Agent Stone

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Mark Stone crept out of the jungle and towards the brightly lit garish compound ahead of him. Deep in Brazil was the lair of Scarlett Vix, a terrorist that was hiding from the international justice departments. Mark Stone worked for MI5 and as the closest agent, he was chosen when Vix agreed to give herself up.

Mark, however, felt suspicious. Vix had terrorized the world for nearly two decades. Bombings, assassinations, and hostages were all her usual means. Now? She was apparently ready to give it all up to do, what? The CIA and MI5 bosses were celebrating, finally getting her but Mark wasn’t sure of her motives. The two agencies were working together, MI5 supplying Mark and the CIA supplying logistics.

Leaves as long as his arm and as wide as his face brushed past him as he stepped out into the spotlight’s glare. Dressed tactically he wore a black tank top, cargo shorts also black and a dark khaki sleeveless vest. No weapons. It didn’t really matter as he would be outgunned and outmanned no matter what he brought. He did, however, bring a tracking device disguised as a sticker that was stuck to his jacket.

Capable of narrowing his location to within a five-meter radius using GPS satellites it would be imperative if a rescue operation was needed. A present from the CIA, A small microphone sewn into his collar would let him communicate if he squeezed it was also on his person.

All of this done little to help Mark feel secure though, walking through an open gate that was the only chink in an impressive concrete wall. Mark walked through and was astounded by what he saw. It looked like a modern luxury spa on the inside with white clean walls and opaque windows that you would be able to see out of but not into. Three stories high with walkways between buildings. His attention was somewhat distracted by the armed convoys that patrolled the buildings. He also spotted two, no three snipers on the roof.

Walking towards him was a slim Asian woman with long silky black hair. She was flanked by two guards, faces hidden by masks and dark glasses. They stayed behind as the woman made the few more short steps needed to be standing in front of him. As she approached Mark realized he had no idea what Vix looked like, no one did.

Mark got ready to meet the woman he would be bringing in and reached out to shake her hand and introduce himself.

“Hello ma’am, my name is Agent Mark Stone with MI5 and I’m here to bring you in.”

The woman took his hand in her slender smooth hand and smiled at him. In perfect English, she replied, “Hello Agent Stone my name is Shima, I am Ms. Vix’s personal assistant and am here to help you get settled. Ms. Vix will be back late tomorrow.”

Stone stared at her amazed. Vix, a wanted criminal, was now making him wait for her. Sighing he nodded his head to convey understanding. Following Shima, he was given the full tour of the facility. Guards, however, were always in his sight at all times. Maybe a reminder. A reminder of what would happen if he tried to escape.

Inside the compound, there were a restaurant, barbers, home cinema, pool, bedrooms and an actual spa area. The fact all of this was hidden in the middle of the Amazon was incredible. Shima finally directed him into his room, with a large soft bed, en-suite facilities, and a TV.

Mark remarked on the luck that they had a fully stocked cupboard of jungle attire in dozens of sizes. He asked wherever they had always planned to keep him here and make him wait. Shima smiled and explained that they had many guests stay with Ms. Vix.

Shima bent over to show him the switch at the wall to work the TV and as she did so Mark realized she was not wearing clothing for the jungle. No, she looked more like a secretary at a law firm or accounting business. A tight black dress with a large vertical white stripe in the middle hugged her body showing a firm butt. The dress hitched up her legs to reveal long smooth legs, tanned from the Brazilian sun.

Mark snapped his head and moved to the window. Swinging it open he breathed deep. He needed to clear his head. This was a mission. While trying not to think about Shima’s thin curved body he jumped when two arms rubbed his arms and on top his chest.

He spun round to see Shima holding his jacket and staring innocently up at him. She folded the jacket over her arm.

“You looked like you were overheating so I helped to remove your jacket,” She said in a soft voice. She moved towards him and leaned over his shoulder and shut the window. Stone stiffened feeling her firm breasts against his arm and felt his cock pulse when she breathily whispered into his ear “No opening windows.”

Mark nodded quickly and jerked away from her. With a smile, she turned away and walked out the room. Stone stared at her shapely body swagger away.

A few minutes later a map was slid under the door with a note on the back. The note told him to make his way to room 17, and on the other side pendik escort was a route to the room. Stone realized he didn’t really have a choice and looked around the room, making sure he had everything. Frowning he looked under the bed and around the room. Backing up to the door and running a hand through his hair he realized his jacket was gone.

Raising his collar to his mouth he activated the comms device in his collar and asked if where the tracker had gone. Using the answer from the tech boys and the map on the note he could tell that it was in a building off from the rest of the compound. Deciding to go and follow the rules, for now, he left the room.


He walked through the corridors. White walls with inlaid neon lights adorned the halls. Guards clicked past, faces hidden. The number 27 shone in shiny black from a white door. Pushing it open, Stone walked in. A pretty blonde woman stood next to a raised padded bed. She wore white cotton shorts and a cut-off T-shirt. Same material and color. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes.

Stone approached the bed cautiously. It had a cylindrical pillow. A white sheet was stretched over a spongy mattress. A white thin curtain fell down over a doorway in the back of the room. A set of drawers were against the wall with towels on top. Otherwise, the room was empty.

Stone stepped in as the door shut smoothly behind him, “Hello, I’ve been asked to come here, my name is-”

“Yes, I know who you are Mr. Stone,” The woman chirped back, “My name is Kara and I’m the masseuse on the compound.” Her accent was very strongly Southern but Stone couldn’t place it. She seemed young now he was closer, the early 20s maybe? She stretched her arm out and Stone took it in his hand.

“Shall we get started?” She smiled and spun away.

Stone smiled back, “I don’t know, I’m not sure,” He began before trailing off when Kara turned around and bent down to grab a towel she had on the floor. He saw the impressive ass Kara was had. The shorts seemed to be moulded right onto her body. Skin tight.

“Well I am sure,” Kara said smiling, “Why don’t you take off your clothes and wrap up in one of these.”

Stone was handed a towel and ushered through the curtain into a side room. Inside he changed out of his clothes and wrapped the towel around his waist. He came back into the room and saw Kara arranging bottle and vials on top of the drawers. He walked to the bed. Lay down on his back and waited. Kara turned around and grinned at him. Was it just him or had her tits gotten bigger? A sharply low collar displayed an impressive cleavage. She pumped lotion into her hand aggressively and slapped her hands together. Rubbing them she advanced on him.

Stone squirmed as he felt her firm hands glide over his bare chest. Slick with oil, they gracefully danced over his skin. Then a push. A solid digging into his muscles, unlocking them, relaxing them. Stone felt his mind wander as she began teasing and pushing his tense body. The room was warm and Stone felt himself letting his guard down. Whenever around women he would try not to stare at them. It was a challenge but he felt it the right thing to do. Now, however, he let his gaze wander.

His eyes landed on the fleshy globes pushed together. Thrust outwards and at eye level. Kara was bent over him and pushing into his shoulders as he stared at her cleavage. He saw two nipples poking through the shirt. It seemed like they were thrusting towards him and it was only as he watched a bead of sweat roll down and in between the two breasts did he realize how warm it was in the room. He looked around and saw a small ventilation shaft above the front door.

“Hey, why is it so hot in here when there is an air conditioning by the door,” Stone asked peacefully, nearly asleep from the massage. He felt Kara’s hands stop suddenly on his chest.

“I have a better question,” She replied, “Two actually, the first is were you looking at my breasts?”

Stone stammered an apology while his eyes darted from her smirking face to firm breasts.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Kara said and began running her hands slowly down his body, “And why do you have an erection?”

Stone looked down to see the towel tented upwards. He opened his mouth to apologize again just in time to see Kara whipped the towel off and grabbed his cock. Stone moaned as the small oily hand grasped it, waving it in the air. Kara giggled and straddled his knees to get a closer look. She bent her head down and lightly blew onto the base of the cock. Grasping it in her hands, she slid her fingers up and down, coating the shaft in oil. Kara blew a stray hair out of the corner of her mouth and began jerking him off. It felt incredible as her skills as a masseuse seemed to be transferable to the hand job. It felt like a wave almost, travelling up his cock as she used both hands to expertly suadiye escort satisfy him.

Stone looked down the bed to see her head down at his cock, wide blue eyes, slowly tugging hand and finally her raised ass in the air. She hopped off the bed and pulled her top over her head exposing her free breasts. They sat high and perky on her chest, begging to be played with. She winked at him and giggled, spun around and bent over. Her ass now high in the air, she hooked her fingers on her shorts and pulled them down. Her long tanned legs soon appeared along with her naked ass.

Walking to the cabinet she began pouring oil into her hands and coating her body. Starting with her legs and generously rubbing her hands up and down she coated them in the shiny substance. Then she turned giving Stone the first look at her bare pussy, shaved completely. Her oily fingers circled it before moving up her body. Her tits spilled from her fingers as she pressed her hands against her chest. When her body was sufficiently lubricated she walked over to the bed.

Stone watched awestruck as she moved up the bed until she was straddling him. His hands raised by themselves and grabbed her ass and started to grind against her crotch. He felt the heat emanate from her pussy and groaned as his cock turned completely rigid. Kara made a hum of contentment as she felt the hard poled slide against her clit and began grinding back. She placed her hands on each of Stones shoulders so that her tits hung in the air above his face. They continued to grind against each other, exciting each other in a sexual way until they were both panting with lust.

Kara leaned forward too far and Stone felt his cock slide right into her tight pussy. It was well that his cock was so lubricated or he might not have got it all the way in. The pressure was incredible, she was so tight. Stone gasped and stopped trying to stop his head from spinning from the feeling. Kara had sighed as it went in but now perhaps noticing the state Stone was in grinned and leaned over to nibble his earlobe. Stone continued to try and catch his breath as Kara began squeezing her vaginal walls around his cock, milking it.

While this was happening her slippery tits were crushed against his chest, her ass cheeks were filling up his hands and her tongue was in his ear. His senses were going into overload and it was almost a relief when Kara pulled her self-free and sat up straight on him, her knees bent on either side of him. Still, inside her she slowly began to rise off him, tightening her vaginal muscles. Stone felt his dick being stretched upwards by this young blonde beauty. Just as it began to be left behind by her, she crashed back down, her ass landing back in his hands.

Stone felt dazed by this move and watched in awe as she began to repeat the move over and over and over. Faster, faster, faster. All rhythm disappeared as it just became a sweaty fuck with the two attractive bodies slamming against each other. Her pussy was so tight and her young, tanned, oily body made Stone go into a daze, his body on autopilot going through the motions. Kara continued to bounce up and down on top of him, her tits bouncing with every movement. She then slowed her movements and started to move her hips in a circular motion and leaned down to Stone. She kissed him quickly on the lips and stuck her tongue out and curled it, lightly licking Stones upper lip. Stone leaned up to kiss her and she moved back in response. Straightening up she began to massage her tits. Stone squeezed her ass again, as she began pinching her nipples

Her arm stretched down and she started flicking her clit as she ground against him sending him crazy. Very slowly she got off him and turned around and shook her ass at Stone, Stone got onto his knees and approached Kara who was on all fours and was liberally spreading oil over her ass cheeks. Stone pushed the head of his cock into her tight pussy and heard her grunt from the resistance of her tight pussy.

Stone moaned from the pleasure as he pushed his cock deeper in her tight juicy pussy. He withdrew it slowly and pulled out his now slick cock from inside her. He marvelled at her shapely ass and how it looked almost delicious when oiled and sweaty. He pushed back in slowly and began moving his cock in and out of her. He loved the way her body curved and contorted every time he thrusted in.

He reached over and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back, arching her neck up. Leaning forward he kissed her neck. Roughly grabbing her chin he yanked her head to the side and stuck his tongue in her mouth. Kara moaned back into his mouth as they shared as lustful kiss. He broke the kiss of and continued to fuck her,

Reaching down he placed his hands on her hips to help apply more pressure and thrust harder into her. Stone’s breathing grew quicker and more rapid as he felt his orgasm approaching. Beneath him, he felt Kara start to tuzla escort draw rapid breaths and together they came. Kara’s pussy tightened and squeezed instinctively around Stone’s cock as he fired off string after string of hot cum deep inside Kara’s pussy. As the orgasm subsided, Stone pulled himself out of Kara and flopped down on the bed, Kara swings a leg over one of his, cuddled next to him. Stone’s cock softened as it pressed against Kara’s warm oily thigh.

Reaching over Kara kissed Stone’s cheek and hopped off the bed, dried off, got dressed and walked over to the door out of the room. Stopping to blow a kiss and wave, she left the room. Grinning from ear to ear.

Stone lay there content until Shima knocked and then abruptly entered the room. Panicked, Stone quickly wrapped his towel around himself and acted casual.

“An enjoyable experience?” Shima enquired.

“Very,” Stone replied coolly.

“Excellent, follow me and I can escort you back to your room,” Shima said with a smile and turned quickly away, “Your clothes will be dropped off later,” She called back.

With a glance at his clothes, Stone held the towel tightly and left the room. When they arrived back in his bedroom Shima stood in the middle of the room, making sure he arrived before stepping towards him. Reaching out, she ran a finger over Stone’s impressive chest and popped the finger in her mouth.

“Very sweaty for a massage,” She said, smirking, “Very, salty.”

“Well, em, you know,” Stone stammered in response.

“Why not take a shower? There’s even room for two in there,” She said in a low voice before turning away. Once again Stone was transfixed by her slim body in a tight dress with curves in just the right places. Stone crashed onto the bed and fell quickly asleep, dreaming of oil, Shima’s eyes, and sweaty bodies.

Stone woke in his bed, the moon visible through the open curtains. His body was washed with a warm contentment and relaxation. With a deep breath, he relaxed his muscles. His mind wandered until he bolted upright and looked around. Suddenly it all came back to him.

Checking the clock on the wall he saw it was 11:30 at night. He searched the room and pulled on his clothes but with a shock saw his shirt had been changed. Now the only piece of tech he had left was the flesh colored wire stuck to his inner arm.

He decided to leave the room and go to the building on the outskirts of the compound where his tracker had last been spotted. As he stood up from his bed and towards the door, he belts his head go light and fuzzy. At the same time, he thought he saw a small cloud puff out of the vent above the door. His pulse raced frantically as his head tingled sending vibrations down his spine. All of this passed immediately as he sat down and he attributed it to lack of sleep, a tense working environment, and head rush.

He left quickly shutting the door quietly behind him. Finding an exit he ran on the paved path laid into the floor outside the building. He felt stronger, clearer and more awake in the fresh air with the sound of the jungle around him. Crouching in the shadows he watched two guards patrol the outer wall before turning a corner.

Undeterred, Stone moved on until he was at the outer building. In the dark, he couldn’t see much, just a vague outline. He could, however, see two rows of pillars on either side of a path leading towards the building. It resembled the front garden to a stately manor. Stone moved up the path but ducked behind a pillar when he heard the sound of running footsteps.

He breathed deep. Looked around. The footsteps were louder now. Thud, thud, thud. Multiple stomps. The jungle now quiet. Stone held his breath. White light swung around the area. The footsteps stopped. A voice called out to him.

“Agent Stone, we know you are nearby,” the voice was authoritative but muted as if it was being shouted from behind a mask. Stone peered around the pillar. Four guards were there with flashlights. Stone screwed up his eyes as they trained them on him and dragged him away. They held his arms and frogmarched him to a door on the far side of the compound. This door was steel with a keypad on the side to enter.

Dragged inside he saw a corridor with two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Dragged to the right he was taken into a dark room and left there. Hands held him down as he felt his boots, then socks being dragged off, leaping his bare feet on the cold floor. The guards marched out with his footwear. With a dull click, the lights flickered on. He was in a minimalist chair leaning on a wooden table. It resembled a police interrogation room with bare concrete walls and floor. The only things that Stone could focus on were the heavy steel door, wooden table and chair and an air vent above the door.

The door swung open and Stone was surprised to see women walk through. Surprised because she had the black uniform on, that resembled what you’d wear while parachuting, but no glasses or face mask. She looked more like someone from the local area. Still young but older than Kara, maybe mid-20s. Hispanic with skin the color of milky coffee. She had black raven hair and full pouty lips.

Moving opposite Stone she stood on the other side of the table and looked at him.

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