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Trina was sitting in her class listening to her professor trying not to think of what happened last night. Knowing that she had to pass this class or her funding for school would dry up like the dew on morning grass. While she was trying to get comfortable in her seat she felt the telltale sign that she was about to lose her battle with the memories swimming through her mind. She gave up hope that she would learn what was being taught today, but she could con her friend out of his notes the next day.

Remembering his name as Thomas, and that he was the most handsome guy in the cafeteria yesterday. She couldn’t have known at the time that he was so sexually stimulating, and could fulfill her like none of the others could. After talking and staring at each other over the table she decided that she would take him back to her place for some fun. When they reached her apartment they made their way to the sofa and sank in next to each other.

She allowed him to make the first move to kiss her, while their lips were locked together in a dueling embrace she felt his hands on her body. Not willing to let the sensation escape her she pressed into his hand, urging him on to feel more of her body letting her body take over with the primal urges rushing forward. Breaking the kiss to look at each other as if asking for permission to continue with what had been started.

Making the first move she pulled her blouse over her head revealing soft mounds of flesh encased in a lacy see through bra. Lifting his hands she places them upon her breasts encouraging him to begin as she enjoys the feelings coursing through her body. While he continues to fondle her breasts she reaches behind her back to unclasp the bra hook. Stopping him for the moment, although she knows that the feelings will stop, she continues for she wants to feel his rough hands on her soft skin and nipples.

Leaning forward she begins to softly kiss him as she unbuttons his shirt slowly to reveal his rock hard chest and abs. When she unbuttoned the last button she lightly ran her fingers up almanbahis yeni giriş his chest and enjoying the ripples as she goes. Breaking apart from each other, he kneels to the floor and removes her shoes and laying them next to the sofa, taking a foot in each hand he places them on his chest as she slowly rubs them in circles. While she is entranced with his chest, he reaches up and undoes her pants then slowly pulls both pants and panties towards himself wanting to rid her of the binding clothes. A low moan escapes her as the cool air rushes in to caress her already wet clit and lips.

Slowly he takes both legs and begins to move them towards her and places both of her feet on the edge of the sofa. He leans forward and lets her aroma fill his nostrils as he looks up into her eyes as if asking for permission from her. She bites her lower lip in expectation and slowly nods to him in expectant pleasure. The first touch sent chills through her body that overwhelmed her senses, blinding her to the fact that he was continuing with his exploration of her. Reaching down between her legs she pulls his head harder onto her pussy wanting to feel his tongue enter her deeper. Sliding one hand up under her ass, he lightly caresses her expecting asshole. At the unexpected touch of his finger she begins to climax and fill his waiting mouth with her fluids.

She pulls his head away from her twitching pussy and takes his place on the floor while he removes his pants and drawers. Taking his semi-erect penis in one hand and his heavy balls in the other she looks up at him while slowly lowering her head and taking the head of his cock into her mouth. Looking him in the eyes she slowly lowers her head and engulfs more of him into her mouth, meanwhile her other hand is massaging and rolling his balls through her fingers. Reaching the end of his shaft she reverses her movement and lets his cock slide out of her, as the head pulls out she flicks the tip with her tongue quickly twice. She quickly engulfs him back down to the base of his cock and almanbahis giriş starts to move his cock in and out of her mouth rapidly. Letting go of his balls she moves her hand under him and slowly inserts her middle finger into his asshole and gently massages his prostate. Quickening her pace she feels his cock begin to pulsate and pulls him out of her completely so he can come on her face and breasts. As his last spurt of come leaves his cock she begins to rub it into her skin and licking her lips in a sultry way.

Leaning forward she beckons him to follow her into the bedroom for more fun. Taking him by his semi-flacid cock she leads him to the rear of the apartment where a king size bed with a metal headboard. Pushing him down onto the bed she follows him and moves up so he can lick her one more time before she impales herself on his rigid member. Kneeling over his head with a leg on each side of his head she begins to grind her pussy onto his lips enjoying the feeling that he is trying to keep up with her motion. Slowly moving down poising herself over his cock that has gained new life, she grabs it and slowly rubs her pussy with it teasing her clit and sending chills up her spine. Slowly she lowers herself accepting the head of his cock into her waiting pussy, gasping with pleasure and seeing lust in his eyes she begins to lower herself slowly onto him.

Placing both hands upon his chest she pulls her legs up under herself and begins to lift herself up his cock stopping before the head could escape. Lowering herself down again she begins to move faster up and down his chest. Enjoying the feeling of her breasts bouncing to the pace she is setting while riding his cock. Staring down at his face filled with lust she begins to move faster enjoying the friction in her pussy as it builds to her ultimate goal. She stops at the base of his cock and rocks back and forth grinding herself against him with his cock in her. Leaning forward she whispers into his ear that she wants to feel him in her ass, but first she needs to come and she has almanbahis yeni giriş to have him on top to do so.

Wrapping his arms around her he sits up and leans forward so she is on her back and still filled with his rigid member. Lifting her legs up onto his shoulders he begins to slide in and out of her going faster with each inward strokes, the room is now beginning to be filled with her moans as her second orgasm starts to fill her. Slowing down he pulls himself out of her and inserts himself a couple of time while stimulating her engorged clit. He inserts himself fully again and begins to pound into her harder until she shudders into orgasm.

Laying there filled with excitement the she came hard and long, she slowly removes her legs from his shoulders and removes the tube of KY out of the drawer next to the bed. Handing him the tube she lays her head down on the pillow as she reaches behind her and spreads her ass cheeks waiting for the cock she is now craving. Positioning himself closer to her and applies the KY to her expectant bud and places the head of his cock against her. She responds by pushing backwards and engulfing him slowly, taking her time to get use to the invader she continues to slowly pushes back accepting more and more of him. When he is fully inside of her he slowly pulls out till the head of his cock is barely visible, slowly pushing in he reaches around and lightly inserts a finger into her wet slit gasping at the double entry she begins to enjoy this much more.

Alternating his rhythm between cock and finger he brings her to another climax, waiting till she says it is all right he continues the rhythm till he begins to fell the come build up inside of him. He leans forward and asks if she wants him to come in her ass. Yes, I want to feel you in me come in me. He leans back and continues the rhythmic motions into her pussy and ass, he removes his finger from her and begins to squeeze one of her pendulous breasts. Filling her ass with his seed, he pushes her down onto her stomach and lays upon her with his cock becoming flaccid within her.

Rolling over next to her in bed he lightly lays an arm over her back and looks deeply into her eyes. Rolling over next to him she falls asleep in his arms, not wanting this time to end but in her heart she knew this was a one time thing with this person.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32