The Fantasy Twist Ch. 02

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Sunday morning was a morning for sleeping in. Dan spooned Lisa’s naked body. This was not typical of Dan, as he usually preferred to sleep facing away from Melissa. Melissa was happy with this change. She enjoyed the warmth of his body. She stirred under the covers, snuggling even closer to Dan.

Dan broke the morning silence, whispering into Melissa ear, “Last night was incredible. Thank you.”

“Yes it was nice. Was your fantasy everything you imagined?”

“Oh yeah. It was even better than I imagined.”

Melissa was excited about what Dan had just said. She rolled onto her back, forcing Dan to do the same.

Melissa pursued his thoughts, “And why is that?”

Dan fumbled his words, “Uh…ah…you were just incredible. The way you dominated me all week was awesome. I…uh…loved being under your control. It made it so much more exciting when you..ah….when…you used the strap-on on me.”

Melissa put her lips to his ear, “You mean when I fucked you little girl?”

Dan’s cock stirred at Melissa’s words. It was more of a statement than a question. Her tone was filled with authority and omnipotence.

Dan laughed. “Yes.”

“Mmm. Yes. It was very exciting for me too. You looked so cute all dolled up for me. Maybe we should get a few more pairs of panties for you precious?”

Dan’s cock was fully erect by now. In the few minutes of conversation, Melissa had managed to put him in a submissive frame of mind. Her suggestion was enticing. Dan wondered if she was teasing or if it meant she was willing to take the fantasy further.

Dan felt his face flush as he answered, “uhh…I guess…if that’s what you want.”

Melissa laughed and dramatically asked, “What I want?” Her hand rubbed his chest, “It’s what you want darling, isn’t it? I bet your cock is hard just from thinking about it.”

Dan didn’t need to answer. Melissa’s hand slid farther under the sheets and confirmed her suspicion.

Dan had no excuse, “I can’t help it. You’re driving me crazy. I love the way you control me. I want to do whatever you want.”

Melissa gripped his hard cock and gave it several long firm strokes. Then she stroked it gently while she spoke, “Good slave because I want to continue with our rules. You will continue to wear panties for me and you will continue to be my slave and do whatever I want. Do you remember what the last rule was slave?”

“I’m not allowed to orgasm without your permission.”

“That’s right panty boy. There will be no more masturbating and no orgasms unless I say so.”

The moment seemed surreal to Dan. He always dreamed about being dominated 24/7. He never expected it to happen. He wondered how serious Melissa was about this. He wondered if she was just role playing a little more. The reality of her always controlling his orgasm was exciting but a bit scary.

Dan asked, “How long are these rules in effect?”

Melissa slid over top of Dan and sat up. Her hot pussy pinned his cock against his stomach. Dan could feel his cock twitching between her hot folds. She leaned forward and allowed him to suck her nipples.

While Dan serviced her nipples, Melissa explained, “The rules will be in effect as long as I want slave. Whether you like it or not, things have changed between you and me. After last night, I can no longer think of you the same. Admit it sweet heart, you are much happier beneath me. You crave my control and discipline, don’t you?”

Dan could not think straight in his erotic predicament but he knew he liked what Melissa was saying. He was happy beneath her. He was thrilled at the thought of being her slave. Melissa pulled her nipples away from his eager mouth and awaited his answer.

Dan whispered, “Yes Mistress. I do crave your control and discipline.”

Melissa pressed her tits into his face again and continued her dialogue, “Good girl. I am glad you recognize that our marriage is no longer a marriage of equals. I own you, your body, your cock, and your horny little mind, don’t I?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And now that I am in control, I can do whatever I want for my own pleasure, can’t I?”

“Yes Mistress. I want you to be happy. I want to please you whatever way you desire.”

Melissa’s pussy was on fire now. Not only was she enjoying her power over Dan but she was getting closer to her real desire. Melissa had a secret desire that was the driving force behind everything that had occurred over the past week. Her charm and sexual power were weakening Dan and bringing her closer to her desire.

The fire in Melissa pussy could not be quelled. She pushed against Dan’s cock and began to rock. The side of his steel rod parted her pussy lips pushed in ever so lightly. It was enough stimulation for Melissa to satisfy herself. Her body shuddered as she experienced a quick but delightful orgasm.

Melissa relaxed and said, “Mmm. That was an unexpected orgasm. It’s a nice way to start the morning for me. You on the other hand will not get relief. I want to keep sex izle you all horned up and needy. I like having you that way. It keeps you attentive to my needs. Go get a pencil and paper. I’m sending you on a shopping trip today.”

Melissa lay back in the bed and enjoyed the sight of Dan leaving the room with his cock hard and bobbing. His cock was still hard when he retuned with a note pad and pencil. Dan went to sit on the bed but Melissa stopped him.

Melissa pointed to the floor next to the bed. “On your knees slave.”

Melissa sat on the side of the bed in front of Dan with her legs parted slightly. She was naked so Dan had a clear view of her pussy. She knew this would add to his horny state.

“Make sure you write this down so you don’t forget anything. I want you to buy yourself 7 pairs of panties. One for each day of the week. Three silky thongs, one white lace boy cut panty, and the other two you can pick out yourself. Make sure they are silky and sexy. I don’t want my slave in granny panties. Pick out pretty colors also. Pink, red, and white are a must.”

“What are boy cut panties,” asked Dan.

“You can ask the sales woman to help you angel. Now let’s move on. There are more things to add to your list. I absolutely love to see your shaven legs all dressed up so why don’t you pick up a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of black pantyhose. You will also need a pretty silk night gown to sleep in. Last but not least, I want you to pick out a sexy outfit for me. Find something that would absolutely drive you crazy if I wore it.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Dan.

When he finished writing Melissa had him retrieve the butt plug and lay across her lap.

“This should add some excitement to your shopping trip,” Melissa said as she lubed up the plug.

Dan squirmed in delight as Melissa filled his ass with the plug. Melissa commented on how easy it went in.

“See that Danny. Your pussy is already opening up. I think I’m going to have to get a bigger plug for you. We’ve got to stretch your pussy out so I can give you a nice hard fucking. Last night I went easy on you. I didn’t want you to squeal like a baby girl when I took you for the first time. Now you are my slut and you need a good hard fucking. That’s what you really want isn’t it princess?”

The plug had awoken deep pleasures inside Dan that heightened his arousal. Dan could not believe how great it felt. He was turning into a slut. The more Melissa talked about fucking him the more excited he got.

Shamefully Dan admitted, “Yes, Mistress. I want you to fuck me good and hard.”

“In time dear. You’ll get a hard fucking very soon.”

Melissa had Dan put on his panties, stockings, and garter belt so that he was all dolled up for his shopping trip and then she sent him on his way. Dan went straight to Victoria’s Secret. Like most guys, this was the place where he bought most of the lingerie for his wife. He always felt awkward shopping for lingerie but nothing compared to the awkwardness he felt when he stepped into the store this time, knowing the perverted secret hidden beneath his clothes.

He was immediately greeted by a cheerful sales girl. Dan blushed and politely declined her request to assist him. He wondered if she could sense that he was wearing panties and stockings. It was silly, but he imagined that somehow she knew he was shopping for himself. Dan glided through the store fairly quickly, taking in all the pretty merchandise. Panties, bras, corsets, and silky gowns surrounded him. He was not sure where to start.

His eyes drifted to a rack of silk night gowns that seemed to glow in the store light. Dan approached the rack and sifted through the delicate items. He could not believe how smooth and soft they felt. His cock stirred in his pants as he imagined the pretty fabric covering his body. He decided on a red satin nightie that he thought was sexy and would be comfortable.

Next he ventured over to a round table covered in silk panties. The panties were sorted by colors and laid out in neat rows. Dan browsed through the panties trying to find the colors on his list. He was unsure what size to buy so he just picked the biggest size he could find.

As Dan browsed through the silky undergarments, he could not help but imagine how the soft smooth material would feel around his cock. The thong straps were extremely thin and he knew they would feel delightful rubbing against his asshole. These thoughts combined with the fullness of the plug in his ass, made it difficult for Dan to remain calm. An erection started forming in his pants. Dan concentrated hard to keep his cock from growing into an embarrassing situation.

The salesgirl approached him again to see if he needed assistance. Dan was feeling a little more comfortable in the store now, and so he did not avoid her.

Dan asked, “Do you have boy cut panties?”

Cheerfully she replied, “We have boy shorts. Let me show you.”

The salesgirl led him over alt yazılı porno to a wall that was covered in a variety of panties. She pointed to the lower section, “These are all boy shorts.” The sales girl pulled off a pink lace pair. This is part of our Angel collection. It’s very sexy. One of my favorites and they are 3 for $20 today.”

Dan took the pair from her. They looked extremely sexy. Dan actually became excited at wearing them. He replied, “Yes. These are nice. Do these come in white also?”

The salesgirl helped him find a white pair. Dan kept the pink pair and also picked out a black nylon pair. Dan continued to work with the sales girl to get all the items on the list. She helped him find more panties, stockings, and panty hose. Dan became consumed with the whole shopping experience. He looked for the sexiest items to wear. He figured if his body was going to be draped in lingerie, he might as well look his best.

The last item he picked out was a black corset and matching panties for Melissa. The whole time Dan shopped, his eyes were drawn to the corset which was highlighted in a store display. The corset was extremely sexy with a lace overly, ribbon accents and a lace up back. Dan knew it would hug her curves and accentuate her bust line in a way that would leave him drooling. He couldn’t wait to see her in it.

Finally the shopping frenzy was over and when Dan handed his credit card to the saleswoman, his cock began to stir again in his pants again. He started to feel self conscious that he just bought feminine undergarments for himself. He felt as if the salesgirl knew this. It was embarrassing but exciting at the same time. Dan couldn’t help but think about how Melissa would be excited, aroused, and ready to dominate him when he showed his purchases to her. By the time he left the store his cock was fully erect and his ass was tingling from the butt plug.

Dan’s arousal remained in full force as he drove home. He arrived at home with a handful of bags and an erection. Melissa immediately made him strip naked and then put on a lingerie show for her. With each item, he had to slowly turn for her so she could admire him from every view. Melissa spent several minutes admiring each pretty panty. She rubbed his cock and ass through the fabric and commented at how sexy and pretty Dan looked in the panties. She continually commented on how exciting it was to bring out his inner girl. She even commented at how he must be loving it since his cock remained hard during the fashion show.

Dan enjoyed the attention and teasing he was getting. The soft fabric created a sensual friction against his cock that took him into a deep erotic zone. He loved the way Melissa admired and inspected him and talked about how she was going to continue to guide and nurture him into her pretty slave. She was leading him into a deeper submissive state of mind.

When the last piece of lingerie was modeled, Dan handed Melissa a gift box. Melissa opened the box and was impressed at the corset he picked out.

“I’ll save this for a special night,” she said with a sultry smile. “Thank you slave. You certainly have good taste in lingerie. I expect you to wear panties all the time now. I’ll decide each day if I want you to wear anything else to work. Let’s start the week off with a bang shall we. Tomorrow I want you to wear panties, stockings, butt plug, and your cock strap. I want your every movement to be a reminder of my control over you.” “Yes Mistress,” replied Dan.

Dan was in subspace the whole day at work on Monday. His body was stimulated endlessly by the combination of the butt plug and cock strap. When he arrived at home he was desperate for attention. He remained attentive to Melissa’s needs, knowing that his obedience would eventually lead to a reward for him.

Melissa used this to her advantage. She kept Dan in a perpetual horny state all week. Some days he had to wear just the plug and some days he had to wear just the cock strap. Each night she had Dan bathe her and massage her. She even made him shave her legs.

There was also lots of play-time in the evenings. During her massages, Melissa liked to tease Dan’s cock with her feet. While he leaned over to do her legs, she would slowly rub her feet up and down the length of his cock. She found that he would linger on her legs longer when she toyed with his cock.

Almost every night Melissa required Dan to lick her pussy with his girl tongue. She grew very fond of his oral pleasure. On the nights that she was feeling relaxed, she would lie on the bed and have Dan kneel between her legs and lick her pussy. She loved when he slid his hands under her ass for leverage. Melissa would spread her legs wide, opening up her love hole for his needy tongue.

Dan’s finger would often graze her ass, sending chills up her spine. Halfway into the week, Dan finally realized the effect this had on her and his fingers became more aggressive and invasive. Melissa welcomed them with screaming altyazılı sex izle orgasms. Her warm thighs always clenched tight around his head, when her orgasms surfaced. She loved locking him into place and grinding her pussy against his face. She felt powerful and liberated with her husband helpless between her legs.

On the nights when she was feeling naughty and aggressive, Melissa would slide on the strap-on and require her slutty husband to service her. Before the fun would begin, she would cover his lips in deep red lipstick and add a dash of cheap perfume. She loved to instruct him on how to lick it and suck it like a whore. Then she would slide off the strap-on and straddle his face with her dripping pussy. Within in minutes she would cum all over his face as she smothered him with her sex.

There was never any relief for Dan. Melissa loved that his cock remained hard and drippy no matter what she did. From the minute he came home from work to the minute they went to bed, his cock was hard. It would usually take at least an hour for Dan to calm down before feeling asleep. Melissa thrived on the fact that she had this effect on him.

What was even more exciting for Melissa was that Dan loved the torture. He desperately wanted to cum, but he also loved the feeling of being denied and horny. It was starting to become an exciting challenge for him to see how long he could last. Melissa knew she could easily take him over the edge, but it was more fun to watch him teeter on the edge. She also knew that his denial was the secret to her power over him.

By the time Saturday came, Dan had been teased and tortured so much that his every thought revolved around sex and pleasing Melissa. All that matter to him was his fantasy world of submissiveness. He became excited about trying on new panties each day. He even looked forward to being man-handled by his Mistress and her strap-on. It was a guilty pleasure he would never admit to his guy friends.

Melissa had been giving Lisa updates on her fun with Dan via pictures and phone conversations. Lisa was impressed with Melissa’s progress and continued to offer her advice. Melissa’s pussy was usually dripping during her conversation with Lisa. Part of the arousal was from talking about her domination over Dan and part of her arousal from the way Lisa talked to her. Lisa’s voice was always calm, seductive and controlling. Lisa always seemed to put Melissa into an erotic daze. Dan was not the only one being seduced and manipulated.

Many times Lisa called Melissa on her arousal. Lisa would say, “Your pussy is dripping for me isn’t it? I can feel it in your voice. Touch yourself for me.”

The words would put Melissa under a spell and she would find herself fingering herself while Lisa edger her on. Lisa would end the playtime by saying “Cum for me now.” Her words always ignited an immediate orgasm in Melissa and it was always timed so that both of them orgasmed together.

The last orgasm Melissa had with Lisa was more like a celebration. It was a celebration because both Lisa and she agreed that Dan was in a perfect state for phase II of the plan. Phase II is what started it all. Phase II is what got Melissa mixed up in this crazy fantasy world.

Melissa remembered the day it all started. She was at a happy hour after work with a couple of girlfriends. Her and her friends were huddled around the bar happily drinking and talking. Melissa could not remember how or exactly when it happened, but at some point Lisa joined their group around the bar. None of the girls knew Lisa, but she merged into their group like she belonged. Lisa had a very likeable personality and after a few drinks it felt as if she was an old time friend with everyone in the group.

Eventually the conversation topic moved to sex, dating, and guys. Lisa posed the question of whom would you have sex with if your husband or partner would never find out? There was much giggling and discussion on this topic, especially since all the girls were feeling the effects of the alcohol. Melissa chose Eric, who was a handsome guy that worked in their office. All the girls agreed that he was a great choice.

Later in the night, Melissa found herself in a one-on-one conversation with Lisa. She was taken by surprise when Lisa pressed her about her thoughts on Eric.

Lisa took a long sip of her wine and said, “Eric sounds like he’d be a real treat to sleep with. You should give it a try.”

Melissa laughed, “Oh, that’s just all talk. I’m happily married. I could never do that to Dan. It’s just a fantasy to dream about.”

“It is a nice fantasy isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if you really could do something like that? A quick fuck here and there to satisfy your erotic needs could be a great thing.”

Melissa imagined a quick tryst with Eric. She agreed it would be fun and refreshing. “Yeah, that would be awesome. Fantasies are so much fun.”

“You know, it does not have to be just a fantasy.”

“Yeah right Lisa. It’s not worth ruining my marriage over.”

“What if it didn’t ruin your marriage? What if it made your marriage even stronger and more fun?”

Melissa was beginning to realize that Lisa was a little on the crazy side. She joked, “Are you high? How’s that going to happen?”

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