The Pictures Ch. 05

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I woke the next morning and checked the house before leaving for work. I made sure everything was in its place. I hoped my wife would be home tonight and I didn’t want any problems. Jack called me about 10:30 and said, “you’ve got e mail”, and hung up.

I opened the mail and saw 2 pictures of me dressed in female clothes; the poses Jack had put me in last night. The e-mail read, be at the adult bookstore on 6th street at 12:00. Wear only running shorts. Damn, Jack was playing this game right up until Cindy was due home. One last time, I thought to myself.

I got a lot of looks as I walked into the bookstore. It was lunchtime and crowded with men from all lines of work. From the truck driver to the salesman, construction workers to executives. Jack walked up to me and said, “Follow me.”

We walked to the back and into the video arcade area. The hall, with booths on either side, was lined with men, all of them staring at me. Jack walked into a booth about half way down the hall and leaving the door opened, told me to undress. As I handed him the shorts and he gave me instructions, “I’m going in the next booth and I have some friends with me, you suck every cock that comes through that hole. And leave this door unlocked.”

With that, he walked out, holding my shorts and closed the door. I was left standing naked until the first dick came through the hole. It was a long, thick, and hard, black cock. I sat on the little bench and started licking the head, then sucked it into my mouth. About 3 minutes later it erupted and shot loads of hot sticky cum into my mouth. Jack walked in and told me to swallow every drop I was given. He then told me to stand up and suck. I was bent over at the waist when a white smaller and not as thick cock came through the hole. As I started to suck it, Jack grabbed my balls and told me to spread my legs and stay that way.

Jack was in and out of that booth; I could just imagine him out in the hall lining up men for a blowjob. When he was in the booth, he was squeezing my balls, rubbing my cock, and sticking his finger in my ass. His way of concreting the fact that I was his and he could do whatever he wanted. I was in that booth and that position for over an hour, I lost count of how many cocks I had sucked after 12. All sizes, shapes, and colors poked through that hole and came in my mouth.

Jack finally said, “Stand up bitch.” and we left the booth. As Jack walked me down the hall, still naked and still lined with men, I was jeered, called names, complimented, grabbed, and pinched. As we approached the opening to the main store, Jack turned and threw my shorts at me and said, “Do not touch your little dick without asking me first” and he walked away.

Jack stopped and in front of all those men whose cocks I had just sucked said, “Wear a pair of Cindy’s pink panties the rest of the day.” I started to protest and decided it would do no good. I dressed and got out of there as fast as I could.

As I drove to my office I contemplated my situation. What had started as a simple blowjob to keep yalova escort my family intact had turned into me being a common whore. A gay whore at that. I was devastated and humiliated and to make matters worse, my cock was still hard. How could this behavior excite me? What was happening to me?

I called Cindy again and got her voice mail. I wished she would call me and let me know what time she’d be home. The afternoon dragged on, memories of hard cocks in my mouth and Jack’s finger in my ass would not leave my brain. I wanted to jack off but was worried that somehow Jack would find out. The drive home was even worse; I still didn’t know what Cindy’s plans were or when she’d be home. I thought about stopping for a few drinks but decided against it. In my mental condition I’d probably get drunk and end up in jail.

I noticed Jack’s car in his driveway and hoped he would leave me alone. I entered the house and got the shock of my life, my knees went weak and I was close to passing out. There on my couch was Cindy and right next to her was Jack.

“Hello Mike,” damn, her voice sounded so sweet and she looked as beautiful as ever. I started towards her for a hug and kiss but she put up her hand for me to stop. I stopped but my heart almost did too. Cindy pointed to a manila envelope on the coffee table and said, “Open it.”

I knew what was in it immediately. “Open it,” she said again. There were 12 pictures of me, all 8X10 color and very clear.

“Cindy, I can explain,” I pleaded.

“Don’t Mike, I can see for myself. I want you to pack a suitcase and leave.”

“Please baby, can’t we talk about this. Alone. What the fuck is he doing here anyway. This is all his fault.”

“Go pack,” was all she said.

“Please Cindy, I can explain, I’ll make it up to you, please baby,” I was all but crying. I had done all those things to save her embarrassment.

“Mike, I want you to listen very closely, I’m only going to say this one time, and it is a one time offer only. Do you understand?” I nodded that I did. She continued, “It is obvious that you cannot control your own life, therefore someone has to do it for you. You can give complete control to me or you can pack and leave. If you leave, you will give me a divorce and everything I want. If you try and fight me, I’ll take theses pictures to the judge where they will become public record and I promise you, any judge will give me everything I ask for after seeing these.”

The silence was eerie and as I glanced at Jack, that SOB was grinning. My head was spinning, I couldn’t think, my knees were weak and even more humiliating, I was crying. I actually had tears running down my cheeks. I had completely humiliated myself to avoid what was now happening.

“Mike, I want an answer.”

“Cindy, can’t we please talk about this alone,” I begged.

“Make your choice Mike or I’ll make it for you,” her words were cold.

“I can’t live without you,” I mumbled.

Cindy’s words were ice cold and demanding, edirne escort “here are your rules, rules you will live by or accept the consequences. You will do exactly as you are told, without hesitation, and to the best of your ability. It’s that simple. Do you understand what I have said,” she asked.

“Yes,’ was all I could utter.

“Yes, what?”

I looked at her in disbelief.

“Yes Ma’am,” came her reply to my unasked question.

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered.

“Strip Mike,” was her first order.

I was broken, I had just completely submitted to my wife in order to keep her. As I removed my clothes, I remembered the pink panties. I pulled down my trousers and when Cindy saw the panties, she started laughing and shaking her head.

“Leave those on, they look good on you,” she said still laughing.

“Follow me Mike,” she said as we walked towards our bedroom. Cindy positioned me at the foot of our bed facing the headboard. The wrought iron footboard felt cold as she had me spread my arms and grab the iron. Cindy then used two leather straps with 4” of Velcro to secure my arms to the bed. I was left tied to the foot of my own bed in a pair of my wife’s pink panties.

15 minutes later, Cindy and Jack walked in. “Mike, you are about to get a taste of your new life. I have never cheated on you, never, although I’ve had many opportunities. You on the other hand have been cheating in a most perverse way. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open,”

Cindy put her arms around Jack and kissed him deeply on the lips.

“Cindy, please don’t,” I begged.

Jack pulled the panties off me and handed them to Cindy. “I told you to keep your mouth shut, now open wide.” Cindy demanded.

I promised to be quiet and with that comment, Jack squeezed my balls so hard, I let out a yell. When I did, Cindy shoved the panties in my mouth and Jack wrapped a wide leather strap around my head to secure the panties.

They spread my legs wide apart and secured them to the bottom of the wrought iron footboard. Jack reached around me and pulled my dick up and let it rest on one of the cross rails. He whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck your wife like she’s never been fucked and you’re going to watch.”

Jack removed Cindy’s dress and kissed and licked her body as he did. He removed her bra and started playing with her gorgeous tits, as he sucked each nipple, Cindy moaned and groaned. As he knelt down to the pull her panties down, he remarked, “Baby, you’re so wet.”

My naked wife removed Jack’s clothes and holding his cock in her hand, looked at me and said, “this is a perfect dick, no wonder you wanted to suck it so bad.” She took it in her mouth and licked and sucked on it and while holding Jack’s balls, took an entire load of his cum and swallowed it. “Mmmm, you’re delicious,” she said to Jack while looking at me and licking her lips.

Jack laid Cindy on the bed and spread her legs wide so I had the perfect view of her wet and opened pussy, erzurum escort she was obviously excited. Jack licked and sucked her pussy for 20 minutes, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm until he was hard again. Kneeling between her legs, Jack turned to me and said, “Watch my ass and listen to your wife, this is the way to fuck a woman.”

Since Jack had just cum 25 minutes ago, he fucked Cindy for what seemed like an eternity. They both came in a screaming fit and Jack finally rolled off my wife and lay next to her. In a few minutes, with Cindy still on the bed with her legs spread wide and cum showing at the opening of her pussy, Jack walked behind me and strapped a belt around my waist. He then untied one arm and secured it to my side, then the other arm was done the same way. The belt had some type of leather straps that held my arms close to my side. I had a little movement but not much. He than grabbed my hard cock and pulled me to the side of the bed. “Kneel bitch,” he commanded.

As I knelt in front of him, Cindy rolled her head to one side and was watching. “ I want you to clean my dick, it’s covered with cum and your wife’s pussy juice. Now take it in your mouth and show Cindy what a good little cock sucking bitch you’re going to be for her.” With that, Jack removed the strap and the panties from my mouth.

I took his now softening cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. “Good boy, Mickey. Now get on the bed on your back.”

As I laid down on my back, Jack explained, “Now your going to lick and suck all my cum out of Cindy. If Cindy doesn’t feel your tongue deep in her pussy, or if she doesn’t feel you sucking on her, I’m going to take this belt and whip your tiny little balls and dick.”

I was a beaten man, completely humiliated in front of and by my beautiful wife. I licked and sucked her pussy and Jack’s sperm deposit until Cindy had another orgasm.

Cindy got off the bed and told me to “stay” as she and Jack went into the bathroom and then the kitchen. They returned with a drink each. Standing over me, Cindy looked at Jack and simply nodded.

“Stand,” she said. I stood with my dick still hard, and their juices drying on my face. Cindy sat on the edge of the bed and Jack returned and sat next to her. He handed Cindy a bag, and she said to me, “I have a surprise for you Mike.”

Cindy pulled a hard plastic device from the bag and handed it to Jack. The next thing I knew, Cindy had a wet rag filled with crushed ice wrapped around my cock. The effect was immediate; my hard dick shrunk from the cold and was completely soft.

With that, Jack placed the plastic device on my soft cock. It was some type of male chastity belt. It covered my dick like a cage and even had a piece that went around my balls to keep it in place. Jack then handed Cindy a small lock and she locked the cage in place. I couldn’t get hard, the cage prevented me from playing with myself, or using my cock for anything but pissing.

Cindy then handed Jack a key and she kept the other one. Cindy stood up and looked me right in the eye, “When I believe you have fully accepted our agreement, I will unlock you and let you cum. You will wear this always and I, and only I, will control when, where, and how you use that thing. If you cum once a month or once a year, it’s all up to you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am,” was all I could say.

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