Two Friends Share Intimacy Pt. 03

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Part 1

Last year when I visited her I ended up going to a strip club one night. Actually I went to two. The first one was just horrible, so I quickly left, then I tried one more before going back to the hotel, and it paid off. I ended up in a private room with a stripper. She was smart, funny and hot. After some discussion it turned out that, while probably not quite appropriate, for an extras were available for an extra ‘tip’. And they were worthwhile.

But that was last year, the same year that I shared an incredibly intimate and hot afternoon with my friend. This year I was visiting again and we didn’t really talk about what happened last year. Which was fine. I just wrote it off as a fun experience and memory.

One afternoon we were chatting and she brought up the night I went to the strip club last year. I had of course, told her all about it. So, the obviously question I asked was, want to go tonight?

‘Can’t think of any good reasons not to,’ she said. And so that was that!

The club was in a mall so there were a few places to eat just nearby, so we went for a meal, and then walked to the club. It was still pretty early and not too many people there.

After a couple of shots of tequila at dinner, then another at the club, we were feeling pretty happy. We had some one dollar bills with us, so went to sit by the stage. There were a couple of strippers who came and went. We gave them some money. Then one came up, and I recognised her from last year. I immediately made eye contact with her and so she came over and started dancing for us. Her top came off and her small but nice tits came loose, and she leaned over and reached for my head. I resisted and asked if she could do it to my friend instead. So she moved over and grabbed her head and pushed it into her tits, motorboating her. I was loving it, and from the smile on my friend’s face, so was she. The stripper kept dancing with us until the song ended, then she leaned over and asked if either of us wanted a private dance. ‘Probably,’ I said, and I asked her to come over when she was done. I talked to my friend: ‘Want to have a dance? My shout.’

‘Haha, well, if it’s your shout then it would be silly not to.’

So when the stripper came over she went with her to a room at the back. I minded my own business (watched another stripper) and she was back soon.

‘How was it?’

‘Yeah, it was ok.’

‘Only ok? You didn’t like her?’ I asked.

‘No, she was hot and seems pretty cool. But the moves she was making weren’t really that hot for me, they are designed by guys.’

‘Well, why don’t you teach her how to dance for girls. You remember I told you she was bisexual,’ I said, which I’d discovered last year.

‘Doesn’t sound like a very good deal, to pay her money to teach her how to do something.’

‘How cheap, you didn’t even pay that time!’

‘Well, still sounds like a dumb idea.’

‘Ok, why don’t we just talk to her?’


Not long afterwards she came back over and asked if we wanted another dance. I asked if we could go outside for a chat, she could have a smoke. She agreed and we went outside.

‘Do you remember me? I expect not but I was here about this time last year and I remember you.’

‘I do now that I can hear you. I’d never forget that accent.’

‘Haha. How cool. I obviously remember you to, and I’d told my friend about you too. She was pleased that you are still here.’

‘Thanks, did you like the dance?’

My friend said, ‘Well, it was ok. No offence, but it kinda seemed like it was for guys. You are gorgeous but the dance didn’t do a lot for me.’

‘Oh really, that’s good to know. What would you have preferred?’

‘Well, from what I can work out, guys are really visual, so the optics of it are really important. But for girls, well, for me, the connection is the important thing, not just the visual. I think the hip gyrating and that stuff is a bit dumb at times.’

‘Haha, that’s funny. I guess it’s just habit. I don’t find it too impressive either, I just do it because that’s what strippers are supposed to to. But you didn’t really answer the question, what would you prefer? What would turn you on?’

‘Ok, well, I guess what I’d be most interested in is dancing with you.’

‘I can do that, it would be hot.’

‘So, let’s go then.’

‘Wow, that was quick.’

‘Well, he paid for the last one, so this one is on me. Just one other thing, is it the same for two people to be there?’

‘Yeah, sure, let’s go.’

‘Wow, thanks for the invitation,’ I said.

‘No problem, thought you’d be interested.’

‘Of course, but if I recall correctly it’s a bit crowded back there.’

‘Well, if I’m up dancing with her then you can sit.’

‘Good point, I’m more than happy to be watching you guys.’

So, we go into the small booth for a private dance. We both sit down and she starts slowly dancing. She takers her top off and takes my friend by the hand. She get up and face each other. And just slowly dance facing each other. It was hot. The stripper grabbed antep escort my friends hands and they are just there dancing. Then she undoes the top button on her shirt, then the next. Now things are getting interesting! And, of course, the song stops and everything comes crashing down.

‘That was hot,’ my friend says.

‘Sure was’ said the stripper, ‘I could have kept going for ages, but the bouncers would have come in’.


‘Well, we could go to a VIP room?’ suggested the stripper.

‘Mmmm…, how much is that?’

She told us the amount, and I quickly asked, ‘Is that for both of us?’


‘So, do you want to do this?’ my friend asked.

‘Only if you do.’

‘Make a goddamn decision.’

‘Ok, I’d really like to go to a VIP room with you and this lovely young lady. I think that would be really hot. But I want you to do it because you want to, not because I want you to.’

‘Well, I want to, and I want to do it for you too.’

‘Well in that case, what the fuck are we waiting for?’

Part 2

So, we went through to the VIP rooms. A couch for the two of us and room for her to dance.

‘Before we start,’ I asked, ‘I remember last time you accepted personal tips for some extras. Is that still possible?’

‘Of course,’ the stripper replied.

‘Well, I’d like to pay for the extras. I remember what we did last time, I paid extra and you let me suck your tits and gave me a hand job. But you didn’t take your pants off. What if I gave you double it. Do you think that will give me what I want?’

‘I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with that.’

‘Ok, lets go.’

So we sat down next to each other on the couch. I reached out and took her hand, locking fingers together. I checked my watch for the start time and the stripper started dancing. Just swaying. Taking off her top and bra. She slid off her short skirt and came closer. She took my friend by the hand and stood her up, took her other hand and started dancing, closer this time than in the private dance. I was sitting, watching my hot friend and this hot stripper, topless, dancing close. Then the got closer. Very close. Then my friend leaned forward and started kissing her neck. The stripper reached around and grabbed her ass, and they kept dancing. My friend’s hands were moving all over her back, and then down to her ass, massaging it. They seemed to start grinding their hips together, lost in the moment. Then suddenly, my friend turns to look at me.

‘So, is this what you were after?’ she asked.

‘Umm, its a good start.’

‘Yes, it is isn’t it,’ and she smiled.

‘How about I get a go?’

‘Nothing stopping you joining us dancing.’

‘Except that I hate dancing, and also that I’m enjoying watching you.’

‘Well, you’re call, I can’t think of a reason to move.’

So I reluctantly got up. I went over and put my arms around both of them and started trying to sway with the music, without ruining their rhythm. My hand immediately went to their butts, squeezing, then I started kissing the neck of the stripper.

To my surprise she interrupted me and said, ‘so there is one problem here.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Neither of you are sucking my tits.’

We all separated a bit and looked at each other. Then my friend and I both leaned down and starting licking her tits, one each. They were small but good, and her nipples responded nicely to my tongue. We kept going and I thought I’d try my chances, I started pulling down the strippers panties. She didn’t stop me. I slid them down and she stepped out of them, all the while having both tits sicked and licked. Now things were getting interesting.

‘Why don’t we sit down again, and have a bit more of a show?’ I said.

‘Yeah, that sounds good to me’ said my friend.

So we sat back down on the couch.

‘So, bit of a bulge in your pants?’

‘Of course there is!’

My friend reached over and grabbed it which shocked me, as she isn’t into dicks at all.

‘Are you turning?’ I asked.

‘No, just checking. Nice to know that you are as turned on as I am.’

‘You are?’

‘Fuck yes.’

‘Can I check?’ I asked tentatively, not sure whether I was going too far, or fast.

‘Sure,’ she said, and smiled.

The stripper watched us as I reach over and put my hand into my friend’s crotch. ‘It doesn’t seem hot to me?’ I said.

‘Trust me, it is.’

I squeezed a bit harder.

‘No, nothing.’

‘Well, I don’t know what to tell you.’

‘You could show me?’

‘Hey, I’m not the show here.’

‘You can be, hey, what do you think?’ I asked the stripper.

‘I’d be more than happy for her to take her pants off.’

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this, but ok. I’m going to need some help.’

She stood up and I stood up with her. The stripper and I faced her. She was swaying to the music. The stripper undid another couple of buttons on her shirt while I reached lower to unbutton her jeans. Once the stripper finished with the shirt buttons, she helped antep escort bayan me drag down her jeans. My friend stepped out of them and I reached up to see if she was wet, that was the point of all this after all. Because her shirt was hanging down I hadn’t noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. So I was a bit shocked for my hand to immediately find wetness, rather than the dampness of panties.

‘Whoa, what the hell, wasn’t expecting that!’

‘Haha, thought you’d be surprised, that was fun.’

I’m on my knees looking up at her and I slide my finger along her slit while she looks down at me. The stripper reached forward too and took my hand out, replacing it with hers.

‘You are turned on, aren’t you. I love that I’ve done that, or at least had a part of it. Why don’t you sit down again?’ she said.

‘Hey, what about me’ I said.

‘I’m feeling a bit overdressed’

My friend smiled at me, I stood up. She kissed me gently on the lips, then squatted down and undid my jeans. The stripper helped, and I was standing their watching these two beautiful women undressing me. They pulled down my jeans.

‘Ha, looks like I’m wasn’t the only one not wearing any underwear.’

‘Yeah, well. I remembered getting the hand job last time and thought I may as well make it easier this time in case we get there.’

I stepped out of my jeans took my friend’s hand and we sat down on the couch again.

Part 3

The stripper immediately sat on my friend’s lap, put her arm around her neck and swung her legs over both of ours.

‘Well, what now?’ she said.

‘You’re the expert. I haven’t really been in in a situation like this before. What do you think?’ I asked my friend.

‘If it was up to me I’d be making out with this young lady.’

‘Ha, well if it was up to me, I’d be watching you two make out. But it’s not up to either of us.’

‘Well, that sounds great to me,’ said the stripper, and she leaned forward and kissed my friend on the mouth.

I sat watching for a while, trying to keep my hand off my cock. They were gorgeous. Kissing pretty passionately now.

I reached and started stroking the strippers legs up as high as I could reach. I stroked up and down. Soon I saw my friend move her hand and reach towards mine. We held hands and kept stroking up and down the strippers legs. She shifted a bit to allow us access to her pussy. We reached further, stopping at her pussy.

‘Fuck, you aren’t faking this, are you?’

‘Hell no,’ the stripper replied.

We kept our hands in her crotch, she widened her legs further, still kissing my friend. I pushed my friend’s hand up to the stripper’s clit, and she started rubbing. I just watched. She clearly knew what she was doing. The stripper was clearly getting hot, and was spreading her legs as far as she could. I reached further forward and pushed a finger into her. An audible gasp came from the stripper, and she squirmed a little on our laps..


‘Uh huh.’

‘So what do you want to do, finger or rub the clit,’ I asked my friend.

‘I’m good where I am, I love the clit.’

So I put two fingers into the stripper, and she gasped again. My friend was working on her clit and I was slowly pushing two fingers in and out of her. She was only barely kissing my friend anymore, then stopped completely and leaned back.

‘Keep doing that, i’m almost there, fuck this is hot.’

We keep going and keep going, both watching this person lying on our laps, completely open to us, and uninhibited. We looked at each other, which just encouraged us to go faster and harder on the stripper. She moans loudly this time, and starts twitching, her legs are twitching. My friend stops rubbing her clit and puts a finger into her pussy, adding to the two I already have. She twitches again. A big one this time, and opens her eyes, looking at the two of us.

‘You guys are amazing.’

‘We think so,’ my friend says with a laugh.

‘So have you guys ever hooked up?’

‘Not, she’s not into guys.’

‘Nothing? You seem pretty open with each other.’

‘Well, last year we were sunbathing and one thing led to another. We basically watched each other masturbate, that was very hot.’

‘Don’t forget that you went down on me,’ my friend reminded me.

‘Thanks, yes, that too, I have definitely not forgotten that.’

‘You two are weird. In a fun way.’

‘Yeah, its an interesting relationship, but it works.’

‘So what’s next?’

Part 4

‘I think I need to repay the favour to the two of you,’ said the stripper.

‘That sounds great, where do you want us?’

‘Just stay sitting where you are,’ she said, and got off my friend’s lap.

So the naked stripper was standing in front of us. We were sitting on the couch.

‘Get closer.’

So we moved closer together. Our legs now touching, and even after we had just been fingering the stripper together, the physical contact was really turning me on.

‘Now I will go down on both of you.’

My friend escort antep and I looked at each other and smiled. We automatically reached for each others hands and looked back to the stripper, who was now moving down between my friend’s legs. I was watching as she moved her head forward, kissing the inside of her legs, and spreading them apart. She lifted up her far leg and moved it so the foot was up on the couch, giving her a wide view of my friend’s pussy. She leaned back and reached her hand forward, stroking the inside of her thighs gently with the back of her hand.

‘Your pussy looks awesome.’

‘Well, thanks. I didn’t really have anything to do with it, but I have heard that before,’ my friend said.

‘I’m not sure if I’ve said it before, but I completely agree,’ I added, then moved my hand between my friend’s legs and joined in the gentle stroking of the inside of her thighs.

The stripper moved forward again and started kissing where she had been stroking before. I moved my hand and gently stroked her head. She kissed closer and closer to my friend’s pussy, before gently kissing her lips gently, and again, then more passionately, completely surrounding the pussy with her mouth. I looked at my friend and reached up to stroke her cheek. She looked at me and smiled, took my hand and kissed it.

‘What does that feel like?’ I asked.

‘Your hand?’

‘No, her tongue, smartass.’

She smiled. ‘If feels fucking great, she knows what she is doing.’

The stripper stopped and moved her head away and said, ‘Thanks, it’s not my first rodeo!’ Then she moved her head away from my friend’s pussy.

‘Where are you going? How rude!’ my friend said.

‘I told you I was going down on you both, I can’t do it at the same time,’ and she got up and moved over to me.

She knelt down in front of me and took my dick in her hand. She gently stroked it and rubbed my nob, which was wet with precum. She bent and licked it. Then popped it in her mouth and gently sucked it, using her tongue on my nob.

I looked over at my friend and saw that she was gently rubbing her clit.

‘Haha, can’t wait?,’ I said.

‘Just keeping myself going,’ she replied. ‘How about you? What does it feel like for you?’

‘Well, it feels great, obviously. At the moment she is just sucking a little, and using her tongue on my nob, which is the most sensitive part.’

‘I thought that guys liked the up and down part of it?’

‘That is definitely part of it, but this is great too.’

‘Can you come from that?’

‘Hell yeah, can you come from just rubbing your clit?’

‘Of course. I hadn’t really thought of it like that. So what do you do when you masturbate?’

‘Well, it depends. I don’t think I could come without any work on the nob, but it’s hard to avoid it even if you wanted to. Can you come only from fingering?’

‘Hard to say, it’s not that easy to just finger without rubbing against the clit from time to time as well, especially if you are reaching from the front.’

Suddenly the stripper stopped and looked up at me, ‘Hey, how about a little appreciation for me!’

All three of us laughed.

‘Sorry, do continue. You are doing a great job.’

‘Can’t be that great if you are able to have a conversation while I’m doing it.’

‘What if I did a fake moan, would that help?’

‘Haha, maybe,’ said the stripper.

And then she got up and moved back to my friend. ‘I’ll go where I’m more appreciated,’ she said.

‘Noooooo,’ I said.

‘Don’t be so needy,’ my friend said.

‘Easy for you to say, she’s about to bury her head in your pussy again.’

‘Stop your complaining,’ she said.

‘Well, you could help me out?’

My friend looked at me and suddenly twitched. The stripper had moved back to her pussy.

‘What was that,’ I asked.

‘She just went straight for my clit and started sucking hard.’

‘Which is good?’

‘Which is very very good.’

‘I’m glad,’ I said. ‘So, I think you must have missed my question before, how about helping me out a bit?’

She looked at me, with some hesitation. Then said simply, ‘Ok’.

She reached over and took my dick in her hand. I wrapped my hand around it and gently urged her to use her thumb on my nob.

‘Just rub it, think of what you were just doing on your clit. In fact, think of it as a really big clit if that makes you feel better!’

‘Ha, its really not much like that at all.’

I smiled, ‘Yes, I know, just wanted to make it easier for you. I know you’re not a fan of this, but love that you are doing it’.

‘It’s the moment. It helps that I’m having my pussy sucked by a beautiful girl, which makes me hot. Kind of breaks down some barriers.’

‘Well, I’m all for that.’

Suddenly, the stripper came up for air, ‘Why don’t you two just kiss already’. Then went back down the pussy she was sucking.

We looked at each other in the eyes. God she has great eyes. I leaned over and she leaned towards me. We were close, and just looking at each other in the eyes.

‘This doesn’t mean I’m turning straight, you know that, right?’

‘Well, I don’t think anyone having their pussy eaten by a hot stripper will be accused of being straight because they kissed their best friend while it was happening.’

And with that I reached forward and gently kissed her on the lips. I then moved back again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32