The Visitor

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The latest of my stories, “The Visitor” was written for my Naked Norwegian…a good friend who helped get me out of my shell a little bit. I have written a few stories for him. This one was a gift to him because of his bisexual tendencies. It was a reach for me, but I tried.


The Visitor

The end of July heat is a scorcher, but we are celebrating your birthday at a downtown terrace. You are enjoying a cold beer and I, a Singapore sling. Life is wonderful. We feel a slight breeze in the air. It is refreshing. Our meals were good, but we didn’t eat much. The heat just took away our hunger. But the drinks are going down well. I am glad we chose not to drive this evening. One more drink please!

The evening is progressing well. You ask if we should go home so I can give you my birthday surprise. I smile and say not yet. You must be a little more patient. I look at my watch and do a little math. Maybe we can go for a little walk before heading home. It will do us some good. We finish our drinks and head out the door.

As we walk on the sidewalk, your hand which is around my neck drops down to my butt and you give me a squeeze. I look at you with a grin. You look so proud of yourself. Keep walking I tell you.

As we get close to the train station, I tell you I must go in to check on the schedule. I am thinking of a trip in the future that I need to plan out. You sigh. You just want to get home, and I am dragging my feet. You are so cute when you are impatient.

I look around and I see him. He has spotted us, but you haven’t seen him yet. He and I give each other a glance. Just then, we are walking past a bench. I ask you to sit while I go to the restroom. Again you sigh. There is a washroom at home and we are not far. I tell you to sit and be good. I smile and I walk away. I manage to get to him without you seeing as you are just annoyed by this time and ignoring me. I give him a hug and instruct him to go behind the bench. He does and he covers your eyes from behind as soon as he gets a chance. You are not amused and are wondering what freak is after you. You move his hand and turn to see him.

The look on your face is priceless. You haven’t seen Roger is many years. You are ecstatic. You get up and walk around the bench to give your old friend a big hug. He is equally happy to see you. I wait a minute and walk up to you and softly say “Happy Birthday!” in your ear. You look at me confused, excited and all kinds of other feelings all mixed up into one. Rogers tells you how I contacted him and secretly planned for him to come for a visit.

Since you’ve told me about your bisexual tendencies and your past experiences with Roger, I knew the best gift I could give you was a reunion. Roger had been surprised that I was open to you two getting together again, considering your past. But hey, what can I say? You apparently have yourself a pretty amazing woman here.

We grab his luggage and start walking up the street. He travels light; he didn’t bring much. There is a lot of laughter ankara rus escort coming from both of you as you recall some of your past shenanigans. Lots of good stories emerge. It is nice to see you smiling so much.

Once back at the house, you immediately go to the bar. You offer drinks around. You and Roger both decide on Rum. I get a glass of peach Schnapps. You both look at me strangely, but I do like my fruity drinks.

I make myself scarce for a little while, leaving you two to reminisce. I can tell there is a bit of electricity between the two of you. Who am I to make it fizzle? I can see both of you gravitating toward each other. At one point, you look my way. I smile and glance toward the bedroom. Your eyebrows shift as if you are asking a question. I nod my head yes. You look surprised and glance toward the bedroom and give me another inquiring look. I smile and swing my head toward the bedroom as if to say “Just go!”. You smile and whisper something to Roger. He looks my way, just as inquisitive as you had been moments before. Forget the subtleties now. I point to the bedroom and say “GO!” You both glance at each other, smiling as you both get up.

You walk into the bedroom and make a point of opening the door wide so I can see what you are up to. I sit on the couch with my peach schnapps and get cozy for the show. You look seriously happy right now. I know I did a good thing.

You both undress rather quickly. Looks like guys aren’t into the romance part of things. Next thing you know, you are kissing and both of you are trying to grab hold of the other’s penis. You are kissing hard and rubbing equally hard. At first, you are both rubbing each other and then you lean back and let Roger focus on you. You are leaning on the bed and I see Roger’s back blocking the view of what he is doing. But I know it involves his mouth and your penis. I hear you moan with excitement. I do love to hear you moan, even if I am not the cause.

I get up to get another drink. When I sit down again, you two have switched roles. You are now working on Roger. Oh, that was quick. You seem more concerned about me being able to see as you have positioned yourself in a way that the view is unobstructed. You glance at me and mouth “Thank You”. I smile.

At one point, I see that you have him lying back with his butt on the edge of the bed and his feet are on the floor as you stand at the foot of the bed and you are holding both your penises in the grasp of both your hands. And you are rubbing up and down, with the penises rubbing on each other. Roger is squirming a bit. He raises himself on his elbows to see you work. He is breathing hard and biting his lower lip. You let go of your hold on your penises and go down on your knees. You grab his penis and you gobble it up.

Meanwhile, I am sitting on the couch squirming myself. Surprisingly, this is kind of hot. I reposition myself a few times as my insides flip once or twice. I find myself almost biting on the edge of my glass. I assume ankara türbanlı escort there will be a climax soon, but somehow, you both seem to be pacing yourselves. I see you holding Roger’s shaft and licking the area between the penis and the balls. I think I taught you that. Roger does seem to be responding well.

Next thing I know, you are laying on top of him, nuzzling his nipples. That seems like a step back from what you were doing. But it does allow you to be closer to his face. You kiss him and I can tell you are saying something to him. Whatever it was, he seems to be agreeing with you. Slowly, you get up off of him. You both sit up on the bed for a moment, and then you get up and walk out of the bedroom, your erection still very obvious. You walk over to me, and give me a kiss. You take my glass and set it on the coffee table. You take my hand and guide me to the bedroom. I tell you I don’t want to interrupt your moment and you tell me I have been voted in. I am reluctant. You are the only one to have ever seen me naked. I am not sure I am comfortable with this. You do your best to reassure me that it will be fine.

You have me stand at the foot of the bed. Rogers looks equally shy at this point. He is still on the bed, stroking his erection. You pull my top over my head. Then the shorts are gently removed. I am in my bra and underwear. You kiss me on the lips and your hands reach behind me to unhook my bra. Once you have thrown the bra on the floor, you lift my breasts up with your hands so you can reach them easily with your mouth. You do know how to treat my breasts right. You suck on the nipples and vibrate your tongue over the tips. I am starting to feel really juicy.

I am nervous. I take a few deep breaths. You come back to kiss me on the lips and tell me to relax. You lay me on the bed. Roger is beside me and he starts to rub my breasts. He is nervous too, I can tell. But he is doing ok. Meanwhile, you spread my legs and lean over toward me. You kiss my belly and put your tongue in my belly button. Oh, that feels weird, but good. Then you kiss in a straight line, down to my lady bits. I take a very deep breath which causes my chest to rise against Roger’s hands. He leans in and starts to nuzzle my nipples with his mouth while stroking his erection with one of his hands. Oh God, you are doing that thing you do so well between my legs and he is after my breasts. It is almost too much. I squirm, a lot. I am biting my lip in a way I am pretty sure I will draw blood soon. Hands are rubbing my belly, but I am not sure whose at this point. I don’t even care.

Roger stops sucking on my breasts and he sits up next to my face, his erection in plain sight. You too have stopped for a moment. I look down at you and back to Roger’s erection. This can’t be right. I look back at you. You smile and nod yes. I don’t know about this. I close my eyes and open my mouth. It is not long before I feel his flesh in my mouth and you continue to suck on my clitoris. I feel your bahçelievler escort tongue go in deep into my vagina. It makes me gasp and I take in more of Roger. His penis is different from yours. I don’t feel the form of the tip as much. There is still a bit of loose skin on his shaft. I try to get a good grip with my lips. He is getting a bit harder with a bit more definition. Meanwhile, down South, you are sucking places I didn’t know existed and squeezing my butt cheeks. I am trying to force my knees together as I squirm and you hold them back. This is intense.

Roger pulls out of my mouth. I have a lot of saliva on his penis, so I end up with drool on my chin as he leaves my mouth. You stand up and ask me to go up higher on the bed. I do as I am told. You stroke you penis a few times and climb on top of me on the bed. You enter my vaginal with ease, though you mention to Roger that he would be impressed at how tight I am. I tell him not to think about it. You are the only one going in there today. You start to thrust, in and out. Then I see Roger get in behind you. He is playing with your testicles as you are entering me. He has trouble following the rhythm so he stops. I see him rubbing his erection and applying some lubricant on it. Then you stop, still in me, for a moment, while Roger comes up behind you. He spreads your cheeks and licks your anus. I can hear wet noises back there. Then I see him line you up and enter you with his shaft. You let out a strange sound but you look down at me and smile. Now we are all three connected with you in the middle. It takes you both a second, but suddenly, you are both thrusting in unisons. I feel like I am getting an extra trust as you finish your thrust but then Roger pushes you further into me. You are going in so deep.

I can see your face. You are tensing. Your mouth opens and you hold your breath. But then you thrust some more. You keep going for a few minutes, but then I can see you can’t go any further. The next time I see your tension I tighten up my vaginal walls so I am clasping your cock, giving it an extra squeeze. You immediately start to spew. I can feel the pulsation and the heat from your fluid gushing out of me. You try to thrust one more time. My lady parts go into spasm. I am squeezing your penis repeatedly, getting every last drop. You drape me with your body, holding yourself up with your elbows on each side of me. Roger is not done yet. He is still pounding away at you. He is moving quickly, so I can tell he is just about done. His thrusts are still pushing you in me, though I can tell your little guy is starting to soften up a bit. It is not long before I see Roger stop moving and obviously exploding in you. You squirm some more. I feel a few drops of his cum fall from you onto my inner thigh. Once he is done with his convulsion, he slides out of you. You, in turn, slide out of me. You and I are lying next to each other on the bed. Roger is cleaning himself off, obviously proud of himself.

You are still a bit winded, but you kiss me anyway and you nestle your face in my neck. I hear you say thank you and then you kiss my neck. You then turn over on your back beside me.

I look you in the eyes, smile, and say: “Ready for some birthday cake!” We all three burst out laughing. We may need a shower first. I think we will go one at a time this time. Baby steps!

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