Vacation to Mexico Ch. 04

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To the literary purists — This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. I am not writing the next great novel. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy.

Recap of the story to here — Husband and wife go on vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, where they happen to run into the wife’s old flame. At this point, three nights of debauchery have ensued.


No alarm clock this morning. Blissful, exhausted sleep. Then the heat and the light pour through the sliding glass door and it’s time to face the day. We throw on some loose fitting clothes, run a comb through our hair and head out for breakfast. My wife is not bubbly this morning, which is a relief, although her sullen attitude signals storm clouds on the horizon.

We have a very nice omelet along with English muffins and a little bacon and sausage, along with the obligatory mimosa. The meal is eaten in almost complete silence. I finally broach the subject of what our day may hold and we talk briefly about options. I am shocked by the fact she is interested in the evening dinner cruise that is part of the resort package. Is she deserting her nightly trysts? We finish our food and head back to our bungalow.

We decide to lounge around the pool before it gets too hot. We grab a couple of chaises, spread out towels and start to rub on sunblock. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating as the warm sun toasts us as we lay on our backs. The waiter stops with frozen alcoholic specialties of some sort and we each take one. The frozen drinks create condensation on the outside of the plastic glasses which drips coldly onto our stomachs as we imbibe. We are finishing them as the waiter reappears with a different frozen libation, switching out our glasses. We decide it must be time to roll over and my wife rubs the lotion on my back, neck and the back of my legs. I return the favor and realize she wanted to go first since before I can start on her, she undoes her bikini top to expose her entire back. I appreciate the concept and vigorously rub the warm lotion on her back.

We lounge awhile more, enjoying the sunshine. The waiter arrives again, with another concoction of a different color. I intentionally reach my glass across her to him, dripping the condensation across her back. Of course she sits up in surprise, revealing her bare tits and erect nipples to him. She quickly realizes and lays back down, turning her head to stare daggers at me. I chuckle to myself, fully aware I will pay for that at some time. We finish our drinks as the heat starts to overwhelm us and head back to our place.

As my wife heads in to take a shower, I hear a tap at the door. I open it to find a very lovely, young housekeeper there. I immediately tent my swim trunks, invite her in and close the door behind her. Without any ceremony, I reach behind her, pull down the zipper on her uniform and drop it to the floor. I motion her over to the unmade bed, drop my trunks and drive my dick into her. It is raw lust on my part and I have no concern for her pleasure. I quickly finish, dumping my load into her hot little cunt as we hear ateşli gaziantep escort the shower shut off. She scrambles to dress and leaves the room, knowing full well she will need to clean later. I make a mental note to increase her tip.

I replace her in the shower, as I hear the whirr of the hair dryer. I take a leisurely shower knowing full well the time it takes for her to get ready for anything. I finish, towel off, run a comb through my hair, add a little deodorant, quick shave and cologne. I am completely dressed by the time she emerges from doing her hair. She dresses and we are ready for the rest of the day.

We decide to hit the Tiki bar before the cruise. But before we leave the room, I need to ask her what is making her so crabby. Then it all comes clear. Our “companions” through the first three nights have a huge lifestyle event tonight and will be occupied. It’s a relief to me, as it will take us out of the rut this trip has become and allow us some alone time. I remain stoic so as not express my inner joy. We head out for some cocktails.

We arrive at the Tiki bar, starting to prep for the dinner cruise, find a couple seats at the packed bar and settle in. A couple drinks later and I feel the urge to relieve myself before boarding the cruise. As I return, I see my still grouchy wife dumping a drink in some guys face. I have never seen this happen before and hurry back to my chair to take whatever action is necessary if he doesn’t retreat. The staff is quick to react and shuffles the soggy man out of the bar. It’s time for the cruise and I escort my wife out to avoid making a bigger scene.

We board the boat and mill around getting our bearings. We grab a drink and find a table. A DJ is playing loud dance beats and the deck seems to rumble to the music. As the dinner hour nears we are asked by another couple if they can share the table. We welcome them by saying we would enjoy the company. They are an average looking Asian couple, about ten years younger than us. The waiter appears and delivers the meal, fish and shrimp with a vegetable. It is a light and filling meal. We add some white wine and wait for the entertainment to begin.

A host and hostess appear on stage and announce that this is an audience participation show. Conjecture starts at our table as to whether we will see a hypnotist, magician, mind reader, etc. The hosts then ask for volunteers for a wet t-shirt and wet shorts contest! After a certain amount of cajoling, they manage to get eight men and eight women to participate. They are part of the younger generation and proud of their bodies. The participants leave to prep for the contest.

The women return first, with matching t-shirts and a variety of panties and thongs. Well, the t-shirts once matched, but now they have all been modified, some have been cropped, some are knotted under breasts, there are deep cut sides and deep vee necks. Significant hooting and hollering ensues as the women take a brief stroll on the stage. The host and hostess take spray bottles and begin to wet the women down. As they reach the middle of the group, ateşli gaziantep escort bayan one of the contestants grabs the bottle and does her best “Flashdance” impression, removing the top and pouring water on her chest and the remainder over her head. They now strike poses to impress the crowd and garner votes.

The men are now escorted on stage by the hostess, who takes the liberty of fondling each man’s package. They wear assorted boxers, briefs and a thong or two. They too are ceremoniously wet down and then they take the catwalk. The water exposes some serious bulges.

The women are up first and the cooling off period while the men were featured has given rise to many erect nipples. Each contestant is escorted to the front of the stage by the host and is allowed to model. Some cup their breasts, some tweak their nipples, some shake their tits, while some just lean forward, exposing their chests. The vote is tallied by applause and the three finalists are selected.

Up next, the men escorted by the hostess, who boldly strokes them before they pose for the crowd. The same voting process ensues and their three finalists are chosen as well. It appears to us that the voting is not based entirely on the wet shorts, but largely on the bodies as a whole. The men who are more ripped and tanned seem to get the most love from the crowd.

At his point the obligatory “skin to win” chant starts and the women lose their t-shirts, revealing the little bit of what we couldn’t make out through the sheer tops. There is something for every breast admirer, as we are presented with high, tight, smaller breasts, a set with large nipples and a pair that are large and slightly sagging. The men, not to be outdone, have lost their underwear and stand proudly sporting their erections. Again a mixed bag of phalluses, from thin and hard to thick and one particularly long, all nicely trimmed. The gauntlet has been thrown down and the women step out of their underwear and we see one shaved, one trimmed and one full bush. Applause again determines 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The host and hostess congratulate the finalists, awarding the winners receive $200 each, second is $100 each and third receives $50. A couple bows and curtsies, some clothes gathering and the stage is empty.

The waiter comes for last call as we are nearing the resort again and we order drinks. My wife excuses herself to the restroom. I make polite conversation with our tablemates, generally discussing the show we have seen. I start to think it is taking my wife a long time, but I realize how long the wait can be at the women’s restroom. I quickly scan the direction she should be returning from and see her engaged in conversation with one of the male finalists. He is leaning in to whisper in her ear, with one hand cupping her ass and the other caressing her breast. I hear the engines slow as my wife returns to the table and takes a large gulp of her drink. We finish our drinks and say goodbye to the couple from dinner.

As we disembark, I start to head back to our bungalow, but she insists we stop at the Tiki bar. I’m ateşli escort gaziantep not sure we will be welcome after the earlier incident, but the night is still young. The crowd has thinned out and we find a booth, sitting across from each other. We order drinks, talking about the events on the cruise. Jokingly I suggest that they should have offered a bonus to the winners to have sex in front of the crowd. She responds by asking if she should have taken a bonus if she had participated. Flippantly I say “why not”? Just then the runner-up male from the cruise slides in beside her and kisses her full on the lips. She doesn’t appear surprised and returns the kiss. Now it apparently is time to head back to the bungalow.

We are no sooner inside than my wife starts to unbutton his shirt and run her hands over his chest. He starts to slide her dress off her shoulders as she fumbles with his belt and shorts. She shrugs her dress off, revealing her lace push up bra and matching panties as she slides his shorts to his ankles and he steps out of them. I now recognize him as the contestant with the thick cock. My wife signals me over, undoing my shorts with one hand while stroking him with the other. She now starts to fellate us both, alternating between us.

I decide to take control of the situation, lift her to her feet, lead her to the bed and remove her panties, leaving her bra on. He follows along like an obedient little puppy. I slide into her pussy, beginning slowly, then increasing my strokes until she screams out an orgasm, while I release my load into her as she clamps down on my cock. I wilt, withdrawing, as he steps between her thighs and eases his substantial manhood into her. She clearly is not ready for his girth, since she swells considerably after an orgasm. He continues to press forward and eventually is buried in her sloppy slit. He begins to maul her tits through her bra as I feed her my cock for cleaning. She laps happily until she nears another orgasm and turns her attention to concentrate on her explosion. He drives deep into her and grunts out his satisfaction as she squirms beneath him and cums around his throbbing cock.

My wife lays splayed out on the bed as the men retreat to the fridge and crack a couple Dos Equis. She is leaking copious amounts of fluid from her recent pounding. I realize that this stud, at least twenty years younger than us, will be ready to go again before I can. I am counting on the fact he will leave after the next round. He finishes his brew and wanders back to the bed, taking a moment to remove the bra. He kisses her chest before sucking her nipples into his mouth and rolling them around with his tongue. She responds with a sigh and squirming. He moves back between her legs and the entry this time is easier as she in full of lubrication, he has opened her up with his meat and she is not so swollen. He pounds into her with an urgency, but with every time after the first, it just takes longer. She wraps her legs around him and clamps her pussy muscles and he is done, unloading into her.

He gives her a quick kiss, thanks her with “I hope we can do this again”, dresses, shakes my hand and heads out the door. I snuggle up behind her, nestling my semi-erect cock between her ass cheeks. Eventually, she rolls and kisses me. I harden. I nudge her onto her back and insert my cock into her stretched, messy slit. I pin her arms above her head and move up to increase the contact on her clit. We slide easily together, finally climaxing together. I turn off the lights, as she starts to snore lightly.

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