A Generous Older Woman

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Blessed are those warm, friendly older women who generously use their bodies to comfort young men. Who have outgrown modesty and bashfulness and use their ample endowments for the betterment of young manhood. Selfless, they are.

B fell under the graces of such a woman once. She helped him through a hard time, her gentle hands holding him, her billowing warm bosom resting on his chest. She watched him satisfy himself the way a young man sometimes must, and she did not protest when he reached a resolution to his problems all over her clean linens.

It was late fall and B was in the middle of his third semester of college. The weather was gray and damp and B found himself getting depressed. His good friend and classmate Josh lived with his family in a town nearby, and B asked if he could stay there for a weekend. Josh’s mother was always very kind to B, and her warmth made him feel good inside.

When B showed up at their door with his duffel filled with clothes, Josh’s mother, Evelyn, answered and hugged him tight. She was a good looking woman, her body toned from religiously performed pilates, her breasts large and pendulous. She pressed her breasts against B’s chest and squeezed him. “Josh told me you were having a rough week,” she said. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you feeling better.

After a hot dinner and a conversation around the fireplace, B tucked himself into the big, pillow top guest bed. He slept better than he had in weeks. He awoke in the golden autumn morning light to the creaking of his door. Evelyn peeked around the door, and seeing that he was awake , shut is softly behind her and padded across the wood floor and sat on the edge of the bed. She was wearing her pilates outfit — thin brown sweatpants and a long sleeved white t-shirt — and to B she looked beautiful and inviting.

“How did you mobil porno sleep?” She asked, smiling down at him in the sun. He told her he slept better than he had in weeks. “That’s wonderful,” she said softly, stroking his cheek. “Do you want me to rub your back before you get up?” B said that would be nice and rolled over onto his stomach as Evelyn pulled down the warm blankets and clean white sheets. He slept only in a pair of boxers, but something about Evelyn’s warmth made him not worry about it.

She rubbed his back and talked to him about school. Evelyn had studied massage way back when, and her confident hands felt great on his muscles. B told her how he’d been feeling. He told her more than he’d told anyone. “Roll over, I’ll do your front,” she said. Lost in a long winded explanation of this or that aspect of his emotional world, he turned over without considering that he had just woken up, and young men who have just woken up are sometimes very hard. They both stopped and stared at what was impressively poking up through his boxers.

Evelyn was kind and waved it off. “Oh, don’t you worry about that. I know what happens when boys wake up. Besides, it’ll go away.” With that she resumed the massage. She rubbed up and down B’s legs, giving his thighs a good working over. Her strong fingers in such close proximity to his hardon started B’s imagination running. He closed his eyes and felt her fingers knead his thighs, indirectly pulling the skin around his balls. So in short, it did not go away.

“Did you enjoy that?” She said, placing her hand on his bare chest. She glanced conspicuously down at B’s persistent erection. “Is there anything else you need to take care of before you get out of bed? I understand that a young man like you sometimes needs to let out some steam.” She leaned over him and let alman porno her large breasts rest on his chest. “I don’t mind if you want to relieve yourself before I go make us breakfast. I would understand completely.”

B was dumbfounded. His erection strained against his boxers, Evelyn’s generous breasts were falling against him, and she wanted him to jerk off in front of her. After a moment of silent deliberation, B agreed. “I guess it might help a little if I could get that out of my system. It’ll be real quick.”

“Go ahead honey,” she said. “I’ll just let you touch my bosom if you want, and you can take care of yourself.” She sat up and pulled the tight t-shirt and the yet tighter sports bra up over her breasts. They tumbled out of their captivity and eventually came to rest, hovering above B’s chest. Evelyn lowered herself back down so her naked breasts touched B’s chest. He reached down with one hand and popped his penis out of his boxers. With the other, he touched the top of her breasts, feeling their softness and warmth. “There you go honey,” she cooed. “How does that feel? Just get it out of your system.”

Such large breasts had never found their way into B’s hands before, and he was infatuated with them. He continued to rub his arching morning hardon with one hand and fondle Evelyn’s generously offered breasts with the other. She smiled at him tenderly and hummed along with his quiet groans. He began to beat off more vigorously and his hand brushed against her hip at the top of every pump. His motions were making her breasts jiggle against his chest. She stroked his cheek once again.

“Here you go honey,” she said, raising herself up over him. “I’ll let you kiss my chest while you pleasure yourself.” She hung her heavy swaying breasts on either side of his face and slapped alexis texas porno him lightly with each by rocking her shoulders. He licked and sucked whatever part of her breasts got close enough to his face while he continued to jack off hard. In their new position, he was jerking off against her thigh, his precum leaving little wet spots on her sweatpants. “Oh honey, you just do what you need to do,” she said softly, pressing her nipple into his hungry mouth. “Just rub yourself against my thigh until you feel like you’re going to release, and then just let me know.”

Hearing her soft, accepting voice coaxing him pushed B close to the edge of orgasm. He wanted to lay her on her back and cover her big soft breasts with cum while she whispered her approval. But he was going to do as she said this morning. He pumped his swollen rod hard with his hand up against her thigh and groaned into her breasts. “Oh there you go B. There you go honey. I bet that feels awfully good.”

This pushed him right over the edge and he told her that he was about to cum. As B furiously rubbed his arched, rock hard cock, Evelyn sat up on her knees, grabbed some of the sheet and wrapped it around his penis. The sudden pressure of her grip on him sent him into a seismic orgasm. Just as he was plunging into it, she grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Just squeeze my bosom and let it all go. I’ll clean it up, don’t worry,” she cooed.

He shot his hot cum into the clean white sheet and into Evelyn’s hand. She pumped his throbbing cock gently in time with his orgasm. The cum soaked through the sheet and was making wet sounds as she moved her hand. “Oh there you go, honey. There you go. Let it all out. I’ll clean it all up for you. That’s perfect.”

Once his orgasm was finished, Evelyn bunched up the sheet and wiped the cum off her hands. “You sure needed that, didn’t you?” She said gently. She leaned down and hugged B. She stretched her long body out and pressed it up against his. His softening penis touched her belly, and her breasts rested on his arm. He felt at peace with his life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32