The Trust Ch. 07

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First let me thank you all for the votes and emails. And as I’ve said before, this is not meant to be the next great novel, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry to disappoint. I started it wanting to do a running chronicle that spans years like a soap opera, so it may never actually reach a satisfactory end for some people. With that in mind, if you haven’t read all previous chapters, I suggest you do so before proceeding.

If I haven’t already scared you off, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it. All mistakes are mine. All people, places and institutions are made up, this story in no way reflects reality and any similarities to it are coincidental. Enjoy.


Chapter 07

Mason was rethinking the whole Batman costume. Looking at himself in the mirror, he cringed at the idea that Marcus was somewhere around the hall, he would never live it down if his old friend caught him dressed like he was. His costume had the mask with cape, gloves and boots just like any good Batman outfit. But the rest of it consisted of his utility belt and a leather thong not much bigger than the g-string he had worn to Cybil’s birthday. At least the cape covered his ass he told himself morosely, that and the mottled yellowish purple bruise on his side looked like part of the costume.

Brigid and Cybil finally had to drag him out of the bathroom. Cybil had chosen to be outrageous as always, insisting her Robin outfit would match his. So she too had mask, cape, boots and gloves, only in dark greens and reds. Her costume also ended with a utility belt and a thong, leaving her as bare-chested as Mason. Granted her chest wasn’t any better developed than the boy wonders, but even with her hair slicked back in a ducktail, the resemblance ended there.

Brigid’s last-minute costume had turned out better than she had hoped. It was along the same lines as his and Cybil’s. The difference being that she had a leather bustier with a shelf bra, and bat signal pasties, plus her boots had four-inch stiletto heels. She hadn’t expected to be there for the ball, but her father had surprised her by insisting they stay and keep Mason out of trouble. Finishing by telling her he was tired of her moping around when she was away from the boy. Luckily she and Erica had managed to put the costume together without needing anything custom-made, even the pasties were found on Amazon. The thong and bustier had come from Leathers & Feathers.

Allan was MIA, he’d left a message that he and Aida were off on their honeymoon, creating a weeks worth of speculation. Brigid had predicted it, and had been smug when the ring had appeared on Aida’s finger. But even she was surprised that they didn’t invite anyone to the wedding or courthouse, or whatever they’d done. Nor had Allan elaborated on where they were off to for the honeymoon.

“There’s no way I can go down like this.” Mason complained. “If Marcus sees me.” And he shuddered.

“Don’t worry.” Cybil told him and smirked. “I ran down there while you were hiding in the bathroom. He was very complimentary about my costume, but when I told him that Brigid’s was even skimpier, he grabbed a six-pack of Guinness and took off for his room.” And she laughed. “I expect he’ll stay put.”

Mason sighed in relief, then forgot all about it as the girls started popping into his room, their costumes well worth the money spent. Katey as Wonder Woman did not disappoint. She was in the Linda Carter outfit, though the shorts were cut higher and were definitely thinner. Mason wasn’t sure how she stayed in the top, she was like jiffy pop ready to explode out of it. A golden coil of rope at her belt finished her look. The smile that grew on her face as Mason whistled and asked her to spin for him was becoming a more common sight lately.

Ardella had chosen to go with a ripped up version of the Halle Berry Catwoman costume in leather. Her lips a shocking red, and a long black whip wound about her artfully so that the tail of it swished off her ass.

Shelby’s Supergirl costume was tame compared to the others, but still sexy with a micro mini skirt and half shirt that bared her midsection, plus the blush that hadn’t left her cheeks since she put it on.

Becky was the last one to show up, Cindy and her laughing as they wandered in. Becky confirming that Marcus wasn’t likely to set foot outside his room for the rest of the night. Giggling and saying she didn’t think her costume would have survived the showing if Cindy hadn’t been with her. Her Poison Ivy costume was built on a green fishnet body stocking, with leather leaves and vines strategically arranged about her body and in her green hair. When she moved Mason felt like he was always right on the brink of seeing something. Poison Ivy had always been his favorite villain.

Cindy looked around at them all, having a hard time not concentrating on Mason. They’d tried to talk her into going with them, but she’d been too chicken. The idea of being out in public in something like Escort Esenyurt they were wearing just scared her silly. Although she might have liked to try one of the costumes there at the hall, just for fun. She’d figured on staying there and keeping Marcus company, but it looked like he was going to be hiding in his room. She’d been drawn to Brigid’s father almost from the first night, kind of puzzled by it herself until she realized that when he looked at Brigid, his eyes filled with the same love her father’s had always held when he looked at her. Oh well, she thought, she and Danny would just have to find a scary movie to watch.

“I wish we could get some pictures here at the hall before we go.” Cybil lamented, absently pinching one of her nipples as she looked around at everyone.

“There will be photographers at the ball.” Becky reminded her quickly. “I’ll make sure we get copies of everything when they turn in their work at Leathers & Feathers.”

“Well, we better get down stairs, our ride will be here soon.” Brigid told them after looking at the clock on the wall. They had considered renting one of the Batmobiles available online, but decided it was not only cheesy, but impractical for seven people. Erica had suggested getting a party bus, she’d been on one a few times and promised everyone would love it. Nor had she been wrong judging by the chatter as they climbed aboard the bus a short time later.

It was lit up like a Vegas strip club with neon benches lining the walls and a stripper pole in the middle. The driver and owner of the bus was a muscular middle-aged black man who guaranteed discretion for his clients, but didn’t try to hide his appreciation for his passengers as they boarded. Giving Mason a grin and a thumbs up as he came up the steps last.

“You can control the music volume there.” He told him, pointing at a panel just inside the door on the passenger side. “The bar is stocked and I don’t card, anything you use will be added to the bill. Enjoy the trip, I know I’m going too.” And he closed the door, glancing back for another look before heading out, passing the makeshift gate and manned check point Mason had agreed to let Big Ben place at the road and picking up the trailing car.

When he’d gone with Eric Braden to meet with Ben, he’d gotten a bit of a surprise. It seemed that when the recon soldier had checked out the car before letting Mason get in with Maslow, he’d left behind a small listening device. So Ben had a recording of the entire conversation. “Don’t worry,” the big man went on, “Eric has already retrieved the bug, so we’re in the clear as far as that goes.” And Mason had relaxed only slightly, wondering what they planned on doing with the recording.

Ben assured him that the sole purpose for the recording was to protect Mason. “I googled you after the call from Ms. Caro, so I know about your parents.” And he paused to shake his head and sigh in sympathy. “So I can guess at the significance of the name Maslow gave you.”

“I’m not sure I want to pursue that.” Mason had told him, going on to explain at Ben’s frown. “I guess I’ve always had it in the back of my head, that I’d find the man who killed my mother and return the favor. But after the way this thing with Alexei and Viktor got so out of control, I’m not sure I want to have any more violence around me or my friends.”

Ben had let it go at that, going on to discuss the security detachment that would be following Mason, deciding he would start making careful inquiries of his own, knowing an enemy you ignored was the most dangerous kind.

So now Mason had to leave a detailed itinerary with Eric Braden and was followed everywhere he went. Though he had managed to keep them from following him around the school grounds and riding with him, as long as he promised to never duck out on them. And he’d had to agree to let Eric train him in evasion tactics, Big Ben stressing that in the future he was to run and let his security people handle any fights. So they had a trailing car and Ben had supposedly gotten a few of his men added to the security at the ball.

It didn’t take long before the music was cranked up and a few of the girls started playing on the pole, the laughter pulling Mason from his musing. He’d taken a corner seat in the back, Brigid cuddled up to him. Ardella was pure grace dancing around the pole, but it was obvious Cybil had played around on one before, doing moves Mason had seen in movies, her little body very enticing as she contorted. By the time they crossed the Charles River, she was showing the others how to do a few of the simpler moves.

“Aren’t you going to give it a try?” Mason asked in Brigid’s ear.

“This is the only pole on the bus I plan on playing with.” She answered, grabbing his. “I’ll let the young ones figure out that those poles leave bruises everywhere come morning, though it was fun figuring that out when I was their age.”

Mason groaned, “I can only imagine, but Escort Avcılar if you keep playing with this pole we’ll be putting on a show of our own soon.” He warned as she held his awakening cock.

“Okay.” She murmured, sliding her hand under his thong and pulling him out. Several of the women shouting approval as she swallowed him and the driver blew the horn a couple of times. Mason sighed and let his head fall back, surprised to find a convenient mirror above him that showed most of the girls watching. In the center of the mirror, was a furiously blushing Supergirl that seemed to be trying to use her heat vision on his cock.

“Now the party’s starting.” Cybil crowed, hanging upside down on the pole watching, her little nipples flushed and hard as diamonds. “I think someone is getting tied up tonight” She finished to cheers all around. Mason swallowed and so did Brigid a few minutes later.

When they made it through the line of cars unloading, Mason was appalled to realize there was a red carpet with spectators he would have to walk. The girls just laughed and pushed him toward the door. After dropping them off, the driver would take some reserved parking close by until he was called back. He gave Mason a hearty laugh as the girls forced him out, then swarmed out to cluster around him. It was like being a star, so many flashes were going off he couldn’t look at the crowd. The only saving grace was he doubted anyone was looking at him with all the women in their skimpy costumes surrounding him.

Becky got them inside at the door, showing a pass her boss had given her in exchange for some promo shots, shots she hadn’t yet mentioned to anyone except Cybil. The ball had been sold out when she asked her boss about it, but after hearing the plans they had, a deal was made. Pictures taken each year were used to advertise the next, the better shots were used every year, her boss was hoping for those. Of course Cybil had wanted to surprise everyone, figuring it was better to apologize than scare some of the more timid.

Becky’s boss Lynne found them and came over smiling after they’d been inside checking things out for about fifteen minutes and Mason was starting to relax. If anything he was over-dressed, most of the multitude wore things that consisted of lace or leather straps, with little left to the imagination.

“You all look wonderful!” She exclaimed, clasping her hands in front of her ample chest. “Oh Becky, you all look awesome. You want to do it now and get it out of the way?”

Seeing Becky color and look around like she was trapped, Cybil stepped in. “We can’t wait, where do you want to do it?”

Lynne looked at her and did a little double take, her smile widening as she realized Robin was a topless girl. “Oh my.” She murmured, taking Cybil in from the boots up. “Wonderful. I can see the shots already. Well, follow me everyone.” And she turned back down the hallway she had appeared from.

“What’s going on?” Mason asked Becky as they followed, everyone turning to see what she said.

But again it was Cybil that answered, “It’s just some pictures, we had to make a deal to get the pass because the ball was sold out. And we were going to get pictures anyway, so I didn’t see any problem with doing a few promo shots for them to use next year.” She rattled off. “Come on, it’ll be fun everyone.” And you could tell she was excited about it, as she fairly danced down the hall.

Mason glanced over to Brigid who shrugged, but she was grinning as well. “Sounds like fun to me.” She agreed, “Besides, I think we all want a Batman poster for our rooms.” And they all laughed at his horrified look.

They were led into a room with a large backdrop of the Leathers & Feathers storefront to one side. It was a night shot with bright neon signs. There were several large stand lights with umbrella diffusers and fans set about the room. Lynne was talking to a blonde woman standing by a huge camera on a tripod. Mason wasn’t too sure about this, but the girls looked excited, even Shelby.

“Emma here will be your photographer,” Lynne told them, turning and leading the blonde back to them. She was probably somewhere in her forties, it was hard to tell as she had a weathered look about her, and was whip thin. Her eyes seemed alive and intelligent though as she quickly looked them over. “She’s the best around here, and thank you for doing this. I know it’s going to turn out marvelous.” She finished, beaming at them before waving and leaving the room.

“Well now, are you all ready to have some fun?” Emma asked, her eyes lingering on Mason just a little longer than the girls. “I’m finished setting the lights, so we can get right into it, get you guys back to the party. But first I need you all to sign a standard release form.” She told them pointing at a stack of papers off to the side on a table, watching as Mason and Ardella both read it before signing, Mason hoping it never caused a problem that had to be explained Escort Beylikdüzü to Allan. Then walked over in front of the back drop and looked back at him. “Over here handsome, I want to start with you and build the scene.”

Cybil and Brigid both gave him a little shove to get him moving, then grinned at each other.

“I want you to stand right here, turn just a little to the left and give me a classic Batman most muscular.” She told him, not shy about touching him to move his body the way she wanted it. “Relax for a second, I want to get you set, then, when I’m at my camera I’ll have you get all tense okay?” she went on, setting his right fist at his belt and pushing his elbow back a hair. “Try to hold that basic pose while I get set.” And she trotted to her camera, slapping the quick release and lifting it from the tripod.

“Okay, nice,” she went on, looking through the lens, “don’t smile, tuck your chin just a bit, yes, like that and give me your best brooding look.” As she started taking shots. “You’re looking great, handsome. Let’s see you flex, no, not that much, think sexy, not muscle beach. Yeah that’s much better.”

Brigid watched, impressed with the photographer’s sure hand and more than a little turned on by the pose she had Mason in, something that wasn’t lost on any of the women present.

“Okay, you can relax in pose, this next will be easier to explain if I show you what I want.” She told Mason, then pointed at Shelby and waved her over. “Hold my camera for a second sweetie,” she told her, thrusting it into her hands. “What’s your name handsome?”

“It’s Mason.” Shelby supplied.

“Mason then, watch what I do, I wanna transition from that pose into a Zeus, then I’m afraid I need you to hold it for a while. Like this please.” She took the same pose he was in, then moving her hands forward, the fists opening palms up into claws as she dropped her chin to stare at them, then slowly raising both arms as she tilted her head back, ending with her clawed hands reaching above her but the arms still bent. Her head back like she was railing at the heavens. “When you get here, I want you to hold it, don’t try to flex, just be tense as I get some shots. If you think you can remember the position, you can relax as I move the shot forward.”

Mason was actually starting to enjoy himself, her directions taking away his uncertainty. When he saw she had the camera back and heard the shutter, he did his best to imitate her, imagining his hands covered in blood, he slowly raised them letting his head fall back and on impulse he roared, his mouth open wide.

“Beautiful, hold it, hold it.” She told him, slowly shuffling to her left as she took another dozen shots. “That was great Mason, try to hold that pose, but relax,” and she handed the camera off to Shelby again. “I need you and you.” She pointed at Cybil and Brigid and waved for them to follow as she crossed to Mason. “Names?” she asked and nodded when they told her. “Brigid, I want you here.” She went on, taking her by the arm and moving her about five feet to Mason’s right. “Stand here with your back to him, no, turn just a little,” like with Mason she was hands on, “that’s it, now look down and let this arm reach back.” And she pulled her left arm back toward Mason, spreading her fingers in a grasping pose. Stepping back, she looked her over then stepped in and twisted her left shoulder a bit more. “Try and hold that, my you have beautiful tits, lucky girl. When I start shooting, I want you forlorn, you’re feeling spurned and reaching back for him. Then when I say, slowly turn your head and look at him. I’ll direct you as we go, think you’ve got that?” at Brigid’s nod she smiled.

“Cybil then, you’ll be here.” She began, stepping up to Mason’s right side. “Your lord is distraught and you’re helpless to comfort him. Start like this, one hand here griping his shoulder like you’re trying to pull him back to you, the other hand on his side.” Then she stepped aside as Cybil replaced her. Taking her front leg and sliding it back about a foot. “Hold that, now look up at him, shoulders back, bow your back towards him just a hair, great, hold that.” She went back to Shelby and got her camera.

“Okay, I know it’s hard to hold, but I’ll be as quick as I can, this is what I want to happen. When I say one, Cybil will slowly sink to her knees, looking up at Mason as she goes, her hands sliding down his body to rest wherever they end up, but not losing contact. When you reach your knees, let your head fall forward, bowing it as if you failed. Then hold. You got that?” she asked, waiting until Cybil nodded. “Great, now Brigid, when I say two, slowly, always slowly everyone, raise your head and turn it to look back at Mason as your right hand comes up to your chest. Then hold.” Brigid nodded and she went on. “Your cue is three Mason, I want you to look down at Cybil as if you just noticed her, your arms still up, then look back at Brigid and let your right arm reach out to take her hand then hold. No smiles people.” She finished as she raised the camera and started shooting. “One.”

It played out the way she said, Cybil trying to get his attention and failing, Brigid and Mason ending with their eyes locked, fingers interlaced. All three enjoying it more than they would have believed.

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