The OFB Ch. 02 – First Day on the Job

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NOTE: This is a continuation from a previous chapter (link in my profile). Please read that for the setup for this story. Hope you enjoy it!


Daphne decided to go with an outfit similar to her interview for her first day of work as OFB. This time it was a scarlet low-cut satin button-down blouse, another very short skirt (shorter than the day before), stockings and heels. She wore no bra — this blouse was a little tighter and rubbed her nipples slightly, keeping them hard — and pink silk panties. She liked pink because when she was excited, her pussy juices seeped through as a passionate red.

In the office, she was one of the first ones in. Patty had told her that most of the team was out on training, so there would only be a few people in the office. The Asian woman was not there, nor the young man she had seen earlier. Patty wasn’t in yet. She poked her head into Tom’s office to see if he was around and let her know she was there.

Tom was in his office, but he was a bit distracted. He was seated in his desk chair behind the desk, turned sideways and leaning back with his eyes closed. Daphne heard a faint squishing, slopping noise. Suddenly Tom moaned “Here I c-c-come…” and his hips started bucking as he groaned in pleasure. Daphne noticed a pair of feet in heels peeking out from behind the desk. She blushed and drew back, taking her seat at her desk, breathing hard.

In a couple of minutes, the Asian woman came out of Tom’s office. She saw Daphne and smiled a welcoming smile. She stood about 5′ 2″ with hair about halfway down her back and was gorgeous in silver trousers and jacket with a frilly black silk blouse. And of course, those heels she’d seen behind the desk…

“You must be Daphne! Welcome aboard — I’m Anna!” She held out her hand.

Daphne took it and found it was a little wet. In fact, on the back of it was a drop of Tom’s cum, and there had been some on the palm of her hand which squished Daphne’s.

“Oh! Sorry!” said Anna and quickly licked the back of her hand, winking at Daphne.

Daphne smiled. “No worries at all” she said and licked her palm. “It’s great to meet you!”

Anna smiled and nodded at her. “I thought you would fit in. It’s great to have you on the team — I think you’ll have a lot of fun here. I oversee event planning, by the way: parties, cruises, special events, that kind of thing. I may call on you from time to time to help out? With Tom’s OK of course!”

“Sounds great! I would love to help so please do rope me in.” Anna smiled at “rope” and turned to go. Daphne noticed a bit of Tom’s spunk dangling on her cheek.

“Um, Anna, you have a little…” she gestured towards Anna’s cheek.

Anna reached up, wiped the cum off her cheek with an expert finger, and popped it in her mouth. She pulled her finger out with a smart squeak, smiled, and winked again. “Thanks, honey. I am such a slob… I probably have some in my blouse as well. What can I say but ‘oops’?” She shrugged and turned to go, still smiling. Daphne watched her perfect ass as she made her way back to her desk.

She poked her head into Tom’s office and said good morning. He smiled and nodded from the phone, giving her a welcoming wave, and got back to his obviously important conversation so she went back to her desk. There was a folder with human resources forms for her to fill out, so she got to work on those.

She was concentrating on completing a benefits form when she looked up and saw the blonde guy from a few desks away standing in front of her desk. He had a sly smile and his hands in his pockets. Between them his trousers bulged. Clearly a decent cock …

“Hi, Daphne, I’m Bruce. Nice to meet you. I’m a content editor — I edited some of the videos you probably saw yesterday?” He pulled out his hand and she stood up to shake it.

“Nice to meet you. Yes — I did see some of your work and it was great! I’m still settling in obviously, but is there anything I can do for you?” It was the right question to ask.

“I’ll let you know for sure” he said, eyeing her breasts. Her nipples were fully erect and Anadolu Yakası Escort straining a little against the red silk blouse. “Is Tom available?”

“He was on the phone but let me check.” She opened the office door and looked in. Tom was off the phone and looked up.

“Good morning, Daphne, and welcome to your first day with us!” He stood up and came over to shake her hand. She took it and looked at his crotch but there weren’t any stains. He looked down, following her glance and looked up smiling.

“Anna can be very tidy when she wants to be.” He smiled.

“Um, yeah!” Said Daphne, stammering a little. She remembered the blond outside. “Bruce was asking to see you?”

“Sure thing, send him in.” Tom returned to his desk.

Daphne went back outside and told Bruce to go in. He did, giving her a wink as he went by. After a few minutes, her computer pinged with a message that Tom wanted to see her, so she went into the office, closing the door behind her.

Tom sat behind his desk and Bruce was standing in front of it, blushing. Daphne stood in front of the desk with her hands clasped behind her, waiting.

Tom said, “Well, Daphne, it’s time to start your duties as OFB. Bruce here has a request, which I will evaluate. If I approve, we will go ahead with it, as long as you consent. Sound good?”

Daphne took a deep breath and nodded. She wet her lips and smiled at Bruce. “How can I help?” she asked.

Bruce blushed deeper and put his hands in his pockets, suddenly shy. He rocked back and forth a little and Daphne eyed the bulge of his penis with a little smile. Tom nodded at Bruce.

Bruce cleared his throat. “I, um, would like to… um…” He was clearly flustered.

Daphne put a hand on his arm and gave it a squeeze. “Don’t worry, Bruce. I want to hear it. I really do.” Tom smiled and nodded.

Bruce looked up at her relieved and said, “I want to come on your tits, I mean breasts.”

She smiled, and he went on. “And I want you to do it with your hands. And I want you to play with yourself while you do it.”

“Sure thing, honey”, Daphne purred. “That sounds like fun to me. Anything else?”

“Um, can you talk dirty?”

She grinned and nodded, licking her lips.

Tom said, “Sounds like a good start for you, Daphne. Go right ahead, whenever you’re ready.”

Daphne looked at him. “Right here? Right now?” She was a little surprised.

“Yes please, Daphne”, said Tom. “I should observe your first session. You know, quality assurance, training, coaching, that sort of thing.” He raised his eyebrows questioningly.

She smiled wickedly at him. “Of course, Boss, anything you say.” She couldn’t believe how lucky she was: this was a wet dream come true!

She turned back towards Bruce. She spread her legs a little and put her hand under her shirt skirt and on her pussy.

“Bruce, looking at you makes me sooo horny”, she said throatily, rubbing herself. She saw his cock strain in his trousers. She squatted down on her heels, her legs spread, and put both hands on both side of his hips. His cock stirred a little more.

“I want to play with your cock”, she said, and stroked the front of his trousers. She felt his dick twitch in response and he sighed. She unzipped his fly.

“When I first saw you, I thought about your cock, and now I want to see it. I want to touch it.” She put her hand in his pants and gripped his cock through his underwear. He was good and hard b now. She felt her pussy getting moist.

She undid his belt and trouser buttons. “Let me see your cock, Bruce, the whole beautiful thing.”

She pulled down his trousers. He was wearing boxers and his loosened penis straining against the fabric. In one motion she pulled down his underwear and his cock sprang free, dangling in front of her face. A good seven inches and uncut. She smiled and licked her lips.

“Oh my God”, she sighed. “It’s gorgeous. I can see your veins and your cute little cock head. Is it sensitive?”

She reached out and stroked his cock, fondling the head at the end. It twitched noticeably. Avrupa Yakası Escort He made a strangled moan.

“That’s it, your hard cock is making me wet.” She reached down with one hand and rubbed her panties.

“I’m going to stroke your cock until you come all over my tits.” She reached up and unbuttoned two of her blouse buttons and opened her blouse to show her perfect breasts, nipples at full attention. She tweaked her nipples. Closed her eyes and sighed.

Bruce took a shuddering breath. His penis was achingly erect, and she could see if wiggle in time with his heartbeat. Tom nodded, impressed.

Daphne was heating up as well. “I bet that cock is full of warm, salty cum. I love cum, did you know? Just thinking about it makes me want to play with myself…” Again, her hand went to her crotch, rubbing her panties harder and deeper.

“Oh look!”, she said. “I’m getting my panties all wet. Do you want to take them off me?”

Bruce nodded, almost in a trance. She smiled and stood up, turned around and bent over, spreading her legs so Bruce and Tom could see the now glistening wet patch over her pussy.

“See how dirty they are? Please, honey, take off my dirty wet panties.”

Bruce’s trembling hands pulled them over her hips, and they dropped to the floor. She stepped out of then and turned back around. She was very turned on. Her labia were swollen and glistening, and her clit was obviously hard — they could see everything. A drop of juice was evident on her cunt lips.

“That’s much better! Now I can be as wet as I like.” She put her fingers in her pussy, pumped them a couple of times with her eyes closed, and held them up to him.

“Lick my cunt juice off my dirty fingers, Bruce. I want them clean when I stroke your cock.” She shoved her fingers in his willing mouth and he moaned a little.

She heard a zipping noise and noticed Tom was adjusting his seat. He’d got his cock out as well. It was even bigger than Bruce’s and looked much better in real life than on the video.

She squatted back down in front of Bruce, two fingers pumping her pussy. They could hear it squelching as she looked up and saw a growing bead of clear nectar gathering at the tip of his penis.

“Pre-cum! I love it!” she said. She stuck out her tongue and moved towards his throbbing cock.

‘Daphne, no tongue!”, chided Tom.

She looked at him briefly with a pouting moue and they looked back at Bruce with a big grin.

“Are you ready for me to jack you off, Bruce?” He nodded. “Do you want to come all over these titties? Tell me you want it. Tell me you want your cum on me.” she shook her breasts.

He nodded. “Yes, Daphne, yes! Jerk my cum on your tits!” His voice was hoarse.

She reached up and started jacking his cock while licking her lips and frigging her cunt, grinding into her pumping hand. She kept her grip loose enough to get just the right amount of friction. Bruce groaned and his knees shook. Daphne was getting ready to cum herself — she was so wet it was dripping down the inside of her thighs.

“That’s right, baby! I’m gonna make you cum! I want your hot spunk on my tits! I want to feel it splatter on my chest and dribble down my breasts. I want it on my nipples and all down my front!”

“Oh my God!” cried Bruce. She could feel the contractions that meant he was about to ejaculate, to spray his salty semen all over her chest. She started cumming herself.

Bruce shot his load two, three times. It spattered her chest, and some got on her chin. “Fuck!” he cried. His cum dripped down her breasts and between them. Daphne felt incredible: powerful, and alive.

She cried out too, and trembled as she came. Waves of pleasure engulfed her, and her legs shook as she cried out “God, I’m cumming!” She was drunk with lust and didn’t want him to stop. She rubbed herself faster.

Bruce staggered back out of her grip. She was still cumming and rolled onto her side, her fingers deep in her cunt and her juices dripping.

She looked up and Tom was standing over her, his cock in hand, and he was İstanbul Escort jerking it furiously.

“No, Boss, mine..” groaned Daphne. She reached up with her wet pussy hand and grabbed his red-hot cock. She jerked him, her hand wet with her own juices. Suddenly he came, jetting semen all over her. It spattered her blouse, and skirt. It was everywhere — on her legs, arms, bits in her hair. She came again, crying out.

For a minute she lay there recovering as the men staggered back, Bruce landing on the sofa and Tom back in his chair. They were all breathing heavily. Both cocks dripped a little residual cum.

Daphne slowly got up, breathing hard. She looked at her hand, coated with her own nectar and laced with Tom’s sperm. She licked it and closed her eyes. This was heaven for her. Her head was spinning, and she felt fantastic. She smiled at the two men and stood up. They stood as well, Bruce shakily, and Tom smiling and nodding his head.

“That was incredible!” said Bruce. “Thank you, that was just incredible, better than I’d imagined,”

“You said it, Bruce”, said Tom smiling. “Daphne you are just terrific! Sorry, Bruce, but I had to join in.” Bruce waved off the apology.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” she said, miming a little curtesy. Her blouse was open, and Bruce’s spunk still dripped slowly down her front. Tom’s milky white jizz completed the lovely mess. “I’ll get us a towel.”

Tom held up a hand. “Oh no, Daphne, I neglected to tell you, but part of being OFB is you aren’t allowed to clean up. Whatever happens to you, you need to wear it for the rest of the day.” He shrugged. “I’d say I don’t make the rules but that’d be a lie. Sorry, but it’s both a good way to show off what you can do, and I can also keep tabs on whether you’re getting overworked. We will make sure there are always clean clothes for you to wear home.”

That news renewed her wetness. She hadn’t realized how much of a turn-on it was to be so openly sexy. She liked the idea of being a dirty plaything. Of everyone knowing how dirty she had been…

“Overworked, huh?” She said, “That sounds great to me.” She winked at Bruce. He reddened and his softening, dripping cock twitched.

“Fine, then, you’re the Boss, Tom. I’ll wear your cum for the rest of the day. I like it, although my chest is a little cold from Bruce cumming all over me.”

She walked over to Bruce, bent over, grabbed his head by the hair, and shoved his face into her chest. “You made this mess so clean it up!”

Bruce eagerly complied, licking his cum off her breasts and sucking her nipples as he did so with little moans of delight. She laughed softly and patted his cheek. Tom laughed and clapped his hands.

“You are really something, Daphne! I am so glad you’ve joined our team!”

She smiled at him over Bruce’s head, raised her eyebrows at his own dripping cock, and then released Bruce. He pulled his trousers back on and sheepishly smiled.

“Thanks, again, Daphne. I just could not concentrate this morning and this, um…what do we call this again?”

“Release? Session?” She promoted.

“Yeah, this release really helped!” He turned to Tom. “Thanks, Boss! I’ll get back to work.”

“You do that, Bruce. I need that vibrating butt-plug video this afternoon, ok?”

“No problem.” Bruce took one more glance and smile at Daphne and left the office.

“So, what do you think?”, asked Tom. He was admiring her messy look: scarlet blouse open showing her chest still glistening with Bruce’s saliva and bits of his cum, cum soaking into her scarlet blouse and trailing on her skirt, cum splatters in her blond hair and sticking a curl to her cheek…

“I love it!” she cried. “I just love it! Thank you for the job, Boss! Now, is there anything else I can do right now?” She eyed his wilting cock with its slight dribble of semen.

He grinned. “Not just now, thanks.” He put his softening penis back in his trousers. She imagined his cum making a dirty spot on his underwear. It gave her a little thrill to know he’d be dirty too.

“You can get back to your desk and carry on. Great job, Daphne.”

She turned to go and saw her wet panties on the floor. She purposefully turned her back on Tom and bent over to pick them up slowly, giving him a great view of her still swollen and glistening cunt lips. Picking up her pantries, she walked out of the office and shut the door.

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