Watermelon Juice

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


A hot, humid summer day and I heard him open the back door. I’d been lounging on the white leather loveseat and his eyes lit up, seeing what I had on — a cherry pink lace chemise, nothing more. “Ay, Bay-Bay, so beautiful!”

I felt desire emanating from him, like a blast of heat from a desert wind. He had a huge wedge of watermelon in his hand, and he kept sucking at it, the juice dripping onto his chin, down his arm. He flashed a smile, peeled his T-shirt off and bent over me. Watermelon juice dripped onto my mouth, neck and tits. Sucking on my nipples, he undid his pants. He crushed some watermelon onto my pussy, sinking his lips on it, a quick gamahuche. “Mmmm, taste good, cariño, ay!”

He shoved chunks of watermelon into my mouth. The loveseat was getting all sticky and kind of slippery… and actually, so were we both!

“Julio! Stop acting crazy! Espere un poco!” I sputtered. But no, he wouldn’t wait — I was mashed flat, and wham! His cock was huge, at full mast, poking and pressing insistently against me.

“Ay, Bay-Bay, you put me loco!”

That chunk of fruit now demolished, both his sticky hands Escort bayan went under my ass, he lifted my hips high, setting my feet on his broad chest. He began slapping me, really hard. I began to yowl. “Owwww!”

“Ay, no me puedo contener!” (I cannot contain myself!) Still on his knees, he let my body down and charged into me, his hands in a vise-like grip on my shoulders.

“Cariño! You are so wild!”

“Si, I am very hot, muy caliente — because today I eat lotta watermelon.”

“Watermelon? What does that do?”

“Is like Viagra! For men, for me! Yes!”

What! Well, that was a new one! My eyes grew wide. So now, as if he was not impulsive and sex-charged enough, I need to worry about him eating watermelon?! He thrusted so forcefully, making loud thuds slamming into me. I pleaded,

“Omg, you’re going to break my body! Por favor — no rompa mi cuerpo!”

He nodded. “Come, we go upstairs!” We did. He pushed me onto the bed, flung my legs wide and just ploughed into me again. He bit my shoulders, kissed me, licked me lavishly, over my face, my throat, my tits. All sticky with watermelon juice, I just moaned, struggling with his fierce urgency. He’s a runaway train when Escort he’s so wild, and though it does scare me a bit, and makes me tremble deep inside, it thrills me. I love being rolled in the churning force of his passion as if I were caught in the turbulence of an ocean wave. Flipping my right leg over his shoulder, he balanced himself on one knee, jamming his cock into me that way. I looked at him, drinking in his beauty, his fine body, his face full of intense desire. In a voice raspy with heat, he demanded, “Bay-Bay, me amas? Dilo!” (dee-low = say it)

I panted, “Yes! I love you!” A soft groan, and he came. We both relaxed, legs entwined, eyes shut. Perhaps twenty minutes passed and I stirred, as he put one arm across my belly, his fingers playing with me, moving onto and into all my special places, nipples, pussy, bellybutton… pinching, flicking, just being lovingly silly. But it made my heat rise… He lay with his head on a pillow, his other arm behind his neck, eyes closed, lips in a gentle smile. He knew just what was happening to me.

Oh! I felt something against my side — yes, his cock all stiff – he wasn’t done! He lunged onto me again, covering my entire body. He is so solid, Bayan Escort so well made, it’s like fucking a skin-covered statue! His thighs at my cheeks, he dipped his cock into my mouth. I clasped both my hands around the shaft, sucking, loving every moment. I still tasted watermelon – on his lips, all over his body, his cock was a popsicle of flavored fruit… Impossible man, but so delightfully outrageously sweet!

Then flipping me over, he shoved pillows under my tummy, raising my ass up. On his knees, he went straight into my anus with that glorious cock of his. I began howling, short gasps, lost in passion, pain and pleasure, as he moved deep and quickly. He couldn’t see my face, but my teeth were clenched, my eyes squeezed shut. He reached underneath to my pussy, fingers slipping and sliding, thumb rolling around on my clitoris — ohh, I was coming now! My whole body jerked forward; I screamed, as he kept pumping fast, faster… then came once more and released me. I turned over, lifting my mouth for a kiss, and he parted his lips, giving me a long, dreamy one, melting my mind again. We listened to those yearningly sweet Spanish love-songs on his phone and I got very calm, relaxed…

Nuzzling me, he brushed my hair back and pulled a few tiny watermelon seeds from the strands. He chuckled, then went downstairs, totally nude. He got more beer, returned for yet more kisses, and then he had to leave. I lay dizzy, spent, dreaming of him. And watermelon.

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