Women I’ve Known Ch. 01

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I found a place to read all the erotica I’ve ever wanted, but I’m about ten years later than I would have preferred. Authors from the internet have posted hundreds and thousands of stories before I’ve had the opportunity to read them, and now I’m stuck doing what I’m worst at doing. I’m stuck sorting and separating them into stories that I want to read and those that I don’t.

It really isn’t the erotica that I’m interested in at all, anyway. What I really want to read is true life stories, not fiction and fantasy. I don’t want to hear much about what people wish would happen, or what they dream would happen, I want to hear what actually happened. I want to see the people behind the facade. I want to find how people really act.

It’s tougher to find that I thought. The site I frequent doesn’t have a separate category for true life. Even the erotica advertised as true life seems fictional in places. So I decided to do it myself.

These stories aren’t in any particular order and are real life as I remember them. I’m sure there are authors out there with more amazing stories, but I have never had much success in my love life.

An unnamed woman in Connecticut

That isn’t just a title. I don’t know her name, and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure I ever knew her name. This was in the last days before anyone worried about AIDS, if that gives you any idea how old I am. It was the trailing edge of the disco era and the sexual revolution. Reagan was in office and cocaine was in all the bars.

I was in Connecticut for my job and was within three months of starting a new job in my home state of Texas. I was separated from my wife; not divorced, but separated; and I was twenty-five years old. I was ready to try my hand at the life of a swinging single.

My friend Eddie and I were out every night prowling the bars and dance clubs for women. We laughed and joked, and I told him that I had an expensive camera and suggested we find a woman willing to take some X-rated pictures. We spent almost a month going out every night, but had very little luck. Specifically, I had no luck. Eddie did better, finding women to take home twice.

A month of solid partying every time the bars were open had burned Eddie out. The night came when I was ready to go out, but Eddie wasn’t. I went, pretty much resigned to having a lousy night like the two dozen something previous nights. The bar was packed, but I wandered around, not sure what I was going to do. I tried to work my way up to the bar to order a drink, but it was a solid mass of people.

Finally I got a glimpse at a space around the corner of the bar and dashed over, squirming my way into the gap and bumping a short, dumpy girl to one side, who turned around instantly. She looked me in the face and grinned.

“Hey! My friend and me are inviting some guys over to have an orgy! Do you want to go,” she asked?

I didn’t for a minute believe she was serious. I was hoping that my luck would change, but nobodys’ luck could change that fast, could it?

“Yeah, can I bring my camera and take pictures,” I asked her.

“Oh, that would be kinky!”

She turned to the guy next to her, a skinny guy shorter than me, and indicated me over her shoulder.

“He’s coming with us.”

The guy looked at me behind her back and I expected him to tell me to stay out of it, or something similar, but instead he said, “Hey, just play along with this and maybe we both….” something something something. I never understood the entire sentence; the music was just too loud. I just nodded to him and thought I would play along for a while, convinced it was a sham or a joke.

I have to stop right here and comment. As I write this I know that it sounds like the script for a really bad porn movie. I mean, nobody just comes up and invites you to an orgy, do they? Ok, maybe Fabio, Tom Cruise, or John Holmes, but never anyone I know. But that was actually the way it happened. It occurred just this way.

Somewhere in the next several minutes I asked the girl how many women would be ‘there.’ I think I wasn’t ready to call it an orgy until I was sure it wasn’t a joke.

“Oh, my friend and me, and you and him.” A four person orgy. Still, it was more of a chance than I had in the last month.

The only thing that convinced me that it might not be a joke was the girl herself and her friend. The girl that invited me wasn’t really that good looking. She had a pretty face, but a thick body. Her hair wasn’t bad, dark and cut nicely, but a little thin and dirty looking. Her friend was way worse. She was a tall, heavy girl with dark, stringy curls to her shoulder and glasses. I had to think for a few minutes if I actually wanted to have sex with her, or if it was emek escort preferable to go without. I finally decided that I’d rather have sex with her. It had been a while since my last sex, and I was pretty miserable. Besides, who would know? Eddie wasn’t there and I didn’t stand any chance of getting laughed at about going home with the homely girl.

We left the bar and the girl wanted us all to pile into one car, but I had driven my car and I didn’t want anyone to tow it from the bar parking lot before I could get back, so I took my car and followed them. I was still convinced that it was a joke. I figured they would drive off and lose me, laughing all the way convinced that the dumbass they ditched was still driving around looking for the orgy. I stuck right behind them the entire way. The drive wasn’t bad, though, and they even seemed to be making sure I was still right behind them.

We arrived at a little apartment complex and we all piled out of the cars. The girl got us all into the apartment and explained that she had to pay the babysitter and send her home, then we could start partying. She went into another bedroom and had a conversation with the babysitter, a girl I never did see, then came out, told us that she was checking on her kid, and went back in. Her friend went in with her.

She came out a few minutes later and saw both of us sitting on opposite ends of the couch. “Take off your clothes,” she giggled, “take off your clothes!” I looked at the other guy, neither of us really comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of the other, but he started taking off clothes, so I did, too.

We both stopped short of taking off our underwear, so we sat there naked to our shorts on opposite ends of the couch.

Both of the girls came out again, but there seemed to be a problem, the friend didn’t want to stay. The girl wheedled her.

“What’s your name,” she indicated me? I told her. “Look, T__ is waiting for you. He already has his clothes off.” The friend was at the door. She hung on the doorknob for a few seconds as if thinking about it, but then shook her head and went out the door. Great, I thought, shut down by the homely girl.

The girl stood in front of us in the living room, sighed, and without another word yanked her shirt over her head and came out of her bra, dropped her pants and was standing in front of both of us in a thin pair of panties. This was pretty much when I realized that this wasn’t a joke.

She went over to the other guy and saw that we both still had on our underwear.

“What do you still have your shorts on for? Take them off.”

We both stripped off our jockeys and were nude on the couch. The girl went to the other guy and got on her knees in front of him and started giving him head.

It was pretty much that quick and unceremonious. There was no foreplay, no sex games, no kissing; she just went to him and went to it.

I watched her giving him head for a few minutes. She was enjoying it. He was leaning back and sliding his hips forward to allow her room to go deeper on him. She took his cock in her mouth and played with his cock and balls, stopping now and then to comment on how much she liked giving him head and giggle about how he tasted.

I was enjoying a live sex show, but I was worried that the homely friend had been my date and now I was going to be without. I was erect and excited, so I figure I didn’t have anything to lose except my load, and got off the couch to get behind her.

If she heard me moving around, she didn’t act any different, just continued to give the guy head, so I put my hand on her ass. She didn’t move, just stayed there on her knees in front of the couch. I reached around the front of her and used my fingers to open her some. She was extremely wet. Whatever her kink was, she was very aroused.

I pushed her ass a little and spread her ass cheeks, then began to slide my cock into her pussy. I was hoping she would ride back against me, but instead she let me do all the work. I began sliding my cock into her. She wasn’t terribly tight but she was as tight as my ex had been and felt fantastic. She was wet to the point of dripping. I ground myself against her and reached around to rub her clit, hoping I could give her an orgasm and spice up the activity. I had to thrust my hips forward at an almost uncomfortable angle, but I was completely inside her and I felt myself starting to lose it.

I abandoned massaging her clit and put my hand on her hips, then moved one hand to the top of her ass, thrusting the entire time and watching her head bobbing up and down in the other guys’ lap. The sight of her giving him head was getting to me, and I was quickly eryaman escort getting close to coming. I tried to delay it by thinking about something else, trying to delay my orgasm, but it got away from me and before I knew it I was coming in her, thrusting my cock at an upward angle into her pussy until I had exhausted my entire load. When I pulled out of her she dripped a huge blob of my come onto her carpet.

I backed off and let her finish giving the other guy head. After a while she asked him why he hadn’t come. He told her he didn’t think she had wanted him to come in her mouth. “Yeah, I do,” she laughed, but instead of going back down on him she took him by the hand and led him onto the floor between her legs as she laid down on the carpet and he entered her in the missionary position and started fucking her. I sat on the carpet with my legs crossed indian style and watched them fuck.

He was enjoying rammed himself into her hard. He slammed his cock into her again and again so that her entire body moved with every thrust. Her breasts bounced and she was moaning and closing her eyes. After a while he thrust hard into her and curled his lips into a grimace, leaned on his right knee and seemed to balance his entire body on his final thrust into her, and he came.

She lit up after he had come in her and grinned. “Oh God, that was great,” she giggled. She pulled her legs up as he rolled off of her and told us she was going to clean herself up, then went to the bathroom. I heard the bedroom door open just after she came out as she peeked in on her sleeping child.

The other guy had slipped his shorts back on and was reclining on the carpet. She asked us if we wanted to watch television for a while and turned it on. The other guy started watching TV, but I wasn’t interested in it. It had been too long since I had sex. I was ready for more.

I told her that I didn’t want to watch, I wanted to fuck some more.

“You want to fuck, again? Already?!?”

“Yeah,” I told her, “I like doing it twice. Do you want to?”

She was overjoyed. “Yeah, oh God, that would be great!”

This time, though, I didn’t want to hurry though it. I was in the mood to take my time and enjoy it, and make sure that she enjoyed it. I played with her a little and touched her. I probably would have given her some oral if I had been the only one there, but I wasn’t turned on to putting my lips where we had both just come, so I kissed and sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit. She laid on her back and began getting into it. I pulled her knees up and entered her wet pussy.

I learned one thing, that night. Before this I had only had sex with my ex, who had never weighed anything more than about 120 pounds. If you haven’t ever had sex with a thick girl, it can be amazingly good. I say she was thick. She wasn’t really fat. She didn’t have any overhanging belly or sagging thighs. Instead she had broad hips, thick thighs, and a wide, but flat belly. The great thing about it was the leverage that I had with her extra weight. When I thrust into her, instead of rebounding with my momentum she had enough resistance that my cock was stroked all the way up the depth of her vagina.

I was really getting into her body. I began toying with her. She was wonderfully responsive. I could fuck her hard and fast and she would moan and close her eyes, but then I would pull my cock out of her all the way until only the head was inside, and stroke her opening just slightly until she began begging me to give it back to her. I made a game out of bringing her to the edge of an orgasm and letting her linger there, then tilting my hips so that I pushed an inch or so further into her. Each time she would come, holding her breath and her body would convulse, her head coming off the carpet and a sudden grunt escaping her. After having fifteen or twenty minutes of great sex I was ready to come, so I started fucking her deep and hard, which she loved and began responding with deep moans. Just before I was on the point of coming she let out a sharp gasp and went completely still.

“What the hell,” I thought. I was still inside her. I reached up to her face and began rolling her head back and forth, then patted her cheeks, but she didn’t respond.

“What happened,” the other guy asked.

“She passed out.”

I was out of her and the two of us began trying to wake her up, talking to her and slapping her face lightly. I was worried that she had a stroke or heart attack, but knew she had probably just had too much to drink at the club. Eventually she opened her eyes and for just a second the eyes rolled crazily in her head until she came back to her senses.

“Oh, my God, you esat escort fuckin’ made me come so hard I passed out,” she told us.”

That was when she started looking at me with a whole new light in her eyes. I’m not kidding here. She was glowing over me and doting. I told her that I hadn’t finished and if she felt up to it, maybe we could have sex some more.

“Why didn’t you just finish fucking me while I was unconscious.”

She apparently didn’t have any problem with this idea, but I would rather have a conscious responsive girl than a limp unconscious one, so I hadn’t even thought of it. She actually seemed mad at me that I hadn’t done it. Now I wonder if she didn’t have a fantasy about waking up after having non-consensual, but at the time I had never heard of that.

“Oh, you guys are no fun.” She aimed a good natured slap at my arm, but changed her aim so that she only waved air. “Do you want to fuck me in the ass,” she grinned?

I’ve kicked myself since then that I didn’t. I’ve likewise kicked myself that I didn’t write down her name and phone number, or go back and see her next day, or take pictures of her with both of us. Such is life.

I laid her down on the carpet and entered her again, this time moving in and out of her slowly and methodically until I worked up another orgasm. She was coming like mad again, but didn’t pass out.

She cleaned herself again and we watched some television, all of us laying naked on the carpet, talking and joking. After that she began playing with us both. The other guy wanted to fuck her again, so he manuevered herself between her legs. Before he entered her I suggested that she give me head while he fucked her, so I straddled her face and let her take my cock in her mouth. She couldn’t bob her head in that position, but she nibbled on my cock head and swirled her tongue over it. She sucked on it hard and even tried to stick the tip of her tongue into my P-hole. That burned a little, so I pulled back, then put it back in, telling her that it hurt. Meanwhile the other guy was enjoying stroking her pussy with his cock, her ankles on his shoulders. I played with her nipples.

All at once she came, gave a shudder, and went limp again. I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Damn, she passed out again,” I said.

The other guy was still inside her. “What should I do, ” he asked me.

“She acted like she wanted to get fucked unconscious last time, I guess you can finish if you want.”

This didn’t seem to excite him any more than it had me, so he pulled out of her and we let her lay there, checking her now and then to make sure she was okay. She was out about a minute or two, then woke up and her eyes rolled around in her head again.

“Oh, God, I did it again!”

By this time I had pretty much decided to call it a night. I had come twice. It was probably three or three-thirty in the morning, and work was at six-thirty for me. Besides all of this, I had picked up on the idea that the other guy was uncomfortable with another guy in the room, so I decided to be magnanimous and let him make love to her in private. I dressed and began leaving, she telling me I could stay, but I bowed myself out and left. As I went out the door the other guy was laying on the floor next to her and I was sure when he got her alone he was going to have sex with her again.

I looked for her at the bar for the next few weeks after that, but I never could find her. The other problem was that I couldn’t remember where the apartment complex was. Eddie and I resumed our usual rounds at the bar. I got interested in a girl that I legitimately wanted to date, not just have sex with. She was pretty and funny and I was trying to convince her that we should go out. She was convinced that I was only after her ass. That wasn’t completely false, I would have loved to get a shot at her ass, but I seriously wanted the entire package.

So one night almost a month later I’m trying to charm this girl at a table in the club, while Eddie was trying to charm her friend. I looked up and my one-night stand was at the table next to us with a guy.

“Oh, it YOU,” she shouted, loud enough to be heard by everyone in the bar. She flew over to me and hugged me, then turned to the girl I had been chatting up. “Oh HONEY, are you going out with HIM?”

My intended girlfriend shook her head and said, “No.”

“Oh sweety, you need to try him, he’s got skinny legs and a big cock and he REALLY knows how to use it!”

We were sitting on tall barstools, or I would have crawled under the table.

“He made me have THE BIG O! Do you realize how many times in a girl’s life that she gets to have THE BIG O? I’m telling you, YOU NEED TO TRY HIM!”

The girl fixed me with this frosty look, like she expected me to start making excuses, but by this time I had given up hope and didn’t offer any. That was pretty much the last time I ever saw either girl, although my little orgy girl had told me she would come back later and look for me. If she did I probably missed her. It might have been on purpose.

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