Evolution of an Indian Couple Ch. 01

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Arun had just spent two weeks at his hometown of Chennai, and was headed back to work in the Bay Area. He said his farewell to his parents at the entrance of the airport, and headed towards the Baggage Drop counters. As he awaited his turn, he started planning the next few days at work and at home and realized how excited he was about going back. He was looking forward to work on the next project at his Software Engineering job. His job wasn’t exactly rocket science, but it paid reasonably well and was well respected in the community. Something he hoped he could use to his advantage towards scoring a date soon.

“Sir, I can assist you now.” The attractive female airline representative said with a smile.

His Check-in bags weighed a ton, but he swiftly placed them on the luggage belt.

“Wow,” she said, “you are really strong.”

Arun couldn’t figure out if this was a genuine compliment, politeness, or flirting. Tall and dark, he wasn’t unpleasant to look at. Small talk didn’t come easily to him. Flirting was even harder. Besides, he wanted to save his limited social skills for women local to his place of residence. At the end, he could only manage an awkward smile, and went about his way. He cleared immigration and security, and reached the departure gates. He started to settle down at a free seat. That is when he saw her first.

He could only see her from behind. She was wearing high-waist snug-fitting jeans which highlighted her curvy butt. Her tall body was hunched over the water fountain. Her sweater pulled up slightly from the bend, exposed few inches of her bare waist. Her sweater gave only a slight indication of the curve of her back. She combed her hair using her hands and tugged them in her ear, revealing her beautiful round face. Her skin was brown, and smooth.

Arun stared at her, till she caught him looking. She responded with a calm glance. He wasn’t sure how to respond, so he acted casual and took a seat near where he was standing. She took a seat a few rows away, but still facing him. He wondered if he should head-over and chat her up, but his “stay-local” instinct kicked in. Yes, it was likely that her hometown was same as his, but she could be staying anywhere in the world. They exchanged a few glances, but eventually he chose to catch-up on work e-mail.

In about an hour, he boarded his flight. The girl boarded the same flight, but she was not seated anywhere nearby and he didn’t see her again during the flight. He spent his time watching a couple of movies, reading a book and wondering if he should pay extra for the premium seats during his next long flight. At long last, the flight landed in London. His layover was just under 2 hours, and he used that time to use the restrooms. He had 45 mins to spare, but rather than exploring the airport he decided to wait at his boarding gate, continuing to catch up on work e-mail. He was trying to understand an obscure e-mail from a partner team, when he suddenly realized someone standing next to him. It was the beautiful girl he was eyeing earlier. She was looking at him.

At first he thought that she was there to accuse him of starting too long which he was guilty of. But she had a polite smile, so he quickly ruled that out. He wondered why she was here and why she was talking to him. He couldn’t let go of his puzzled expression.

“Are you travelling to San Francisco too?” she asked and continued to smile slightly.

His expressions quickly transitioned from puzzled to calm, to giddy and finally to a polite smile. The words ‘San Francisco too’ had stuck a chord.

“Yes I am,” he extended his hand and introduced himself “Arun.”

“Preethi.” she said returning his handshake.

He cleared the seat next to him. As she settled down next to him, he evaluated her body from up-close paying close attention to her chest which was noticeably busty.

“So,” Arun continued “Do you live in Francisco or are you visiting?”

“I am studying there.” Preethi said “How about you?”

“I work there.” Responded Arun.

The next two hours passed quickly for Arun as he chatted-up Preethi. He felt confident enough to ask her to sit next to him on the flight. The Airline ground-staff managed to allocate them seats together as the flight wasn’t full. Soon the boarding announcement was made, and they settled in the plane next to each other. The continued their conversations. The conversations started about their professional lives and slowly transitioned to personal lives. Even after discussing endless details about her personal lives, Preethi had not yet ulus escort mentioned a boyfriend or husband. This gave Arun hope that she was likely single. Discussing TV shows, they realized they shared love for an obscure English drama.

“I have the latest episodes for offline viewing on my IPad. Would you like to watch with me?” Arun said as he offered one of the ear buds.

“I would love to.” She responded and quickly plugged in the ear bud.

They watched episode after episode, growing physically closer with each one. At first it was the hands rubbing on the arm-rest, that both of them didn’t seem to mind. Next, it was the leaning against each other.

“Would you mind if I lift the armrest?” Asked Arun.

“Please go ahead,” Preethi responded with a smile.

As he moved the armrest, he felt Preethi move closer to him. Their shoulders, arms and thighs touched. She she rested her hands over his thighs, and he responded by holding them softly. Arun was sweaty from the excitement, and his heart-rate was high. He noticed, or alt east he thought he noticed that Preethi was similarly excited. With no further warning, he moved his face closer to hers, lips almost next to hers, waiting for her to respond. She didn’t move away. She looked at him for a second, and then closed her eyes. He pressed his lips against her, then he sucked on each of them separately. He could still taste the red-wine on her lips, and it only made the encounter more sensuous. Although inconvenient on plane-seat, Arun managed to wrap his one arm on her back and another on the back of her head while kissing. The kiss was slowly turning ravenous.

Suddenly there was a loud announcement, and the cabin lights were on again. Instinctively, Arun and Preethi pulled apart from each other and settled into their seats. Arun had forgot where they were. Luckily no one else nearby seemed to have noticed them. Arun slowly caught his breath, and came to his senses. The Cabin crew was asking them to prepare for landing in San Francisco.

Arun was really horny from the encounter. In that moment, he wanted Preethi to ride his dick while he was seated on that seat-plane. But he wasn’t sure what Preethi was feeling. He looked at her, and she was smiling but didn’t give away any further details about what was going on in her mind. He decided to make a bold move.

“Would you like to watch another episode at my home once we reach San Francisco?” Arun asked sheepishly.

“Yes. Of course.” She said and smiled, but this time with a hint of lust.

Arun felt his dick spring within his pants.

The rest of the plane ride was hard to wait-out for Arun. So was the de-boarding, immigration control, and baggage-claim. So as not to sound too desperate, Arun proposed they meet later in the evening. He offered to pick Preethi up, but she said she would take a cab to his place. He wasn’t sure what a good bye gesture would be at this point, but she came forward and gave him a tight hug. Arun felt her soft body against his, and his erection almost pushed against her crotch.

Arun spend all of the afternoon tidying up his apartment and cleaning himself up from the long flight. He opened a new bottle of wine, and along with two wine glasses placed them on the table next to the couch. He setup the TV to play the next episode, but he was hoping they would never get to watch TV. He chose to wear a new albeit simple T-shirt, and trousers.

She arrived about 10 mins after 6, and she looked more beautiful than ever. He wasn’t an expert on makeup, but he could notice that her lips seemed redder and her face looked radiant. She was wearing jeans and a low-cut yellow top. He was still filled with lust from the encounter in the flight, and wanted grope her tits. But he wasn’t sure what she was feeling right now.

“Welcome. Come on in.” Arun’s face beamed.

“Thanks.” Preethi responded as she entered the apartment.

“Nice Place,” Preethi said looking around the living room and offered him a bag “I brought us some wine.”

“Oh you didn’t have to. But Thanks. Have a seat.”, Arun said pointing to the couch.

Preethi smiled and took a seat. Preethi’s top showed considerable cleavage at this angle with Arun still standing. He couldn’t look away from her chest. She caught him starting, but only smiled.

“Won’t you join me?” Preethi said with her palm patting the seat next to her.

“Of course. Let me pour us some drinks.” responded Arun.

Arun took a seat next to her sitting very close. His thighs grazed Preethi’s thighs even yenimahalle escort when he bent slightly to pour her drink. They both took few gulps. He couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful face. Her shining red lips were calling out to him. He couldn’t take it any more. He placed his half-filled glass on the center table and bent towards her to kiss her lips.

“One Second.” Preethi whispered and placed her wine-glass safely away.

She looked at him with thirsty yes “Now.”

Arun almost jumped at her, kissing her lips passionately. She returned his kiss with a similar passion. Their bodies swayed together, changing the leaning direction every few seconds based on whoever kissed harder in that instant. Arun’s hands moved from the couch to Preethi’s thighs. Then they moved up to her waist, and slowly inched toward the bottom of her boobs. Not facing any resistance, Arun groped Preethi’s tits over her t-shirt.

“Aah.” Moaned Preethi.

Arun couldn’t believe he was fondling Preethi’s tits, and he groped them even harder.

“Oh…” Preethi continued to moan with her mouth wide open.

Arun held her t-shirt and tried to remove it, but it stuck under her arms.

“Let me do it,” said Preethi, lifting her arms as she took of her t-shirt.

She was wearing a white bra which exposed more of her cleavage. Without waiting another second, Arun grabbed both her boobs over her bra and squeezed them. He bent forward to kiss her breasts. He pressed his face against her chest while sucking and lightly biting her boobs. At some point he felt the bra straps falling over his face. He was so engrossed in enjoying the breasts that he didn’t realized Preethi had unhooked her bra, and the only thing still holding it up was the pressure of Arun’s face against Preethi’s breasts. Arun took his face off her chest. Funnily enough, her bra was hanging Arun’s ears. Preethi laughed, and pulled off her bra from Arun’s ears.

Her large breasts were now in full view. They sagged just a little bit from the weight. Her nipples and aureoles were dark brown and formed concentric circles a little below the center of her breasts. Arun now grabbed her bare breasts and groped them harder than ever before. She screamed a little which slowly transformed into a pleasurable moan. While still squeezing one her boobs, Arun bent forward to take care of the other boob with her mouth. He kissed around the nipple first. Then he pressed his tongue on her nipple and flicked it lightly. He then kissed the nipple and took it inside his mouth. Sucking lightly at first, and then as if his life depended on it. Preethi pressed Arun’s head against her chest, and he sucked harder and harder. He finally let go when he felt Preethi’s hands caressing his dick over his trousers.

Arun’s dick now was completely hard and making a uncomfortable tent in his pants. Preethi’s hands were pressed against his crotch and massaging it. Arun moaned a little and looked at Preethi. Her face was drained with lust. She grabbed as much of his dick as allowed by the fabric of his trousers. Arun unbuckled his pants, unzipped them and pulled them down. Now in his underwear, Preethi could better grip his dick over the somewhat loose underwear. Still obstructed, Preethi grabbed the ends of his underwear and looked at Arun’s face. Not directly looking at his crotch, she pulled down his underwear. Arun smiled at her, and Preethi couldn’t keep her gaze away from his crotch for long.

Arun’s thick and long cock was almost saluting Preethi. Preethi grabbed his dick with one hand and stroked it lightly. His dick was already well lubricated from pre-cum, which made stroking pleasurable. She now fully wrapped her palms and fingers around his shaft. Her grip became tighter. Her stroked speed increased. With her free hand, Preethi massaged his balls. As she stroked him, Arun moved closer to her. His dick now right in front of her face. Her gaze fixed on the length of his shaft. Her wet red lips were opening in anticipation. She could smell his pre-cum.

As they came closer, his dick brushed against her cheeks. She felt both the warmth of his shaft, and the wetness of his pre-cum against her cheeks. One of her hands was massaging his balls, and the other one held his dick and brought it close to her lips. She pulled the foreskin a little, and took his mushroom head inside her mouth and tasted his pre-cum. With each stroke, she pulled the foreskin a bit further down, and took his cock a bit further inside her mouth. She held his legs for support, and saw that his muscular legs were stiff from arousal. Slowly she realized that she is not in control of his cock. Arun was holding her head and pushing his cock deeper inside her. She felt it hitting the back of her throat, and she gagged a little. But in a few seconds she regained her breath, and she could handle his cock being pushed inside her throat. Fearing he will cum too soon, Arun finally let her go. Preethi was smiling as her saliva was dripping from her mouth and on his cock.

Arun now kneeled on the floor, and started to pull down her pants. Her panties were soaking wet and clinging to her pussy. Some of her pussy juices were dripping to her thick muscular legs. He sucked on her wet pussy a bit before pulling it off. Her bush was trimmed and soft. He held her legs apart, and licked her pussy juices from her thighs to her pussy lips. He licked the outline of her pussy lips, before dipping his tongue inside her pussy. He further stretched her legs. After some further exploring with his tongue, he found her clit. He pressed his tongue against it and flicked it lightly in every direction. Occasionally sucking on it. She was moaning like a maniac and holding his head. Her legs now wrapped around his head further pushed his face into her crotch. One of Arun’s fingers found it’s way into her pussy. He explored this insides of her pussy. With each stroke of his finger, he gauged Preethi’s reaction until he felt satisfied that he mastered the strokes to pleasure her. Arun then simply repeated the actions of sucking on her clit, and finger fucking her till she climaxed and went limp on him.

As he pulled away, she grabbed his head. “Fuck Me.” she groaned.

Arun smiled. “Turn around.”

Preethi obeyed but realized she had to be careful.

“Sorry, but you have to use a condom. There are a few in my purse if you do not have one handy.” she warned.

“Don’t worry I already put one on.” Arun assured her.

Her face now pressed against the back of the couch, hands on the sides, knees on the couch, feet hanging and her curvy ass up in the air. Arun now grabbed both her hands, crossed them behind her back and locked them with force. With the top of his tongue, he massaged the entrance of her pussy.

Arun continued “I love that you came prepared to fuck me. A real turn on, I must admit.”

“Stop teasing me and f…” she started.

Before she could complete her sentence, she felt the full force of Arun’s thick dick inside her pussy. She screamed in pleasure. Arun paced himself, slowly fucking her. Her initial scream now turned into a rhythmic moan. Arun occasionally thrusted forcefully and deep surprising Preethi and extracting out more screams of pleasure. He spanked her ass as he fucked her, leading to more screams. Slowly but surely, his thrusts became faster and faster. Preethi now almost passing out in pleasure.

“I am going to cum soon.” Arun groaned.

“Cum on my face.” Preethi asked.

“Are you sure?” Arun was delighted.

“Of-course.” Preethi smiled, not admitting that she felt it safer than inside her pussy.

Preethi turned around one more time, and held his cock. With one hand she massaged his balls. With the other hand she held her dick against her face. She tightened her grip, and pulled down his foreskin as much as possible. She then proceed to give his short but tight and fast strokes. Arun came in a few seconds. He let out multiple streams of thick cum on her face before finally stopping. Arun almost collapsed on Preethi, but took the support of the couch. Preethi smiled with her come covered face, and sucked his cock one last time cleaning any remaining drops of cum. Arun gave her some wet towel to clean up her face.

“I am so glad we didn’t end up watching TV.” Preethi laughed.

“Well if we watch one episode now, I think I will be ready for round 2.” Arun held his limp cock.

“Let us test that theory. But I think I need some food before round 2.” Preethi held her belly.

“I think we have enough episodes, and I will order enough food so that we can go on all night.” Arun winked.

“Just the night?” Preethi tested the waters about their relationship, “I assume you know I am going to be here again tomorrow evening after school.”

“Well, I hope you are here most evenings.” Arun smiled and kissed her.

“If you insist.” Preethi giggled and kissed him back passionately.

With Preethi’s naked body pressed against his, and her tongue exploring the inside of his mouth, Arun’s cock sprung back to life and pressed against Preethi’s body.

“Looks like we don’t need to wait for another episode.” Preethi smiled while stroking Arun’s cock.

Before Arun could come up with a witty response, he felt Preethi’s warm mouth take his cock inside.

“Oh fuck…” was all he could manage.

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