Tina Pleases Her Friends

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When Tina reached her boyfriend Raju’s house, it was locked. She was back from her week-long vacation with her folks.

‘Dunno when that dumbo is going to improve. Could have informed me about his plans’, she thought.

She found the key to the house in her purse. She opened the door and stepped inside. The house was dark. For some strange reason, all blinds were shut. There was a strange smell in the room. Tina switched on the light and found the house in total disarray.

‘Oh my god! Now I will have to clean all this’, she thought.

She proceeded towards kitchen and opened the fridge. She was feeling hot, in the closed and dark house. The fridge was almost empty, except for some beer bottles. Tina picked up a cold bottle and felt it on her cheeks and forehead as she closed her eyes. Her mind wandered towards a cold shower.

Tina came back to her senses when she heard the door slam shut. A smile came across her face, as she knew her boyfriend Raju was back. She hurried out to the living room to greet him.

“Hey Tina, when did you return? Glad to see you babe!”, said Raju. “How was your vacation and how are your old folks?” he asked.

“Hey, what is the condition of house? I am away for some days and everything is in a mess now”, she asked without answering his questions.

Raju did not bother to answer her question either. He walked up to where Tina was standing. In a flash they had their lips sealed.

“I missed you so much”, whispered Raju in Tina’s ears, and continued kissing her.

His hands started exploring Tina’s body. His hands untucked her tee shirt from her jeans, and started exploring her back under the shirt. As soon as his hands reached her bra, he unhooked it. At the same time, Tina unbuttoned Raju’s shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. She ran her hands over his muscular chest as he pulled her tee shirt off. As the bra was already unhooked, it did not stay on Tina’s shoulders for long. Raju cupped her C cup boobs and sucked on her hard brown nipples.

He then proceeded to lift her with both his hands and led her to bedroom. He took her to the messed up bed and threw her on it. Then he ripped open her jeans and pulled it off as she raised her hips from the bed. Now Tina was only in her black bikini panties. As he threw her jeans away, Tina got up and sat by the edge of the bed. She looked straight at Raju’s crotch and could see his bulge. She knew he was not wearing anything inside his shorts. So Escort Sincan she quickly opened his shorts and let them drop to the floor.

“I missed you so much”, said Tina to Raju’s cock as she grasped the throbbing member.

She peeled back the foreskin to reveal the pink mushroom head of his dick. Then she looked up at him and then stuck her tongue out and licked along the length of the tool. A loud moan escaped Raju’s mouth.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

“Who’s that bastard”, grumbled Raju.

Hurriedly he wrapped a towel around his waist and went to open the door.

“Oh its you…and you too babe! Come on in”, said Raju.

It was Vicky and Nina. Raju immediately grabbed Nina around her waist and clamped a kiss on her lips. She too responded by opening her mouth to let his tongue probe her mouth.

“Hey Raju, she is here all the night. Dont be so impatient”, Vicky intervened while Raju and Nina were busy smooching.

In the meanwhile, Tina heard some sound coming from the living room. She was also curious as to why Raju had not returned, especially after she gave him that boner. So Tina wrapped the bedsheet around her virtually naked body and came out to the living room.

By then Raju and Nina had broken their kiss. To her disbelief, Tina found Nina in front of her. Nina was Tina’s roommate in college.

Raju did not know about this and started introducing them to her.

“Tina, she is Nina, Vicky’s and now my friend. This is Vicky, my friend from college, and guys, this is Tina, my little sexy kitten”.

Saying this he kissed he on the cheek.

Tina, during this time, was in trance. Her past was flashing before her eyes. Nina was her roommate and they were best friends. Back then Tina was dating Rocky. Their relationship turned sour when Tina suspected that Rocky had been cheating on her with some other girl in the same college. her suspscion was confirmed when she came back home earlier than usual to find Rocky in her bed, with Nina. Tina stood silently and watched from the crack in the room door. Her boyfriend was naked, kneeling between Nina’s legs. She was also fully naked with her legs wrapped around Rocky. Nina was laughing loudly while Rocky was fondling her breasts with his hands.

Then Rocky realigned Nina’s body, raising it a little, and then adjusted his tool. He put his tool on Nina’s slippery twat and began moving forward. Nina closed her eyes and let out a loud moan. Eryaman Escort This did not last long and soon Rocky removed the condom filled with his semen and and emptied it on Nina’s breasts. She gladly smeared semen all over her boobs and belly.

A part inside Tina told her to barge in and scream at her closest friends doing something so disgusting. But she chose to be more sober and left the house. She returned to the room after a while only to discover the rubber lying under her bed and the room still smelling like sex. She severed all her relationships with Rocky and Nina with a pledge not to see them again, though she never mentioned to them that she had seen them.

“Where are you babe?” asked Raju.

Tina came back to her senses. That same Nina was in front of her. And Tina also knew that Vicky was Rocky’s younger brother.

Suddenly Tina felt two hands lifting her and carrying her to the bedroom. She was shocked to find that it was not her boyfriend who was carrying her. It was Vicky. Just then she felt someone pull her head back and plant a kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Her grip on the bedsheet loosened and the sheet opened up, exposing her body to Vicky. As Tina broke the kiss she opened her eyes. She found that it was Nina who was kissing her.

In the bedroom, Vicky dropped Tina on the bed.

“Come her babe”, he said as he unzipped his trouser. His erection popped out.

Tina sat on the edge of the bed and opened her mouth. Vicky put his dick into her warm mouth.

Tina was reacting to situation like a puppet, still not able to understand what was going on. Her thoughs went back to her being in the same situation less than 20 minutes back with her boyfriend.

Raju entered bedroom with two bottles of beer.

“Honey, enjoy yourself with Vicky while I fuck this bitch Nina”, said Raju. He then gave Vicky one bottle.

Tina knew it was too late to refuse now. She had already Vicky’s prick in her mouth. Just next to where she was sitting in only her bikini panties, sucking on the throbbing tool, Nina was standing in only her body hugging tee shirt. Her skirt was around her waist and her panties were around her knees. She was bent over in doggy fashion, and Raju was grabbing both of her boobs over the shirt with one hand while his other hand worked between her legs.

Tina knew how good Raju was with his hands on a pussy. Tina felt Vicky tugging his hands into her Keçiören Escort panty elastic. She took the hint and raied her ass slightly from the bed. Soon her panties were in Vicky’s hands. He threw them over to Nina. She smiled and smelled the underwear.

“She is wet alright”, said Nina to Vicky.

“And so are you”, said Raju, pulling out his glistening fingers from her pussy.

The room was soon filled with dirty talking.

“You bitch, let me puncture your tight ass.”

“Umm…I like your bastard….Ummmm…fuck my asshole….you bastard.”

Raju then asked Nina to change position. So she was now resting on the edge of bed and legs wide open. Raju took beer can from Nina and finished it. He, then, started pounding her pussy ferociously.

All these aroused Tina also. She was looking at them and fingering her cunt.

Meanwhile Vicky brought some more beer cans. He threw one can to Raju and gulped another one. Raju took that can, finished half of the content and poured rest on Nina. Beer was running down from her breasts to her cunt. Raju started to lick all the beer from her body, with his tool still thrusting her.

On the other side, Vicky gulped beer from the can and put his mouth on Tina’s. As Tina opened her lips, Vicky let the beer from his mouth run into hers. By now, he was back to ramming her cunt vigorously. He then turned his attention to Tina’s awesome boobs, and her brown nipples. He started to bite on her hard nipples. He licked all corners of her chest.

Then all of a sudden, Tina showed intent to be the one in charge. So they changed position with Tina on top while Vicky lying on his back. She put her hands on his chest and mounting his cock in her pussy.

By now, Raju had emptied his jism in Nina’a cunt and was content in sipping beer. Nina rose from the bed and sat behind Tina. She pushed Tina forward, making her bend forward with Vicky’s tool still inside her. Nina then started pricking Tina’s firm ass, and touching her pussy as Vicky’s penis kept pounding it.

Mercury was on rise. Nina went further, spit some saliva on Tina’s asshole, and started to push her finger into Tina’a tight ass. Tina was moaning heavily because of dual pressure on both of her holes.

Finally Vicky let out a loud grunt as his dick spurted out a hot load of cum in Tina’s cunt. Vicky sighed heavily, and got out from the bed. He then followed his friend out to the living room.

But the women had yet not orgasmed. Nina grabbed Tina and looked straight into her eyes and locked her lips with her lips again. Tina sensed the message. Soon locked each other in 69 position.

Finally the love session ended with both the girls cumming on each other’s faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32