A Quiet Night in With James

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Anne had, had a few visits lately, from the son of an old friend of her husband. The boys father had died when he was young, and Anne’s husband had been close to his friend and the boy (James) liked to talk to him and hear about what his father was like.

Anne was 43 years old 5’4,”with medium length brown hair and she had a 36-24-36 figure. Her husband worked hard, but he also drank hard, and nearly every night he would go for a drink after work.

James was 18, stocky and blonde. He normally came up to the house on a Friday evening and would sit for a while, not saying much. He always went to the bathroom when he was there, and seemed to be in there for a long time. Anne’s husband didn’t usually get in before 11.30pm and if he fell asleep on the train, he wouldn’t get home until 3am.

Anne told her husband that James had visited a few times on a Friday evening, and he promised to get home early. But when he was in the bar, he never left until closing time at 11pm.

Because he drank so often, Anne wasn’t getting too much sex or attention. She only had sex properly about once a week, and the other times when her husband was horny, she would get a screw, but because of the drink, it wouldn’t be any good and would leave her frustrated. She often had to masturbate, to get any satisfaction, and sometimes, the fantasy of her masturbation was young James. She imagined his young eager hard cock plunging into her and making her come hard and wet.

It was Friday again and as usual Anne would have a bath, in anticipation, in case her husband was reasonably sober and would want to make love to her. As she dried off, she had a premonition that James would call this evening. She threw her dirty underwear in the basket next to the bath and thought about what to wear.

She dressed in a mid-thigh length skirt and figure hugging top. Underneath she was wearing a white lace bra with matching panties and a garter belt with flesh coloured stockings. At 10 o’ clock the doorbell rang, Anne knew it would be James. She had thought about him most of the evening and she had a plan.

When she opened the door, he was there. A stupid grin on his face and he was smartly dressed and smelled nice as he walked past her into the hallway. Anne led him into the living room and he sat on the couch. She asked him if he would like a beer and he nodded.

When Anne came back she handed him his beer and sat on the couch next to him. After a few minutes of talking and catching up, Anne could see James looking down at her thighs. Her skirt had ridden up a little, but it was enough to reveal the tops of her stockings. She left it for a moment and then adjusted herself pulling her skirt down a little to cover her modesty.

James excused himself and went to the bathroom. Again, he was taking his time in there, and Anne thought Casibom she would go and listen, to see what he was up to. She went silently down the hall and listened at the door.

Anne could hear groaning coming from the bathroom and had an idea that James was not in pain. She tried the door handle and found that it was not locked. She slowly and quietly turned the handle and opened the door.

James did not realise that the door was open and Anne was watching him. She was looking at James sitting on the toilet with his trousers and shorts at his ankles, he had a pair of her dirty panties in his left hand, which he was holding to his nose, and he was wanking the biggest, thickest hard-on that Anne had ever seen. Anne watched this beautiful sight for a few seconds before she let out a cough, to catch his attention. He mumbled “sorry,” as he tried to cover himself with the hand that was holding the panties.

Anne looked steadily at him, and slowly pulled her skirt up with one hand, to reveal her lace covered crotch. Anne said, “if you want, you can sniff these.” She walked toward him, saying, “but first, Let me finish you off.” She knelt in front of him and took the massive tool in her hand. His prick was 8 ½ to 9 inches long and about 2 ½ inches in diameter and it was circumcised, with a big thick knob.

She took it into her mouth, and began to run her lips up and down it. James must have been ready to come, because after a few deep sucks, she felt his hot salty spunk shoot into her mouth. She swallowed it all and looked up at James with a big smile on her face. His mouth was open and he had a look of disbelief on his face. Anne came up and French kissed him, giving him a taste of himself in the process.

She stood and turned to walk out, and told him to “hurry back to the living room.”

When he came into the living room, Anne was sitting on the couch, she patted the couch and told him “come sit next to me.” James sat next to her. Anne took his hand in hers’ and said “have you been fantasising about me.” James nodded, he said “I’ve Been wanking and imagining fucking you for ages.”

Anne looked at the clock. It was 10:30pm, her husband wouldn’t be home for at least another hour. She said “that’s some cock you have, you must be a hit with the girls.” James said “I’m not, I don’t have a girlfriend, I think I’m too shy to try and speak with one.” Anne said “you mean you don’t speak to girls of your own age.” “No” said James ” I can talk to girls, it’s just that I’m too shy to ask for a date.”

“You mean you haven’t fucked anyone with that gorgeous cock.” “No” said James “I’m still a virgin.”

Anne put her hand on his thigh. “We’ve still got an hour before he comes home, Do you want to do it with me.”

James looked at her, this woman was offering him something he had only Casibom Giriş dreamed about. “Yes” he said “Yes please.”

Anne leant forward and took his face in her hands and kissed him fully on the lips. Her tongue went into his mouth, French kissing him madly. She felt horny as hell as she thought about him impaling her with his stiff young prick.

James put his hand over her covered breast and squeezed hard. Anne put her hand on top of his. “Be gentle” she said “don’t be so rough.” She took his hand away from her breast and placed it at the top of her stockings, where her skirt had ridden up to.

“Just stroke gently around there, and we’ll see where that leads too,” she said.

James paid attention to her and Anne felt his hand running up and down the top of her thighs, from her stocking tops to the crotch of her panties. As he was kissing and stroking her, they both slipped back into a position where they were lying on the couch with him on top, but only at one side, leaving him free to stroke between her legs.

Anne felt him get bolder, as he started to run the tips of his fingers up and down the crotch of her panties. James felt for the first time, that warm moist feeling that you often get when stroking a horny willing panty clad pussy. Anne opened her thighs a little, to let him get his fingers under the crotch. Instinct told James that she was opening up to him, and he slipped his fingers under the lacy material.

He ran a finger up and down her moist slit and he could feel warmth, some hair and a lot of soft wetness as the lips of her pussy yielded to his eager caressing fingers. He put a finger in and started to move it around slowly. Anne was sighing with pleasure as his uneducated fingers seemed to hit the right spot. She closed her thighs trapping his hand in between them. This made him more eager to please and he wiggled his finger furiously inside her. Anne let out a deep moan and relaxed the pressure of her thighs. James had nearly slid off the couch and had one knee on the living room carpet with the other on the couch.

Anne ordered him to kneel on the floor. When he was kneeling, Anne swung one of her legs over his head, to leave him kneeling between her legs. Her skirt was now up around her waist and James was staring at her panty covered crotch with garter belt and stockings. One of her pussy lips was lying to the side of the crotch.

“Pull the panties off” Anne said to him huskily. James put his fingers under the waistband and stated to pull them down. As he peeled the panties off, he saw pubic hair and then he saw her pussy emerge. This was the first adult pussy he had seen, other than in a magazine.

Finally he pulled the panties over her feet, and threw them to the side. Anne watched James looking at her pussy. She said “you can kiss me there Casibom Yeni Giriş if you want.”

James looked at her and then bent forward and kissed her on the pussy lips. Again instinct took over and his tongue at first started to lick at her crack, but soon Anne felt it start to probe between her lips. As his tongue sank deeper into her, he put his hands on her hips and pulled her crotch forcefully against his hungry lapping tongue.

Anne moaned as his eager tongue probed her inner pussy and she started running her hands through his hair. As she got more excited she was grabbing his hair and thrashing her pubis against his face. She had a massive cum and let out a loud sigh, before releasing James from her clutching hands.

James pulled away and looked up at her with a grin on his soaking face.

“I loved that and I love the taste of you” he said.

He sat back on the couch beside Anne and she could see his hard-on pressing through his trousers. She undid his zip and pulled him out. She gave him a little suck and then knelt on the couch with her back to him.

James again sat silent as he watched Anne pull her skirt over her ass. “Do you like this view” she asked. James nodded. “Put that big cock in me now and fuck me” Anne said.

James stood behind her and Anne took hold of the thick throbbing cock and inserted it in the lips of her cunt. James started to move easily in and out of her. Again he grabbed her hips and as Anne bucked back against him, he thrusted forward with force.

As Anne was being royally fucked she thought about James’s cock. It was at least 2 inches longer than her husbands and a lot thicker. She felt as if she could feel every vein and ridge on it as it pumped in and out of her tightening pussy. James moved his hands up the front of her underneath her top and pushed her bra up over her tits, before taking them in his hands and gently squeezing.

Anne felt his cock pulsate in her cunt as he rode her hard. She was writhing back against him and he was practically lying on top of her instead of kneeling or standing.

They were both getting up to a frenzy and Anne felt James shoot a load of white hot cum deep into her pussy. She quickly gasped “keep going” and he obliged. She started to feel herself cumming as every bit of her tingled and throbbed and the sensation seemed to include a feeling of being impaled by a hard thick rod of iron.

She yelled “I’m CUMMMINNGGG” as she came like she hadn’t come for quite some time.

They both collapsed, with James lying on top of her back. He was showering her neck and face with little kisses and Anne was trying to kiss him too. She felt him get softer and as she was sopping his prick slipped out and she felt his wetness against her thigh.

They both sat back and started kissing. When they broke off, James asked if he could come back another night.

Anne stood, she said “I’m going to the bathroom to clean up. When I come back we’ll sit and wait to see if he comes in at 11.30. If he doesn’t I’m taking you to bed for a while.”

To be continued…

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