Wild Oats: The Canoe Trip

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“Jason, next week we have two days off together. What do you think about an overnight canoe trip on the Peace River?”

“That would be cool.”

“We could rent a canoe in Arcadia and just have some fun. During the week we should have the river to ourselves.”

Departure day dawned. It had been raining cats and dogs all night, but was supposed to be clear by noon and be nice tomorrow. We packed our supplies and headed for Arcadia.

It was 3:00 before we put in and the canoe people warned us that the rain had caused the river to rise and go beyond its banks. It was flowing faster and deeper than normal and that we should be careful.

We had the river to ourselves. We were the last canoe out for the day and unless we caught up with the people who had started earlier, we expected to see no one.

We came to a stretch of smooth water and were floating with the current. I decided to work on my tan. I had worn a T-shirt and the bottom of an old bikini. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and, using it as a pillow, lay back on the pile of equipment behind me. My natural, proud and firm DD’s exposed to the world. Jason decided to go along with my drift philosophy and lay back on the stern of the canoe. My perch was more comfortable.

Suddenly Jason shouted, “Sally, watch out!”

We were drifting toward a snag caused by an old fallen tree that would not normally be in the river. Our canoe tipped over and everything spilled out. I caught the cooler and the canoe as they drifted by and Jason was able to grab a sleeping bag, which he had thoughtfully enclosed in a trash bag, and his paddle. Everything else either drifted away or went straight to the bottom.

We worked our way over to the small sandy beach nearby and took inventory of what we had left.

We had the canoe and the cooler which contained mostly beer, but also a sandwich for each of us. We had a paddle and one dry sleeping bag inside a garbage bag. I was dressed in an old bikini bottom and my sneakers.

Jason was wearing wet shorts, a wet T-shirt, and his sneakers. In a pocket he had a boy scout waterproof match box, with cinsel bilgiler matches, and the car keys.

We knew there would be no one else on the river until tomorrow so we knew we had to do what we could to make ourselves comfortable for the night.

There was a big log near a grassy spot just off the beach. We sat down on the log, had a beer and our sandwich and discussed our situation. It was now close to 6 pm and we could expect mosquitoes to find us as dusk approached.

Jason opened up the trash bag to serve as a ground cloth under the sleeping bag and I began gathering wood for a fire on the beach. When Jason had the sleeping bag fixed, he gathered rocks and arranged them in a fire ring. He somehow knew how to find dry stuff from a palm tree and soon we had a cheery fire going. Jason took off his clothes and arranged them on a rack near the fire, made from fallen branches, so they could dry.

I said, to myself, what the heck and added my wet bikini bottom to the drying rack.

As dusk arrived, so did the mosquitoes. Since we were naked, tired from the sun and stress of the day, we decided the best place for us was in the sleeping bag. It was a tight fit, but we both got in. Jason was spooned up to me from behind. We were both tired, so soon fell asleep.

I awoke in the night with the feel of a hard cock between my legs and a hand softly caressing my right breast. I reached back and gave his cock a squeeze to let him know that I was okay with the attention. His hand slid down across my flat stomach to my clit and I spread my legs as best I could to accommodate him. Jason moved a bit and slid his hard cock into my moist pussy while we were spooned on our sides.

We moved together gently for a few minutes. Jason grunted and shot his cum into me. I was glad to give him some relief and I always enjoy the feeling of warm cum in my vagina. We settled back, this time with his dick inside me and both went back to sleep.

In the morning he was hard again. We unzipped the sleeping bag to give us more room. I got on my knees with my head cinsellik bilgileri down and Jason loved me doggy style with the egrets watching. He emptied his balls and sent stream after stream of his thick cum into me. I was close, but there had been no foreplay. I did not cum, but again, was glad that I could make it good for him.

I was in the river cleaning off the dried cum on my legs and pussy when we heard the putt-putt of a small gas engine. Soon, a jon boat with two nineteen year old boys came around the bend. I squatted in the river so that only my head and bare shoulders were visible. They hailed us and pulled into the shore. They had found our other sleeping bag and my paddle and had come up river to see if they could help us. They brought sandwiches and bottled water for our breakfast.

It seemed like they were not going to be leaving soon, so I rose from the water in all my naked glory and walked up to the drying rack where my bikini bottom was drying. I took it down and began putting it on when the new boys gave verbal dissent. They said, “Why cover-up all your beauty after we have already seen you as a vision rising from the river?”

I said to myself, ‘What the heck, they have already seen all of me and our paths will never cross again. Why not,’

I put the bikini back on the branch and went over to join Jason on the log. The one boy, who was about 6′ tall, 180 lbs. and had played defensive end for the Desoto H.S. football team, could not take his eyes off of me. I noticed that both boys were sporting tents in their shorts. It is so nice to be appreciated.

As we ate our sandwiches, the boys ask us if we would like to be towed to the canoe pick-up area or if we just wanted to continue our journey.

We ask if we could have a few minutes to think about it. I got up and took the shy boy by the shoulders and gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for rescuing us. I went over to the boy who could not keep his eyes off of me and as I moved in to kiss his cheek, he moved his head. He met me lip to lip, wrapped his arms around cinsel bilgi me and kissed me hard. As he pulled me into him, I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing on my bare stomach. Somehow his cock was sticking up above the waistband of his shorts.

At first I resisted and tried to pull away, but his mouth was insistent and I began to kiss back. My tongue involuntarily began tracing his lips and we opened our mouths to each other. I reached down to explore the hard thing pressing on my stomach and my hand encountered the hard, smooth, dripping head of his circumcised penis. His hands dropped to my ass and, as if it had been practiced, his friend pulled down his shorts while we embraced. I lifted one leg as if to climb on him and he hooked his forearm under my knee – then he lifted me and hooked the other knee.

I was spread fully open to him with his dripping cock only inches from my dripping love tunnel. His friend took charge and lined his cock up with my vagina and he lowered me onto his erect cock. He began moving me up and down on him by flexing his arms.

He carried me over to our open sleeping bag, knelt down on one knee and then the other, and, still inside me, laid me gently down. He was stiff, and long, and felt so very, very good as he made love to me. Gently at first, and then more vigorous as he approached his climax.

Jason had prepped me and now I was shuddering in one of those mind blowing orgasms. As my orgasm hit, he shouted, “Here it comes,” and erupted inside me. He shot stream after stream of cum deep into me. He held me close and did not let go until his cock shriveled and slipped out.

I opened my eyes and his friend was standing there naked with his erection in his hand. I did not have a second thought about also thanking him properly for our rescue. As soon as cock number one pulled out, his friend slid in for sloppy seconds. He was actually a little larger than cock number one and it really felt good as he fucked me. We eventually climaxed together.

In the end they towed us back and the three boys took turns loving me, in the canoe with the sleeping bag spread out on the floor, as we motored slowly back to civilization. At the last bend in the river before reaching the pull-out area, we pulled in to the shore. Everyone, Jason included, came in me one more time.

I cleaned up in the river, put on my bikini bottom and Jason’s T-shirt and we finished our canoe trip sexually satisfied.

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