The Neighbor’s Sister

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Alt Babe

The trip from Sydney to LA is a long one. Even riding up front with the better seats, after six or seven hours–about half way–I started thinking about a ordering a wheelchair to take me through the terminal after we arrived. When you added the time spent standing in line and riding the connection to my home, I usually got to my front door beat, interested in nothing more than a shower and a bed.

The thought of bed got my mind drifting to mental images that jolted me back from my jet lagged stupor. Bed not only meant rest. It also meant a ‘welcome home’ blowjob from my lovely wife, Grethen. It also meant falling asleep with my dick nestled snugly in her warm cunt.

Even after a few years’ marriage, just thinking about her still got my dick stirring. Hell, every time I saw her picture in a magazine advertisement, I got a hard-on. The mental vision of her lips sliding up and down on my cock always got me panting. Then I pictured her small breasts… and the nipples that always hardened and peaked as she sucked.

That led to thoughts of her magnificent ass. It was the perfect ass, muscular and firm–but soft to the touch. A lot of hours’ work on the Stairmaster had rounded and tightened it for her modeling career. But I was the real beneficiary. She squeezed and flexed it while I fucked her, and the sensation was beyond belief. When she came, she grabbed my dick with her pussy and squeezed so hard that sometimes I couldn’t move at all. Then, as she held me there, she’d milk my dick with her cunt until I exploded in a mind-boggling orgasm.

That usually finished the job and by the time I sliped out of my daydreams, my cock was begging to be let out.

Most men were taken with Gretchen. The saw the pouty lips and bright blue eyes. They liked the long, blond hair that swished across her ass, making them want to stare at it. They loved her legs that seemed to go on forever before they met that beautiful ass. They were muscular, but not athletic muscular. They were just model shapely.

But most men had not seen what I see several times a day when I’m home. The small tits with dime-sized nipples that hardened with even the thought of sex. The carefully trimmed blond hair around her pussy. She didn’t ever remove it completely, but wearing very revealing bikinis in her modeling work, she had to shave to prevent the camera from catching the stray pubic hair. There was very little left. Just a well-groomed patch that she playfully trimmed into the shape of a heart.

The men who oggled Gretchen never got to see her ‘little man’, the clit that popped up whenever a dick was anywhere near her pussy. She hid that away from sight and saved it just for me. They couldn’t know the moaning, thrashing and screaming that would result from gently sucking the small gentleman into your mouth.

I sighed. Then there was Heidi, our neighbor. She and my wife could have been sisters. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Magnificent, small tits made for sucking. Heidi was a bit shorter than Gretchen, but had paid the same attention to detail in keeping her body sculpted. In fact, if you showed me a picture from the back, with them both bent over, I probably couldn’t tell the difference. I could from the front. Heidi preferred her pussy bald.

I was indeed a lucky man. I not only had fucking privileges with both women, I had them whenever I wanted. They both craved sucking my cock. They both liked me to fuck them doggy style. That worked out because they both liked to eat each other’s pussy. When they were in the old 69 position, there was always a cunt available for my dick. And I loved to fuck while watching the other woman’s pussy being eaten.

I looked out the window when the pilot said we were landing. I had a thirty-minute drive home. By this time, after all of my thoughts about Gretchen and Heidi, I knew I’d be leaving the airplane with a raging hard-on and would have to use my briefcase to cover it. The hardest part would be after I got to my car. I had to concentrate on my driving and not think about my wife licking my balls–and Heidi’s cunt–while I fucked our horny neighbor. It’s hard to drive with both hands stroking your meat.

As I walked through the terminal, I thought about taxes, booster shots, and ugly women. By the time I reached the parking lot, I finally had control of myself. The drive home was a safe one. My dick wasn’t doing all of the thinking, and I was able to pay attention to the road.

I was exhausted. My plan was to spend a little time with my wife, get laid, and get a nap–in that order. Then, after I was rested, perhaps Heidi would visit, and we could get down to the serious work of depleting the three weeks worth of cum I’d accumulated while being a ‘straight arrow’ on the road.

That was not to be.

I walked in the front door and heard music coming from the TV room. I recognized it. It was part of one of many exercise videos my wife used to stay in shape. When I went into the den, I expected to see her beşiktaş escort sweating and working. She was sweaty alright, but I barely noticed. She and Heidi were exercising to the tape together, and they hadn’t bothered to dress for it. Both women were nude. The sight of my two favorite female asses flexing and squeezing returned my dick to the condition it had been in when I got off the airplane.

My wife grinned. “Hi, hon. Welcome home. We’ve got another ten minutes of this, if you can wait. …Unless you have some other exercises in mind.”

I sure as hell did, but I wasn’t sure the body was willing. It had been almost 24 hours since it had seen a bed. I walked over to my easy chair and sat. “No, you guys go ahead. I’ll just watch.”

I’m not sure if it was part of their routine, or it was a show for me, but when they got to the squats, somehow it wound up with my wife squatting on Heidi’s face. They started ignoring the lady on the small screen and branched into their own exercises. Heidi was sucking on my wife’s clit, and she was soaking the woman’s face with her juices. My wife’s lowered herself further and started grinding into our neighbor’s face. Then she stretched forward to put her hands on the floor to steady herself.

Heidi’s hands grabbed her ass and pulled it even tighter unto her lips and darting tongue. Gretchen started bucking, but Heidi held on. Then came the screaming. My wife body arched and froze as she went through a series of cascading orgasms.

It was more than I could take. I stripped of my suit pants and coat. Then I dropped my drawers and followed my dick to Heidi’s pussy. She was still locked into her embrace with my wife’s ass, but apparently saw me approaching. She arched her back and raised her bald cunt, ready for me to show it some attention.

I could have offered a bit of licking, kissing, and sucking–some small amount of foreplay–but my brains had sunk from my head to my dick. And my dick wanted only one thing. It wanted to be buried in that pussy. I knelt down, straddled Heidi, and plunged it into her waiting love box. There was nothing gentle about it. I didn’t pause. I didn’t rub my dick head on her cunt to get the juices flowing. I just slammed into her. Only after my dick head reached the end of the tunnel was it happy, but only for a moment. It wanted to cum, and it wanted to cum now!

I started sliding in and out of Heidi’s cunt at a fevered pace. She matched my thrusts with her hips and squeezed the shaft with her vaginal muscles. That got me pumping faster, and she kept up with me. Then she grabbed my hand–or more specifically the index finger of my hand–and guided it to her ass. I could take a hint. I shoved it into her tight asshole as far as it would go. Her hips heaved up into me, and she clenched my dick in an iron grasp. That did it. With one last mighty shove, I buried my dick in her cunt and came in torrents. As I did, her pussy milked me… and milked me… until I was dry. But even after I was drained, the spasms continued. I just kept cumming.

That’s when I realized that Heidi no longer had a grip on my wife’s ass. My wife was waiting for me to roll off. When I did, she dove into Heidi’s cunt and started sucking up the cum as fast as it dribbled out of the beautiful, bald pussy. As she did, Heidi grabbed her head and arched up into her. She screamed and mixed her own juices with mine. It was a lot to clean, but my wife licked up every drop.

The next morning, my wife left for a photo session. It was an ad for a magazine spread that promised to take her all day. Now in the industry, they don’t call it a ‘spread’ like I do. They call it a ‘layout’. That term, however, means something entirely different to me. During the night, my wife had performed several layouts. The last one was about two in the morning when my dick finally decided it needed some sleep.

She left, and I went back to sleep. I eventually got up about around ten and made some coffee. I had just started to read the morning paper when the doorbell rang. It was Heidi, the local Sunday School teacher and pillar of our community. Normally, after the kids went to school, she spent the morning writing her weekly porn novel. This morning, she had decided to become the neighborhood ‘Welcome Wagon Lady’ and bring me some freshly baked blueberry muffins. She no doubt made them from scratch, model homemaker that she was.

I poured her a cup of coffee and, after joining her at the kitchen table, spread butter on one of the rolls. “So why aren’t you writing this morning?”

She grinned. “That little welcoming party for you yesterday got me all stirred up. Since my old man wasn’t in the mood, I went online and found someone who was.” She reached over for a muffin, then spread butter on it before popping a piece in her mouth. “After I’d soaked my computer chair, I decided I’d better get it into the book I’d been working on. …So I wrote most beylikdüzü escort of the night and finished it.”

I nodded. “I still don’t see why you need to go online for material. I would think that when our group has their parties each few weeks, that would be more than enough fodder for a few of your porn novels. …Or you could write about you and your sister. Or your brother. Doesn’t incest sell?”

“It sells fine. Been there, done that. Remember, I’ve been writing for five years. The same with the group orgy stuff. No fresh material there. Al and his foot long dick have been in so many of my novels that half the female population of the country has probably vibrated to an orgasm while imagining his dick shoved up their cunt. …The problem–and most of them don’t know it because they’ve never been fucked by a really big cock–is that Al’s dick is pretty painful. Your wife’s the only one I’ve ever seen take all of him without screaming or getting tears in her eyes.”

I knew that. I also knew that I’d never reached the end of Gretchen’s tunnel, and I’m not small by any means. “So you have to go online to get new ideas?”

“Sometimes. …Sometimes I just finger myself and come up with my own scenes. Lately, I’ve been getting more into being tied and gagged. I’ve never done S&M or bondage before–in writing or in real life–so I’ve had to search out people online who have.” She finished her muffin and smiled. “I’ve learned one thing. I’d make a shitty slave.”

I grinned. “So if I ordered to come over and suck my dick, you wouldn’t?”

“Not if you ordered me to. …But you know you’d never have to do that. Just hang it out there and I’ll come running.” She licked her lips to emphasize her point. “Yours is one of the prettier dicks I’ve ever had.”

“I’ve never thought of it as pretty. Isn’t it supposed to be described in some sort of masculine, macho terminology? …And I thought women were supposed to be a little intimidated by the sight of a rigid cock.”

“Some maybe. Me? No. I love to suck and fuck.” She laughed. “It’s like my vibrator after I’ve put in fresh batteries. I see a hard dick, and I know I’m going to get off.”

“Thanks. I always wanted to be compared to a vibrator with fresh batteries.” I laughed. “…But You can cum just by giving head?”

She smiled. “Not normally. …But I love to do it. I crave the taste of most men’s cum, but yours is sweeter than most.”

I thought back to the first swing party Gretchen and I had attended. I’d dropped a load in one of the women’s mouths, and she’d frenched me right afterwards, giving it all back. I didn’t see anything sweet about the taste. I’d gagged. “I guess I’ll never be bi. I can’t stand the taste.”

She smiled. “Most men can’t. At least the ones I know. My brother tried it once. Said he drank four bottles of mouthwash afterward.”

I nodded. “Which reminds me. You said your sister gave you your first orgasm, and both of you used to suck off your brother when you were kids. With an adolescence like that, how come they’re not part of our group? I’d think they’d fit right in.”

Heidi shook her head. “They might, but we don’t allow singles. Bill married a woman who thinks that sex is something you do once a year–on Christmas Eve, as a present to your mate. Ursula married a guy with a small dick and a smaller mind. He’s a lawyer and would love to find out she was fucking around on him.”

I shook my head. Ursula was her older sister. She was almost as fuckable as Heidi–at least I’d like to fuck her. “Too bad.”

“Got some time on your hands?”


She rose from the table. “I’ve got some videotapes Bill had converted from the old beta format and some 8mm film. It’s our family album, from when we were younger. Wanna watch?” I said I did, and she left to run back to her house.

She had been gone for a full thirty minutes when the doorbell rang. Confused, because I didn’t expect Heidi to knock or ring the doorbell when she returned, I answered it. The woman at the door was familiar, but I didn’t greet her. I was too busy staring at the jogging shorts slit to the top of her hips… and see-through t-shirt that wished me a nice day. The nipples under that shirt were pushed out into tiny points, wishing me the same thing. “Ursula?”

“Yup. It’s me.” She grinned and held out a paper bag. “I brought the popcorn. …You guys haven’t started the movies yet, have you?”

“Uh, no.” I was confused. For a woman that didn’t fuck around on her husband for fear of winding up in court, she certainly was dressed like she was looking for a strange dick to sit on… or a cunt to lick. “C’mon in. Heidi hasn’t come back yet.”

She walked into the house and began searching for the TV. “She said she might be late. She had to send a book to her publisher.” She stopped and turned. “I give. Where are we going to watch the movies?” She grinned. “The bedroom maybe? beyoğlu escort …I hear you’re the local neighborhood stud, and I also heard your wife’s not at home.”

I shook my head, wondering what else Heidi had told her. “No, the TV room is down that hall and to the left.” I smiled. “There’s more than enough room to play, if that’s what you had in mind.”

Before she could answer, her sister came through the front door. “Sorry I’m late.”

I noticed she also had a paper sack, but I doubted if it contained popcorn. “No problem. We were just heading to the TV room. Your sister was filling me in about all of the lies you’ve been telling her about me.”

“Lies? Moi? …Never!” She turned to her sister. “Have him drop his pants. You’ll find I wasn’t speaking with forked tongue.” She turned back to me and grabbed my dick through my shorts. “But maybe we should get it ready for the grand unveiling. …Need help getting it hard? You know me. Always willing and able to help a neighbor.”

I shook my head. Her one touch through my shorts was like plugging my dick into a wall socket. I could feel my cock growing. I also knew she could feel my meat stiffening as well, since she was still holding onto it. “No, I think it’ll do just fine by itself.”

There was never any doubt about that. I just had to have Heidi close by, and I got a raging hard-on. …But now I had two of them to keep me stirred up. I turned and eyed Ursula. She’d missed the blond hair, hers being a redder shade. The eyes were green, not blue. The rest, however, was pure Heidi, though she had a little more height and meat on her bones. Not fat. Muscle. The slim legs ended at a very nice ass. That narrowed down nicely into a small waist that eventually broadened again when it reached a respectable pair of tits. The face, like Heidi’s, was one that may not launch a thousand ships, but it would have most of them weighing anchor. …Of course I couldn’t properly assess the woman with her clothes on. Perhaps that would come later?

As if she was reading my mind, Ursula smiled and pulled her T-shirt over her head, revealing a truly exquisite set of breasts. Like her sister, she didn’t believe in bras.

The smiley face was no longer there wishing me a nice day, but I’d not miss it. I was already having a great day. I stared at her firm tits–somewhat larger than Heidi’s–and licked my lips.

She saw my look and evidently enjoyed it. Ursula rewarded me by bending over and peeling off her jogging shorts. Like her sister, she shunned wearing panties as well. She stood up and smiled. “I’m ready. Shall we watch the movies?”

I couldn’t move. I was too busy staring at her patch of neatly trimmed, reddish-blond pubic hair. Well, maybe not the hair. The bush wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding a very lovely pussy.

Before I could answer, Heidi grabbed my dick through my shorts and began leading the way to the TV room. When we arrived, Ursula headed for the couch. Heidi headed for the VCR. I stood there, not knowing where I should head. My instincts told me to wait and be led somewhere. My dick was whispering that it belonged is Ursula’s cunt.

As it was, I lost my train of thought when posed with a question of etiquette. After Heidi put the tape in the machine and started the VCR, she turned and stripped. I was confronted with two naked lovelies and didn’t know whether I was expected to shed my clothes at that point or not. I was sure I would be asked to do so sometime in the immediate future, but during their family movies?

I got my answer when Heidi walked over, grabbed my shorts, and pulled them down to my ankles. “See, Sis? Did I lie to you?”

Evidently not. I looked over at Ursula and saw her holding her breath as she stared at my now rigid member. I started to say something, but didn’t get a chance. Instead, I kicked off my shorts that were dangling around my ankles. I had to. Heidi had a firm grip on my dick and was leading me to the couch. When we arrived, I was seated between the two women just as the video started.

It was a home movie of the three of them. I’d guess it was taken during their college years, but it might have been earlier. Ursula was definitely the older of the three, and seemed to be the movie director. It started with her on screen by herself. Naked. One hand buried in her cunt, the other pinching her nipples. After a minute or so of playing the lead solo, she made a hand gesture and the second player arrived.

This was Heidi, or a younger version of her. I noted that the duckling had not yet become a swan. She was not an ugly duckling by any stretch of the imagination, but she wasn’t the work of art that was sitting next to me. Her role was a supporting one. She entered, fell to her knees, and began licking her sister’s twat. I watched Ursula grab her head and pull her into her crotch. Then she began grinding her pussy into Heidi’s face.

Ursula screamed, and I could see the juice running down her leg. She then sank to her knees and kissed Heidi full on the mouth. While they were lip locked, the third player entered stage right. I recognized brother Bill, though he also was a much younger version. The one thing I noted was that his dick was all grown up. It was thick and standing at attention, it’s head having to look down to see his navel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32