White Mistress , Her Black Slaves

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Hey, there. How are you? My name is Britney Cavalier and this is what I do for fun. I’m really into BDSM, especially the kind with an Interracial Flavor. I hired a group of Black male and Black female college students who are strapped for cash to play the role of my slaves while I played the role of the cruel and dominating Southern white female plantation owner. It’s a big fantasy of mine. I realize it might not be politically correct but keep in mind that it’s just a fantasy. And anyway, isn’t any sexual activity between consenting adults within the boundaries of one’s residence supposed to be okay?

I want to make certain things one hundred percent clear. I am not racist or sexist, or anything of the sort. I’m a normal person, honest. A progressive individual, too. I’m around five-foot-eight, somewhat chubby, with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. And I’ve also got what they call a ghetto booty. Both men and women admire me for it. Many think that white women like myself are always flat in the back but that’s not the case. I’m thirty three years old and teach Fundamentals of Biology at Brockton Community College in Southeastern Massachusetts. This story right here is just a fantasy come to glorious life.

Currently, I’m thrusting my biggest dildo into the asshole of a big Black woman named Justine Brown. This six-foot-one, heavyset, big-bottomed and dark-skinned Amazon is a student-athlete at Brockton Community College. A member of the all-new Coed Varsity Wrestling team. Right now, she’s playing the role of my own personal slave. And I can do whatever I want to her. Because that’s the game. Lately, she’s been acting fresh and we can’t have that. I do what I must to keep her in line. And this is how I do it. Justine howls as I fuck her in the ass with my dildo but I tell her to shut up, otherwise I’m going to whip her again.

When I left the house this morning, I gave Justine and the other slaves some very simple duties to handle. Unfortunately, when I came back, I realized that they had made a fine mess of things. Since I left Justine in charge, I decided that she had to be the one who paid. So I tied her up to a pole in the middle of the fenced yard where all the other slaves could see her, and I thoroughly whipped her. I used my six-foot-long Black leather whip, too. It really smarts. Justine howled as I gave her the sound thrashing she surely deserved. While I fuck her, the other slaves watch. I love the fearful looks on their faces.

Sometimes, I wonder what life was really like during the days of Colonial America. When white men and white women owned Black male and Black female slaves from distant Africa. Personally, I disagree with the concept of slave ownership and I hate the idea of men and women of any race being subject to such cruel mistreatment. I’m a firm believer in fundamental human rights. Racial and gender equality are causes which I’m passionate Mecidiyeköy Escort about. Seriously. I voted for the first Black man to become Governor of Massachusetts. I also voted for the first Black man to become President of the United States of America. I went to Atlanta to support the first Black woman to become Mayor of a major city in the state of Georgia. I’ve dated lots of Black men and a few Black women in college.

I was engaged to a sexy Black engineer named Robert Jays at one time. We met at Georgia Tech, back in the late 1990s. I loved him dearly but things didn’t work out. His mother Athena Jays didn’t like the idea of her brilliant African-American son dating a white woman. And Robert always does what mama says. He’s that kind of person. We split not long after his mother called me a honky to my face and told me to get out of her house. Last I heard, Robert Jays was married to Cecilia, a Black woman he met at an African-American Executives Club. That negative experience with interracial dating left me quite bitter. Being dumped by the man I loved simply because his mother didn’t like the color of my skin really sucked. See, racism goes both ways? Of course, I’m not allowed to say that. It’s not politically correct.

It’s around that time that I noticed my sexual fantasies taking on a darker, entirely different tone. I was still attracted to Black men and the occasional Black woman ( I am bisexual ) but I wasn’t interested in making love. Instead, I wanted to dominate them sexually. More than a few of them found this kinky. Some were turned off by it. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Seriously. I can’t seem to get off sexually unless I am humiliating or completely dominating my partner. I don’t know why. But I do what I got to do, you know? I didn’t choose this. Rather, it seems to have chosen me.

The first time I noticed this change in myself was when I hooked up with one of my students. His name was Devin Jones. A big and tall Black guy who played Football for Brockton Community College. He was one of the superstars of the NJCAA Football world. This was his last semester at the two-year-college. Soon, he’d be playing for the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. While he was in my class, I could tell he had a thing for me. That’s okay because I had a thing for him too. We hooked up at my house one Friday night after a big Football game.

Devin and I got down and dirty in my living room. He sat on my couch, with his pants around his ankles, stroking his dick while I stripped before him. Clearly, the young Black man liked what he saw. I smiled at him. I’ve always had a thing for young Black men. Even back in high school. White guys, and white chicks for that matter never did it for this bisexual gal. I went to Devin, and he kissed me while suckling at my breasts. He cupped my big butt cheeks in his large hands Escort Mecidiyeköy and fondled them. I kissed him full and deep, then licked a path from his lips to his chest, and finally to his groin.

I held Devin’s dick in my hand. The young Black football stud was well-endowed. His dick was around nine inches long and quite thick. Also, it was uncircumcised. I love intact men. Their dicks are more fun to play with. I took Devin’s cock in my mouth and began sucking on it while fondling his balls. He ran his hand through my blonde hair and barked cuss words while I worked my magic on him. For some reason, his calling me names during sex really turned me off. So I had a nasty surprise for him later.

Once I got his cock stiff as a steel pole, I climbed on top of Devin and went for a ride. Placing his hands on my hips, I impaled my pussy on his cock. The Black stud began pumping his dick in and out of me. Each stab of his cock into my cunt really drove me closer to the edge. And I absolutely loved it. I love Black cock in my white pussy and if loving it is wrong then I don’t want to be right. Devin was really good at this, especially considering he was only twenty years old.

Later, we tried some other stuff. Like many young men, he was curious about anal sex. I decided to play a game of tit for tat. If he wanted my ass, he’d have to let me do his. He hesitated. I smiled, and bent over in front of him. He really liked my big white ass. So he agreed, however reluctantly. I lubed up his cock, then guided it against my asshole. With a swift thrust, Devin went into me. I gasped as he entered me. I’ve had anal sex before but never with a man as thick as Devin. Bending me over, he began pounding his cock into my bum. His big cock stretched my asshole. I screamed. I cried. I whimpered. I moaned. I absolutely loved it. He fucked me so good I demanded an encore. And when he came in my ass, it was glorious.

It’s only later that things really, really got interesting. Devin was stunned when I told him I was going to fuck him in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Surprise, lover! Quid pro quo! You got to do me and now I get to do you. He balked at the idea, saying he wasn’t gay. He started making excuses after excuses. What the hell? I really, really hate it when people do this. Seriously. Oh, well. I didn’t want to have to do this but I would if I had to. I told Devin that if he reneged on his promise to go through with our arrangement, he’d fail my class, and lose his scholarship to UMass-Amherst. He stared at me, stunned. He claimed I couldn’t do that. I smiled nastily. Did he really want to dare me? The poor thing. He’s about to find out what a sadistic bitch I can be!

Long story short, Devin Jones ended up taking it up the ass. He gave up his booty for his future. I got him on all fours, and greased up his ass before pushing my dildo into Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan him. The Black stud had a tight ass, let me tell you that. I gripped his hips tightly and pushed my dildo into his ass. He’s not the first guy I’ve fucked with a strap-on dildo but he’s definitely the first black man. How about that? Devin screamed as I fucked him with my dildo. I’m not a gentle fucker, folks. I believe in being firm while sodomizing my victims, uh, I mean, partners. I clamped my hand over Devin’s mouth and slammed the dildo as deep into his ass as possible. When I looked at his face, his eyes looked like they were ready to pop. How fun!

Yeah, Devin Jones the college football stud played an important in my sexual development after my heart-breaking split from the only man I’ve ever loved. As I savagely sodomized Devin with my strap-on dildo, I found myself turned on like never before. My pussy was wet as a puddle and I didn’t even need to touch myself to cum. I found myself calling Devin all sorts of names. And I was getting off on humiliating and completely dominating him too. Wow. I’m a sadist. I swear I did not know this about myself!

Anyway, back to the current story. I was really letting Justine have it, folks. I grabbed a handful of her long Black hair and yanked her head back while ramming the dildo into her ass. She screamed loudly, and begged for mercy. Laughing, I called her a dumb-ass nigger bitch and continued to fuck her. Just getting into character, folks. Nothing more, nothing less. I like Justine Brown. Honest. She’s one of my most gifted students, and a lesbian, from what I can tell. She’s always had a thing for me. Even going so far as to contact me on MySpace but I wasn’t interested in her until I found out she was also into BDSM. Particularly BDSM with an ethnic favor. Man, I was glad to hear that. This was right up my alley.

When I approached Justine Brown with the proposal, I was quite nervous. Luckily, she was all for it. She’s one of those Black lesbians who has a thing for white women. Lucky me. She also helped me find some other Black men and Black women to play the part of the other slaves for my fantasy. She knew lots of people in Boston’s growing Black BDSM scene. I was pleasantly surprised. Was I lucky to have found her and her pals or what? I whacked Justine’s big butt, making it jiggle while fucking her. After having my fun with her, I pressed a special button on my mechanized dildo, releasing hot artificial cum deep inside Justine’s ass. The big Black woman howled in pain mixed with pleasure. I screamed victoriously, feeling a wet rush deep within my pussy. I was turned on like you would not believe.

After Justine and others left, I sat down on my couch and relaxed. I was short of several thousand dollars, having paid them handsomely for making my fantasies come true. I felt elated after this truly satisfying sexual encounter. Seriously. I’ve got a thing for those sexy black men and gorgeous black women I see on my college campus. Athletes. intellectuals. Artists. Thugs. Thug-wannabes. Ghetto Mamas. Black American Princesses. I like them all. I don’t discriminate. I get off on mistreating everyone equally. Tell that to the political correctness crowd.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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