The Summer of, What Happened?

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I had just finished my senior year of high school. Where I was a very active athlete, playing everything from football to track. I was an inside linebacker/fullback in football, a power forward on the basketball team, a outfield/clean-up hitter on our schools 12th state baseball championship, and a shot putt/discus thrower when I could be. All in all, a jock that defines the word jock.

My family had an ownership to one of those lifetime campsites going on 10 years now. Which is where I spent most of my summers, when not practicing for one sport or another. It was a fantastic campsite with outdoor/indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, game room, you name it they had it. I had met many people there that I called friends. Some girlfriends, some just for a summer and others I saw year after year. I was very well known there, as was my family.

Anyway, this summer was to be my last. For I was headed off to play football for the Ohio State Buckeyes on a full ride. So I readied myself for a great last summer. Knowing when I headed to college things would never be the same. Little did I know.

I was always found near the basketball courts or in the pools. The second day I arrived she caught my eye. I was playing basketball with some friends, when I saw her climb out of the pool. After I ran into the pole that suspends the basketball hoop. I drop out of the game, went over to the clubhouse for some ice and down by the pool to get a better look.

She was a beautifully petite blonde with a body that wouldn’t quit. She had curves that made her feet even look sculpted for perfection. I was infatuated from that moment, for I was always looking for the petite women with curves like hers. Which is very hard to find, most girls that are petite are usually too thin with no butt or chest. But she was perfect, about 5′ 6″, 105lbs. and a full C. Which was perfect for my 6′ 2″, 245lb. frame. Well at least I think so. Conversation was a must and with in two hours I found myself sitting on the outdoor pool deck showing off my charm and wit to her. But to my surprise I wasn’t getting much of a response back. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’m god’s gift to women, far from it. I mean, I can lift 300lbs. but I didn’t say I had a six pack/washboard stomach. I’m a solid mass of muscle, it is just not defined. She was nice, not rude, in fact very friendly, but I just didn’t get those flirtation vibes back. Enter the man. Yes, that’s what I said. He was a 19 years old foreign exchange student for Spain, who had just come to stay with her and her family for her senior year of high school. He walked up to us, SPEEDO and all, and sat down next to me. Introductions happened and Miguel jumped in for a swim. I could tell right away that it wasn’t me failing miserably in my attempts, as it was this new Antonio Banderas look alike, which just moved in with her. Now, I’m not ugly. I have had many a girlfriend and they thought I was sexy, but then again I’m not Antonio. Despite her eyes watching his every move, I continued with the charm. I don’t think she heard a word of what I said until he got out and sat down with us. Then I was suddenly interesting. We all became friends in the next hour of conversation and Miguel even seemed kind of nice. As I quickly learned Kate was swinging at balls with Miguel just as much as I was with her. Which left my hopes still glimmering enough to continue hanging around with them for the next few weeks. So for the next few weeks Miguel and I became buddies as I introduced him to everyone I knew. Kate was always with us and winced everytime a friend of mine hit on him. Which was often and quit fine with me. We played a lot of basketball, mainly because that was what Miguel sucked at and only made me look better to Kate when playing along side him. One day, Miguel had just dove in for a swim when Kate turned around and said,

“We’re friends, right?”

I was thinking only till I get the chance to get in your pants, but I said,


She continued, “I have esc been sleeping with him in a two man tent now for two weeks and have put out every signal to get him to fuck me but nothing”. ” I even asked him if he was gay. He said he was bi-sexual but loves the feel of a woman. So what the hell?”

I was floored. I have never been friends with anyone like him and have never even had a bi-sexual thought. I didn’t have a problem with it, I was just taken back. “Kate, I don’t know…. maybe he just doesn’t like your type as much as I do.” I said, still trying my hardest. Which had gotten better lately as she and I started flirting more.

Miguel climbed out of the pool and walked over. “I want to skinny dip,” he said sitting down on his towel, looking at me.

“I want to, too” Kate said quickly.

“We can,” I said. “I have done it before with a girlfriend or two over the years. I know the lifeguard inside. All I have to do is be around when he’s closing up and I can unlock one of the sliding glass doors as he locks them.”

“Let’s do it tonight” Miguel said.

“Yeah, but just us three, OK?” Kate said, looking directly at me as to say, keep those ho’s you call friends away.

I just smiled and said “OK.”. That night I did as I said and went back to my campsite to report in and say I was going to sleep under the stars by the camp fire, so as to not wake everyone in the camper when I returned. Which I did a lot just to be able to stay out without hassle. After a bite to eat, I headed to Miguel and Kate’s camp to pick them up. We all walk up to the club house with a little grin on our faces. Me, happy I will see Kate naked, Kate happy she will see Miguel naked and Miguel happy to be naked. After reaching the pool area, we sat down on the wood deck and wait for the activity to die down around the clubhouse and campsites. We all sat there talking casually but thinking more of our next adventure and what might be. At least that’s what I was thinking and hoping about.

A half-hour later Miguel couldn’t wait any longer and pushed for me to go in. I thought, wow, he really wants to skinny dip. We all walked around the pool deck to the door I left unlocked. I opened it and Miguel pushed through and off came his trunks. He brushed the cover to the pool back as he slid in on the deep end. I looked at Kate and smiled. Making sure we had eye contact as I pulled my trunks down and stepped out of them, exposing my 7 and 1/4 inches (yes I measure).

Pulled off my shirt as I said, “Come on, Kate!” and jumped in landing right on the pool cover. After almost drowning, struggling to get out of my stupidity, I pulled myself to the side to hear them laughing their asses off. Gathering my composer, I told myself I was still cool, it’s all good. Miguel was on the other side of the pool and swam over to my side as we pushed Kate to get in. We both put our arms up onto the concrete and watched Kate as she pulled off her T-shirt revealing her yellow hip high bikini, which I had said many a time that she looked spectacular in. As I watched I could feel my manhood growing with life. I don’t know if it was the atmosphere of it all or the feeling of the water on my naked body, but I just couldn’t wait for her to take off that bikini. She untied her top first and threw it at us. I was poking the side of the pool as I looked at the beauty of her chest. They were Flawless in every way. Honeydew size fullness that formed a perfect teardrop shape. Her nipples were 1/4 thick with areolas that enclosed them 2” around and a slightly darker shade of color then her silky smooth skin tone. She joked about us picking up our jaws as she leaned against the sliding glass doors. Her silhouette was picturesque as the moon danced through the door and blanketed her body perfectly right down to her nipples that you could see were very aroused at us starring at her. She walked to the edge and sat down, dangling her feet into the warm water, between Miguel and I, as there was about 4′ distance separating us. “Which one of you is going to help me off escorts with these” as she snapped the sides of her bikini.

I jumped at the chance and quickly closed the gap between us and reached up to her sides, when I felt Miguel grab me by my hips and pull me back.

He started play wrestling with me and saying “let me”.

I thought nothing of it as I played back until I felt his hand on my shaft. That’s when I first thought, this is not going to happen pal. I pulled away knowing I didn’t want any of that and also knowing I was fully aroused at this point. I blew it off as I tried to help her, again.

But Miguel didn’t as he started screaming “you are hard as a rock!” I looked at Kate and said, “Your beauty is just that good.”

She blushed a little and stood back up.

I look over at Miguel who was still carrying on and asked him “aren’t you?”

He said “a bit” and grabbed my hand and pushed it to him.

I tried not to get too pissed, cause we had become friends, but I was starting to get uneasy about him. I just refocused on Kate and wanted her in the pool. Kate dropped her bottoms to the floor as all this was going on and I saw the best bikini wax job I had ever seen. She was perfectly smooth along her outer lips and clit with just the slightest bit of very well trimmed hair above her slit. My rod stiffened even more as I watched her get in. She slid down right in front of Miguel! Argggg!!! I watched as Miguel let Kate touch him. I swam to the other side of the pool to let what was to happen, happen. But to my suprise as I reached the other side and look back I saw Kate alone and a second later felt Miguel coming out of the water right in front of me. I shrugged at Kate as he wiped the water from his eyes and she faked a smile back.

I look at Miguel and said “you don’t leave a sexy, naked, horny women alone, by herself in a pool” and swam back over coming up in front of Kate, making sure to touch her with every part of my body.

As I popped out of the water I decide to go for it and kissed her on the lips. She smiled and put her arms around me. As things started to look up for me, Miguel squeezed up between us. But he was facing me. I don’t know if I was just wanting Kate so bad and concentrating on her or if I didn’t want to see it, but it was getting obvious what Miguel wanted ME!!! I wasn’t alone cause Kate didn’t see it either as she just grabbed his ass while he focused on me. I pushed away from him, again and he chased in a playful manner. I stopped and he tackled me.

We were about 10′ away from Kate and I looked at him and said, “Listen if you don’t want Kate, give me a chance with her, please” I was pissed and he knew it. That’s when he back off and went for a swim away from where Kate was. I swam back over. “What wrong with me” Kate asked.

“Nothing sweetie, he’s just not interested I guess…..But I am” still trying. She smiled and put her arms around me, again.

We floated around the water a bit and she whispered “If you do then why aren’t you hard now?”

Pushing her back into the corner, I responded “Because I can’t see your body anymore” as I placed my hands around her narrow hips and lifted her out of the water and onto the corner edge.

She giggled as I tickled her feet. She looked so delicious sitting up there with the moon glistening off her steaming soaked body. I pulled her to the very edge as I pushed my shoulders between her legs. She spread them enough to let me get closer. I put my hands on her thighs and rubber them as I looked over to see what Miguel was doing. He was just on his knees wading in the shallow end watching us. At this point I’m not sure if she gave up on the Migual pursuit or if she was trying the jealousy thing, but then again, I didn’t give a shit! I lighten my rub as my hands began to wander around the outside of her thighs and over her hips pulling closer to her and back around to her knees as I backed away then thrusting forward, sliding up the inside of her thighs. She spread open more as she leaned back on eskort her hands and threw her head back. That’s when I got my first scent of her fruity goodness. The fragrance was that of a sweet peach scent. I lowered my head between her thighs to get a stronger whiff of her essence. My manhood throbbed at her jubilee. She sat back up and placed her hands on my shoulders, grabbing at them and pulling, motioning me to come out of the water. She got up and walked over to a table, which was stacked with cushions from the chairs that sit out on the deck, and pulled two down, placing them on the concrete next to the edge of the water. I hopped out feeling awkward about this raging hard-on dripping of water. She lay down on the cushions as I knelt in front of her.

Kate looked into my eyes as she spread her legs wide and spoke softly “Eat me”.

I felt as if I could have blown right then and there but I played it as cool as I could. I lay down on my stomach and boner (trying to keep it a bay, for now), wrapping my hands around the underside of her thighs and pulled her closer. I took another sniff of what smelt so wonderful to me. Kissing the inner side of her left thigh all the way up to her box, lifting off her body just enough for my hot breath to cover her slit, as I repositioned over to her right thigh and back down again. She gasped as my breath heated her twat.

Looking up at her, I questioned playfully “Is that what you want?”

She smiled as she lifted her hips off the cushions, pushing her box into my face. At that I lost it and tore into her with wild abandon. Twisting my tongue sideways as I burrowed it through her baby smooth folds, sliding into her as it caught the slick lubricant of her juices. Her hips jerked at my tongue intrusion. Staying inside, I twisted my tongue back straight, separating her lips. I felt her moisture upon my chin as my second favorite love muscle lapped up and down. She moaned as I sank my head down onto her. Forcing my taste muscle up to her clit as it rolled over the hood then back again. Swiping side to side, on her clit, I changed directions lapping up and down. She squirmed everywhere as my head started thrusting up and down covering more of her box until my mouth was totally engulfed in her sex. Up and down in bigger gaps. Wagging my tongue out side her lips I continued my motion with the outside of her box, but placing one of my lips on the outside and the other inside her slit, sucking as I lap up every bit of her honey. Switching from one pussy lip to the other, then back again. She was reeling as her hips bucked and her voice cracked. Getting every bit of her nectar, my tongue dove back in to her slit. She was moving so much that she had just about shaken my grip on her thighs, so I re-grasp by placing my hands on the back of her thighs and pushing her legs together. Rocking her own body up and down as my tongue plowed through her box, from the hood of her clit to her anus. Licking every bit of everywhere with a furious pace.

Stopping from time to time on her anal entry and probing in with my eating utensil, as she relaxed more to allow deeper entry to my tongue, I would pull out and continue up and down.

Stopping on her clit, I would suck with all my might tugging with steady pressure and relaxing only to bite ever so softly as if to squeeze every bit of juice out of her. She couldn’t take it as I bit playfully and came with fire. She was bucking so much that her juices were actually squirting from her sex opening. She squealed out as her climax peaked and that’s when I noticed Miguel was behind me on some cushions jerking himself to an orgasm. Fallen limp, Kate pulled me on top of her well-trimmed and flat belly. “That was awesome, Tim!…I’ve never had or felt so muuucc…”

She couldn’t mutter another word, as she gasped for air.

“Sheeee…it’s OK, sweetie….I know” and smiled up at her. “Seems Miguel liked it too.” I said, pointing over at the spent man.

She giggled, “He still here?” and we both smiled.

Trying to rest my now weary muscle, I placed my head down on her tummy and said nothing more.

Just think, summer had just gotten started as it got much more interesting through the next few months.

Stay tuned for more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32