Tutoring Tina

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Tina pulled the skirt up her legs and secured it around her waist, tugging lightly till it settled neatly around her thighs, the hem settling just above her knees. It was unusually warm for October, and when it’s warm she preferred the loose skirts that allowed her legs to breathe and any breeze, even that created by passing cars, to carry the heat away from underneath her. Above her waist she had already donned the bra keeping her larger-than-average breasts somewhat contained yet still allowing her nipple bar to be visible yet subtle. Over that she selected a loose t-shirt with a low-cut neck that showed some cleavage.

While still in front of her mirror, she pulled her wavy, almost black, shoulder-length hair back into a tail to lift it off her neck, a necessity with the temperature in the low 90s (F) outside. It also meant sandals over her bare feet instead of tennis shoes when she was to leave her house.

Walking across the cool carpet through the hallway out to the living room, she found her husband where she left him: lounging on the couch, giant cup of iced tea sweating on the wood side table, baseball game on the television.

“Who’s playing?” she inquired.

“Pirates and Cubs,” he replied, his sight not wavering from the television. “Cubs ahead by 1, but it’s only the top of the second.” He looked over at his bride. “What’re you up to?”

“Study group with friends, remember?” she replied as she reached behind her head to adjust her hair. “Midterms are next week.”

“Must’ve slipped my mind.” He looked back at the game just as the Cubs batter struck out to end the inning. “At the college library, right?”

“Mhmm. Studying the ‘human diseases’ notes.”

He glanced over at Tina for longer than a moment, then back at the television. “Have fun with that.”

She walked to the nearby dining room, finding her books and notes still gathered where she left them the previous evening. She found her sandals near the front door and slipped them on her feet and secured them before gathering everything else together and walking back to her husband.

He looked up at her as she bent down in front of him. “Be back late?” he asked.

“Not sure, but it’s possible.” She leaned in and kissed him. “I’ll call if I will.”

“Okay.” He kissed her again.

Tina pulled herself up and ensured she had everything before walking out the door, locking it behind her. The heat punched her in the chest. It was definitely warmer than normal, and with the humidity it felt almost like the middle of summer. Moving to her car somewhat quickly, the only thing on her mind was getting it started and blasting the A/C so her drive to the campus would be a bit more comfortable.

Arriving at the college library, she found only one member of her study group sitting at a table by himself, reading from his book and going over some notes.

“Greg,” she called to him as she approached his table. He looked up from his notes and smiled as Tina approached. “Where is everyone else?” she inquired.


“All three of them?” She sat across from him at the table.

“They all went to a party, got obscenely drunk. Margaret called me this morning to fill me in on the details.” He lowered his voice a little. “Apparently Carly and Margaret had a little romp while they were wasted, first Marge ever had with a woman.”

Tina couldn’t help but smile, thinking back to the night she had Carly for the first time, in a threesome with her husband. It wasn’t Tina’s first fuck with another woman, but she loved what Carly managed to do to her. The thoughts sent a mild tingle through her pussy as she adjusted her legs under the implication of needing to be more comfortable.

“And what about Brad?” she asked.

“He didn’t fare so well under the influence. Landed himself in the hospital. Quite literally, too.” Tina’s face went from one of smiles thinking of Carly to one of confusion at what Greg was implying. Greg noticed it right away and continued, “He was not only drunk, but apparently stoned into oblivion as well. One guy dared him to jump from this second floor window to a trampoline below. He didn’t quite land square.”

A visual of Brad flying through the air and landing on the ground flew through Tina’s mind. “What the?”

“Apparently the saving grace of that foolish move was that he launched from the trampoline into the pool, but not entirely. Shattered his leg on the edge of it.”

She winced visibly at the thought of the pain. “So he’s not going anywhere for a while?”


They settled into their studying, or rather tutoring as Tina had approached Greg about a study group since the class appeared to come easy to him. This went on for several hours, periodic small breaks in between, before they started feeling hunger pangs. Greg proposed they head someplace to eat. Tina didn’t hesitate in agreeing. She probably would’ve agreed to go bungee jumping if it meant getting away from the books for a while.

They took Greg’s car to a nearby diner for a meal. Now late in the afternoon, the almanbahis yeni giriş heat only seemed unbearable. They went over various things regarding the upcoming midterm, but also discussed some aspects of their personal lives as well. This wasn’t the first time Greg and Tina had studied together, as they had developed a reasonable friendship since both started attending the college.

When they got back to the library, they realized they had forgotten about its earlier Saturday closing time. They wanted to study more, so Greg offered they go back to his place to continue studying since, as he put it, “My roommate is gone for the weekend, so we’d have the place to ourselves.” Plus his apartment was only a half-mile away, whereas Tina had to drive almost 15 minutes to get to the campus.

Tina followed Greg in her car to the complex where he lived, then into the apartment. This was the first time Tina had ever been here. The living room seemed a little smaller than that in her home, but with relatively little furniture in it, there was plenty of space to move around. Wanting to explore the apartment a little further, she excused herself to the bathroom, which was at the end of the hallway. Once inside, she locked the door behind her and stared into the mirror.

Tina had been feeling it all afternoon. Her pussy started growing moist while sitting across from Greg at the library. She wanted to slip her bare foot over the crotch of his jean shorts while they sat studying in the library and while they ate at the diner. She wanted him to slide his foot up her skirt and across her crotch as well. But more she wanted him to fuck her. On the library or diner table if it must come to that.

He turns her on, and she doesn’t quite know why. It’s not like he does anything special. He seems like just an average guy, though he is taller than most, taller than her husband, and likes to keep a light beard instead of being fully shaved. In thinking about it to herself, Tina pondered that perhaps he emanates a field around him that her pussy is tuned into. During the couple breaks she had while studying at the library, she tried to masturbate her desires away, but to no avail. Masturbating again, twice, in the diner’s restroom didn’t help either, and probably only made it worse.

What about him was making her want to fuck him so badly? Over the last several months she’s had studying sessions with Greg, she’s wanted to fuck him, to discover for herself how big of a cock he has and what it feels like inside her pussy. She’s wanted to take his cock in her mouth, run her tongue along his full length, wrap her tits around it and all around just play with it. The thoughts ran through her head as she stared into the mirror, her juices building inside her pussy, threatening to run down her leg.

She grabbed a couple tissues and lifted her skirt up. “Why did I leave the house without panties?” she mumbled to herself. The tissues shocked her when they touched her skin, sending a light jolt through her pussy while she gently cleaned juices from her smooth, swollen lips. Masturbating again wouldn’t relieve her, she assumed, as three or four times before hadn’t done so, one more time likely wouldn’t help either. She flushed the tissue down the toilet, then washed her hands and left the bathroom to rejoin Greg in the living room.

Greg was seated in an armchair, going over his notes. “Feel free to take the couch,” he motioned as he swiveled the chair around to face it. Tina would have preferred his lap, given what was running through her mind, and her pussy, but studies beckoned.

Though it was still light outside, the living room did not receive the afternoon sun. Greg had turned on several lamps around the living room to allow them ability to read their books and notes. After gathering her books and notes nearby the couch, Tina kicked her sandals from her feet and sat sideways on the couch, sprawling her legs while making sure her skirt was sitting right and not revealing anything.

Tina did her best to keep some modesty knowing her pussy was only one wrong position from being exposed to full view. Though she certainly wouldn’t mind Greg seeing her pussy, admiring it, she knew they needed to focus on their studies. For about an hour they sat there discussing their notes, trying to absorb as much material as possible for the upcoming midterm before Tina decided that another break was needed.

She stood from the couch, taking care to ensure her skirt didn’t slide in the wrong direction, and started stretching herself out, taking deep breaths and letting the colorful stars roll through her eyes. Greg stood up as well, stretching himself out.

“Do you want something?” Greg inquired.

Tina’s face went almost instantly red and a hard grin hit her lips as she tugged at her skirt a little to ensure it was sitting right. Even in the lower light offered in the living room, this did not escape Greg’s notice.

“What is that about?” he inquired further.

“Oh nothing,” she said, somewhat unconvincingly.

And almanbahis Greg lifted an eyebrow in response. He didn’t believe her. “I’ll let us a couple sodas. How does that sound?”

She let out a “mmm” while nodding her head. After Greg left for the kitchen, she felt she could almost slap herself. When he returned and handed her a soda, her face was still red, though it had cooled off a little. Greg set his drink on a small table next to the armchair he then re-occupied.

Tina decided to remain standing. She set her soda on a nearby side table, then reached behind her head to untie her hair. It fell loose along her head and needed only some coaxing with her fingers for it to look acceptable.

“Shall we continue?” Greg asked.

Tina put her hands on her hips. “Not just yet,” she replied.

Greg leaned back in the chair, settling himself in. “Okay, just let me know when you’re ready.”

Tina took a few paces in Greg’s direction. Standing directly in front of him, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor at her feet. Her smooth pussy was very swollen and prominently visible. Her smooth legs reflected some of the light from the nearby lamps. She was more than ready.

Greg was immediately captivated, but he seemed like he was fighting an internal war. He sat forward in his chair. “Tina, what… what are you doing?”

Tina stepped out of her skirt a few paces toward Greg, dropping to her knees in front of him, pushing him back into the chair. While looking into his eyes, she glided her hands across his warming crotch pulsing beneath her hands. Tina discovered the zipper and pulled it down, reaching inside and finding his cock growing hard.

“Tina,” he tried his best to remain somewhat calm, even as Tina pulled his cock out of his shorts and started stroking it. “Are you sure you want to be doing this?”

Tina reached out and touched a finger to his lips. “I know I want to be doing this.”

Greg settled into the chair a little more, though shifting his weight where needed so Tina could pull his shorts and boxers off him. He was almost as hard as he could be. He was bigger than her husband, Tina could readily see that, and her hand provided the measure to know for sure. He was long enough Tina could get both her hands on his full length, but not so wide around that she could not get her hands wrapped around him.

The head of his cock appeared at Tina’s first glance to be a mouthful, and confirmed it to be when she wrapped her lips around it, taking it into her, having to part her teeth wider than she was accustomed to fit all of him as one morsel. She slid her lips down him, taking him into her mouth as far as she could handle, which to her dismay could not be all of him.

Coming back up, she trailed her lips with her fingers around his cock like she was sliding a ring off him, leaving a bead trailing from her lips to his tip as she looked to his eyes, stroking him with both hands. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” Yet Tina wasn’t interested in merely sucking his cock, “I want to feel you inside me.”

Tina rose up and moved forward a little, spreading her legs to straddle him. Looking down past her pussy, she took hold of his cock and started to lower down to take him into her before Greg sat up and reached to her shoulder, “Not yet.” He shifted forward, forcing Tina to move back a couple steps. She felt a little confused and disappointed until he said, “I want to taste your pussy first.”

Greg stood to his feet and Tina wrapped her arm up behind his neck and pulled him down. When his lips touched hers, she felt as if an amusement park turned on in her body as everything suddenly seemed to come awake. She broke away briefly and touched lips again, her heart seeming to flutter in her chest as if her body was continually shocking it to keep it beating. Did she want more than his cock? Did she want more than to fuck or be fucked?

He pulled away and took hold of the hem of her shirt, pulling it up to about her chest before Tina lifted her arms above her head, letting him peel the shirt from her body. She looked up at him while he seemed captivated by her large tits confined within their nude-colored lace bra. She tugged the hem of his shirt to catch his attention and peeled it up and off his body.

Greg felt along her back, getting a couple fingers on her bra clasp as she rested her arms on his shoulders, loosely wrapped about his neck. “Let me see if I remember how to do this…” He fumbled his fingers around the clasp while his eyes gave the impression he was feeling around in the dark for a light switch. “Hmm… mmmm… bingo!” The bra fell loose on her shoulders. She moved her arms to let it fall to the floor.

Tina pulled Greg’s lips into hers, feeling that flow of electricity while pushing her tits into his chest, moaning against his lips, her reflexes forcing her to take a deep breath. Greg pulled away and swiftly turned her around and pulled her against him, his hard cock against her bare back. He wrapped his hands around her large tits, finding almanbahis adres his fingers and hands cannot completely contain them. He massaged them, combing and pinching her nipples between his fingers, sending jolts of electricity echoing from her nipples that were only amplified as he exercised a little more curiosity with her pierced nipple.

Tina reached behind her back, wrapping her hands around his cock, stroking him as she settled back against him. That tingle she’d felt all afternoon was building between her legs, excited and amplified with the jolts from her nipples, her moaning growing louder as she closed her eyes and let the moment happen.

“Wow, your tits feel so firm and young,” Greg whispered. “But what I really want is…” he slid his hands from her tits down her tummy, the friction leaving goosebumps in its wake. Tina’s body became steadily more tense. He found her pussy, “this.” He slid his fingers around her pussy, massaging it as he stood hunched behind her. Tina’s body immediately went completely tense, her eyes coming open immediately as the threat of an orgasm threatened to take her down.

Greg motioned for her to sit in the chair as he dropped to his knees in front of her. Tina sat somewhat upright rather than settling into the chair, putting her arms on his shoulders and accepting his lips with hers when he leaned in. He moved down a little and kissed her neck, down her chest to her breast, enveloping a nipple in his lips, sucking it into his mouth, clasping it gently in his teeth. Tina arched back, pushing her tit more into his face as she moaned at the sudden shiver sent from her chest, another jolt to ensure her heart was still beating.

He flattened his tongue and softly washed her nipple, before kissing between her tits, then started moving lower on her body. Tina lay back into the chair as Greg kissed lower, down her tummy, tonguing her navel for a moment. With each inching, teasing kiss down toward her pussy, he looked up to Tina’s eyes, seeing the desire, almost desperation in her eyes.

Inch by… inch… by… inch he kissed down her smooth pubic area, her hips arching and goosebumps tensing on her skin with each moment.

Greg settled onto his ankles, trying to make himself more comfortable as he touched his lips to the corner of her pussy, just above the rosebud standing prominently from its folds. Tina wrapped her hands around her tits, combing and pinching her nipples. Greg continued on lower, kissing her pussy south of her clit, his lips instantly coated in her juices. He couldn’t help but lick the Tina’s sweet taste from his lips.

“Please, babe, eat my pussy,” Tina called out.

Greg came up, looking into Tina’s eyes, a wide grin on his lips, devious thoughts reflected in his eyes. With one response, “I’m not giving in that easily,” he dashed any hopes she may have had of a quick release.

“Don’t make me beg?” she cried out. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

Greg lay his tongue flat against her pussy, gliding it from south to north toward her clit, starting some kind of generator in her pussy that seemed to radiate heat and electricity through her entire crotch. He went back down to the southern end of her pussy, digging the tip of his tongue just into her lips, gliding it slowly up her pussy.

He looked toward Tina’s eyes. They still looked desperate.

Greg just touched Tina’s clit with the tip of his tongue, then ran his tongue in circles around it a few times, pulsing electricity through her pussy and lighting up her entire body. He closed his lips around her clit, sucking it gently into his mouth. Tina’s hips started bucking as she moaned louder than before while Greg sucked her clit as if he was cleaning sugar from a spice drop.

He slid a couple fingers easily between her pussy’s wet lips and into her sex. Feeling around he sought out a certain spot, using Tina’s now harder moans and subtle mumblings as a guide to when he (“Right there!” she screamed) found it. Her eyes first bulged out then closed instantly. He rubbed his fingers around that spot, feeling its soft and spongy texture. Tina could only moan louder still, her hips bucking against his fingers, bucking her clit farther into his mouth.

Greg thrust his fingers deep into her cunt, then slid them back out only far enough to hit the spot he discovered, alternating between thrusting deep and rubbing that spot while not letting up on her clit for a moment. Tina’s breathing became heavier as the orgasm she desperately wanted with him built up higher inside her, her pussy contracting very noticeably around Greg’s fingers and keeping them well-lubricated as he fucked her pussy harder, deeper with them.

Greg slid his free hand up to her tit, clasping fingers around her nipple. Tina went over the edge almost immediately, a barrel over a waterfall as the orgasm started to wash over her body, her pussy clenching onto Greg’s fingers. He moved from sucking on her clit to gently nibbling on it, almost as if he were pumping a siphon bulb that led to Tina screaming out, “I… I’m gonna… gonna squirt…” Greg pulled his face from her pussy, but kept plowing his fingers into her. Her back arched as Tina felt her entire pelvic area contract, forcing a jet of juices from Tina’s cunt and a loud scream from her lips before she collapsed into the chair.

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