Weekend At John’s Ch. 2

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“Wakey, wakey.” I heard a voice say to me as I slowly opened my eyes.


“Time to get up you two.” A voice said and I realized that it belonged to Rob.

“What time is it?” I yawned as I sat up trying to shake off the final ruminants of sleep.

“Ten thirty.” Rob said as he handed me a cup of coffee.

Taking a sip, I looked down to my left and Sue was just starting to wake up.

“You two must have had some night?”

“One hell of a one.” I replied, taking another sip from my cup. “How about you?”

“The bed held.” Rob said chuckling.

“What are you two talking about?” Sue asked as she sat up. The blanket fell off of her, exposing her breast, she didn’t move to cover them up.

“Hum.” Rob said looking at us, “You two look kind of comfortable that way.”

“After handing Sue her cup of coffee, Rob headed back up to the cabin. Sue and I looked at each other and started to laugh. As we sat there, we looked out over the lake as we talked. The things we talked about, well, this gorgeous woman was really smart. We could have talked all day, but Anne called out from the cabin, letting us know that breakfast was ready.

Sue and I picked up the blankets, stowed them away on the boat, and headed up to the cabin with the cups in one hand and our clothes in the other.

When we walked inside, we went to our separate rooms to put our clothes away. I’m not ashamed of being nude, so I decided not to put any clothes.

Coming out of the room, Sue came out of hers at the same time with a towel wrapped around her. Upon seeing me, she grins and lets the towel drop to the floor and kicks it into her room.

Together, we walked into the kitchen and there we saw that both Rob and Anne had ditched all of their clothing. Rob sees us and all of us start to laugh when Rob holds his arms out to the side and says, “You like the king’s new clothes?”

“With that, we sat down for our first morning meal together. Close to the end of breakfast, Rob came up with an excellent idea.

“Why don’t we take the boat out on the lake and pack a lunch to take with us.”

“Great idea.” Sue said. “Us girls can lay out in the sun and get rid of some of these tan lines.”

“How about you dear?” I asked Anne.

“It’s a fantastic idea.” She replied. “It will give us girls a chance to really get to know each other better.”

“Rob and I looked at each other and grin from ear to ear.

While Rob and I cleaned up after we had finished eating, the girls packed us a lunch, while I stowed the food in the boat’s refrigerator. The girls got what they needed and every one got on the boat.

Off we went, my boat, which is small, but large enough for the four of us to move around with plenty of space.

The day was beautiful and the water was very calm as my boat moved smoothly across the lake. I normally don’t sail my boat nude, but this was an exhilarating experience. Anne and Sue had spread their beach towels in the front of the boat, and were rubbing sun tan lotion on each other. I kept watching them, hoping that something good would start, but they just laid down after they were oiled up.

Rob opens up the fridge and gets us a couple of beers. Handing me one of them, he settles down in one of the seats.

“So, you going to tell me what you and Sue did last night?”

“Sue’s one incredible woman.” I replied.

“That she is, but so is Anne.” Rob said after taking a drink from his can.

“We went for a dip in the lake last night, bakımlı gaziantep escort then ended on the dock.” I said after adjusting the boats heading.

“You don’t mind if Anne and I get together again tonight?”

“Not if you don’t mind if Sue and I do?”

“Not at all.” He said with a wide grin. “You should have told me that she could bend like that.” Rob’s grin widened.

“You should have told me that Sue was that wild.” I replied with my own grin.

We continued to move across the lake in silence, while our wives flipped over on to their backs.

I guess this would be a good time to describe and compare Anne and Sue’s bodies. Both of them are close to each other’s height, Anne is five foot nine. They are the same build, Anne is into yoga, and so that is how she is so flexible. While Anne has auburn hair, Sue is light brown, pushing towards dirty blonde. But both of them have long hair. Sue’s eyes are deep brown; Anne’s are green that her red hair brings out. Now their breasts are small, Sue’s nipples are large, like silver dollars, while Anne’s are small.

Rob and I were carrying out a quiet conversation when we noticed that Sue and Anne were holding each other while they kissed. The sight of two women kissing always gives me an erection, and this time was no exception. I guess this was no exception too for Rob, for his cock was hard. Both of us just sat there watching them make love to each other as the boat glided along the calm waters.

When they finished, Rob and I stood up and started to applaud. Both girls stood up, took a bow, and then kissed each other. The act of them making love to each other was incredible. I’ve watched Anne before with other women, but this time, it took my breath away.

A few minutes later, we were coming up to an island that was in the middle of the lake. A year ago, Anne and I came up here and cleared the island off and built a small shelter, just large enough to hold a few people incase we ever invited anyone for the weekend. I had placed a small dock on the north side of the island to tie the boat up.

I slowed the boat as Rob moved to the front of the craft. Reaching the dock, he jumped on to the dock and pulled it next to it. After tying off the rope, he helped Anne and Sue off the boat as I shut the engine off. Grabbing the basked and the cooler, I handed them to Rob as I got off of the boat.

We move up the path that leads to the small building. The building was a special design. It looks like a gazeboes, but larger and it has two stories to it. The lower section has a setup like an out door deck, with a sink, hot tub and a few other comforts. I had also put in a generator to give it electricity. The upper level has, well it’s covered with a mattress, which almost covers the entire floor.

I unlock the door to the building and go over to the far wall to turn on the generator. On of the things that I did during the week was to make sure that everything was in working order. The hot tub was ready for use, generator was filled up and working. The water tanks filled and ready for use. We even have a modern out house here.

As our wives unpack the lunch, I show Rob around and he laughs when he sees the upper level. By the time we were done, lunch is ready and we sat down to a pleasant meal. Afterward, we all pitch in to clear everything away and then we got into the hot tub. As the bubbles relaxed us, we allow the alcohol to flow through us and soon bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan we started in with our sexual desires.

Sue and I were kissing while Rob and Anne were heavily making out. Things were getting ever more heavier when we decided to move upstairs.

Once upstairs, Sue pushes me down on the bed and we immediately go into the sixty-nine position. I have no idea what Anne and Rob were doing, but my complete attention was on Sue. We licked and sucked each other as long as we could. Then Sue flipped herself around and got my cock inside of her. Grinding herself into me, she lifted her hips up and down.

I looked out of the corner of my eyes and I saw that Rob was on top of Anne, pumping her steadily in and out of her pussy. Sue had seen their activity and she clamped down on my cock as she had an orgasm. After she quiets down some, she stops all movement as we watched our spouses go at it. My cock, still inside of her, was being massaged by her contracting muscles. Watching Rob drilling Anne’s pussy with fast thrusts excited me even more. I had to stop Sue before I came in her.

I urged Sue to get off of me, but it didn’t take much to do so, for she went over to Anne and Rob and joined them. When she got to them, she had Rob lay down on his back and both her and Anne proceeded to give him a double blowjob. Rob closed his eyes while experiencing two sets of lips sharing his shaft, while Sue and Anne kept their eyes on me.

Just to give them something to watch, I began to stroke my throbbing cock. I got both of them even hotter, for Anne moved up to Rob’s head and straddled his face, while Sue got on top of his cock. These two beautiful women took turns at sucking each other’s breast, plus at Rob’s cock.

Sue whispered something in Anne’s ear, Anne smiled and she began to ride Rob hard. I watched with eagerness because I knew what was going on. Anne was going to make Rob come. As I watched, I knew that Rob was near as Sue got off of his face and Anne fucked him harder, while moaning and grunting as her own orgasm was getting closer to a climax. Rob’s legs started to tense up and then it happen. Rob groaned loudly as he erupted inside of Anne and she screams out as her orgasm over takes her. Then the unexpected happen. When Rob stopped shooting his load in Anne, sue pushed her off of him and started eating Anne out.

I couldn’t take any more of this, so I went over to them and got behind Sue. I shove my cock inside of her so hard, it to Sue by surprise, but she didn’t let up her efforts on Anne’s pussy. Anne moved around so that she could have at Sue’s pussy and every now and then I felt her tongue licking my shaft and balls.

It wasn’t much longer when I erupted in sue and after I had finished cumming, my cock slipped out of Sue and Anne’s mouth replaced me as she began to eat my cum out of Sue.

Rob and I watched as they went at for some time and then they gave each other one final orgasm, they collapsed and it ended. Rob and I grinned at each other and we went back to the hot tub and waited for them to recover.

While waiting, we poured ourselves some drinks and soaked in the tub. As we socked, Rob asked me, “Is it always this intense for you?”

“No.” I replied as I took a sip from my cup. “Actually, this was the first time that it was this was. I’ve never seen two women so, how do I say, into each other.”

“I almost blew my nuts apart when Sue sat on my face while escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan fucking Anne.” Rob grinned.

“I know what you mean, I didn’t last very long when I started fucking Sue as she was eating Anne out.” I said as I stretched my legs out.

We sat there in silence for a moment, and then Rob grinned again and said, “You and I need to double team both of them.”

“You know what?” I said trying to suppress my grin, “I have to agree with you.”

“With my drink done, I got out of the tub and went over to the bar to pour me another one. Returning to the tub, I heard our wives coming down the stairs. Entering the room, Anne and Sue come into the room with their arms around each other.

“So are we going to get a repeat performance?” Rob asked them.

“Most definitely.” Sue says and kisses Anne.

“John, I really think that we found the right couple this time.” Anne said when they broke their kiss.

“I have to agree with you, Hun.” I replied. “Rob and I have something planned for the two of you when we have all rested.”

“Oh, really.” Sue said. “And what would that be?”

“You’ll see.” Rob winked at me. “You’ll see.”

Now that afternoon went quickly and before anyone knew it, it was after midnight. We decided that we should pair off again for one last fuck of the night. Had had to have Sue again, so we went to separate parts of the room. Anne and Rob stayed by the entrance with her lips wrapped tightly around his cock.

Sue and I didn’t waste any time either as we got down to it and began to really enjoy ourselves. I laid on my back with Sue straddling my head, facing my feet. She lowered her pussy to my lips, then lowered herself down and proceeds to suck more cum out of my cock.

God this woman could suck cock. You could tell that sucking cock turns her on for the harder she sucked the more she would grind her pussy into my face. Sue would gently squeeze my testicles as I felt her hot lips move up and down my shaft. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sue is one hell of a cocksucker.

When you’re in this position, it’s hard to keep track of time. Sue and I kept at each other with our mouths that we didn’t realize that Rob and Anne had finished and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

After I had given Sue a couple of orgasms, she shifted herself around so that my cock was completely buried inside of her pussy. There she laid, on top of me, kissing me as I held her. This was the first time that Sue and I had been passionate with each other. This was the first time that we just took our time and enjoyed each other’s bodies. Her breast pressed to my body, her hands ran through my hair, while my hands caressed her entire backside. All the while, Sue was contracting her inner muscles. I really wanted to cum badly this was, but the urge to please her was too overwhelming.

Rolling her onto her back, I got in between her legs and was soon back in her. I looked into her eyes and there was nothing but hunger in them. We locked eyes with each other. Neither one of us looked away while I moved inside of her. Slowly and deeply, I pumped her and I grew harder. Anne had never gotten me as aroused as I was now.

Sue experienced her first orgasm in this position and during it, not once did she close her eyes or look away. She just continued to look into my eyes.

Sue had several more orgasms and not once did I fuck her fast, all I did was move at a slow and steady pace.

It was during her last orgasm when I came. It surprised me because it hit me hard and without warning. After we had settled down, Sue and I rolled onto our sides, my cock was still hard and inside of her as we held each other and drifted off to sleep.

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