Wendy’s Birthday

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With some women it’s shopping; clothes, shoes, make-up etc. With others it could be chocolate or even drink, but when Wendy Cooper became a little depressed, none of these luxuries would bring her out of it. The only thing that Wendy needed when she was down was sex – and plenty of it!

Jake Cooper was only too well aware of his wife’s needs and, although he never actually liked to see her sad, he loved to see the way she combated this situation.

It was July and approaching Wendy’s birthday. This was always a time when she was a little blue but this year it seemed to Jake to be a little worse. For three days Wendy had been morose and uncommunicative but Jake knew exactly what would bring her out of her mood – and make for a great birthday present at the same time!

“You won’t be late home tonight, will you?” Asked Jake over breakfast on the morning of his wife’s birthday.

“No, why?”

“Just a little surprise I’ve been planning!”

Jake was grinning like the Cheshire cat and Wendy wanted to know more.

“What is it? What is it?” She squealed excitedly.

“Oh no you don’t. You’ll just have to wait until later to find out!”

All day, Wendy was wondering what her husband’s surprise was and becoming more and more excited. Her sex drive was peaking and twice; once in the morning and the second time during her lunch break, she sneaked into the office bathroom and, dropping her panties around her ankles, had sat on the toilet and let her fingers bring her to orgasm. She had toyed with the idea of dragging her boss in with her and having his tongue do wicked things to her clitoris – it wouldn’t have been the first time – but she had decided against that most pleasurable idea. She wanted her nerves to be still alive and tingling when she returned home.

Jake was a little later leaving work than he had planned and drove dangerously fast through the mid-afternoon traffic. As he screeched to a stop outside the compact suburban house that he shared with Wendy he breathed a sigh of relief. The blue Ford was parked up against the curb on the opposite side of the road. The two men sitting patiently inside looked young and lean – just what Jake had requested of the agency they worked for.

“Come in guys.” Jake said as he popped his head through the Ford’s open window. “Sorry I’m a little later than I said. Had trouble getting away.”

The two men smiled and nodded their understanding. As they climbed out of the vehicle Jake noticed that they were both tall, good-looking and quite heavily muscled. Wendy was going to love this, he thought as he led them inside.

After introductions had been made and Dave and Mark had accepted the offer of a light beer, the three men sat down to await Wendy’s return. There was really little else to do; Jake knew the men where in his house for a particular reason and making small talk with him wasn’t it!

Just after five o’clock Jake suggested that Mark and David should move into the kitchen.

“She always uses the back door,” he explained, “I want you guys to surprise her!”

As Wendy closed the kitchen door behind her and turned around she gasped loudly.

“Happy Birthday Wendy.” Dave muttered in a deep drawl. “We hope you like your present!”

Wendy gasped again. She had half expected Jake’s surprise to be of a sexual nature – at least, that’s what she had hoped for – but she hadn’t expected this! Two men stood in her kitchen clearly eying her body up and down and mentally undressing her. She was pleased that she had taken the time to shower, freshen up and re-apply fresh make-up before leaving the office – from the obvious bulges in the front of their jeans, it was clear that these two studs liked what they saw.

“I always like presents!” Wendy said with a grin. She had got her breathing back under control now and was determined not to seem shocked. “But I prefer cimcif gaziantep escort them unwrapped!”

With a smile, both Mark and Dave slowly unzipped their jeans and eased out a pair of large, erect cocks.

“You look a little over-dressed, honey.”

Wendy heard her husbands’ voice before he actually came into view in the kitchen doorway. He was grinning from ear to ear and looked very pleased with himself.

“Why don’t you get those lovely big tits out and enjoy your present? I hope you like it?”

In a flash, Wendy had pulled down the top of her halter blouse and released her soft, tanned breasts. She cupped them sexily enjoying the effect that the sight of them was having on the erections of her two studs. She licked her lips as she saw the two hard appendages suddenly grow another inch before her eyes.

With her heels clattering on the hard kitchen floor, Wendy trotted over and stood between Dave and Mark while Jake looked on. Her fingers closed around the two rigid members that were being presented to her and slowly started to stroke them. She sighed as two pairs of hands caressed her breasts. Her nipples were being pinched and teased and she guessed that Jake had explained in advance how she adored this.

Jake watched contentedly as his wife and the two men groped each other. He could see that Wendy’s tits were becoming flushed and he felt beads of perspiration break out on his own forehead. This was certainly going to be worth watching, her thought.

Wendy’s fingers were now slick with the pre-cum of the two men as she continued to run her fingers slowly up and down their shafts and under their tight balls. She loved to feel the weight of a full pair of testicles in her hand and, if she wasn’t much mistaken, both men were holding on to quite a load! She gasped again as Mark pulled a nipple into his mouth and bit down lightly on the tight, swollen bud. There was a tingling in her stomach and suddenly a dampness between her thighs as a small climax washed over her body and soaked into her panties.

Jake sat back on the kitchen counter and feverishly licked his own lips. He had just seen his wife’s legs tremble and heard a small moan escape her lips as Mark sucked her nipple. He knew that she had just cum.

“Slip those panties off baby,” he said, “they must be a bit wet by now.”

Wendy was happy to oblige and, stepping back from her two studs, wriggled her skirt up around her waist. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her black, lace panties and, keeping her legs straight, pulled them down over her legs until they pooled around her ankles. Looking straight at her husband for a moment she winked sexily and stepped out of the discarded underwear. Not bothering to pull the skirt back down she ran a finger through the wet folds of her labia and winked again.

“This is the best present ever!” She cooed. “And now I’m really going to enjoy it!”

Jake watched her return to her position between Mark and Dave and squat down on her heels. Her head was now in a direct line with both hard cocks and she lost no time in grasping Dave’s swinging member and inserting more than half of it straight into her open mouth.

Wendy heard an unmistakable groan from above her as she gobbled greedily on Dave’s throbbing tool while using her hand to stroke his friend. She could tell that both men were highly professional and she guessed that they weren’t about to embarrass themselves by shooting off in her mouth just yet, but to be safe, she allowed Dave’s cock to slip from her mouth and quickly replaced it with Mark’s member.

Jake watched fascinated – as he always did when his slut of a wife “entertained” – while Wendy alternated the two cocks in her mouth. Her head was being pulled back and forth between the two men as they vied for her oral cimcif gaziantep escort bayan attention and each cock was now being rudely thrust into her mouth whenever the opportunity arose. Jake could feel his own erection tight and a little uncomfortable under his jeans and tried to move himself into a more pleasant position.

Wendy absolutely loved to suck cock – it was almost her favourite pastime. But Dave and Mark were very well endowed and, despite her expertise, her jaw was becoming rather tired and sore. There was only one thing for it, she thought with a smile, and, boy was she looking forward to it!

“Fuck me guys!” Wendy moaned as she sat back on her heels and gasped for air. “I want one of you to slam his big cock into me while I suck the other, okay?”

It was a bit of a balancing act, Jake realised as he massaged the front of his pants – he had given up trying to reposition his cock more comfortably. Neither Wendy, Dave or Mark seemed keen to move too far away and so, with Mark leaning back against the counter, Wendy remained standing, bent over and allowed the big stud to force his throbbing manhood back between her lips.

Jake watched Dave as he moved up behind the doubled up figure of his wife. As soon as the man was behind her he began to run the tip of his weapon through the wet folds of her pussy. He grinned every time the wide head came into contact with Wendy’s swollen clit and he heard a muffled cry escape her currently occupied mouth.

As the two men began a slow rhythmical assault of Wendy’s body, Jake watched his wife’s back arch deeply. Mark lowered his hand and gripped her leg. He pulled the slender limb upwards having the effect of widening and stretching Wendy’s moist vagina as his friend increased the tempo of his strokes into her. Wendy’s head was being held by both of Mark’s hands as he fucked his tool deep into her throat. Her cries as she came again were hardly audible and Jake began to wonder if the two men would ever allow her up for air.

Suddenly there was a deep, guttural groan from Dave. His cock was lodged deeply in Wendy’s vagina and Jake realised that, as she had climaxed, her internal muscles would have automatically contracted around the young mans’ cock.

“Oh, shit!” Dave mumbled. “Here it comes, baby!”

Jake looked on as the man fucking his wife’s pussy unloaded himself inside her. Dave’s face was a picture of lust as he bucked his hips; his eyes were tightly shut and Jake could see the veins bulging in the side of his neck as he pumped every last drop of his seed deep into Wendy’s body.

“Your turn now, man!” Gasped Dave as he fell away from Wendy. Jake heard an audible slurping sound as his thick penis slithered out of Wendy’s gaping hole. “You want to cum in her pussy or in her mouth?”

Mark seemed to think for a moment. His cock was still lodged halfway down Wendy’s throat while he pondered the question.

“Well, I’m not going up her cunt.” He drawled. “Not after your cock made it so wide.” He looked over at Jake. “You ever fucked her in the ass, man?”

Jake looked blankly back and nodded his head. It was as if his permission was being sought and that Wendy didn’t have a say in what would happen to her next. This was a new twist and he guessed that Wendy would like it.

“Once or twice.” He replied with a coy smile. “But I’m not as big as you!”

“Okay.” Mark continued. “Let’s see how she handles a big cock up her ass!”

Jake watched Wendy’s eyes almost light up as she was manhandled onto the floor and pushed onto her hands and knees. She looked a little worried by the size of Mark’s cock but clearly this wasn’t going to stop her trying.

“Lift your butt up in the air, baby!” Mark almost growled. “Let’s see that tight little hole of yours!”

Jake watched his wife as escort gaziantep cimcif she lowered her head to the floor and pushed her ass up into the air as she had been instructed. She opened her legs automatically and Jake heard her sigh audibly as mark used the copious quantity of sex fluid that was oozing out of her vagina to lubricate the impossibly tight hole of her anus.

“Mmm, that’s it, baby.” He murmured as his fingers worked the juice into her ass. “Nice and tight!”

As soon as Mark was happy that Wendy was sufficiently lubricated, he squatted over her buttocks and started to feed the head of his cock into her ass. Wendy moaned and gasped a little at first but he was relentless and within a few seconds had pushed three quarters of his tool deep into her bowels.

Mark began to fuck Wendy’s back passage slowly at first; long deep strokes that seemed to widen the tight hole beyond recognition. Wendy’s moans had now become cries of lust as her hand went between her legs and stroked her clit in time with Mark’s anal thrusts.

Jake couldn’t resist unzipping and pulling out his own cock while he watched the spectacle. He was highly turned on and was desperate to cum himself. But watching was what he wanted to do. He wanted to see this manly stud cream himself inside Wendy’s ass.

With a cry of satisfaction, Wendy suddenly climaxed again. Her back arched deeply and Jake knew that Mark’s cock must have been squeezed tightly in her ass. As if to prove Jake correct, Mark’s voice suddenly joined Wendy’s as he cruelly slammed his last thrust into her.

Wendy could hardly believe the size of the cock that was inside her and, as it swelled a few moments before Mark’s inevitable climax, she thought that it was going to split her open. She waited for the pain to hit her but as the hot liquid spurted deep into her bowels she felt nothing more than a wonderful, warm, luxuriant sensation as she knew that he was drained.

“I don’t think you’ve quite finished yet, bitch!” Dave mumbled as his friend – now sated – sat back and allowed his wilting tool to slide out of Wendy’s ass.

Wendy looked exhausted and looked up at him from the floor with a quizzed expression.

“Look.” Dave continued as he pointed over at Jake. “Your old man’s sitting there with a hard-on. Don’t you think you’d better thank him for your birthday present?”

Wendy smiled and. as she crawled over to where Jake was sitting, a trickle of sperm oozed out of her dilated asshole. Wordlessly she reached out and Jake allowed his wife’s fingers to guide his throbbing weapon between her lips and into her mouth.

“Fuck her mouth, man!” Dave cried as both he and Mark took their turn to watch.

Smiling, Jake decided that he would do just that and, taking his wife’s head between his hands, he began to thrust himself deep into her mouth and throat. But Jake’s stamina was not up to that of the two studs and just a few short seconds later he felt the cum surging up from his balls as he passed the point of no return.

Jake was going to warn his wife of his impending climax but for some reason the words stuck in his throat. He closed his eyes opening them just a few moments later to see more of his emission than he could ever remember releasing before coating Wendy’s face and hair. Her lips were stained with streaks of white and more of the viscous liquid dribbled off her chin and dripped down into the valley of her deep cleavage.

“Thank you for my birthday present!” Wendy purred through a mouthful of cum as she looked up at her husband. “Can I have the same next year, please?”

“Actually,” Dave interrupted – both Jake and Wendy had almost forgotten that the two men were still in the kitchen. “Actually, it’s my birthday tomorrow. I was wondering how to celebrate. Any ideas?”

Wendy’s eyes lit up again. “Why don’t you get that nice big cock hard again and put it in my ass while you all think about it?” She said.

“I though your birthday wasn’t until next month?” Mark whispered to his friend as they watched Wendy re-assume her earlier position on the floor. Her ass was now nicely open and seemed to be almost beckoning them.

“Next week. Tomorrow. What’s the difference?” Dave smiled. “We going to fuck some more of this bitch, or what?

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