly open, your hair around your face. I think about coming in the room, kneeling next to the bed, touching you kissing you. I think about you sitting on my lap rubbing yourself on my hardening cock, squeezing and pulling on it, making me hard. You ask me if I want you to put me in your mouth, and I say, yes, put me in your mouth, baby, and you do, saying in almost a whisper, I love sucking you, baby.

I rub your beautiful pussy, I touch your legs, your round sexy feminine bottom, your back, the touch like electric velvet. You slide your bottom toward me so I can reach you, and I do. You use both hands on me, you lick the head of my cock and then take me into your mouth again as I feel the smooth-softness of you, and how wet you are. My fingers dance over your pussy, don’t they baby. Show me your beautiful little pussy, baby, and you do. Were you touching yourself while you watched me? I was. You breathe in. You suck me deeper into your mouth.

I Casibom love your figure, your curves, I love watching you, your mouth on my hard cock. I roll you over, and we 69. I love licking your pussy, flicking your clit with my tongue, mouthing you. You lay your full weight flat on me and you’re weightless, my belly touching your belly, your breasts brushing my stomach. I bite at the insides of your creamy thighs run my hands over your back, run my hands up and inside your thighs, I reach around to feel your breasts, lick you as you suck me into your mouth, your hand moving up and down, fused, utterly in lust for each other.

We lay back together, my arm behind you, your head on my shoulder. I reach around your neck, over your shoulder, trace a line around and to your breast, to your nipple, squeeze lightly and then more firm. You ask me to touch you, to suck on your sweet little titties, to touch your sweet little pussy, and I do. I ask, do you like it baby, do you like it the way I touch you? yes, you answer, you touch me the way I like to be touched… you know just how to touch me, don’t you?

You open your legs wider, open yourself to me, for me, give yourself, your belly and breasts exposed, your neck and face, your lips, your eyes, and I marvel at you, lightly lightly rubbing circles over your bare mound, lightly playing over your clit with a touch so delicate it’s like breath, a breeze, the ocean. I lick the underside of your breasts, sucking harder on first one breast and then the other, taking your nipples in my mouth, rolling my tongue around them, sucking them into the wet hot of my Casibom Giriş mouth.

Your hips roll to my touches, my cock is hot, aches, swells, jumps, leaves wet trails on your leg as you press your thigh against it. You feel it, don’t you. You know I’m hard for you, don’t you, baby. You know you make me crazy for you, don’t you. Touch me, touch my cock. You sigh a breath of excited eroticism, and you do, barely at first, loosely wrapping your fingers around me, lightly wrapping your fingers around me. I feel big, and hard, and hot for you, baby, and I get bigger in your hand, don’t I. You squeeze, and I moan, you roll the head in your fingers, play over it, satiny, rigid, thick, and I begin fucking your hand, don’t I. Kiss me, I whisper, put your tongue in my mouth, and you do.

You roll toward me onto your side, lift your thigh and put your knee on my thigh, and touch the head of my cock to the heat of your soft little pussy. I feel your folds, the creamy hot wetness of you, and I crave you, ache for you, want to fuck you. You open your mouth saying, kiss me, and you slide your tongue in my mouth, and we kiss madly, hotly. I am lost in your kiss, made crazy in that kiss, our tongues lashing at one another, giving up all control.

In one fluid motion you climb on top of me, straddle me, your beautiful breasts above me. We gaze into each others eyes as you slide back, and forth, over my length, and back again, rocking your wetness along me, your lips wrapping around me like a breeze of heat as I lean up and lick your nipple, take your breast in my mouth, and suck. You like that don’t you, baby. Casibom Güncel Giriş You lower yourself to me, your belly touching mine as I cup your other breast in the palm of my hand, it’s a sensuous warmth and I suck the nipple of the other into my mouth. My hips move up toward you are in rhythm with you, my cock sliding along your pussy, wet with you. I like it when you sit on me, my hands free to touch you to reach behind you and play with your soft beautiful pussy, I say into your ear rubbing your clit licking the under swell of your breasts sucking on your nipples touching you all over as you touch just the head of my cock to your pussy, yes, touch me, more, you breathe.

I feel you, the head of my cock inside you, your belly pressed forward. I reach out and touch your belly rub my thumb over your mound as you guide my cock into you, slide into you, deeper, slow and then inside you, and you squeeze me tighter, you squeeze me inside you, deep inside you, my cock filling you, up and down, pulling on my cock with your sweet little pussy, showing me what a sexy lover you are. Our bodies meld, we pull tight against each other. My cock slides up inside you, your pussy squeezes my thickness and I pull your mouth to mine. I pull you down harder onto me, closer against me, your whole body available to me in my arms. I spread your shiny wet sex, slide my fingers in your juices, over your clit while I push my cock deeper into your sweet little pussy. I feel my cock sliding inside you with my fingers, I feel myself, my hardness, so big gliding up inside you, I touch my cock, in and then of your delicious warm sex.

You put your tongue in my mouth, we swirl around each other, the heat between us rises, you slide up and down the length of me, we have a perfect rhythm, your pussy so hot, my cock so hard. Fuck me, baby, you breathe hotly, fuck me, fuck me, Daddy, and I do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32