Walking into Paradise

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[This is a story about a man’s introduction to a polyamorous family. There is lots of sexual activity, mf, ff, mm and hints at group activities. Your comments and votes are encouraged. Please, have your comments be constructive.]

When Pete exited the plane he was hit with a near solid wall of hot, humid air. Suddenly the clothes he was wearing were uncomfortable. He had no baggage to collect. Only one twelve pound carry-on bag for a two week vacation. He was about to turn fifty and had never packed so light for a week long trip. He had everything in the bag that Marla had told him to bring.

Marla. The thought of her got his mind racing. If he believed her picture and what she had written she was 45, had curly red hair that was very short, was 5’8″, and loved life. They had met over the internet because a friend of his gave him her e-mail address and said he had set him up on an e-date for 8pm that night. At 7:55 Pete wondered what he would say/type to a woman he had never met. By 8:10 he wasn’t thinking about that anymore.

Her opening e-mail was a profile of herself that told him a lot about who she was, what she liked, disliked, and what her goals were in meeting him. Then she sent him a blank profile and asked him to fill it out and send it back, IF what he read about her interested him. He printed her profile and then filled his out. He was very interested.

The blank profile didn’t ask for his name, just “What would you like to be called by me?” Pete. Under occupation it asked for a category, not the name of a firm. That made it easy, since he was a freelance writer. Each and every item was tailored to give her lots of information without getting too personal.

Within an hour they were on the phone talking. Her voice was almost velvet and reminded him of a singer his Dad listened to when he was a kid, Julie London. Throaty and filled with sex was how Dad had described Julie London’s voice. The same described Marla. They talked and laughed for almost an hour. At the end of the call she made a request: that he call her in four days, no sooner. They set a time and agreed that he would call her at that time, even if it was to say he was not interested.

Four days later he received an email from her and it included a picture. In the picture a woman was standing near a small waterfall wearing khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. She was barefoot. As in the profile she looked like what had been described. He was impressed. She looked great.

He called the friend who had set him up with this lady and asked him to describe her. What he said led him to believe that she was the person in the picture. He drove over to another friend’s home and asked her to take a digital picture of him and teach him how to send it via e-mail. She did better than that, she took the picture and they sent it from her computer. They sent it to his computer and to Marla’s.

Later that night, at the agreed moment, he called her. When she answered she said, “Oh, I like how you look.”

He thanked her, wanting to believe her, and the conversation began. Somewhere in the middle one of them asked if, and, or when the other could go on vacation. Her answer was “Just about anytime.” His answer was “As soon as the manual I’m writing is done. That should be in about three weeks.”

She thought he should come and visit her for a week. They made plans for his travel, and she promised him great accommodations. Over the span of three weeks they spoke often and in depth about their expectations and boundaries.

Now he was standing in front of the airport, sweating, and looking for her yellow Mustang convertible. In the distance he could see two yellow cars and wondered if one of them was Marla. The nearer of the two turned out to be a yellow VW bug. He didn’t even look to see who was driving it. The second was a Mustang, with the top down, that pulled to the curb and stopped right in front of him.

“Hey Sailor, want a ride?” She called out. Her smile lit up the whole city. He tossed his one bag in the back seat and got in beside her. She leaned over and kissed him Hello. It was a kiss one might save for someone they have been lovers with for a while. He felt his body responding. When she broke the kiss she put the car in gear and away they flew. She laughed, sang with the radio, talked to him and generally had a good time with him for the half hour ride to her place on the beach.

Pete loved looking at her while they drove. She was wearing a yellow bikini top and a pair of white shorts. Marla’s breasts were not very large and her nipples pushed against the thin yellow fabric so that he could see them quite well. Her body and legs were well tanned and the skin didn’t look dried out or old. Had he not been told how old she was he would have guessed about fifteen years younger.

Marla pulled into the garage, hit a button on the dash and closed the garage door. Then she reached behind her neck to the strings of her bikini top and undid them, pulling the top off.

“Now I can say hello properly,” she said, getting arap escort out of the car and coming quickly around to his side. She put her arms around him as he stood next to the car and kissed him. His hands naturally went around her, and then to her breasts. When the kiss ended Pete grabbed his bag and headed for the door with Marla leading the way. At the door she hesitated, removed the white shorts and tossed them onto the back seat of the Mustang with the bikini top, “In case we need to go out” she said.

Just inside the house, they were in the kitchen. Pete looked out the windows and saw a very private back yard, with a pool, a big deck, about ten chaise lounges, a picnic table and a built in big bar-b-que. He also noted that the kitchen was as clean as if they were in one of those model homes ready to be sold. Next Marla showed him the rest of the house, which had four bedrooms, five bathrooms, no formal living room but what Marla called the Great Room, and a small library/study. Pete took note of all that he was shown, but mostly he took note of Marla. He noted that there were no tan lines on her, that she had no pubic hair and that her nipples were hard and seemed to be begging for his attention. He also noted how comfortable Marla was being nude. The tour ended in the largest of the bedrooms.

“The drawers on the left side of that chest are yours. The end of the closet nearest that end of the chest is also yours. Any questions?” She was smiling at him like she had a secret.

“Yes. I have a question or two. Can I plan on you dressing like this for most of my stay? What can I have it mean? Do you want or expect me to be nude too?”

Marla stepped close, put her arms around Pete and kissed him, pressing her entire body against him. Her tongue probed his mouth, her hands checked his vital signs, and her breasts pressed against his chest.

When the kiss ended she said, “You can dress or undress as you like. When I’m home, I’m nude. I have it in my mind that we will be having lots of sex this week and I would not want you spending unneeded energy getting out of your clothes. In fact, if you’ll take off those sweaty clothes we can shower together and get this wonderful week started.”

Pete pulled off his clothes and Marla put them in a hamper right by the entrance to the bathroom. Then she led him to one of the biggest showers he had ever seen in a home. It was at least six foot square with four shower heads, one at each upper corner, and a bench along one wall. There were indents in another wall filled with soaps, scrubs, loofas, shampoos, and other shower things. Marla adjusted the water flow and after a few seconds stepped in, pulling Pete with her.

The next few minutes were filled with soaping each other, making sure that every little and not-so-little part was really clean, and the giggles and other sounds of two people exploring each other. The water pressure was great, the soap fragrant but not flowery, and Marla’s body felt wonderful. When they were done Marla shut off the water and stepped out. She walked back into the bedroom and spread a big towel on the floor.

She spread herself out on the towel and said, “I see that something is turning you on. Come lay here by me and tell me all about it.”

Pete put himself on the same towel and kissed her, probing with his tongue into her mouth. Her hand went to his cock and they were soon having coitus on the towel. It was an exploration and familiarization tour for both of them. Marla’s question was answered; how will he feel in me? Pete’s question got a preliminary answer as well; Could she be who I’ve been looking for?

When it was fully dark outside Marla asked what he would like to do about dinner. His answer was that he was thinking about nibbling on her for days. She recommended that, but also that they eat some food, to keep up their strength. She went somewhere and brought back a portable phone and a notebook. The notebook was menus from nearby restaurants. Each was marked at the top, “Delivers” or “No delivery.” Pete looked thru the notebook and decided he was most interested in a Chinese restaurant that “delivers.” They talked about which dishes to order, discovered they liked the same ones, placed the call and spent the waiting time deepening their exploration of each other, again.

When the doorbell rang they were both still on the towel. Marla jumped up and ran to the door. Pete followed her, watched as she grabbed her purse, took out some money, and went to the door. She was still nude. She opened the door and Pete saw a teenaged boy smiling wide. She took the bag from him, gave him the money and kissed him on the cheek. Then she stepped back and closed the door.

They ate at the table out on the deck. Pete asked her about opening the door nude and kissing the teenager.

“I have known Tommy since he was old enough to make deliveries on his bicycle. I never wear clothes around home so he and his family know that if they deliver here they will see me, or someone, nude.”

“You escort arap never wear clothes around home?”

“Well, maybe on the few days a year when it is cold and rainy, but mostly I’m nude whenever possible. It’s just more comfortable.”

“Living where I do there are months every year when it’s just too cold to be naked.”

“Makes me wonder why folks live in those places.”

“Now that you mention it, me too.”

Their discussion touched lots of other topics and interests. They cleaned up the table, tossed away the empty food boxes, and were in the pool touching each other when the phone rang. Marla answered it out on the deck. Pete listened to one half the conversation.


“No, not tonight.”

“My boyfriend is in town and I want no distractions.”

“Maybe we could have dinner tomorrow night.”

“Let me ask.” She held the phone against her butt and whispered to Pete, “Will you be up to meeting some of my friends tomorrow evening?” He nodded.

“OK. He says he’s up for it, but he doesn’t know you all.”

“Sounds good. Seven it is.”

She hung up. Then she came over to the pool and jumped in. They splashed around, kissed, touched, and enjoyed each other until Pete was pretty tired. He didn’t want to go to sleep, but knew he was fading fast. Marla picked up on his unconscious signals and led him out of the pool. She toweled him off and led him into her bed. They got into the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning Pete awoke, discovered he was in the bed alone, got up and headed for the shower. Once inside he noticed again how big it was. There was easily room for four people in there. There were four shower heads, all aimed at the center of the enclosure. The water pressure was great, the water hot, and Pete was really enjoying his shower when the door opened and Marla stepped in.

“Kind Sir, it is impolite to shower without someone to wash you.”

Marla picked up the soap and a wash cloth. Pete thought, for less than a second, about telling her he was already clean. Then she soaped his genitals and such crazy thoughts disappeared. By the time she was finished cleaning him he had been soaped, shaved, shampooed and sucked to orgasm. He picked up the wash cloth and did a very through job of getting her as clean as he was. He noticed that, as he ran his hands over her body he felt no stubble. She was fully smooth everywhere. He asked how she stayed so smooth.

“I went in last year for a set of laser treatments. They shine a laser on every inch of skin where you don’t want hair to grow, and what’s there falls out and never re-grows. I haven’t touched a razor to my own skin in almost a year. No hot wax either.”

“What if you change your mind about having pubic hair? Can you get it to re-grow?”

“Why would I change my mind? Every man I know would rather eat a smooth pussy than a hairy one. I love being eaten. The hair is gone forever!”

Pete got on his knees and dove into her pussy. She was right. He had never tasted such a wonderful treat. After she came he shut off the water and they got out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and started to dry her. She kissed him and stopped him.

“There’s no need for that. If we were going to wear clothes we would dry off, put them on, and then sweat. Since we aren’t going to wear clothes we can air dry and stay cool. We can also jump into the water any time we’d like to.”

All that day Pete explored being nude. He sat out by the pool and read the book he had started reading on the plane. He helped Marla make lunch. He worked at getting the pool pump to work a little better after Marla told him about the problems she had been having with it. In between he jumped into the pool and then just got out and air dried. When Marla walked by he kissed her. Sometimes he kissed her with a short kiss and sometimes a full on passionate kiss that sometimes led to coitus and sometimes to other enjoyable activities. In the afternoon he had a conversation with Marla about how quickly he had adjusted to being nude all the time. She smiled.

The doorbell rang. Marla was out by the pool and called to Pete to get it. He didn’t think about who would be at the door, he just opened it. Standing on the porch were three women. They smiled and walked past him into the house. One called out, “It’s us!”

Marla laughed and responded, “What if we had been fucking?”

“We would have joined you!” One of the other women said.

As they passed thru the house towards the deck they shed clothes. They folded their clothes and put them on a shelf out by the pool. Now Pete was looking at four beautiful women, all nude, and they, in turn were looking at him. One asked Marla if Pete was any good in bed. Marla answered that if she wanted to know give him a go.

One of the others asked if Pete had met any others of the family yet. When the answer was “No,” she told Pete she would fill him in about them. They introduced themselves to Pete. The shortest of the three arap escort bayan was Carla, with dark brown hair almost as short as Marla’s, bigger boobs with nipples that formed little cones and seemed to be erect all the time. Like Marla she was hairless everywhere but on her head. Then the blond, Patty, introduced herself. She said she was 52, a widow, and that the blond hair was really hers. She was about 5’6″ with a tiny waist, medium sized breasts and pierced nipples. Hanging from her nipples were small thin gold rings. Just above her pubic slit she had a three quarter inch wide strip of pubic hair that extended up from her slit about three inches. It was nearly invisible. The tallest of the three was last to introduce herself. She called herself “Sam” and said she was married to “John” who Pete would meet later. She was about 5’10 or 11 and even though Pete was sure her breasts were at least “D” cup sized it was her legs that were her predominant feature. Long and lean and tanned to perfection. Since she also had no pubic hair Pete noticed that she had a small ring thru the clitoral hood. It was small with a short chain hanging from it with a rhinestone at the end catching and reflecting the sunlight.

Pete was nearly in overwhelm. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what his body was going to do. What would they do if he got an erection? What would Marla do?

Marla spoke to the women. “Ladies, I haven’t talked to Pete about our group. I haven’t told him anything about our friendship, our parties, our anything. So far as I can tell this is Pete’s first experience with nudists or naturism. I would be willing to bet that this is the longest he has ever been without clothes on in his entire life.”

Pete nodded.

Carla walked the six steps to Pete, took him by the hand, and sat him down on a nearby chaise lounge. The women all gathered other chaises around Pete and began to speak.

“We live a very different lifestyle here than you are used to.” Carla began.

“For the most part, it is different than most Americans. Most Americans are focused on buying things. We are focused on living a comfortable, loving, lifestyle that allows us to be nude as much as possible.” Sam added.

Patti said, “To that end we each have a home that is private. Marla’s faces the ocean, has privacy walls, and the windows on the front of the house are hard to see thru. My house sits a half mile from the nearest neighbor. Carla lives on the grounds at a nudist resort and she works there. Sam and her husband live on a ship.”

“Boat,” Sam corrected.

“When Pete sees it he’ll think it’s a ship.”

“Anyway, we consider that we are a family. We knocked today when we got here because you are here and we wanted someone to open the door for us. Normally we don’t knock at any of our homes. We all have keys.”

“And when we say family, we don’t mean like traditional families, or like brothers and sisters. We mean like intentionally supportive when support is needed, always available for projects, parties, celebrations, intimacy and work.”

“Last year my husband had heart surgery. He was in the hospital for six days. I was given all the physical and emotional support anyone could ever want, and so was he. Someone drove me wherever I needed to go. Someone was always with Frank in the hospital when I wasn’t there and we were in contact all the time by cell phone.” Carla said.

“And someone stayed with you every night, as well.” Patti added and heads nodded.

At that moment the doorbell rang again. Carla moved quickly off her chaise and to the door. She didn’t grab clothes and no one mentioned them. When she opened the door there was a delivery guy on the porch, grinning. She paid him, took the two big bags, and came back inside. “I ordered delivery so we wouldn’t need to cook.” She said, putting the bags on the table.

As they sat around the table and ate they quizzed Pete about his life. They asked good questions. They shared their answers to the same questions. By the time Pete was finishing off the Chinese Chicken Salad he was asking questions.

“How did you each first experience nudism?”

“I was introduced to it by my first husband, on our honeymoon.” Carla answered. “We went to Hawaii and the third day there we rented a car and drove to a beach he knew about. When we got out on the sand I discovered that the people were nude. I had brought a new tiny bikini to show off in, but I didn’t think I could go nude in front of strangers. My husband just said, “When in Rome” and stripped down. After a few minutes I did too.” She paused. “I still have that bikini, somewhere.”

“I was twenty-eight and at the end of a bad marriage when I heard about nudists.” Patti volunteered. “I had been in a really repressive religion and marriage and suddenly nudism sounded like such freedom! I was living in California, in Sacramento. I read that there was a nude resort just outside Sacramento but I didn’t want to go there. I mean, what if I saw someone there who knew me? So I found another one closer to San Jose, and I went there. They had cabins you could rent, a restaurant, a pool, all kinds of stuff. I made a reservation for a weekend and drove over there. My first impression was of how private it was. I must have driven thru ten minutes of forest before I saw one person or building after I went thru the gate.

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