Young Tommy Ch. 02

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Tommy had to pinch himself to prove he was not dreaming. He was parked in a car with Jemmina Moore’s beautiful stepmother. She had offered to drive him home if he ran an errand for her on the way. They had not gone far when she drove in behind some bush and turned off the motor.

Mrs. Moore was magnificent. Tall and tanned her body was a magnet to his eyes. Her long legs and the tight hard skin of her flat stomach had quickly created a sexual fantasy in his mind and in his cock which throbbed in his pants.

She had not changed out of her tiny bikini before jumping into the driving seat leaving very little of her body hidden from his probing eyes. He took his time checking her over. On closer inspection he could see the edge of a large breast peeping out of her tiny bra and the swollen mound of her pussy pushing at the wisp of cloth between her tanned legs. He licked his suddenly dry lips as the thought struck him that she would be magnificent stretched out on a bed nude with her legs spread wide waiting for him.

To Tommy Mrs. Moore was a walking wet dream, out of his class and normally well out of his reach. His head spun as it struck him that that may not be the case today. Mrs Moore had asked some questions about being discreet and before he had time to sort out what was happening she had ran her hands up the front of his pants and whispered “Now’s your chance,”

His brain was ticking over fast. All sorts of thoughts and images flashed through it as he continued to run his eyes over the exciting body of this rich mans wife. What should I do? I’m a working class boy from the wrong side of the tracks. I don’t want her claiming that I attacked her but I don’t want to miss an opportunity. Amid all the confusing thoughts reality hit him when he remembered how she had made the first move. Deciding he had nothing to lose he started to slide across the seat towards her

He had been so consumed by his thoughts and dreams that he jumped when she whispered, “Let’s get out of the car there will be more room.” Giving him no time to respond she pushed the door open and stepped out ordering him to, “grab that rug from the back seat.”

Tommy had spent many hours stroking his cock thinking and planning how he would treat his first sex partner. He had made up his mind to be gentle and loving but that was not to be. Before he could say or do anything Mrs Moore turned quickly and pushed him down so his head was inches from her pussy. “Eat me sweetie,” she ordered as she stripped her tiny bikini away.

Tom needed no further orders. He dived his head down between her thighs his hands gripping the cheeks of her arse as his eyes devoured her wet clean shaven pussy lips. “My god I didn’t thing pussy lips would be so big,” he mumbled as he licked along their length before bringing one hand around so his fingers could prize them open to make it easy for his tongue to enter.

All thoughts of being gentle disappeared as he smelt her arousal and tasted the sweet juice of a woman on heat. He knew he was moving too fast but given his brief history as a lover he felt that this opportunity would not last.

Through his haze of lust he heard Mrs Moore moan, “oh my god,” and felt her hands grab his head. Thinking that she was going to push him away he attacked her pussy with renewed vigour. If this is my last opportunity then I will make the best of it he thought as he ran his finger around the crease of her arse and pushed it inside.

Tommy felt her body shiver at his fingers intrusion then heard her moan and felt her hands return to his head. For a minute he thought he had gone too far fearing that she was going to stop him. Expecting the worst he grunted in surprise when she roughly rammed his face into to her pussy. “Lick it,” she growled.

She did not have to tell him twice. His cry of joy was smothered in her juices as he vigorously returned to licking and kissing her pussy. Many minutes later Tommy felt her body buck and shudder and realised it was a result of his tongue finding and licking her enlarged clit. Responding to her moans he licked that hard nub again and again.

Everything was new to Tommy. His young brain was working overtime registering each new experience trying to remember them so he could repeat the things that seemed to turn her on. He loved the smell and taste of her pussy. He loved the way certain things made her body flinch and jump but knew that he was an inexperienced lover and hoped that he was doing it right. His brain was a jumble of conflicting thoughts when he mouthed her pussy trying to eat it all before his tongue returned to that hard nub that seemed to be the spot that excited her most.

Tommy loved Mrs. Moore’s pussy. He loved its smell. He loved the feel of the round cheeks of her arse in his hands and he loved the way he could make her body respond by concentrating on her clit. He wanted to say something, to tell her of the thoughts that were flashing through his brain but he could not think of hatay escort words to describe how he felt finally mumbling, “I love you.”

Veronica Moore was overwhelmed. She looked down at Tommy’s bobbing head. This young bugger was raping her pussy with his tongue. His finger was invading her rear; it was a long time since anyone had gone down on her with such enthusiasm. He had not come up for air. He was not delicate nor tender in his lovemaking but there was no doubt in her mind as she watched his bobbing head and listened to his moans that he would make a fabulous lover..

Her clit was reacting to his tongue sending electric shocks through her belly. “My god,” she moaned, “where did you learn to kiss like this?” She stopped talking and grabbed his head to steady herself as she felt her stomach shudder again. She had shuddered before under his tongues assault but this time her juices started to flow. Then she lost control her pussy pulsed again and her knees grew weak.

She felt dizzy as her brain registered that she had come more than once. Struggling to stand she clutched his head pulling his face hard into her waiting pussy. Within seconds she was rewarded when her move brought his tongue back on to her clit. She caught her breath as she felt him hold her clit with his teeth. “My god,” she moaned. “That’s fabulous, don’t stop sweetheart, don’t stop.”

Tommy heard her moans but he could not reply his face was buried in her pussy. You need not worry he thought I have no intention of stopping. He slid another finger into her pussy down under his mouth and tongue, filling that warm velvety passage that was so welcoming and wet.

Veronica groaned as she felt his extra finger. Most of her lovers before she married were loath to kiss her pussy. Those that did did so only briefly, before ramming their cock home. Her husband had hurt her on their wedding night when he responded to her plea to kiss her pussy by growling, “I’ll never kiss that smelly thing.”

Veronica Moore had spent months looking for a suitable sexual partner. She wanted one who was unknown to her crowd especially her millionaire husband. She did not want to jeopardise her marriage but her elderly limp dicked husband left her sexually dissatisfied. Many of the men they mixed with socially had made it clear they would love to bed her but they were too old or too well known to her husband and his circle of friends.

Tommy was much younger than any of her husband’s associates and from the other side of town. She had been surprised when she found him in their kitchen with Molly. They had a guilty look and smelt of sex.

She had made up her mind on the spot to use Tommy to relieve her frustrations and then dump him. He had caught her by surprise when his mouth and tongue attacked her pussy with such enthusiasm that she had lost control. She looked down on his strong young back his face hidden between her legs and knew she had found what she had been looking for.

She shuddered as his lips sucked on her clit again bringing her back to reality. Her body was now responding each time she felt his mouth and lips suck and hold her clit. She felt giddy her legs were trembling she started to stagger, she struggled to stand, “my god that’s lovely,” she moaned.

Tommy’s tongue had started to grow tired, his lips were becoming numb. He did not know whether to continue to kiss her pussy or to try something different. He started to again move his finger in and out of her arse when he heard her groans. If that’s what she likes he thought that’s what she’ll get. He pushed his face in closer so his mouth could continue to devour her clit and worked his finger in and out.

He was stunned when she grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back her hands holding his hair so tight it hurt. His heart skipped a beat as his eyes focused in the light. What did I do wrong he thought, then realised he wasn’t in trouble when he heard a low moan before he felt her body shudder. Tommy was elated, his ego soared. He was sure he was making Mrs Moore come.

She looked down at him as he struggled to return his mouth to her pussy. “My god you are too much, but I don’t want you to stop,” she cried. “Let me lie down love, my legs are weak, I can’t stand up any longer.”

Veronica needed to take control. Seeing and opportunity to slow things down she started to undress him. “Your still fully dressed let me get you out of those clothes,” she groaned as she slumped down on her knees. Tommy was pleased to let her have her way. He slipped her bra and top off leaving her totally nude except for her high heels. He took the opportunity as she struggled with his pants to run his hands up over her breasts and down the curve of her back.

He could not believe how good it felt to run his hands down along the curves of her slim waist and hips to the magnificent round hard cheeks of her arse. “I love your arse,” he whispered “it’s fabulous.” “Only my arse?” she asked with a smile as she worked on his clothes. “All of you,” he groaned. His hands continued to caress the silky skin of her back as she undressed him.

Mrs Moore did not know that Tommy was a top sportsman. She was surprised at the size and obvious strength of his body. “My god you’re built. You have a fantastic body,” she whispered as she ran her hands over his chest and down over his hips before taking a hold on his cock. “Tell me sweetie are you a virgin? Have you had a woman before?” His stuttering cry of “no never,” sent shivers through her body.

Tommy was embarrassed at the way he had stuttered when she asked if he was a virgin. His embarrassment disappeared immediately when Mrs. Moore took his head in her hands and kissed him. “We will soon fix that,” she growled. “It will be a new experience for both of us. I have never had a virgin lover.”

Tommy’s mouth was dry his eyes seemed to fill up with moisture as he watched her straighten the blanket then lie down on her back with her legs spread wide. “Come here young man,” she giggled. “Your virgin days are over. Shove that big thing into me and fuck me.”

Veronica Moore stretched as the maid drew the curtains and called quietly. “Good morning Madam it’s nine o`clock. It’s a lovely day, is there anything I can do for you?” Veronica lay for a minute watching Molly. Oh Molly she thought, if only you knew what you did for me yesterday.

She slipped one hand down between her legs and ran her fingers over her pussy before sitting up. “No thanks Molly I think I will stay in bed a little longer this morning.” As Molly left Mrs. Moore thought back to yesterday. Young Tommy had fucked and sucked her for hours. “I thought he would never get soft,” she groaned as she slipped her hands down to touch her pussy. She flinched as her fingers opened her pussy lips. She was a little tender this morning. “No wonder,” she groaned .Her husband hadn’t touched her for weeks and then by chance she had found this horny young lad. Hours of sex after weeks of sexual famine had left her body tender to touch.

She cupped her breasts and found that they too were tender to touch after hours of young Tommy’s massaging and kissing. “What a day,” she groaned, as she tried to recall all the things he had done to her and all the things she had done to him. It had been fantastic. After he had kissed her pussy for what seemed like hours the first time. She had spread a blanket on the grass and laid back opening her legs wide so he could see her pussy shining with come. “Fuck me,” she groaned as she saw the size of his organ.

The first time had been rough and urgent. He had ridden her like a stallion rode a mare pounding her pussy until he came. She started to writhe and wriggle on the bed as she remembered how Tommy’s cock flooded her insides continuing to spurt and pulse as he slowed the pace of his thrusts. Her breath caught in her throat as she recalled how he groaned and grunted each time he emptied a large load of hot come into her pussy.

To her surprise he didn’t slow down after coming but kept going, regaining his momentum. His cock remained hard and the power of his strokes if anything grew stronger. “Steady on,” she had moaned as she felt her self come. Her pussy was leaking copiously as she recalled how she had wrapped her legs and arms around him to slow him down. “Kiss me,” she had groaned in his ear when she pulled his head down to her breasts. In response Tommy’s thrusts seemed to grow faster. “Take your time,” she gasped as she tried to regain control, “we have tons of time.”

She couldn’t recall him slowing down except when he wanted to try something different. He had rolled her over on to her knees and growled “dog fashion” as he entered her from behind. The vigour of his thrust pushed her head down into the blanket as he gripped her waist and gathered momentum. She shook her head as she recalled the strength of his arms as he pulled her body back up off the blanket on to his cock. Her weight and her movements had not worried him. He continued to hold her body off the ground so his cock could slam the bottom of her pussy. She could not recall how many times she came. She remembered a series of little mini orgasms some much larger than others. Especially the one that drained her when he played with her clit while he reamed her arse.

She relaxed cuddling up in her bed as she recalled how they had fucked in every position imaginable. She had had enough when she drove him home but he wanted more. She groaned as she remembered how he had fucked her on the front seat of her car and then as she lay across the bonnet in the dimly lit street of his working class suburb.

He had in the space of a few hours become the most enthusiastic inventive and exciting lover she had ever had and she had had many. He had wanted to try everything. Loving her, admiring her, fucking her, then as the night wore on becoming kinder more gentle as they started to make love not just fuck.

Later as she stood in the shower discovering love bites on her bottom, her thighs, her shoulder and her hip, she laughed she looked at her self in the mirror and whispered, “I’ll have to teach him not to leave marks.” She shook her head and laughed. His excitement and enthusiasm was contagious. He explored every inch of her body telling her how she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He made everything they did seem so new, so exciting, that she had been caught up in his enthusiasm.

“My god he was fun. I loved it.” She was still smiling as she towelled herself down.

She had taken her time smothering her body with oils perfumes and powders making up her mind that she wanted to spend more time with young Tommy. She had tried to rationalise and explain the way she had became obsessed with this young bugger but couldn’t. “He’s just a passing fad, a one night stand,” she told herself, but she knew as she said it that that was not true. She would want much more from young Tommy.

Back in the shower to clean up the mess her thoughts of Tommy had created she started to think of the consequences if she was caught with this young man. As the morning wore on she came to the conclusion that she would have to create a reason for meeting with him or run the risk of creating a scandal by being caught or seen once too often in his company.

Veronica drove in to town and called on her husband. She was a little tentative when she told him over lunch that she was thinking of becoming more involved in local community or school organisations. His reaction surprised and excited her. He leant across the table to kiss her. “That’s wonderful, I have been meaning to sponsor some school teams or offer trophies for local youth competitions but I just haven’t had time to talk to the school community. You could do it for me.”

Even though her heart was galloping at the opportunity that had opened up so quickly, she pretended some reluctance eventually agreeing to call on the college at his request. Leaving the luncheon she could not stop smiling. All she had to do now was organise for Tommy to represent the school. The headmaster proved to be just as helpful as her husband agreeing to her idea that a successful athlete such as Tom Slack should meet with her to make recommendations to her husbands company.

Veronica smiled to herself as she drove away. Her pussy had become sopping wet when she talked to the head master about Tommy. Just the mention of his name created intense feelings that she was unable to control. She squeezed her legs together as a shudder struck her body. “Oh my,” she sighed. “That proves it. I want him.” She sat silent for a moment then groaned, “I have to have him.”

Tommy couldn’t concentrate in the gym. “What’s wrong with you to day?” coach called when he made a mess of a number of simple exercises. “He has a horn coach. He needs a woman.” Harry called from across the mat. “He needs to lose his cherry.”

Tommy blushed as he listened to the laughter and taunts of his team mates. He had grown horny as he recalled what had happened to him last night.

He had a raging horn all morning. Mrs Moore, bloody hell Mrs. Moore, he thought as he shook his head in disbelief. She was awesome. He wasn’t game to tell anyone what had happened. She had said no one must know. He realised she was right, anyway he thought my mates wouldn’t believe me if I tried.

At they left school Harry whispered, “Bloody hell wouldn’t you like one like that,” as Veronica Moore drew alongside in her Mercedes. She waved them over and asked “Are you Tom Slack?” Tommy looked nervously at Harry, “yes maam” he stuttered. “Can I help you?”

Harry gasped in admiration as she slid out of her car. The sun shone on her stockings where she had allowed her skirt to slide up showing much more leg than necessary. Her cream suit fitted her perfectly allowing glimpses of what looked like a sheer see through blouse. The outfit was cut so the shape of her body was not hidden from a discerning eye. The bulge of her bust gave way to a tiny waist then flared to her hips, the skirt tight round her fabulous thighs just short enough to tease but not so short as to look sluttish.

A cheeky grin lit up her face as she introduced herself. “Hi I’m Mrs Moore you can call me Veronica. I have just spoken to your headmaster about some sports sponsorships from my husbands companies. He agreed that you should work with me to prepare some ideas for their consideration.” Harry was still perving on her backside when Tom responded. “That’s wonderful we badly need financial sponsorships for our sporting teams.” His mind raced full of ideas none of them to do with sponsorships as he added, “it will be my pleasure to work with you.”

Harry accepted a lift and was dropped at his gate leaving Tom in the car with Veronica. “Do you like my sponsorship idea” she asked as they drove away. Before Tom could answer she passed him a cell phone, “keep this so I can ring you when I’m free.” She laughed, “We have an excuse to work closely together and I want to be able to get you when I want you.”

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