Tom and the Dazzling Fiona Ch. 04

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This story is entirely fictional.

It was Tom Cassavettes once again who was eventually forced to ring Fiona Napier, but this time she was at work. He had become consumed with curiosity having not heard from her since that memorable trip to France but, more importantly, he had also come up with a great idea to get closer to the young woman who had grown to be so important in his life.

“Goodrich & Chalmers. How may I help you?”

“It’s Tom, Tom Cassavettes.”

“Oh Tom, hello…look it’s not a good time to talk. I’ll ring you back in my lunch break.”

Tom had no choice but to be patient however she did call back later using her mobile and as usual the sound of her voice caused an instant sensual reaction.

“I’m alone in the staff room having a sandwich,” she said prosaically enough although her every word was music to his ears.

“What are you doing for Christmas?”

He asked nonchalantly but was betrayed by heavy breathing which must have been apparent even across the air waves because she reacted instantly.

“Get your dirty mind out of my knickers”

“Okay, sorry about that…but what I wanted to say is that my family are all going out to the Caribbean and it would be great if you could come as my guest.”

“Why me?”

This flat reply and the obvious lack of enthusiasm was like a slap in his face particularly knowing that any other young woman of his wide acquaintance would accept the offer like a shot. But he recovered and in the end said the only thing which Fiona seemed immediately to accept as being an honest reason.

“Because I love you.”

This was greeted with a silence which seemed to stretch for ever but which she eventually broke.

“I don’t think I could cope with meeting your parents.”

“Well you won’t find that out until you give it a try.”

She was quiet again but this time he could actually hear her chewing on something.

“What are you doing?”

“I told you. I’m having my lunch…but would there be room for me?

Was she weakening?

“Room for you? You’ll have the choice of half a dozen private cabins.”

“Then perhaps I could come?”

But he brushed this tepid reaction aside and immediately informed her of his plan.

“Right, then we can fly out together but unfortunately I can’t leave until after a lecture on the 22nd and I can only stay for two weeks. Would that be okay with you?”

“That’s perfect.”

Having made the decision to join him she was now beginning to show at least some traces of enthusiasm although her fear of his parents might still cause her to back out. Perhaps Tom sensed this doubt but was encouraged to hear Fiona rationalising her acceptance.

“It’s my turn to have the fortnight off over Christmas and I’ve just been told that my parents will be away for four weeks. My dad’s going on a religious retreat and my mother is joining him so maybe I can accept your invitation?”

Tom asked the chauffeur to stop outside the vicarage and got out of the car to greet Fiona but he had only reached the gate when the front door opened. He stopped transfixed. What a stunning sight she made. How had that dried old stick of a preacher produced such a magic daughter? She was flawless.

Fiona shouldered her carry on bag then extended the handle of her case for the short walk to the car and once there stretched up to kiss his cheek. Her hand on his shoulder as she did so sent tremors all the way down to his feet. Whenever she touched him Tom was thrilled anew and for a moment he was disappointed that they were in such a very public place otherwise he would have crushed Fiona in his arms.

They were whisked in minutes to the noise and bustle of Gatwick Airport and during the ride Tom apologised for what he mistakenly saw as a problem.

“We missed the chance to travel out in my father’s plane although I can at least offer you the comfort of a private jet. But I warn you, it’s a lot more cramped than the Boeing 767.”

“Tom for gods sake don’t apologise. I’ve only ever flown on charter flights and then not very often so all this luxury is a first for me.”

She peered surreptitiously around the VIP lounge afraid of appearing gauche but all the looks directed her way were clearly in admiration and she was well used to that. So she slowly relaxed.

A steward brought her a glass of cold white wine and a selection of nuts while Tom talked to the pilot and then in what seemed only minutes they were called for the flight.

It was dark when they boarded and after take off they were served dinner in splendid isolation. Over coffee Tom made his move.

“The steward has already converted the seats in the rear cabin into a double bed for your use.”

He pointed behind Fiona.

“But where will you sleep?” She asked already wondering why he wasn’t going to join her.

“Don’t worry about me. Each of these forward seats extends to form a single bed.”

Fiona’s face was instantly alive with amusement.

“So having invited me you’ve finally seen the error of your ways.”

“Oh bayrampaşa eskort god no…I just didn’t want to be rebuffed.”

“You should know me by now Tom. I’ll tell you soon enough when you’ve gone too far, so don’t be a fool. Besides which I really like the idea of joining the mile high club and not doing it in a cramped toilet.”

Tom just nodded feeling so happy that he was unable to utter a word.

Fiona used the facilities and came back ready for bed. She smelt as always of sandalwood and was wearing adorable pyjamas in which she did a provocative twirl before vanishing into the stern cabin.

Tom in total contrast merely shucked off most of his clothes, washed himself, and clad only in Calvin Klein’s went to join her.

“Where’s the stewardess?” Asked Fiona quietly as they snuggled up.

“She’s at the front, on the flight deck. Do you need something?”

“No it’s not that. I’m just concerned how much she can hear?”

“Not a lot, if anything.”

“Good, because you know how noisy I am when I come.”

They boarded his father’s helicopter which was waiting for them at the international airport. To Fiona this was yet further evidence of Tom’s conspicuous wealth but if what she had experienced so far was a worry it was nothing to her amazement when they arrived over Nicholas Cassavettes’s private island.

Tom made the pilot do a circumnavigation following the waterline and pointed out the features to a mesmerised Fiona.

“And your Dad owns the whole island?”

She was scarcely able to get the words out so awed was she by everything on view.

“Yup, and everything on it.”

At the landing place there was a maid waiting in an electric buggy. She drove the pair through a belt of tropical vegetation with occasional views to be had between the trees of a white sandy beach and of a big colonial house set near the highest point of land.

The girl stopped finally outside a simple door in a timber clad wall, a Cabin Fiona remembered hearing, but when they were ushered through the entrance Tom heard Fiona let out a gasp of wonder and come to a halt with her mouth wide open.

This reaction was perfectly understandable because she was now in a spectacular living room flooded with light from full height glass doors which occupied the whole width of a wall facing the ocean and outside, part sunk into a decked terrace, was a Jacuzzi.

“Over here is your bedroom miss and the bathroom is through there.”

Her luggage then arrived and was commandeered immediately by the servant.

“Can I pour you a drink lady before I unpack your clothes.”

Fiona was overcome with embarrassment at the thought of somebody else dealing with her intimate belongings but at a nod from Tom the maid just ignored the timid protest which followed.

Tom himself poured his guest a rum and coke with lots of ice and taking her elbow moved an unresisting body out onto the terrace.

“When she’s gone I suggest you have a rest for an hour then I’ll be back to take you up to the big house for lunch.”

“Wait Tom…Who will be there?”

“Only my father and mother.”

He left Fiona but far too soon the moment that she dreaded finally arrived. Fiona whispered to herself as Tom settled her in the buggy.

“Surely they won’t eat me,will they?”

As promised they were only four for lunch. Nicholas Cassavettes rose to greet Fiona looking every inch the powerful business mogul even though he was only wearing a loose floral patterned shirt, linen trousers and espadrilles.

She was of course already on nodding terms with Margaret Cassavettes, but Fiona had only ever seen Tom’s father from a distance. However to her relief Nicholas gave her a warm welcome and Tom detected the mere ghost of an appreciative twinkle in his eye while he did so. But Margaret was a very different proposition altogether.

Her greeting was friendly enough but Tom’s social antenna detected an unmistakeable frisson which could only be translated as “Is this girl on the make?” Margaret herself looked crisp in a beaded silk top and knee length cotton trousers with canvas slip on shoes.

The staff were helpful although very laid back so lunch was taken at a leisurely pace and Fiona was quickly and easily, as it turned out, absorbed into the relaxed relationship which already existed between the three family members.

Thankfully for Tom, Margaret’s manner towards Fiona gradually softened during the progress of the meal. She had been observing the young woman closely and was pleasantly struck, as she later told her husband, with Fiona’s lack of guile. She was even moved to sympathise in advance with Fiona about the other visitors who were expected shortly.

“My dear, you will meet the rest of the Alexander clan at dinner tonight but I will do what I can to help you survive the experience. Once that’s over you will find that the island is big enough for you to enjoy your stay without ever having them under your feet.”

It was only later that Fiona eskort could quiz Tom. They were naked on her bed with the rattan blinds fully down to keep out the afternoon heat. She was lying spread eagled on her stomach and enjoying the cooling breeze which was wafting down from the ceiling fan above.

“What on earth did Margaret mean?”

“You’ll see,” Mellow after their first fuck Tom was being maddeningly vague.

“See what and who are they?” She dug him sharply in the ribs and he caved in if only to avoid further damage.

“They’ll all be flying in about now. There’s my father’s brother Dimitri and his Greek wife Eleni then their two grand-daughters Marie and Christine. They lost both their parents when they were very young and Eleni has brought them up.”

The very randy Tom then moved over Fiona once again and it was ten minutes or more before he collapsed at her side totally replete.

“You didn’t come that time?”

“No but never mind Tom. I’ve already come once and you need to realise that I’m not going to orgasm every time you deign to fuck me.”

She kissed his limp penis as if to apologise for her sharp comment but soon continued the conversation.

“I thought you were just an idle rich boy playing at getting an education but I learnt today that I was way off the mark.”

“Well thank you for your confidence in my abilities although after my performance this time you might change your mind.”

“Stop it Tom.” She thought for a moment then made an offer. “If it will make you happy I’ll masturbate while you watch.”

She giggled as his erection grew again.

“See, I only have to talk dirty and you respond at once.”

This time Fiona came quickly, knowing her body so well, but leaving Tom with a throbbing hard-on which she pointedly ignored.

“What about me?”

But she simply turned onto her stomach and continued with her observations.

“It only took that couple of hours with your parents to completely alter my thoughts about you Tom. I had no idea that you were so bright and that you had done so well at school and at university. But what really came like a bolt from the blue is that you apparently have to earn every luxury that comes your way.”

“And that surprises you?”

“Oh yes. And then it was a shock to find that Nicholas actually asks for your opinion and often goes with it. And another thing Tom, your mother doesn’t fawn over you despite the obvious love she has for you. I actually saw her casting a critical eye on occasions.”

“Well isn’t that the same in all families?”

“Not in mine.”

But she then took pity on Tom and let him into her welcoming vagina.

“By the way, dress is informal tonight,” was his parting comment as he disappeared, leaving Fiona to sleep.

His parents were already sipping gin and tonic’s when Fiona was delivered back to the big house by an attentive Tom. He had looked her up and down and whistled appreciatively before she slipped into his golf buggy.

The rest of the guests then drifted in one by one which at least gave Fiona time to fix each in her memory as they were introduced.

The two young women were good lookers and knew it. Maria was about the same age as Tom and Fiona. She was full bodied with heavy breasts, generous rounded hips and solid thighs whereas Christine at two years younger was the more classically beautiful of the two but she had deceitful eyes which rather marred the appeal. Although very different in build they were obviously sisters and unmistakeably Greek American.

Later as Tom drove her back to the cabin Fiona gave her opinion of the older grand-daughter.

“I reckon that Maria puts herself about a fair bit.”

“Definitely, but I’m curious what you think of Christine?”

“That’s easy, she’s probably still a virgin but only just.”

When they were in her cabin she asked Tom a question which had occurred to her much earlier as she had watched the interplay between him and Maria.

“Have you slept with her, I mean Maria not Christine?”

He answered immediately with a shiver of dislike.

“God no, but I will tell you a story once we’ve got ourselves around some drinks.”

He busied himself at the fridge then watched admiringly as she stripped off to climb into the Jacuzzi. Her full breasts were floating on the surface of the rolling water and she had pulled her hair up to avoid getting it wet.

“You probably already suspect that they both have questionable morals. There is a worse phrase but I won’t use it in your hearing because after all you are a Vicar’s daughter, no, come to think of it, didn’t you once use the very same phrase about yourself?”

“If you are going to throw every single thing that I have ever said back in my face then you can just bugger off right now.”

He blew her a kiss in apology and joined her in the bubbling water before continuing his tale.

“Don’t get me wrong, I mean I appreciate their undoubted charms but I am genuinely not interested. They both have a nasty cruel streak in their natures sisli escort particularly when they’re together.”

He cuddled Fiona closer.

“When I was fifteen, I’m talking now about a time when I couldn’t stop getting erections then having to wank, I spent a couple of weeks on the Greek island that Dimitri owns. The place was the old sod’s hideaway and it was rumoured that half the children in the village were the spitting image of him.”

Fiona reached over to adjust the jets and in doing so softly rubbed her nipples across Tom’s torso.

“Dimitri had always liked young girls, and I mean young, whenever he could get them.”

His voice hardened in an understandable dislike of the mans’ sexual preference.

“When I was that age I really didn’t know for sure what girls were for. Apart from being sex objects they just seemed to hang about in groups and giggle a lot. But I can tell you that on that particular holiday I learnt a lot.”

He took a sip of his drink.

“Maria had a fertile imagination and one day she made up her mind to have some fun at my expense.”

Tom make a face at the memory.

“She said that she had never seen an erection and persuaded me to expose myself on the promise that she would make it worthwhile. I should have been more suspicious, after all Maria had the run of the island and there must have been a lot of boys of my age and older who would have been only too glad to reveal everything to the owner’s daughter.”

He had begun caressing Fiona’s breast and she could see his budding erection beneath the surface of the rolling water.

“But it was, wouldn’t you bloody know it, shortly after I had dropped my swimming trunks to reveal a decent sized boner and Maria had reached out to touch the knob that Eleni exploded on the scene. Maria saw the expression of revulsion on her grand-mothers face and immediately laid all the blame on me.”

“You disgusting boy,” I remember Eleni shouting and then she tried to smack my face but I was already far too tall for her to connect and despite having my trunks down around my ankles I managed to hop out of reach.”

He was now grinning at the memory while circling her nipple with his finger.

“Then she threatened me with ‘I’ll make sure that Nicholas hears all about this.’ But as a threat it really had very little force. I knew already that he would listen before condemning me.”

“What happened then.”

By now Fiona was really into the story but as his hand dropped to her thigh she gasped and her clitoris throbbed.

“Not surprisingly Eleni tried to regain her position of authority, ‘Come away Maria, and you boy, cover yourself at once’, all a bit too late of course. But it did have it’s funny side. Christine had been lurking behind her grand-mother and sneaking peeks at me but she was grabbed by the furious woman and dragged away along with her sister.”

Fiona turned her face up in an unmistakable invitation and he kissed the demanding lips with mounting force as the helmet of his erection rose into full view.

“The only thing that Nicholas said later was straight to the point. ‘Keep away from those girls in future, they are both poisonous little bitches. In every way they take after their grand-mother’, and believe me I have kept well away ever since.”

“This is nice.”

She was now purring like a cat as two of his fingers were stroking her ‘G’ spot.

“When you were a girl did you ever get to see an erection?”

“Oh yes hasn’t everyone played doctor’s and nurses? But later on every boy I knew wanted me to relieve his problem like it was somehow my fault. Well okay, I realised later that it probably was partly my fault but I never got the knack. I mean I was never very good, you must have noticed by now, and they would end up taking over.”

But a real problem for Tom arrived on Boxing Day after the family dinner. He was draped over a half reclined steamer chair on his own cabin terrace when Eleni appeared in the circle of light. She sat across from him in apparent ease although he sensed some inner turmoil but was determined not to be the first to break the silence.

The family photo albums showed Eleni to have been a very sexy young woman at a time when she captured her husband. On the promenade at Cannes in the seventies she was a bombshell, a self contained minx with big tits and decent legs. There were photographs showing her in slacks and later in mini-skirts and always showing a little extra sense of the flirtatious but now as a grand-mother Eleni was still well dressed and heavily made up although her figure had broadened. Tonight she was wearing a ubiquitous linen wrap over dress with flat shoes and her outfit was completed with long earrings in the shape of a Greek cross and a natural pearl necklace which sparkled in the terrace lighting.

However because of his studied silence it was she who was forced eventually to open the conversation.

“I’ve seen the way that tart Fiona simpers, so I suppose she’s already laid on her back for you?”

He very nearly reacted but caught himself in time. What business of hers was it anyway? Then his father’s years of training came to Tom’s aid as he managed to relax and consider how the corrosive malice which she always practised had ruined Eleni’s complexion.

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