Shared Wife Ch. 03: Jerry

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Author’s Notes: This is another chapter in my story about Eve. Please read the previous chapters for background on the characters and story plot before reading this chapter.

* * * * *

A few months have passed since my husband Bill began sharing me to have sex with other men. I love fucking other men and Bill loves to watch and take photos. I think most married couples would think this is a very unconventional relationship, but so far it has worked very well for us.

What we didn’t expect was that it is not that easy to find men willing to have sex with me while my husband takes photos. I know that many men want to have me. But while Bill takes photos? Not so many. We have found some men through the online sex forum, but now we mostly go to clubs to find young males to have sex with me.

When we find a potential playmate at a club, I spend time getting to know him and explaining what we want, and then we take him home. If I really enjoy the person, if he treats me with respect and satisfies my needs, not just his own sexual desires, then we may invite him back another time. I’ve discovered that half of the men don’t even consider my needs and only satisfy their own sexual needs. They never get invited back.

So now there are a few men that are my regular sex partners, besides my husband Bill. Each week, usually Friday or Saturday, one of these men is invited to our home specifically to have sex with me while Bill takes photos. And some of these photos are posted on my photo thread on the online sex forum.

Bill has also created a coffee-table style photo book with over a hundred of his best photos of me in lingerie, nude, or having sex with other men. I bet not many other women have such a photo book.

Bill and I talked almost daily about how this unconventional sex life was working for both of us. I knew I had an itch to have sex with more men, and more frequently that once a week. Over time it appeared that Bill also wanted to watch me have sex with other men, and more frequently. We discussed the possibilities, but held to our original rule of only once a week. I knew that both our resolves on this was weakening and it was likely only a short matter of time before we began to ignore the once-a-week limit.

What we didn’t anticipate was the event that changed things.

– – – – –

One Sunday afternoon our neighbor, Jerry, came over to visit. Jerry was an attractive man, about forty years old, ten years older than Bill and me. He lived alone. His wife had died of cancer five years earlier and they had no children.

I was home alone at the time. Bill had left to play a round of golf with some of his business clients. I invited Jerry into our living room and closed the door behind him.

After some initial small talk, Jerry got to the reason for his visit. I wasn’t prepared for this.

“I heard your screams last night.” Jerry told me as we stood in the living room.

I know that I get very vocal when having fabulous sex. Frank had been over for sex last night. His large cock still stretches my pussy and creates just enough pain to really heighten my sexual pleasure. I guess I screamed like a wild banshee. I never considered that any of our neighbors might be able to hear me.

“You did?” I asked in reply. I wondered what Jerry knew, and why he came to discuss this.

“Eve, to be honest, last night was not the first time. I’ve been aware of your screams, usually on Friday or Saturday night, for the past several weeks. Your bedroom must be on the side of the house closest to my house, and to my bedroom.”

“I’m sorry. I hope I haven’t disturbed you.” I said, hoping he would say more before I told him more.

“I’m not being judgmental, but I’m also aware that on these evenings when you scream so loud, you have a male visitor, even though Bill is also home. And the male visitor leaves a short while after your screams.”

I stared at Jerry in silence. It appeared that he had a good idea what was happening. Was he just looking for confirmation?

“Eve.” Jerry continued. He stepped right in front of me, stared into my eyes and spoke in a serious tone. “Is Bill hurting you? Is he making you do things that you don’t want to do? I’ve been your neighbor for nearly five years, and I really like both of you. But if he is hurting you, I will make him stop.”

I was in shock. I stepped back, my mouth fell open. And then I started laughing uncontrollably. Needless to say, Jerry was very puzzled.

I gathered myself, smiled at Jerry, stepped forward and gave him a big hug. I’m sure he could feel my large tits pressing against his chest.

“I’m sorry to laugh. You are so sweet and thoughtful, being so concerned about me. But you have this all wrong.” I said. “Please, sit down and I will explain.”

I hadn’t ever considered telling our neighbor about what Bill and I do behind closed doors with other men. But since Jerry appeared so thoughtful and concerned, I decided to be open and honest with him.

“Can beşiktaş escort I get you something to drink? Maybe a glass of wine or a beer? When you hear what I have to tell you, you may need something.” I smiled at him with a twinkle in my eyes.

“A beer, please.” Jerry replied, likely wondering what I had to tell him.

I quickly retrieved two beers from the refrigerator and handed one to Jerry as I sat down next to him on the sofa. Then I spoke.

“Let me start by saying that Bill and I love each other very much. Lately our lifestyle has changed, and we couldn’t be happier. What we do is very consensual, and very pleasing to both of us.”

I paused a moment to let this sink in to Jerry. He sat there looking at me, waiting for me to tell more. Then I continued.

“This started by Bill’s love of taking photos of me. And I love posing for his photos. Some of his photos of me are PG, some are a bit more risqué, and more recently some have been pure pornographic. And we love what we do.”

Again I paused and took a drink of my beer.

Jerry took a drink of his beer and then spoke.

“Pure pornographic?” He asked obviously wanting more details about exactly what I meant by this.

“I won’t go into all the details about how, but let it be sufficient to say that over the past few weeks I’ve learned that Bill has a very specific fetish, and one that I am more than willing to help him experience.”

“A fetish?” Jerry asked. He was obviously guiding me to tell him more.

“Please don’t be too shocked.” I started to give him the specifics. “Bill loves to share me with other men, and to take photos of me having sex with other men. And I love fucking other men. I suppose last night I was screaming in pleasure a bit too loud.”

I casually took another drink of my beer. I thought Jerry was about to choke.

“What? Really?” Jerry coughed out his questions. “You’re kidding me!”

“Not at all, Jerry.” I replied. “People might say that Bill is a cuckold husband, but he is not exactly that. First, I don’t withhold any sex from him. In fact, our sex life hasn’t been better. Second, I don’t make him watch me with other men to punish him or to imply that he is inadequate. Bill just really loves sharing me with others and really gets off by watching me fuck other men. It is amazing to see how he lights up while photographing me with someone else, and to see how hard his cock becomes. I not only love having sex with other men, I also love how doing so is pleasing my husband. Most always after my lover leaves, Bill and I have passionate sex for hours, although somewhat more quietly.”

“You sound like some sort of sex-crazed nymphomaniac. Sorry to be so crass.” Jerry said apologetically.

“I haven’t considered myself a nymphomaniac, but I suppose that you could say that we both are sex crazed.” I replied.

“You are kidding me, aren’t you? I can’t believe that the sweet, kind couple that lives next door to me is so kinky.” Jerry stated as he flopped back into the sofa and took a long drink of beer.

“Would you like to see some of our pictures? I have a photo book.” I said as I remembered the coffee-table style photo book that Bill had recently made.

“Eve, I will admit that I think you are very beautiful and sexy. But I feel that I have intruded into your lives more than I should. I’m not sure that I should be looking at your photos, or that Bill would approve of me doing so.”

“Nonsense!” I insisted. “I haven’t told you that for all these weeks we have posted some number of the “R”, “X”, and “Triple-X” rated photos of me on an online sex photo forum. I have my own picture thread and many followers. Together Bill and I select which photos to post. And we only post pictures that include my sex partners with their permission. We all have lots of fun with this. And we really love the feedback on the photos he takes.”

Jerry was looking a bit uncomfortable with where our discussion had gone. I suspected that when he knocked on my door, he never imagined having this conversation.

“You’re not a prude are you? You would like to see some of my sexy photos, wouldn’t you? Let me get my book.” Without waiting for an answer, I quickly stood and went to the bedroom to get the photo book that Bill had created. It was a professionally created book with thick glossy pages of full color photos. The book included a glossy book jacket that had a rather tame photo of me in sexy lingerie.

Before I returned to the living room with the book, I stopped by the kitchen and grabbed two more beers as I was aware that Jerry and I had each finished our first beers.

“I brought you another beer, Jerry.” I said as I handed him another beer. I sat down next to him on the sofa again and placed my book in his lap. I raised my beer bottle, clinked it against his bottle and said: “To sensitive caring neighbors.”

Jerry opened the book and carefully began examining each photo. The first beşyol escort few pages were photos of me wearing various sexy outfits I had worn to parties, and then several pages of me in sexy lingerie. Jerry looked at each photo closely. I could tell he liked what he saw.

The next set of pages were series of photos of me stripping out of clothes or lingerie. These photos were followed by many pages of photos of me nude, in various poses, usually on the bed. When Jerry got to a full page photo that was a close-up of my smooth wet pussy, he stopped, took a deep breath and a long drink of his beer.

“Do you like that photo? It is one of my favorites.” I said in a sultry voice.

“Damn! You’re really hot!.” he replied. Jerry shifted how he sat and I caught him adjusting his cock inside his pants. I smiled knowing I was making him aroused.

The next two pages of the book had more close-up pussy shots taken from the front, or from the rear when I was up on my spread apart knees. Jerry inspected these closely and frequently took more drinks of his beer.

He was only about half way through the book. The rest of the book contained photos of me having sex with other men and not my husband. There I was on display having sex in many different positions, with different men, and in different locations, sometimes our bedroom and other times in a hotel. Jerry appeared hesitant as he slowly reviewed all these photos. Occasionally he would point to my lover and I would answer the unspoken question of who that man was, and how I met them.

“You really just pick up strangers sometimes, bring them home and have sex with them in front of Bill?” Jerry asked, more as a statement than a question as a way to confirm what I had been telling him. And the photos were the proof.

“Bill helps select the other men. We really have a lot of fun.” I replied.

Jerry stopped and stared at the last photo.

“Oh, Fuck!” Jerry exclaimed.

“That’s a picture taken by Frank just after I gave Bill a blowjob.” I explained about the photo of my mouth open and full of Bill’s cum. “Bill really gave me a big load that night. Isn’t that hot?”

Jerry continued to stare at the photo, and then he stared at me, sitting next to him. Maybe he was imagining my mouth full of cum right now. Then he quickly closed the book and turned to me.

“I shouldn’t be looking at this! What if Bill comes home and finds me looking at these photos?” Jerry suddenly appeared guilty that he had been looking at pornographic photos of his neighbor.

I placed my hand on Jerry’s thigh and looked directly into his eyes.

“First, Bill takes these photos to show off his hot, slutty wife. We post these photos on the Internet and he made this book so that others will see these photos.” I explained. “And second, when Bill and I started this new lifestyle, we set some rules. One important rule is that I don’t fuck another man unless Bill is with us to watch and take photos.”

Jerry stared at me and asked, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“We aren’t fucking are we?” I replied in a playful way. And then I added, “At least not yet. Right?”

“Not yet?” Jerry exclaimed as to ask for clarification of my remark.

My hand moved up his thigh closer to his crotch. I leaned into Jerry and gave him a quick kiss. then I whispered into his ear.

“Jerry, I hadn’t before thought about having sex with you. However you are a very handsome man, I know you are caring and thoughtful. I bet you and I could have a great time together in bed.” I put that out there for him to consider.

“But Bill isn’t here, and that’s one of your rules.” Jerry said as if trying to buy some time before addressing my proposition.

“Bill should be home soon and I bet he will also think that you and I having sex is a great idea.” I replied. I was now sure I wanted to fuck Jerry this very day and I was sure that I could convince both Jerry and Bill to make this happen.

At that moment my cell phone began to ring. From the ringtone, I knew it was my husband. I stood and walked towards the kitchen where I left my phone.

“That is Bill right now. I bet he is finished playing golf and coming home soon.” I said to Jerry over my shoulder. I picked up the phone and walked back into the living room so that Jerry could hear some of the conversation.

“Hello honey. How was the golf?” I said to Bill over the phone.

“I’ve had better rounds.” Bill replied. “How is your afternoon going?”

“I’m sitting here with Jerry.” I replied, knowing Bill would want to know more.

“Jerry? Our neighbor? Why is he there?” Bill asked in a puzzled tone.

“Jerry heard my screaming last night. Remember Frank being here? Jerry was concerned for me and came over today to check if I was okay. He was concerned that you had been hurting me, or making me do things I didn’t want to do. How thoughtful of him to check on me.” I replied in a pleasant voice.

Bill beykent escort chuckled a bit. Then he added, “So what did you tell him?”

“I told him the truth about last night, and about our activities the past several weeks. I was just showing him the photo book you made of my pictures.”

I was standing right in front of Jerry, looking at him as I spoke to Bill.

“Oh really? What does he think about all that?’ Bill asked.

“It appears he likes the photos you take, and he thinks I’m hot stuff.” I replied to Bill over the phone while I looked at Jerry as if asking him if I was correct.

I continued, “I was just telling Jerry that I think he is handsome and caring. And I think that he and I could have a great time in bed together. What do you think, Honey?”

“What about our once-a-week rule?” Bill asked. Now I thought he was the one stalling for time.

I thought quickly and replied, “Well Frank was here last night. That was Saturday, which was last week.” I emphasized the ‘last week’ part. “Today is Sunday and a different week. Jerry knows that I’m not allowed to have sex with other men unless you are here. So we’re waiting on you, Dear.”

I knew this was a stretch as Jerry had not agreed to anything, yet. I leaned over and gave Jerry another kiss and with my free hand I grabbed his crotch. I could tell he had a nice sized cock which was indeed getting hard.

“I’ll be home in 20 minutes.” Bill said quickly and then hung up the phone.

I put the phone down and sat down next to Jerry.

“Did you hear that Bill is rushing home and will be here in 20 minutes?” I asked, again using my soft, sultry voice.

“You’re making an assumption that I want to have sex with you, and doing so while Bill takes photos of us. That is being somewhat presumptuous.” Jerry replied in a teasing tone of voice.

I leaned into Jerry and grabbed his cock through his pants again and I whispered into his ear.

“I most always presume correctly about these things. You do want to fuck me don’t you?”

“I can’t believe that Bill lets you do this stuff.” Jerry said, avoiding my question.

“I’ll say this again.” I replied. “Bill wants me to be doing this. His fetish is to watch other men have sex with me. Sort of like a live pornographic movie and he is the photographer.”

I again squeezed Jerry’s cock through his pants and gave him another kiss. This time I pressed my tongue into his mouth. I wanted to heat things up.

“Jerry. You haven’t answered my question. Do you want to fuck me?” I bluntly asked.

Jerry pulled back a bit and then spoke.

“I’ve haven’t responded because I first had to be sure this was actually real. To be honest, I have considered you to be one of the sexiest women on earth since I first met you. For years I’ve had fantasies about having sex with you. But I knew you were married and I figured having sex with you would never really happen. I just never imagined that this could ever happen. And I really never imagined that Bill would allow this and even participate by taking pictures.”

Jerry paused and finished his second beer. Then he continued.

“Yes Eve. I would love to have sex with you. It might be weird with Bill watching and taking photos, but I think I can handle that.”

At that moment Bill entered the house by the side door from the driveway into the kitchen. He immediately walked into the living room.

“So, I see you two haven’t started and are waiting on me.” Bill said in a playful way with a grin on his face.

Jerry and I both stood up.

“I’ve explained most of our rules, especially the one about no sex without you being present.” I said.

“I heard something about a once-a-week rule. What’s with that?” Jerry asked.

I turned to Bill and wrapped my arms about him. “Can’t we make an exception this time for Jerry? Don’t you want to watch Jerry fuck me?”

Bill turned to Jerry. “So you want to have sex with Eve? And you understand that I will be taking pictures?”

“I’ve considered Eve a really hot, sexy woman for quite some time. I’ve often fantasized about having sex with her. I just never imagined that it would ever happen. Or like this.” Jerry replied.

To me it sounded like Bill and Jerry were ready for this to happen.

“Why don’t you boys prepare to take some photos while I find something sexy to wear for you.”

Bill and Jerry both looked at me as I turned and walked towards our bedroom. I knew what I wanted to wear, so I got that our of my dresser and then stepped into our bathroom to change. I could hear Bill explaining to Jerry that we start with a photo session and that Jerry was free to take photos as well with his cell phone.

My body was tingling with excitement over exposing myself to our long-time neighbor, and the likelihood that Jerry and I would be having sex. I was also pleased that Bill had relented on the once-a-week rule. I hope this was a permanent change to our arrangement.

I had chosen a matching, red satin, bra and panty combo. I thought it was a really hot outfit, one that Bill hadn’t seen on me before. I put some heavy eye makeup, red lipstick, and a touch of perfume. I brushed our my hair to make it look fuller. Then I slipped on my silky red robe that barely covered my ass and crotch. As a last moment touch, I slipped into my black stiletto high heels.

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