We Were Moving

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We were moving. Not that I liked the idea, but Dad had taken a new job in Silicon Valley and I was starting college in San Francisco, but I didn’t want to give up the house I had always known, let alone the friends from childhood through our high school years.

My name is Allison and I am 19. I am about 5′ 2″ tall and weigh about 105 lb. My hair is strawberry blond, thanks to my parental gene pool, and I am proud to admit that my mother and I go to a salon once each month for a trim around our lady parts (as mom calls them), something I thank her for whenever I wear a bikini or thong underwear. I purposely leave a 3-4-inch racing stripe of my red pubic hair for those locker room eyes who don’t believe my hair color is natural and not out of a bottle. There, had to say it and get it out before I tell you more.

As I write this, my folks are packing the house and getting ready for the move north to our new home.

This Sunday I am graduating from High School and am the Valedictorian of the class. I was the lead Cheerleader for both football and basketball, a member of the debate society, as well as running track and always finished in the top three. I was always active in any sport or club I joined while in school. And, it brought me accolades from teachers and parents but hate mail, snide comments from girls in my class and many boys who thought I was a bitch, because I would not allow them into my panties. And because I was successful in most of what I tried.

Windsor and Albert live next door with their sister Oakley. Windsor is the oldest of the group at a ‘mature’ 22, considerate, always polite, an English Gentleman, at least on the surface. Oakley was a year older than me but with a jealous streak and can lash out when unsure and insecure in a new situation, she is the middle child and is 20 years old. She and I have had our moments; she can be my BFF one day and then turn and become ‘caddy and snide’ the next. Albert (who I cannot abide) is my age but is a true English Goth, died black hair, eyebrow piercings, nipple piercings, ‘tats’ on his arms and on his neck and ear hoops and ear rings and ear piercings and who is constantly leering at me, seemingly undressing me every time he sees me. They moved here from Great Britain about two years ago. The house they bought, next door (well a short walk through woods walking paths) from my home, has an eight-person hot tub in the back yard, with an eight-foot-tall privacy fence surrounding it. Come evening, there are automatic ‘up’ lights on the surrounding trees, which really don’t shed much light on the hot tub, but rather highlight the surrounding landscape and the paths to my house, their driveway, the front of their house. There is also an open air shower inside the enclosed area for some degree of privacy. Their parents also hung a sign at the shower telling guests who want to use the hot tub to shower before entering. All of our parents have, on occasion, used it for Saturday night Bar-B-Qu and other reasons to party.

Jason and Eli are the other boys in the immediate neighborhood. They are both in school with me and Jason will be graduating with me on Sunday. I have dated both boys, as well as Windsor, but not Albert.

Both Jason and Eli have asked me out on dates, movies, dinner, just hanging out at their house. Make out sessions were always interesting as I never let them get past free feels and maybe a hand in my jeans to enjoy my soaked panties. Yes, I have had my hands in their boxers (my bad tease) and know both boys are well equipped. Jason is the oldest at 19 while Eli is the youngest of this group having just turned 18.

While we are all friendly with each other, I never considered any of them to be a ‘friend.’ We see each other, we talk to each other but we were never close, until about two months ago when I got a text from Oakley.

‘I want to go out to the Mall and do some shopping and it would be neat if you could come with me. I need another girl to help me pick out cloths and someone who has a good eye for fashion. My wardrobe needs some freshening. Text me.”

WTF. Why her, why now. She was a neighbor, someone I had had a few conversations with, would talk with her at our family gatherings, and she would behave like we were BFF’s. Odd behavior, yes, but why not go with her. It would be interesting, at the least, but OMG, you kidding? She hardly talks to me about anything meaningful, and now she wants my fashion opinion? Oh, what the hell, might be a good ice breaker between us.

She picked me up in her car and off we went. She was incredibly chatty, talking about her British wardrobe (even though she has been here two years), her brothers, her classes at college, her this, that, and all kinds of stuff… non stop.

She parked the car and into the Mall we went, stopping at Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and several small and very expensive boutiques. At Forever 21, we both found underwear and bikini’s we liked and we headed for the changing rooms. There were only three with one larger for handicapped patrons. I headed for the furthest one but Oakley grabbed ofise gelen escort my arm and insisted we share the larger handicapped room.

‘I need your opinion on how I look in these.’ She announced as dragged me in. Closing the door behind us, she emptied her selections on the small bench in front of one of the three mirrors. She then began to remove her cloths and looked over at me.

‘Well, aren’t you going to try yours on’? She asked, eying my arm full of underwear and two bikinis.

I turned away from her and stood in front of one of the side mirrors as I removed my tee shirt, flip-flops, and slipped my jeans down off my legs, all the time trying to maintain a degree of modesty, difficult in a three mirrored changing room. I could see her reflection as she also dropped her tee shirt, no bra, and loosed her jeans. As they slid down her legs, I got a look at her ass, nicely shaped and with the thread of a thong slicing up her crack. As she kicked off the legs of her jeans, she turned and saw me in my undressed state.

‘Oh, shit, look at those legs.’ Oakley exclaimed. ‘You don’t even need high heels to make your calves firm. Oh, that’s right you run track, no wonder you have great legs.’

At that she moved to my back and squatted down and began to examine my calves and thighs. She ran her hands over my lower legs, gently squeezing the muscles and worked her way up my thighs. My body froze as I could not believe she could be this forward as to touch me and assume this was acceptable behavior. But when her hands reached for my panties and pulled them down, I jumped and turned to her, about to stop her when she planted her face in my crotch and her hands went for my ass cheeks, squeezing and kneading them.

‘Oh god, you smell heavenly, I could lick you all day and feel your orgasms run through your body.’

I was frozen in place, feeling invaded by another girl and, and, and I was enjoying the sensations. Sure I had seen other girls naked in the locker room, even watched a few of my classmates enjoy each others body like this, but I was never a part of any lesbian love in.

My knees went weak, my head was fogging and I could not focus my eyes. I had to sit down on the bench. My eyes were wide as I watched Oakley’s hands pushing my legs apart and pull my hips to the edge of the bench. She dug her fingers into my bare folds and began licking her fingers as she pilled them from my pussy. Her fingers went in deeper each time until she found my ‘G’ spot and she knew she had hit her mark as I began to shutter and shake and mew with pleasure. My body was frozen in orgasm and I could not stop her, her fingers and face were deep in my cunt, my legs splayed wide for her access. I began shaking violently as my first orgasm hit me. Then another, then another. That’s when she broke off her pussy attack.

She sensed I was overwhelmed and pulled her fingers and face from my cunt. My eyes opened and I looked down to see her smiling up at me and hew face glistening with my pussy juices. She began to lick her fingers, looking up an me and said ‘Damn, you taste great.’

‘I want you to do this to me. I need an orgasm about as bad as you seem to have needed one.’ She said.

I had tasted my own fluids, fingered myself to orgasm by digging into my pussy, but never into another girl’s. She caught me at just the right time and I felt my head nod in ascent. She helped me to my feet, we changed places and she sat in the wet I had left behind. I knelt in front of her thong covered pussy and felt for the side straps. As I pulled on them, she lifted her hips and I removed it, watching it slowly slide from in between her pussy lips and out of her ass crack. She was smooth shaved, no hair in sight, and was already dripping with moisture. I gently felt her outer lips and she grabbed my hand and pushed it into her cunt, saying ‘I need you here, now and hard. Move your fingers, get them inside me like I did to you, bitch.’

What! Why you fucking bitch, I’ll show you who the bitch is here. I moved both hands to her pussy and sunk all eight fingers into her and began to wiggle them all around. Her folds spread and admitted my intrusion with no opposition. Both my thumbs attacked her clit and I pinned it in place, squeezing it between my thumbs and moving them up and down on either side. I heard her suck in a large breath of air and she, too, began to shudder and shake as her orgasm overtook her. She screamed loudly as she experienced one after another, until we heard a voice outside the changing room ask if there was a problem in there.

That scared us into remembering where we were and we broke ranks. I grabbed my cloths and dressed as did Oakley, and as we were about to open the door and leave, she pulled me to her face and gave me a kiss on the lips. ‘We need to continue this when we get back to my place.’ She said.

We made our purchases, smiling like fools at the cashier / sales lady. Yes, she just smiled at us and let us know we were not the first to ‘enjoy’ ourselves in the larger changing otele gelen escort room.

Back at Oakley’s home and into her bedroom, we both stripped our cloths off and lay on her bed, continuing our deep sexual interest in each other. She flipped me over and we were in a 69 position, her still wet pussy now free for my attention. I moved my mouth in for its first taste of a foreign pussy, and my nose was overwhelmed by her fragrance. Tongues, fingers, hands, even a few toys were brought into play. I promised myself to buy a vibrator and dildo as big as the one Oakley was using on my tunnel. Even Oakley was impressed that I could take almost eight inches of this twelve-inch dildo vibrator into my cunt. We moaned, grunted, giggled, screamed and generally had an enjoyable day pleasuring each other.

Time to leave, I gathered my tee and jeans, and dressed as I watched her remain on her bed, fondling, fingering herself as she watched me dress. I blew her a kiss as I left her bedroom. I had to walk through the living room to get to the back yard and the path to my house, and heard the voice of Albert saying, ‘Have a good time with Oakley? Sure sounded like it. Come again and again next time.’

I felt myself blush bright red as I had no idea anyone was in the house, let alone listening. Well what was done is done, can’t change it. But I did learn that boys talk and it would come back to me in other ways.

Jason was the first to ask me out; dinner and a movie and the required ‘make-out’ session in the car. A bit crude and unsure in his maneuvering. He was an aggressive kisser. He would attack my mouth, clicking his teeth against mine and it felt like he wanted to crawl into my throat. I kept his hands out of my panties, but let him undo my bra and get a double handed feel. ‘What’s the matter, Allison? Only like girls? Albert told a few of us about you and Oakley in her bedroom. You fuck her? Eat her pussy? But won’t let me have some fun and fuck you?’

I kept him at bay by getting my hands into his pants, undoing his zipper and releasing his boyhood tool. I freed it from his jeans and boxers and gave him a very through sucking. The more I fondled, stroked and sucked on his dick, the less interest he had in my tits and panties. Jason’s cock was just average in size with a respectable sized head. In less than five minutes of stroking and sucking, he began holding my head as his breathing became more ragged and deep, and finally pushed my head deeper onto his shaft as he inhaled deeply and unloaded his boy cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and when he was finished, I licked and sucked him clean. He was happy and settled back into the driver’s seat, with a satisfied, Cheshire Cat smile. He drove me home and I got out of the car before he could try anything else.

Eli was very different, shy, courteous and polite. His invites were more of the DVD movie, snuggle in the living room and make-out on the couch. Good kisser, I would loose all sense of time as we did a soft tongue exploration of each other. His hands were soft and slow at his ministering of my breasts. Between his kisses and his fondling of my chest, a hand would stray south, and I had difficulty keeping his hand out of my panties. There were those evenings, when the movie was erotic or sexy and I was reluctant to remove his hand. I did manage to keep his wanderings on the outside of my panties, yet his fingers would press the fabric into my folds, and he would occasionally manage a finger around the edges and into me. I would force myself from the climb up the orgasm path to remove his hand, which he would do, but then moved his fingers up to my clit, which was always at attention. He broke from his kissing to look at my face as it contorted in the pleasure of the oncoming orgasm train. I would catch a glimpse of a grin on his face as he assured himself of my pleasure in his actions. He continued to watch me as I went over the cliff into my orgasm, shaking in pleasure as my lights would wink on and off. While he was seducing me from below, I enjoyed the pleasure of his cock, stroking it and feeling the intense heat which emanated from it. The head of his member was barely there, no real ridge to the glans. I could not feel any change in the structure as I stroked it. Rigid hard, heavily veined and inflexible, I could not bend it nor easily move it side to side. I enjoyed the feel of his cock and stroking it was as pleasurable for me as it seemed for him. He, like his brother, slowed his attention to kissing and exploring the edges of my pussy and clit as his orgasm approached. I would squeeze him and stroke him until the pressure increased and he took over moving his hips. He came in his boxers, thoroughly soaking himself. I removed my hand and licked his cum from my hand and wrist and arm, almost like a cat cleaning herself and turned, then, to removing his boxers and his softening cock and he watched as I cleaned him off and sucked the softening tissue into my mouth. I usually left him in a state of undressed as I returned my clothing rus escort to a respectable state, kissed him and left.

The other two males in my neighborhood are Windsor and his brother Albert. Albert has asked me out many times, but I have refused every one. He is simply not my type. As I said earlier, too Goth. Frankly his looks and leering at me just turned me off. With so many refusals, he took to verbal jabs and name calling. His brother was just the opposite.

Windsor was the oldest of all the boys I dated. Mature, intelligent and at 22, knew who he was. I grew very fond of Windsor and enjoyed being with him in public, listening to his wonderful British accent, seeing him charm the people we encountered on dates. He ended our first date by taking my head, gently, in his hands and planting small, light kisses on my lips, my nose and my forehead. By the third date I was falling in love with him.

We arrived at his house after an evening out, and he asked me in. He opened a bottle of Pinot Noir wine and poured two glasses. We drank and continued the small talk in his living room. He moved closer to me, placing a hand on my knee and lightly leaning in to kiss me. We finished the bottle of wine and he invited me to his room to continue our date in a more private setting. I felt my stomach jump, my heart began to pound as I said, “OK’. I sat on the corner edge of the foot of his bed and he sat next to me. I could feel the heat of his body, or was that me reacting to the wine? My head was light, my hands and legs were slightly trembling as we continued to talk, until he leaned in to me, gently directing my chin to his face and kissed me. I felt his hands move to my legs, gently squeezing my thighs and I felt the pressure of his arms pulling on me, separating my legs. We held the kiss until I opened my mouth and permitted him to enter. His tongue danced with mine as his arms moved up and encircled me, drawing me in closer to him. My heart continued to pound as small electric sparks danced in my head, my chest pounded and as he pulled me in closer, twisting my torso toward him. His hands began to explore my back, my bra strap, my shoulders, my blouse. With two fingers, he popped my bra open and through the fabric of the shirt he managed to pull the bra down and off my breasts. His hands quickly moved to my front and the hem of my blouse. In one quick move, the shirt and bra were lifted from my body. My arms lifted with his and allowed the shirt and bra to be removed. He dropped the clothing and drew me to him, fondling my back. feeling the muscles and ribs and I felt his hands move lower into my jean shorts and panties. Slowly I was coming to realize I was naked. He withdrew his hands from my ass cheeks and held me by my arms at his arms length, admiring my breasts and stiffening nipples. The surprised look on my face did not slow him as his mouth move in and connected with my left breast and he suckled and nibbled on my nipple. He had a firm grip on my arms as he moved his mouth to my other breast and nipple and worked his tongue up to my neck, kissing and licking me. I was paralyzed by the sensations from his touch and from his breath on these sensitive parts of my body. His mouth then moved south to my navel and my exposed belly, again, licking and nibbling at my flesh. I was still in shock as how fast all this was happening, when he pushed me back onto his bed. His right hand landed on my right breast, holding me down as he began undoing my jeans. My body was still tingling from his touch and I was so full of disbelief I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, scream, just an open mouth and wide eyes. He lifted his hand from my chest, reached down to my legs and pulled the shorts off, lifting my legs up and landing them on either side of his head. He held my ankles and pulled my legs wide. He stared down at the soaked panties, now drawn up into my folds and with both hands reached for them. As he began to slide my panties up my legs, I felt the cool air on my hips, my outer lips and my ass. This sensation stirred me and I panicked and sat up.

“No more, no more, that’s all.” I managed to blurt out. He looked stunned, disbelief that I would refuse him. He pushed me back onto his bed and muttered something about how much I was going to enjoy this. His hands again went for my panties and he managed to get them passed my knees. His hands dove for my pussy and he managed to spread my knees and get a pair of fingers into my wet folds.

“I said NO.” I screamed, hoping someone in the house would come to my rescue, but there was just silence.

I struggled to use my legs to push him off me and I rolled off the bed and onto the floor, landing on my knees. I felt around the floor for my blouse, rolled over onto my back and pulled my panties back up and tried to gather shorts and flip-flops.

“You went too far, you went too far, too fast.” I shouted as I tried to put my cloths on. Windsor grabbed my shorts from me, pulled on my blouse which ripped as I struggled to hold on to it and I decided to just run, leave his room and his house. Out the bedroom door, and out of the house. I was near naked, topless and barefoot with wet panties as I ran for the path back to my house. I am happy no one heard me as I ran to my room and flopped onto my bed, crying hysterically. “Damn him, Damn him.” I repeated into my pillow between sobs. So much for the kind British gentleman.

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