theotherman Ch. 02

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The strangest mix of thoughts swirled in Virginia’s ever-lightening head as she lay naked on her belly reluctantly spreading the cheeks of her big ass. She wanted to do everything right so as not to piss off Mark and ruin her marriage; but some childish, bitchy part at the core of her being wanted to rebel and take revenge. When her mind drifted to the unfairness of the whole game, tears came quickly, and she did not want to cry, or else she wanted to bawl like a baby. The only thing she was sure of is that she did not want even a finger up her anus, and she was sure to get much worse in moments. The dark-haired man named Ramon watched without passion. She was almost certain this was not the man who had written the e-mails, “theotherman” whom she’d messaged with: he was not tender, not romantic, in fact he did not seem to care about her at all. If she felt pain or pleasure, she realized, it was all the same to him. This was worse than if he actually wanted to make her scream and suffer. There was no way to turn it around on him and ruin his fun.

“Relax baby. You’ll be the second ass I fucked today. Remember that taste on my cock when I first stuck it in your mouth?”

Virginia gagged when she recalled the deathly taste on his penis, and her shock lurched through her body in a wave of bare white flesh. Ramon chuckled.

“I like your body baby. It’s going to be good to watch it react to what I do. Do you know what? How about I give you a second chance to lube up. You have to do it yourself, that’s the rule.”

Virginia shook her head and let a muffled scream of dissent into the mattress.

“Okay then.” Ramon hocked up what sounded like an enormous gob of phlegm. Virginia could hear him slathering it on his penis. He was going to put his snot inside her. The revolt at this thought brought home to every cell in her body the reality of what was about to happen.

She was going to be fucked in the ass.

She could remember the first time she had ever heard of the practice, back when she was fourteen and some boy was jokingly trying to stump her argument of pregnancy fears. She got angry then and never spoke to the boy again, but for weeks afterwards she thought about it almost obsessively, the image of a man thrusting his hard-on into her asshole being too vivid to dispel from her mind for very long. When finally she did dispel it, after a night of drinking mudslides with her fellow cheerleaders that ended in an orgy of pussy-licking, the thought of anal intercourse never, ever returned to her. It did not stay out of mind the way a boring person would: instead, it was as if some part of her mind was on constant patrol to keep thoughts or reminders of anal sex from entering.

Now it all came back to her. The shittiness of the act, above all, was what offended her. It made shitting itself into something dirty, something sex-like. But now she could not help but wonder what sort of shitting a cock in her ass would be like, the pain of forcing a constipated shit? Certainly, but she also imagined the cramping that came with diarrhea. The hole that she used to shit was about to be used for sex. It was a horror, inconceivable. A draft of air, from Ramon moving, brought up goosebumps on her ass. At the top of her crack she was turning red from stretching herself apart for so long.

The only thing she could do to keep from screaming was to convince herself that it was all a joke, a way for Mark to assert his dominance. He wouldn’t go through with it. He had always been the jealous type! There was no way he would let another man take her anal virginity.

Just when she had convinced herself completely she felt the head of Ramon’s cock crunching the hair around her asshole. The scream came out. She remembered how Mark had insisted their bedroom be windowless, at the middle of the house, and soundproofed so they could fuck all they wanted.

“Scream all you want,” Ramon said as he leaned forward, roughly grabbing her upper arms. He was very adept at moving yet keeping his cockhead nested in the pit of her asshole. “But you might want to save it for when you really need to.”

Virginia stopped screaming, choked, and swallowed hard. “Please, Ramon, please! Give me—the lube!”

“Oh baby, you know you got to give it to yourself. It ain’t like me to give extra chances.”

“Please Ramon, I’ll do anything. You want money? Oh my God, just let me put some of that lube …”

“Just tell me where you want to put it, Virginia.”

“In my …”

“Say it.”

“Up my asshole,” she managed after a couple of sobs.

“Okay baby, okay!” She could hear him smiling. It was so degrading to her to be so keyed in to the thoughts and intentions of this dirty, brown, low-class Mexican. She couldn’t believe she was thinking racist thoughts. They had been there all along, her whole life, pushed down somewhere deep along with her phobia of anal intercourse. “Here you go.”

A tube of lube plopped down on the mattress next to her head. “Anal-ease” it was labeled, and a new shudder of disgust Şerifali Escort went through her mind that this practice was so widespread as to provide a market for such a product. She remembered gay men, and somehow it seemed more okay when they did it. Like making the choice, having the choice, was what was wrong with it. She had an overactive mind and always managed to have these stray, confusing thoughts in moments of crisis.

“Go ahead baby, just put some on your finger and then rub it around your asshole.”

Her hand shaking, Virginia did exactly as she was told. The jelly was horribly cold, and she whimpered as she tentatively dabbed it on her asshole. Ramon took her by the wrist and, pinching it painfully, worked her finger around so that the pucker of skin around her almost nonexistent little hole was completely coated in lube.

“Now rub some all over your finger and then stick your finger in your ass.”

Virginia began to sob, and Ramon slapped her hard on her right ass cheek.

“You want this the hard way?”

Trembling, she squeezed a line of lube along her finger and with her other hand slathered up the whole digit. When she touched it to her asshole, her hand jerked away of its own accord, as if from a hot pan. A look back at Ramon’s cold eyes was enough to make her overcome the revulsion and replace the tip of her finger against her tiny, quivering orifice.

“I can’t …” she blubbered.

A sudden blow from the ball of Ramon’s hand drove the digit into her anus knuckle-deep. The sensation of a finger in her ass wasn’t new to Virginia, of course; she had endured it many times at gyno exams. When this happened, in fact throughout the whole invasive process, her head would float above her body like a space capsule in orbit, while “medical things” happened to her disconnected body down below. With her own finger up her ass the disconnection was impossible. It made her feel so dirty, so unclean, with her finger especially feeling like it would never be clean again.

“Work it around in there, baby, get nice and lubed up.” Without waiting for her to comply he gripped her finger between his own and began moving it in and out of her ass in a fucking motion. This was not something her gynecologist had ever done, and the sensation hit her right in the gut. She felt like she badly needed to shit, or maybe puke, but overwhelming forces were blocking her from doing either.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed without meaning to.

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Ramon said. “I think you’re as ready as you’re going to be.” At that he brushed her finger away, hocked phlegm again and audibly slathered the result on his prick. In less than a moment the head of his cock was pressing up against her asshole, harder and harder at a steady rate of increase, increasing the terror and the urgency that coursed through Virginia’s mind and her veins.

With a pain like being stung by a wasp she felt the tip of the hot prickhead slip inside, and then without warning Ramon’s whole helmet was engulfed. She desperately wanted to shit, wanted to shit everything, would have shit her very guts out but for the chance to shit.

“How does it feel, baby? My cockhead is right in your anus right now.”

Virginia let out a long, low wail, almost like an air raid warning siren going off, and she was rewarded with a rough stinging slap on the back of her head.

“I said, how does it feel baby?”

“Ohhh…” She sobbed, blubbered, stammered, “I … feel … Like I need … to shit …”

“You’re welcome to try, baby. Go ahead.” He wiggled his cockhead around in her ass. “I said, go ahead!”

When Virginia felt the draft from his hand rising to strike her again, she instantly, without thinking, tried with all her might to shit his dickhead right out of her ass, straining as she never had before. At once he responded by pushing into her. The shaft of his prick began to slither up her rectum as she pushed with all her might, tightening it and increasing the pain. Her response was to push harder, which only doubled her suffering.

“You can’t right now, baby, because right now I’m in control!”

With each quarter-inch his cock proceeded into her ass, the pain intensified. The stinging, hot, stretching agony of the initial penetration had spread to her whole ass. As Ramon drove his cock deeper into her, she felt nauseous at first, then the sharp pain of a cramp in her belly. As he drove home and his crisp black pubes began to tickle her asscheeks, her vision began to fail, filling in turns with a white-hot light and an infinitely cold blackness. She could feel the pain in her breasts, across her sternum, in her fingertips which felt like they were swollen to the point of bursting. The screams were not coming out of her but out of everywhere, filling her entire universe with a symphony of pain.

Blind and agonized as she was, Virginia was far from unconscious. The worst part was the awareness that a dick was in her ass, the degrading, horrible, inescapable fact of it. Far Şerifali Escort Bayan from swooning, she felt this vivid degradation in every inch of her naked body. She would never be clean or pure again. Her thoughts raced; she brought her hand to her mouth and began furiously chewing on the digits. Even worse than the degradation was the manifestation of the pain in her pussy and clit. In those places the pain was a swollen, throbbing yearning, a need, like the need for air, to be manhandled, molested, penetrated with brute force to relieve the horrible sensation in the rest of her body.

Ramon’s balls slapped against her pussy lips, sending a quiver through Virginia that was almost like orgasm. He was now as far in her as he could be. She felt like the head of his prick was all the way up to the pit of her stomach, aggravating the nausea that now manifested herself as a tight pain across her nose and cheeks, and a throbbing in the balls of her blinded eyes. Ramon began to pull back.

“You like that, bitch? Tell me you like it and I’ll kiss you on the neck.”

At the suggestion the skin on her neck began to crackle with an electric craving to be kissed. The feeling of her ass closing behind the retreating cock was a new kind of pain to Virginia. Though of course she could not know this, it was the same pain a man feels a minute after being kicked in the balls, a feeling of having one’s insides sucked out.

She stopped in mid-scream to shout out, “I like it!”

He rewarded her with a kiss on the back of her neck that pulsed through her whole back like a shot of anesthetic. She moaned, with only his prickhead inside and the desperate need to shit gripping her. Then he drove home in one hard thrust and caused her to scream anew.

As much as Virginia revolted against the assault, she felt strangely accepting of it. This was her place now, to be fucked in the ass; everything she was depended on it, and she could only submit to it. There were no more choices. For the rest of her life, she would be a dirty, depraved assfucking slut. There was no turning back now. The pain and terror that she felt in her body fell against deaf ears, as it reached a mind that was now shut to any denial or rebellion against the new state of affairs.

Ramon began to fuck in earnest, pumping in and out of her ass at the leisurely rhythm of a reggae song. The pain began to recede from Virginia’s hands and face, and her vision came back to her. The site of the wrinkled sheet, so pale and neutral and yet so much a party to her degradation, brought on a renewed fit of sobbing. Ramon responded by picking up his pace. He soon reached the fever pitch of a speed-metal band, fucking in and out of her ass as fast as he could. Each time he reached the depths of her bowels, a flare of heat and white light engulfed Virginia’s body. It was not entirely without pleasure, and she could not deny that, if someone had touched her pussy right then, she would have come.

As the pain receded to a dull roar, the capacity for rational thought returned to Virginia, and this was not a good thing. How long could this cold, impassive man last as he fucked her ass? It seemed it was entirely up to him how long he fucked her. She considered making moves to bring on his orgasm, but that hadn’t worked well for her during the blowjob. He seemed to have the stamina of a wild stallion, fucking in and out of her ass at maximum speed with no sign of approaching a climax.

She began to fake orgasmic moans, and when this brought no change in the pace or the fervor of the onslaught, she began to roll her ass in little circles, thinking that responding positively might hasten her attacker’s crisis. He seemed to take no notice, but the movements of her ass brought a weird kind of pleasure to Virginia. Being able to adjust the level of sensation as she squirmed and wriggled was a great antidote to the terrible lack of control she felt. Any contrast to the pain of sodomy was pleasure. She would have liked someone to smack her across the jaw.

Tentatively, she brought her hand down to her pussy and placed her thumb against her clit. The slightest pressure set her off into what might have been an orgasm, but the net result was her blacking out for a glorious moment. As she recovered she began to rub her clit and pussy vigorously, each soothing stroke of her fingers somewhat counteracting the deathly pain of the strokes of the cock in her asshole. The heat and stinging at Ramon’s point of entry declined into a desperately uncomfortable fullness.

But the pain did not die, only moved away from its source, creeping up her spine, threatening to split her in half. She thought she might actually die if he did not stop soon. Her heart was racing faster than it ever had the two times in her life she had taken speed. It felt like it might stop at any minute, and it would for sure if the sensation in her body got any more intense. She stopped moving her ass and removed her hand from her cunt, which was all she could do to reduce her level of Escort Şerifali stimulation.

“You want me to touch your pussy, don’t you,” Ramon said with perfectly measured breaths.

“No … You’ll kill me!” Virginia cried.

“Well, all right!” Ramon chuckled. “That’s what I plan to do anyway!”

It couldn’t be! she thought. Mark wouldn’t want that! But she had not believed it would go any further at every step. Was this it, the end of her life, raped in the ass and then killed by this evil Chicano? The thought made her temporarily insane. She wailed at the top of her lungs and thrust her ass back at Ramon with all her might, hoping to unhorse him. This accomplished nothing but a deeper penetration than before, which made her feel like she needed to shit so badly that she thought she actually was shitting.

“Hey I’s just kiddin’ baby,” said Ramon, giggling, panting, the first signs of arousal he had given her. “Whoa, that’s good!”

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” she grunted, now moving her hips side to side to try for a lateral escape. Each time she moved it brought on a searing pulse of sensation, strong sensation, which was not completely painful but which she refused to admit was pleasure.

“That’s right, baby! I done speared me a big piece of yo’ shit.”

He wasn’t kidding; she could smell it.

“It’s coatin’ all over my dick! I hope you liked what you ate, cause you gonna taste it again.”

She looked back at him wide-eyed, her face contorted into a ghastly grimace. She was snorting like a pig, each exhale a little high-pitched scream. He had already put a shitty dick in her mouth. Though she no longer feared murder, she knew that the taste of her own shit, on his cock, was one of the next things she would experience for the first time. She gagged at the thought, and against her will her eyes wandered down to the point of entry. Ramon’s cock was coated with shiny, dark brown shit and was slowly disappearing back up her asshole.

“Or maybe I’ll just wipe it off on your face and tits. I don’t know. Depends on how good you fuck me.”

“I’m … not … fucking … you … You’re … fucking …”

“I know, baby, that’s the problem. If you don’t start helpin’ me out I’m gonna need a nice blowjob to finish me off.”

“H-How!?” she grunted, the word finishing off in a howl as Ramon picked up speed again.

“How what, baby?”

“How … aaah! should … I …. FUCK! … fuck … youOOOOH!?”

“Oh. Okay. You want to know how to fuck me?”

“Y, y, yhesssssss……”

“Well first,” Ramon said, driving his prick to the hilt in her rectum, “What you gotta do is, push back when I push in. Then when I’m all the way in, push like you’re trying to shit. Do that now.” It was no problem for Virginia at that moment to strain her muscles like she was trying to take the shit of the century. Her anus clamped down on Ramon’s cock like a vise.

“Oh that’s good!” he exclaimed, beginning to withdraw. “Now keep that up.” He began to fuck her in slow, deep strokes, and each stroke she complied with his demands. She pushed her whole ass back while he was pushing in, and as he pulled out she tried to shit him out. She was rewarded with a chorus of guttural moans of pleasure from her rapist.

“Okay, now,” he said, catching his breath. “Keep doing that, but I want you to look back at me and smile.”

What followed was an Oscar performance. Naturally Virginia’s face was as snarled up as it could possibly be. But maintaining the motions and flexions of her ass, she concentrated hard and made the tension leave the muscles of her face. Catching herself at the moment she relaxed, she set a tight, hard smile on her mouth and turned her head. Her eyes were as crazy as crazy could be.

“Oh yeah, baby!” Ramon shouted. “Now tell me you want it harder. Ask me to fuck you in the ass hard.”

“Fuck …” Virginia was cut short, lost her breath at a particularly violent stab from Ramon. “Eeeeeeggggaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhgggoh! FUCK!” she squealed. “FUCK ME HARD!” She could hear the sound of her own revulsion distorting the three syllables, as she screamed them at the top of her lungs.

Ramon began to fuck her so hard and fast that she could hardly tell whether he was in or out of her ass. There was just a constant, a building, stressing, splitting, painful pressure, like a ball of shit and agony and humiliation that growing from her anus, growing inside of her, replacing what she used to be with itself. It was not as bad as before. Her screams fell mute. Instead of following Ramon’s technique, she began to wiggle and roll her ass like before, and now each sharp adjustment of his cock brought a spate of undeniable pleasure to her pussy. She was beginning to almost like it when everything stopped all at once. Ramon’s cock came springing out of her ass with a loud pop.

The last thing she would have expected happened to Virginia: she wanted it back in there. The cavernous, hungry, sore, aching feeling he had left seemed worse than anything she had felt from the sodomy itself. But she would not beg. Instead of re-embuggering her as she wished, he crawled around to her face. She could smell a strong scent of asshole on his dick, the shit having rubbed together with her rectal mucus, which was dripping like pussy juice, and Ramon’s copious precum, and both of their sweat.

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