Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow Ch. 01

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The insistent pressure from Lucy’s heals pressed on my butt as I plunged in and out of her wet, slippery and very needy pussy. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her breasts jiggling with the impact of every penetration, my weight supported above her, our hips thrusting in opposite directions but with a single purpose. She was getting close to her climax and as I felt her muscles clamp around my invading cock she pulled my mouth towards her open lips and let forth her second scream of the morning. This time the contractions of her muscles were strong enough to push me over the edge and forced the release of my seed into her. We collapsed into each other, melting together under the heat of our love making; we rolled as one, my cock fell from her leaving her satisfied but empty and leaving me satisfied but wanting more. She is now cradled in my arms, her head on my shoulder, a leg spread over my waist, pinning me to the bed.

The tranquility of our intimacy is invaded by the annoyingly insistent beeping of the alarm clock reminding us it was time to end our weekend and begin another week apart. Lucy and I have been together for just over three years but for the last two have only been able to get together at the weekends. We first met in college where my beautiful dark haired diva stood out from the other brats in the senior undergraduate lab I was teaching. My Research Assistant status gave me the dubious pleasure of trying to force feed over privileged senior undergraduates some rudimentary skills in C++ computer programming. Most were only there because it was required coursework and their attention was perpetually on the cell phones cradled in their laps. Few eyes looked at me, and of those that did only one pair held my attention.

At the end of the first class Lucy came to see me with a seemingly straightforward and yet oddly insightful question. As she stood in front of me the instantaneous attraction I had felt when I first met her eyes escalated as I was able to take in the full extent of her beauty. The bright eyes were the sparking jewels of a flawless face framed by her dark flowing hair. Without obviously examining her body my peripheral vision absorbed her firm and ideally sized breasts, just heavy enough to bounce when walking and yet firm enough not to be overcome by the effects of gravity. Her narrow waist and hips, and trim, supple legs comprised the frame of her perfectly sized athletic body. It was only after we finished talking and she turned to walk away that I was able to fully appreciate the round, firm buttocks that sat atop those shapely, trim legs. The snug fit of her trousers betrayed no evidence of a panty line leading me to speculate: thong or commando?

This was not the beauty seen in the fifteen second attention span of the center fold model, nor that which is created from an eye catching array of clothes, bangles and make-up draped on a human manikin; this was beauty borne of physique, confidence, intellect, knowledge and curiosity; this was the purest form of beauty, all natural – Aphrodite lived and was walking among her subjects.

Lucy’s lingering at the end of each class to ask question after question became a regular occurrence and as each question got longer and more involved so too did the answer. This required that we finish our discussion over coffee which, over time, extended into lunch, then long dinners that finally developed into early, intimate nights and late, embracing mornings. Our sex life was one of any two new lovers: frenzied, frequent and furious; in time this gave way to the delicious splendor of exploring a new body and finding ways to excite, arouse and esat escort satisfy each other.

Eventually the time came at which decisions had to be made: my graduate work was ending and Lucy was finishing her undergraduate studies. Rather than follow the trend of many of her classmates Lucy decided to stay on for graduate work and I moved away to take charge of software development with a start-up robotics company. Despite the obvious problem of separation these decisions caused, we decided to maintain our relationship, determined not to lose our shared connection. Knowing that any long distance relationship is difficult, we were determined to give it a go and were able to get together just about every weekend thanks to Lucy’s flexible schedule and willingness to make the one hour train journey on Friday night and Monday morning. Occasionally I would travel back to college but our relationship had outgrown the confines and lack of privacy of student accommodation and we preferred to spend our time together at my condo.

With the weeklong separation came the expected make up sex as we reconnected on Friday followed by the don’t you forget about me version on Monday morning. While we had always managed to leave each other satisfied, and many times drained and exhausted with the intensity of our intimacy and passion, we had recently got into a rut and the excitement and adventure was beginning to dwindle. A pattern was emerging: a quick fuck before falling asleep in each other’s arms, the occasional blow job to wake up to and a big, sloppy, tonsil tickling kiss to bid goodbye on Monday morning. I wanted more but didn’t know how to approach the topic and so every Monday morning left me with a morose feeling of inadequate accomplishment and a nagging question about how to change the situation.

On this particular Monday morning the tonsil tickling kiss was followed by a question from Lucy “What do you want to do for your birthday next weekend?”

I really hadn’t given it any thought and celebrating birthdays had never been a high priority so although my immediate thought was: get you in bed so that I can let my imagination run wild and fuck you anytime, anywhere and anyhow I want, and not let you out until I’m finished with you, I tamely answered “The weather doesn’t look too good so why don’t we drain the DVR of all the programs that have been recorded and overdose on junk food and wine?”

She looked at me with that unsettling, all knowing blank stare she has, gave me a deep passionate kiss and replied “Let me think about it.”

And so the days passed, we talked on the ‘phone during the week but this didn’t provide the much needed physical and emotional intimacy I craved. Attempts at ‘phone sex just exposed the depravity of our weekday emotional needs and on the one time we got close to full blown ‘phone sex a drained battery abruptly ended the fleeting excitement.

I knew I would be home later than usual on Friday so I was not surprised to see that Lucy had already arrived at the condo. When I opened the door I heard the sound of her favorite music and smelled the delicious fragrance of her perfume. As I turned from closing the door I saw Lucy kneeling on the floor; her deep, dark eyes looked directly at me, hands on her thighs, dark hair cascading down onto her shoulders, firm breasts on display supporting erect nipples that pointed directly at me; not a stich of clothing to be seen. I could feel the immediate stirring in my loins as I stood transfixed looking at this beautiful sight. While maintaining eye contact she reached up, undid my belt, escort bayan unzipped my trousers and eagerly pulled out my now rigid cock. She licked the tip with the sensuous touch of her delicate tongue before pressing the tip inside my slit while her hands simultaneously reached down and cupped my balls. I looked down to see her tongue travel along the underside of my cock before reversing its motion, all while we maintained direct eye contact. “Happy birthday weekend, lover,” she announced.

As a result of her attentions, the first signs of pre-cum were on display and her lips parted as she lowered her mouth onto my now leaking member. Twisting her head as she moved over my bulbous end, her left hand massaged by balls while her right hand posted up and down on the base of my engorged shaft. As her mouth swallowed me I reached down and took her head in my hands to steady the powerful force of her movement. I looked down to see my beloved Lucy take her lips past the purple head and continue until her nose reached my pubes, at the same time the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat.

She squeezed the base of my cock to delay my explosion but did not stop posting up and down. I could feel the pressure in my balls continue to rise, grasped her head on either side and started to move my hips to increase the strength of the thrust into her open and willing mouth. I could hold back no longer and when I exploded my knees buckled as I spurted my white, hot fluid into her open mouth. Lucy stayed with me, not releasing me until I had emptied my entire load; on standing she looked straight into her eyes, drew her mouth to mine, plunged her tongue between my lips and deposited salty fluid into my mouth. Twirling her tongue inside me she left me feeling the warm, salty taste of my cum. As her lips parted from mine, she whispered in my ear “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

She slipped her hands under my shirt and pulled my remaining clothes over my head, grasped my hand and led me into the living room. As I stepped out of the clothes around my ankles, my eyes were fixated on her perfectly formed ass that sat atop her long firm, muscular legs; each silky footstep revealing a perfect combination of power and beauty moving in unison. She perched on the edge of the sofa, feet planted on the floor with her legs spread and ass dangling over the edge. I gazed in awe at the sight in front of me; her normally neatly trimmed pussy had been shaved bare, nothing to hide the puffy outer labia, a glimpse of her inner, pink, petal shaped labia coated in sweet nectar, surrounding a slit oozing slippery wetness. Above this stimulating site, the remaining hair had been sculpted in the shape of an arrow, the tip pointing directly into her open, wet pussy. Her left hand rested on her breast as she started to pinch and squeeze her nipple into an erect point; her right hand reached down and parted the lips of her pussy to reveal her inner pink tissue before she ran her finger over her slit spreading her rich, slippery liquid over her petal shaped lips.

I immediately dropped to my knees in front of her and she extended her wet finger for me to clean, the taste and aroma taking over my senses. My lips moved to her inner thigh and I started the short, inviting and inevitable trip towards her bald pussy. At the top of her inner thigh I halted my progress, extended my tongue and let the tip travel down the crease between outer pussy and inner thigh; savoring every inch of the smooth skin I reached the end of her lips and the tip of my tongue turned to explore that eryaman escort sensitive region between the end of her slit and her crinkled butt hole. Suddenly I felt pressure on either side of my head as her hands pulled me towards her open pussy.

I reached in, separated her lips and allowed my flattened, outstretched tongue to match the shape and contours of her inner pink flesh. Her head tilted backwards as I increased the pressure and at the top of her pussy my tongue gently negotiated her hood and exposed the firmness of her engorged clit. Circling it with the tip of my tongue I felt her push her hips towards me, I continued to circle the now pronounced nub and she started to thrust her hips up and down to match the stimulation from the flicking of my tongue. Her breathing became rapid and shallow as her hips increased their thrusting; I teased her clit up, placed my tongue on the underside and lightly clamped my teeth on her growing organ. She bucked under the pressure and kneaded her breasts in rhythm to her movement. I could sense her getting close to climax and increased the pressure on her clit; as she let out a loud cry of relief I pushed my tongue deep into her opening and eagerly lapped the sweet juices from her orgasm.

With the intimacy of events my own desires had resurfaced and my cock now stood firm and erect, openly displaying its desire. As my head came up from lapping her juices my body forced her thighs apart, opening her pussy for further inspection. My tongue again extended this time to lick her taught stomach before reaching the underside of her breasts and circling her firm, erect nipples. As my hips came through her thighs my cock paused at the entrance to her pussy, I rubbed the length of my cock along her pussy, becoming coated with her juices. Our eyes met and I plunged myself deep into her, as her head rolled back she emitted a deep, satisfied sigh and began moving her hips to counter my steady thrusts.

We continued our intimate dance and Lucy reached around me, pulled my mouth to hers and forced her tongue between my parted lips, allowing our tongues to become intertwined and united as if they were the same organ. I sensed her inner muscles begin to clamp down on my cock before she thrust up, driving me deep inside her at which time her inner being contracted against me and she released a loud cry of relief. The continued physical stimulation to my cock and emotional entanglement with my senses pushed me over the edge and I spurted my seed deep into her. We collapsed into each other’s arms, our immediate appetite for each other satisfied, too exhausted to move, my weight pinning her precious body beneath me retaining our physical intimacy past the coupled climax. After a while we rolled onto the floor; she lay in my arms, head on my chest, her thigh across my thigh, her hand caressing my now deflated cock and emptied balls, my cum flowing from her satisfied pussy as we both recovered from my welcome home.

Eventually Lucy broke the silence by saying “Oh by the way Mike, it’s your birthday tomorrow and as my present you can fuck me anytime, anywhere and anyhow you wish this weekend.”

My ever inventive mind immediately wondered what the rest of my birthday weekend had in store and my cock began to take interest in the possibilities.

After finishing dinner it was inevitable that the desire and need for sleep overcame our tired and fully sated bodies and as I follow Lucy upstairs my eyes are level with her perfect butt and I cannot help but enjoy the sight. Her hips swaying from side to side and the small gap between her upper thighs gives me another view of her bald, delicate pussy, the lips slightly parted, sliding over each other with every step and despite earlier activities I feel a familiar stirring in my loins. My cock starts to swell, elongate and thicken but the laws of gravity dominate and it continues to hang between my legs, eagerly waiting the signal for the next stage in this adventure.

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