An Exercise in Pleasing Her

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Look at her, standing there in front of you while you sit. Now help her out of her clothes. Maybe keep the panties for good measure. Imagine how aroused she is. She’s horny, it’s obvious, the way she has been provocatively posing so sexually all day, teasing you. Imagine her arousal, she can’t control it, spilling out of her heat onto the gusset of her bikini, or thong. Victoria’s Secret. Think of how wet she’s getting. She can’t control it. She aches to be touched, to touch herself.

Now pull those panties off slowly. Maybe a string of her juices stretches as the confluence of the fabric that was so tightly held against her pussy is peeled off and down her legs. Can you smell her yet? There’s nothing you want more, and nothing she wants more, than to be with your head between her legs smelling her scent, and pleasuring her with your desirous tongue. But wait, take it slow. Let the desire build.

After the panties are removed, they’re set aside for a reminder later, a time capsule of her lust. Now look at her again, completely naked. Look at her face, delighted in the aspect of what’s to come. Look at her hair, her breasts, the soft curves of her torso, and her hips down to her long smooth legs. Everything about her is a perfect embodiment of feminine beauty. She is woman. Now look at her back—soft outlines of her spine and shoulder blades lead down to the small of her back, in itself a beautiful sight, but tempting and teasing of what lies just below. The pert curves of her butt meld perfectly into her back, and her legs.

Again, you, and she, want to feel contact so bad, to feel your bodies and hands all over. Now follow her curves to her center, her most private and precious part, flowing with her nectar, the essence of her, from her belly button down to the slight mound above the lips of her inner thighs. A tiny wisp of downy fur leads the way. It’s light brown, lighter than her gorgeous hair. Look at the slit that is the parting of her labia. Her skin is softest there. It’s amazing, how could her skin be any softer? You can barely see the pink flesh of her inner labia, and her clit, swollen with desire. A tiny glare glistens on it, an indication of her uncontrolled moistness.

She lets out a soft moan when you lay your hands on her. You rest them just her shoulders, feeling the Bayan Eskort softness of her skin. She gently sways as you lightly glide your hands over her curves, down her torso, you lightly circle her breast and her nipple peaks at the touch. More firm now, but still gentle, you rest your full hands on her breasts, cupping the warm soft flesh. Her eyes are closed. You glance back down at her heat, glistening more now. As she slowly thrusts her pelvis forward, trying to find something to touch her, you see her nectar has overflowed from within and now glistens on her outer lips.

You take her left nipple into your mouth, sucking it softly. She whimpers. She wants, needs, to be pleased. You let your hands wander more, drifting down her sides to her hips. You just hold her for a moment, fighting every whim of your body to pull her against you. Slowly, your hands wander back and down, cupping her perfect butt. Drifting more, they meet at the bottom of her smooth crevasse and you graze her pussy. She notices, just as you do. Such a graze is explosive and tantalizing. You feel just a bit of wetness on your hand, it nearly breaks your will, but you tease on.

You pull her to you by her butt, and again take her nipple into your mouth, only this time, with the warmth of her body against yours. She’s already breathing loudly, and you can feel her trying to press herself against you. You remove your mouth, but replace it with a hand. You kiss below her breast. Then lower. And Lower. You meander around her torso to her belly button and lightly trace it with your tongue. You swear you can smell her now, so close to her source, but with the fury within you, it could be imagined.

You remove your hand from her chest, and trace your fingers down to meet her belly button, just looking at her as you do this. She’s looking down at you, her eyes begging to be pleased, begging for you to dive into her and taste her. You trace your hand lightly below her belly, barely touching her skin until you’re just above her mound. You’re on her mound. You stop, and linger. Brushing over the light fur that covers the mons. You move your face in closer, as if to examine every detail of her. You can smell her now. You’re sure of it. That distinct musky smell is entirely unique. It seems so innocent, out of her control, but it’s so potent in its carnal nature it could drive the most sane man-or woman-mad. This smell is HER. It is her essence, the distilled beauty of her sexual and feminine form, concentrated in one small area between her legs, so loving, so invited-so tempting.

You literally have to back away to keep yourself from diving in. She gasps longingly, begging for this tease to end. Your hand moves lower, grazing her slit, and she bucks wildly, pleading for more pressure. But your hand is already back on her pelvis. Some of her caught on your finger. You rub it between it and your thumb. Its filmy slickness is so pure and purposeful. This is a multisensual experience, and you want to experience every one.

You are losing your will to wait. You grab her hips and kiss her belly button. Grazing your lips on her stomach as you drift lower. Straight down towards her pussy you go, stopping right on her slit. You hover. So close. Your lips are almost resting on hers, almost. They now fully glisten with a coasting of her juices. You’re dizzy at the potency of her scent. You kiss her slit right above her clit, barely pressing your lips against her. She shudders and lets out a gasp. But you drift away and continue to tease.

You must experience all of her. You kiss to the right where her leg meets her pussy, and down her inner thigh with your hands on her hips. She’s still bucking at the air. Your hands drop down to stroke her slender legs, and up again to cup the bottom of her buttocks. You begin to make your way back to her center, and she can take it no longer, nor can you.

Her heat finds your mouth, and you’re ready to please her, but you still take it slow. You hover a moment again, taking in her beauty and erotic scent before landing another light kiss. Only, instead of drifting away this time, you follow it with another kiss on her labia, only firmer. And another. And one more, open-mouthed as your tongue passes through your lips, and then hers. She holds your head and purses her hips, pressing herself into you, as she moans. Your tongue, at last, caresses her. You slowly slide it up and around her clit, slightly prolonging the teasing. Her nectar coats it. You are taken aback by her taste. It’s electric, so utterly sexual. So purely her. Her smell, her taste, and her warmth culminate and drive you insane. You are enthralled in her, nothing could distract you from this.

You continue to slowly massage the sides of her clit then move down, to her source. You dip your tongue into her opening. It’s tight. And hot. Her taste is concentrated here. She is surrounding your tongue. You savor her taste before venturing back up to her pleasure button, this time pressing your tongue onto her clit full on. She gasps and grinds her hips into you harder.

You flick your tongue over her and her breathing is evidence of your actions. She’s pressing you into her. She wants you to be part of her. For a moment she seems like she may already be over the edge. You slow down. But only for a moment as you move your hand from her hip to help you please her. You find her opening. You coat your finger in her lube and slowly press inside her. It slides with her wetness, but her tightness grips you. She tries to stifle a whelp. Her core holds your finger hard as you thrust it in and out, slowly. You keep flicking your tongue over her clit as you finger her.

Her moans and breathing are becoming less controlled. She thrusts rhythmically against you, and you follow her rhythm. You slide another finger in and pick up the pace. Her juices coat your fingers, and you can here her wetness as you thrust in and out of her hot core. She pushes herself onto your fingers. When they can go no deeper, she rides them. Her breathing becomes more rapid and erratic. She lets out moans. You take her clit into your mouth. Sucking it gently, she clenches her hand that’s been entwined in your hair. This set her over the edge. She gasps and shudders as she begins her climax. You continue to suck savoring her flavor and passion. Her muscles contract and grip your fingers, and her hips thrust forward as she releases the waves of pleasure. Her climax seems to last for eternity as she trembles at your hand before she begins to come back.

Only when she’s stopped shuddering, and only trembles slightly do you release her clit from your mouth and remove your fingers from inside her. She doesn’t want to let you go. She is clenching around your fingers, but you reluctantly slide out, your fingers thickly coated with her wetness. She lets out a final gasp as you do this and then collapses into you, spent. As she rests her head on your chest, you suck your fingers clean, tasting her orgasm. She is satisfied, for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32