The Massage

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It had been about 5 months since he’d had his last massage and with all the tension at work he was really looking forward to this one. He started getting massages when he was around 19 and tried to get them whenever he could afford. Lane was 25 and in great physical condition. Although he was anything but unattractive, he seldom had a girlfriend. He was a late developer physically and didn’t really fill out until he was about 23. He spent most of his life, a timid young man.

By now he had grown quite gracefully. At 5’10 and 160 lbs he was considered small in comparison to his friends who were much stockier than he. Along with his physique, his personality had started to grow as well. Having been an extremely sexual person mentally growing up, now he was starting to feel confidence in his appearance that reflected his sexual feelings. Along with his body and mind filling out, he had started to grow his hair longer which was almost gold and quite curly.

Lane thought about sex more than most men. Not only did he think about it that much, but he reacted to it, in that his body thought about it as much as well. Although he seldom had a girlfriend to be with, he pleasured himself most days more than 3 times each day. He spent a great deal of time each day reading erotic stories from the internet as well as going numerous different kinds of porn sites. He had several types of fantasies ranging from encounters between himself and a woman to being in the middle of very open minded orgies.

Earlier that week he had been in a spiritual bookstore looking for a self help book to maybe help him jumpstart himself out of the rut he felt he was in. Lane was a spiritual person internally but never bought into the idea of spiritualism in itself as others saw it. It always seemed to him almost like a cult in a way and he had been raised very straight laced. He went to this particular store from a suggestion of co-worker who was very openly spiritual. She and her husband always seemed very happy when Lane saw them together. He had always gravitated toward them openly and trusted them when they gave him advice. He spoke with them often about his lack of female companionship and they warmly and openly assured him that the more he relaxed he would see many nice results in his life.

When he walked into the bookstore that night, he immediately felt a wave of relaxation. The air inside was nice. There were many symbolic items that seemed to relax him even more as he perused the store. He found a particular book that caught his eye and started to walk around the store some more when he happened upon a pin-up board in the back. The board had all kind of local scribbling of ads, notes to friends and lectures. Just as he was about to head for the cash register, 1 sheet of paper with handwriting on it caught his eye. “Spiritual Massage” by Grace. Ask at register. As he approached the register he saw three women standing behind the large counters. Two of them were much older with white hair helping customers with certain kinds of Tarot cards or showing different kinds of incense. The third was an attractive women who looked to be in her early forties. She was about 5’8 nicely proportioned with brunette hair Only wearing a t-shirt and jeans and a sweater jacket she seemed very attractive in a very subtle way. The kind of woman who smiled at everyone she met with warmth, but couldn’t help but be seen as somewhat seductive even though that was not her intention.

The fact that she had caught his eye right off the bat had made him forget about what he was about to inquire…..that was until he saw her name tag. Her name was Grace. She looked up and gave him a quick smile and asked if he was ready to check out. He said yes and almost chickened out about asking about the massage service. He was sure she didn’t know it, but this porno hikayeleri woman turned him on more than most women he’d met. He had always been turned on by older women. He had found out a few years before that older women usually didn’t have a lot of inhibitions.

Lane cleared his throat. “Yes I’m ready. Also I saw a notice in the back for a spiritual massage and wanted to inquire about it.” Grace smiled a little more. She reached to shake his hand and introduced herself. “I’m Grace and that was my notice. I have been a licensed masseuse for about 7 years.” She checked her watch. “It’s almost 6 and we’re getting ready to close. I’m going out of town tomorrow and won’t be back for about a week. I need to get home and get s few things done, but I can do an appointment at 8 if that works for you?” He smiled. “Yes, that works perfectly for me.” He put the book on the counter and pulled his wallet out. She pick up the book to ring it up and then smiled. “This is a great book. I’ve recommended it to a lot of my friends”. Her smile just about knocked him out. She had natural beauty.

She finished ringing the book up and then wrote her phone number on his receipt. “I live in the apartment building two blocks over. Apartment number 27. Can you meet me there at 8?”

“Sure”. he replied. “I’ll see you in about an hour. Thanks for fitting me in last minute like this.”

“It’s not problem” she said. “I need the cash for gas money. By the way I forgot to tell you my rates are pretty standard. 60$ per hour, and 90$ for an hour and a half.”

He replied “that sounds fine, I’ll be there at 8.

Another woman walked up to Grace and broke the concentration between her and Lane. She was much younger than Grace. By the looks of it she was in her late twenties and dressed like one of the “Suicide Girls” with tattoos and a eyebrow piercing to match. “I’m out of here, Gracie. Have a great vacation in Corpus.” The girl then kissed Gracie fully on the lips. It was quick but it definitely showed they were more than mere fellow employees. Then again, book stores like this seemed to attract employees that were open minded and happy people. People that were not uptight about affection and appearances.

Lane started to think that this was a very comforting place. The girl embraced Gracie and they said their goodbyes. Grace flashed Lane a smile and said she’d see him in a couple hours. He walked out of the office almost in a daze. Being honest with himself, he didn’t feel like this was any type of date or anything sexual would come of it, but it would definitely be on his top ten wish list if it were possible.

Lane arrived at her apartment a few minutes early. Just as he was about to knock he caught a glimpse of Grace through the window. She was only wearing black panties and a bra and she was talking on the phone. Her body was very curvy and Lane was even more in lust. Not wanting to be caught peeping on her, he stepped back and listened for a moment. He overheard a little of the phone conversation on her part. “Yes, I’ll be tied up for at lease an hour. I have a massage appointment with a really cute younger guy.” “Ok” she laughed. “I’ll be sure and tell him how much I like to wrap my tongue around your rod while I’m riding another man’s cock. I’m sure he’ll love to know all about that” she laughed. I’ve got to go baby, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.

Lane stood there awestruck. He was totally hard within the few seconds he stood on front of the door. Even though what he heard turned him on with sheer delight he didn’t think anything would come of it. He was turned on regardless of his own pessimism. He knocked on the door and seemed to startle Grace. “Just a minute” she called. As she was pulling on a pair of shorts she realized the young man might have heard her talking to her boyfriend. She immediately sex hikaye turned red. She took her bra off and pulled a white t-shirt. She had drank a few glasses of red wine when she got home after work and quite relaxed. The two hits from joint her co-worker had given her earlier that day.

She opened the door and smiled at Lane and bid him come in. “I’m sorry you had to wait, I lost track of time. Her apartment was a small 2 bedroom 1 bath. It was small but very comforting to the eyes. She led him to the smaller bedroom which she had converted to her massage studio. The room was dark and there was a heated massage table in the middle of the room. The only other furniture was a night stand and a wooden chair. She motioned for Lane to disrobe and leave his clothes on the chair. “Do you need draping?” she asked. He almost went in to shock, but he smiled instead. “I’m comfortable without it.” he replied. She excused herself so he could disrobe and get comfortable on the table.

As Lane was getting undressed, Grace went to her bedroom and took a few more hits off the joint. She was feeling pretty hot. She doesn’t normally get turned on by many of her customers. The wine and the pot weren’t helping with the situation. Along with the dirty conversation she just had with her boyfriend. He loved to talk dirty to her and she loved hearing it. For a moment she daydreamed about bringing this young boy toy back with her to her lover’s bedroom. It wouldn’t have been the first time. Grace and Nick were very bisexual and very open about their sexuality. She snapped out of it and walked to the door and knocked before coming in.

Lane was lying face down on the massage table completely nude. He was turned on, but didn’t know what to expect if anything at all. He wasn’t completely hard any longer but was still aroused. He had made sure his cock was visible. He had adopted the art of “Manscaping” some time ago and liked the look of his totally smooth cock. He was about 6 inches long but very thick when he was hard. Grace walked in and closed the door. Taking in the sight of Lane made her blush with the thoughts going on in her mind. She caught herself again, knowing she stoned and maybe even a little drunk. She didn’t even know this young man, but she was definitely hot for him. Turning on the cd player on the floor, the room lightly came alive with sounds of rain on the ocean. She started the massage with long strokes down his back with the coconut cream that was lying on the nightstand.

She noticed his cock between his legs and was impressed that he was totally smooth. This was all making her very wet. Lane could smell the pot on her breath and smiled inwardly. She was moving down his back with shorter strokes eventually moving down to his buttocks. Normally she didn’t get excited about massage work. The people she usually worked on were usually her own age and not in shape that she considered desirable so it was never on her radar. This was different for some reason. She began working on his legs and butt. With one fluid motion she moved her hands up his right leg and casually grazed his cock. She thought it was an accident at first but then realized she did it on purpose. Not to mention Lane was getting more aroused. She moved up his left leg an did the exact same thing. She knew what she was doing and she could tell by the look he gave her in the book store that he would not be unhappy by her actions.

By now the pot and wine and done the trick and she was in a different place in this room with this young man. She could tell he was definitely a shy boy, but that turned her on all the more. Lane’s cock was growing even more while she had been working on his body. He was being pretty silent but would moan occasionally when she would release tension from his body. Aside from being totally turned on by this sexy woman, seks hikaye he was enjoying the expert massage she was giving him.

Grace then did something totally out of the ordinary for her. She stepped away from the table and took off her shirt. She took a deep breath and then removed her shorts as well. She stood along side the table dressed only in a black thong. She took another deep breath and committed her desire. She climbed up on the table and straddled Lane’s back. Her large nipples were very erect. She continued the massage working on his shoulders. She lowered herself to his back while her tits grazed his back. He moaned with joy. He knew where this was going to take him now. He reached back and caressed her legs.

Neither of them could believe this was happening. Then again it was obviously something they both had wanted. There was no turning back now. Grace climbed off the table and asked him if he wanted to turn over. He slowly spun himself around and smiled at her again almost in a daze. She gave him that dazzling smile of her own again and he was lost. She reached for his right hand and started to pull him up form the table. She led him from the studio to her bedroom and which was dimly lit. She slowly pushed on his chest for him to lye on the bed. Pushing the covers away he laid on his back. “I want to taste you” he said. She smiled wider as she removed her thong. She was totally smooth underneath as well. She climbed on to the bed and he pulled up over his mouth. She lower her pussy to his face and she immediately started to moan. He definitely knew what he was doing as he wrapped his tongue around her clit. She put her hands against the wall to steady herself. While she rode his tongue, he reached up with both hands and cupped her tits. She was so wet that her juice was all over his face.

She had her first orgasm in the first few minutes that they began. She was moaning and shaking her head with abandon. She couldn’t wait to tell Nick about her adventure. She came 3 times from the skill of Lane’s tongue. After the third, she pulled herself from his mouth and laid on top of him. She moved to kiss him and taste her own juice all over his face. She reached down and felt his cock completely had and she smiled like a cat as she realized how thick he was. She slid down the bed and gazed at his smooth cock while running her hands all over it. She slowly started to lick his balls while stroking him. She made it a point to look him in the eyes while she pleasured him. Slowly she spread his legs apart proceeded to rim Lane. This nearly threw him over the edge, loving every second of it.

He was moaning and telling her how much he loved it. She then took his cock into her mouth and proceeded to give him the best head he’d ever received. This only went on for a few minutes. She had to have this cock in her. She lifted herself up and straddled him. She lowered herself on to him and rubbed her pussy on his cock teasingly. He reached up and started to play with her tits. She then pulled up just enough to take his cock inside her. He completely filled her up. She was loving his cock. She laid down upon him kissed him deeply and put her tongue in his mouth. She raised up and rode him.

Lane then blew her mind with his next thought. While she was riding his cock he looked at her and said in a heated voice ” Do you still want to take me to bed with your boyfriend?” She squealed as another orgasm waved over her. The thought of the two men having their way with her took over. He was very close to coming himself. He was so turned on he couldn’t hold on any longer. He began to erupt inside her and they both were crying out in lust. His Cumming lasted for close to half a minute.

She collapsed upon him and continued to kiss him deeply. He stroked her skin as she pulled off of him. She laid next to him and rested for a few minutes. Looking at the clock she realized she had to meet her boyfriend in an hour and couldn’t wait to tell him about her new toy. She didn’t plan get cleaned up before seeing Nick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32